The foods you must STOP EATING RIGHT NOW when trying to lose weight are…

Here's a bigger list of Foods NOT to eat when trying to lose weight…

  1. Fried foods
  2. Fast Foods
  3. Table sugar
  4. Plain Jam
  5. Salted or Smoked nuts
  6. Chocolate Fudge
  7. Candy
  8. Toffee
  9. Gums
  10. Mint Sweets
  11. Liquorice
  12. Sweet Pickles
  13. Puddings
  14. Corn syrup
  15. Cake
  16. Breads & Pastas made with white flour
  17. Soda pop, such as Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc.
  18. All baked goods made with white flour
  19. Canned fruits w/added sugar
  20. Alcohol can slow your metabolism down by 73%
  21. Potato chips
  22. Buttered or Flavored Popcorn
  23. Cookies
  24. Ice cream
  25. Cakes
  26. Pies
  27. All deserts (even the Sahara)
  28. Did I mention Desserts?
  29. Artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet, Equal, Sweet N Low, Sweet Twin, Sugar Twin, Splenda, Sunett & Sweet One
  30. Most bottled green teas have more ingredients in it to help you gain weight than the actual green tea itself to help you lose weight.

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I read some of your articles and want to try a few things but would like to know what you think is better. I'm 26 years old weighing 84.6kg my height is 1.63m and had a csection it will be 2 month exactly tomorrow. Which exercice routine will be good to loose this belly hanging with the scar and stretch mArks, also my tights have always been fat and huge without proper definition, even before the pregnancy I never managed to keep focused on a diet as I don't have patience, eat according to my emotions and when on a diet I can't indulge myself as I don't manage well with limits I want to try the IF but is it alright when breastfeeding ? My dream is to have a beach body and a nice butt while eating clean...thank you for your articles, this website and the help you bring to us is so complete stay blessed!!!! I hope your help will help me find my own strength be a role model for my son and impress my hubby🤗

November 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

You will need to consult with your doctor on whether it is safe to do IF while breastfeeding but if you can or cant use IF you should still use this diet

November 15, 2015


Hello Adrian Bryant,
I am going through menopause and I have tried so much to lose weight, my problem area is mainly my middle, can you help me.
Thank you

November 03, 2015


Since I started doing a "paleo" diet, I also picked up binge eating along the way and now I am trying very hard to eat normally again which is really tough as I actually enjoy it and only to regret later. This is especially so when I am stress out or when I drink alcohol. Whenever I do drink, I know I am already planning in my head on what I will binge on whenever I head home and usually it is nut butter sandwiches (a whole jar of nut butter and a whole loaf of multi-grain or rye bread) Do you have any tips on how I can eat normal again?

October 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

these tips will stop binge eating

October 14, 2015


Hi there! Im a 5'5 16 year old girl and am 160lbs. I want to get to 110 or 100lbs. I've done every diet under the sun but nohing works??!! I even restricted my cal intake to 1500 or so but still havnt lost anyhing? Thank you! I als want to take alot of weight off my thighs and butt?

October 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking those 1500 calories

October 10, 2015


Hey, i am 27, 5'3",and 156llbs.... ive had 2 kids, and really wanna lose at least 20 lbs.... which exercises are best for my tummy thighs and butt? Also, i have an extremely low metabolism. ... so its diffcult for me to lose weight..... any suggestions? ? Thank you!!!

October 02, 2015


one very imp thing is that in feb 15 i joined gym where i used to run on treadmill & because of that I had knee pblm.. and i also have spondalitis
. Pl help

September 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use these options

September 19, 2015


I am 32 years......5'3'' height and weigh 65 Kg. My friends say that though I am 65 kgs but i look as of 85 kgs. I have a very heavy round face. I want to make my face in proper shape. I have heavy chest i.e. 40'', big tummy and 39'' waist. Pl suggest me a workout and diet to get my face thinner and get figure 34-28-34 without having loose skin. Since I am getting married after 6 mnths so i want to achieve above figure with tight toned body. Pl help

September 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet

September 19, 2015


I'm 15 and have a fat belly im 250 how can I lose weight to get to 140 by may 2016

September 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet

September 12, 2015


I am 54 yrs old and I suffer from several physical ailments, (some are from Navy related injuries) like Degenerative disc disease in my neck and low back, Scoliosis in my mid back, bad knees (both parents have had their's replaced) Acid reflux, and my more recent issues, Fibromyalgia and RA which really attacks my hands and feet. (oh let us not forget I fractured my tail bone many yrs ago)....all these limit what I can do, which I hate even admitting. Hate feeling I can't do things.

That said, between a very sensitive stomach (to foods) and my physical ailments, how in the world do I lose this weight. Most is in my mid section, but also in my upper legs. I'd just kill to lose my gut - mid section.

What do you suggest?? I've just started reading and I see Fibro in of itself isn't helping at all. Let alone contributing to my weight issue. (still learning about all this!)

I welcome any input.

Thanks so much !!!


August 30, 2015


i am truck driver I cut out soda and all candy/ cookies etc. taking in about 2100 calories a day 6' 340 lbs. lost 30 lbs 1st month then stopped and got real hungry. Suggestions?

August 11, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this to start losing again

August 12, 2015


Hi I have a 9 year old daughter and her stomach is fat. How do I get her to eat healthy?

July 16, 2015


Cook meals at home and make everything from scratch. There are a lot of recipes online for homemade ice cream, pizza, jam, peanut/almond butter etc. When baking, try to substitute regular flour for almond/coconut flour, use natural sweetners like stevia/blackstrap molasses/honey. Also, you might want to swap canola or sunflower oil for olive/coconut oil. Not only will she lose the fat but her overall health will improve. You could also try being physically active as a family so she feels lots of love and support.

July 17, 2015


Hi, im am 17 years old and im trying to lose 30 pounds and also gain a bigger but at the same time. Im really only trying to loose belly fat mostly in my abdomen to get a curvy look witch diet and workout will be best for me

July 14, 2015


Hello. About 7 weeks ago I started my own diet plan that consisted of basically eating fruits and vegetables, grilled chicken, steak, and protein shakes with exercise 5 days a week, and lost 20 pounds (actually about 22 now). BUT...I have somehow seemed to get stuck even though I am eating the same (plateau I guess?!) My doctor said I should switch things up so I want to start one of your plans. I am at 175 pounds now with a goal weight of 140-145 pounds (that's 30-35 more pounds to lose). Which of your plans do you recommend? Oh and what can I specifically to lose arm fat. They don't seem to be slimming down/toning up at all! Thanks so much!!

July 08, 2015


hi im 29years old and weight 115lbs I want to know how to get rid of belly fat and gain more muscle mass on my thighs and calves... thanks

July 01, 2015

I am 35 years old and my normal weight is 160lb I am 5'7"tall. I currently weigh in at a whopping 190lb. About 2 months ago I stopped eating out and drinking beer I use before that I weighed in at 215lbs. Since then I have lost weight but I still plan on going down to my normal weight. Stopped the drinking and the fast foods but I still can't work out no money for gym and I am addicted to chocolate now. But recently cut down I hate counting my calories and keeping a food journal I don't have the energy to run or workout for 30 to 45 min. What to do?

June 04, 2015


Hi, I am 34 yrs. Old 5'2 and weight 150. So fat plz help.

April 06, 2015


hi i am a 16 year old teenage girl i am 5"9 and weigh 212 pounds i have been strugling with my weight since i was 10 years old ive tried diet pills, diet and workout plans, and some more extrme mesures just seems to be hard to stay motivated when you get no results im just done being fat ive been made fun of all threw school and its so hard to be in a relationship or go swimmimg or have fun cause im so i have such slow self esteem cause i hate my body and its starting to effect my health i need help and im determined to lose wight and take control of my life agin i have a family trip to flordia this summer in mid june and i would love to actulay be able to go to the beach and wear a bikini with out being so self contious and depressed caz of my weight so plz plz plz help

March 31, 2015


Tamra I hated being a teenager and being overweight I never felt pretty and always thought I never stood a chance. One night I dreamt I watched myself grow and grow and my stretch marks grew as well until they began to explode like a microwaved hot dog. The next day I started making changes. Since then I've made many changes and am often called a health freak but at the same time I always get asked for advice. If you'd like tips on how to make transitions please like my page on facebook and shoot me a message.

Here's to feeling confident!

April 01, 2015

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