6 Reasons You'll Stop Drinking Soda Today

ugly teeth from drinking soda

1. Gives you ugly teeth (see the picture above)

The phosphoric acid in soda weakens your bones and rots your teeth so bad even this teeth whitening tutorial won't help you.

2. Would you drink toilet bowl cleaner?

If you got nothing to clean your toilet with… Let the carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in soda breakdown the stains exactly the same way they rot your teeth.

Rust removal with Soda

3. Soda Makes You Fat

4. Yes, DIET Soda Makes You Fat

5. Do you like Cancer?

6. Starting today, You'd lose 1 pound a week

weight loss from not drinking soda
(See full story here)

You'll lose at least 1 pound per week replacing all the higher-calorie sodas you drink with ZERO-Calorie water and/or lower-calorie green tea

Before You Stop Drinking Soda,

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More Tips

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