How do I know if I'm working out hard enough to lose weight?

Here's 4 ways to tell how hard you're working out to lose weight…

1. Find your fat burning workout zone or your target heart rate

  • Type your age in this box here → To find your fat burning zone and then…
  • Your heart needs to be beating -to- beats per minute for a moderate-to-high intensity workout to burn fat and…
  • Anything below-to- is considered low intensity and anything above -to-  is high intensity and…

To find your fat burning zone while exercising…

2. Rate your level of intensity on a scale of 1-to-10

3. Use the Talk test during your workout to find intensity level

4. Do a Sweat Test

You can also lose weight even faster by… Created by Adrian Bryant

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Hi! I’m 29 years old... 5’4” and weigh in between 139-142. I used to be a workout-aholic back when I had more time (and my kiddo didnt do homework yet) over the past 5 years I’ve gained a total of 20 lbs!! (Yikes) my doctors say my BMI is good... but i want to shed these lbs off. I’ve been watching my food intake but I still eat my carbs as I refuse to torture my body. I have been doing cardio for 30 min moderate intensity... about two weeks now and still NADA. Any other recommendations? I know my body isn’t what it used to be *sigh*

February 25, 2019

Adrian Bryant

switch to HIIT and what is your calorie intake

February 26, 2019


My name is Jennifer I am 33 years old I weigh 165 and I am 5'4 my bmi says I'm 33 lbs over weight I've been walking an hour and fifteen mins everyday for the past month and I've just started an absolute workout it's a 28 day challenge I've always struggled with anerexia so calorie intake is difficult for me as I have a calorie counting app and it keeps telling me I'm restricting Cal's I have been ranging from 1200 or less I just thought I was eating healthy but I'm worried I'm slipping into unhealthy habits I don't think counting calories is any healthier for me then if I was to get on a scale again please some advice so I can get fit I don't want to get to thin just tighten up and lose belly fat

August 16, 2018

Adrian Bryant

tracking calories has very little to do with your health but its the most important thing you need to do to lose weight

August 16, 2018


Hi, would you consider this workout moderate intensity?

May 31, 2018

Adrian Bryant

that's up to whoever is doing it. for example a brisk 30 minute walk would be HIIT for someone who hasn't exercised in 5 years

June 03, 2018

Kelly white

Hi i am on wk 6 of a training programme and clean eating and my bodyfat hasn't really changed much from start.I lift weights 4days week and add weight regulary when reps get easier.I do hitt,step,or swimming 3days week if can fit in if not at least 2days.I log my food but i do struggle to hit my calories and macros often under my 1370 everyday.I have an active job and walk at least 14000 steps 5days week.My macros are set at 151g protein,89g carbs,36g fat what am i doing wrong help please.

May 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now

May 30, 2018

Lisa Gendron

Hi. I’m Lisa, I weigh about 185 now and have been ill for about the last 8 months with both a chronic UTI and chronic sinusitis. I’ve haven’t been doing much. Till the last couple of months. I started Ptolemy March for my back pain. Now I’m doing what I’m told. How long before I can really start working out?

April 07, 2018

Adrian Bryant

that;s something you need to check with your doctor

April 07, 2018


Thank you. I am moderately starting to work out again and this is some great info to help me reach my goal.

February 26, 2018

Adrian Bryant

your welcome

February 27, 2018


It seems alot of you are scale watching, fact muscle is heavier than fat, hence more muscle you build the heavier you will be, I do 30mins treadmill 8-10% incline at 5speed, then do 30 mins weights doing different muscle groups over 3 days, I do not own a set of scales as they are discouraging, just see the difference when your old clothes fit again

January 25, 2018

Um, no

Broscience, muscle is NOT heavier than fat, it is more DENSE than fat. Stop spreading rumors. A pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle with respect to weight, BUT, the 1 pound of muscle will take up much less space than the 1 pound of fat. Educate yourself

February 03, 2018


Lol, that means exactly the same thing.

March 14, 2018


Yeah brother, say for a given volume of muscle, brother, the same volume of fat would weigh less, brother.

March 14, 2018

Tom Cruise

Hey, we're going down to the center to get our e-meter readings done, come get clear or be a squirrel!

March 14, 2018


A pound is a pound is a pound, moron. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. It is not saying the same thing at all. Go back to finish your GED, dropout. Focus on your fry scooping skills.

November 30, 2018


Hi I would like to start strength training to get my body in shape for the summer. What exercises do I need to do in order to get fast results? I have weights that equal up to 60 pounds total. I am interested in doing the hip thrusts and the butt bridges.

January 08, 2018


Im 41 i weigh 312 .i do 9 round (kickboxing) 5 days aweek.i also do treadclimber for cardio 3 days a week.i eat 1500-1800 cal per day.what else can i do??? Not seeing results my way

December 30, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here to see why you're not losing weight. my guess is incorrect calroie tracking

January 01, 2018


I am 43, female, height 5'2", and I have been working on on the elliptical for 30-35 minutes minimum of 5 days a week. I have cut back on what I eat and drink mainly water through out the day. I have not lost the first pound. What else can I do to lose weight?

December 06, 2017

Adrian Bryant

do you know your exact calorei intake

December 06, 2017


Hi, I'm a 45 y/o male, 18 months ago I weighed 232lb's, Im now 180lbs.

I exercise six time a week with intense spinning for 4 hours, and an hour to an hour and a half of interval running (45sec sprint, 75 Seconds walking for 30 minutes) all in one week. I also do weights 3 to 4 times a week, working with supersets.

I eat helthy food, ok i'll have a cheat snack now and then, but I keep my calories to around 1250, not counting the calories lost via the exercise.

I use protien shakes, BCAA & glutamine powders.

Now my problem, I've not lost weight for 4months, I'm trying to hit 165lb's but it just wont happen.I'm 29 on the Obese meter so need that extra shift.
Ive checked for muscle and its definately not muscle weight.


October 27, 2017


Hi, Indeed I have all but the last two. All my cardio is high intestity work.

October 29, 2017


I'm 24 5"9 weigh 268 and have been dieting for a month. I recently starting going to the gym 5-6 days a week. Cardio 4 times (moderate intense 20minutes) then weight lifting (moderate 1 hour). I weighed myself 3 weeks ago and was 265 now I'm back to 268. Im on a 2000 calorie a day diet. I also take whey protein powder, gluatime power, and post workout powder everyday I workout. Over a month and not much results. Any advice ?

August 08, 2017


Your still eating too many calories im 230 lbs (down from 280lbs) and i stay at 1400 calories or less a day

August 08, 2017

Adrian Bryant

it could be muscle gain but how are tracking cals

August 08, 2017


My fitness pal app

August 09, 2017


I was told because I work out so much a week anything under 2000 is not healthy

August 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

not true - read this

If you're truly eating under 2000 with your combined activiyt and you gain weight then you probably added some muscle which makes you look slimmer

August 09, 2017


Hi Ryan the trick is to burn more than you consume. I am 45 and on June 5th 2017 I weighed 374 pounds today at the gym the scale said 321.4. I only drink water, no more 60 carbs per meal and 1500 calorie is my max. However I workout everyday which includes exercise bike 30 minutes, walk 1-3 miles and of course strength & weight machines.

August 21, 2017


I also log everything I eat in my Samsung health appView

August 21, 2017


You are not training enough/too much cardio. If you are going 5 days, do cardio 2 days and strength 3 days (Cardio should be about 40% of workout and strength should be 60%). I found it's best to mix cardio and strength on the same day. and keep challenging yourself. Maybe go down to 1800 calories (you don't want to reduce too much too fast) and keep reducing as you lose weight. Eat MOSTLY (I repeat MOSTLY veggies/veggie soup), lean meat/fish - of course you need all food types (dairy, fruit, nuts, etc) but 50% should be veggies and 50% everything else.
Do that and YOU WILL Lose weight!

September 09, 2017


I started after 35 years of not going to the gym and walk the treadmill. I'am over weight high cholesterol and blood pressure. I have been doing it this week for 4 days straight and 43 mins at a 1.0 to 1.5 in cline. Speed 3.3 and get in about
I'm very tired and do not feel that well. I have change my eating habits Salt Sugar fats Ect. My blood pressure has gone from 152 over 123 to 112 over 86 in a week and a half UNREAL. But I have been told 2 different things when starting out on the treadmill. 1 work out 4 days take 3 off or 5 days and take 2 off. I feel like I need 3 days off. What should I do? Thank you

July 28, 2017

Adrian Bryant

it depends? is fat loss your main goal

July 29, 2017


I think if you are working out and do not feel well, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol you should be contacting your doctor. Is your heart healthy enough to be doing even this amount of exercise. your doctor may do a stress test to see if your heart is well enough.

September 07, 2017


I have been working out everyday for about 45 to 1hr. At first i wasnt losing weight. But I have been doing about 15 mins of cardio and then weight training. Nothing to hard, chest and leg workout. What concern me is that I don't eat in the morning, eat between 12- 2 and then again at 8pm. And now im losing weight. This sounds like the intermittent fast?

July 14, 2017

Adrian Bryant

that is exactly what you're doing if you skip breakfast

July 17, 2017

Kristen Tinker

As a health and running coach, I don't recommend skipping breakfast, especially before working out. This allows your body to "rob" the muscle for fuel with its easy glycogen stores. You want your body to burn fat, not burn muscle. I'm happy to give you more information if you want to private message me.

July 21, 2017


I m interested in your tips to weight loss

April 14, 2018


I am 42 and was very sick for about 2 years resulting in a stomach pacemaker to make my stomach function. I am well again but weigh in at 192. I have been doing 20 minutes of fat burning cycling and 40-60 minutes of fat burning treadmill. I plan to hit the gym daily unless something comes up. I eat healthy and want to look and feel healthy. What are your recommended add-ons for getting started on this journey? Does lifting weights burn enough fat to skip cardio on the days I do that?

June 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

as far as weight loss goes you are already on the right track. just see first 7 tips here

June 22, 2017


I'm 29 yrs old and 5'6 @258 lbs.. After having twins and then another baby who are all under the age of 3... I didn't recover from the first pregnancy before I had another child... A yr has passed and my weight is out of control... Could you give me a good workout plan and meal plan to follow so I could drop the most weight the fastest bc my confidence is at an all time low right now due to my weight issues... Thanks in advance

May 09, 2017


Hi so I am 14 years old my height is 5"11 and I weigh around 230 pounds.I have been on a diet and have been doing a workout for 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks.i run for 10 minutes, walk for 15 minutes and do the elliptical for 15 minutes. I also do some stretching exercises like hand walks, jumping squats and jumping jacks. I seem to lose weight but I can't see it visibly. On the scale I have lost around 7 pounds. Also I feel like my workout is not enough. Would you recommend some exercises I should add in my workout?
Thank youu!!

April 25, 2017


I started around your weight and I'm older so it should be a little bit more easyier for you to see gains if you start by walking stairs first jogging etc is great but at first with the extra weight it's hard to do at long periods of time. So my advise is to look for a set of stairs 10 to 12 is fine and walk up and down them at first it will be hard 5 minutes if u get tired stop for a minute and do it again for another 5 minutes try to do 30 minutes a day and every week add on 5 minutes until you get to 60 after a while I would say 2 weeks you should be able to continue longer with out a break until you can do one hour with out stoping . 4 days a week and the weight should melt off with a proper diet! I did this for monthes and went from 215 to 159 and I'm still going but now I can run them and jog for 30 minutes without stoping my legs are geting defined and I can wear a size 8 now! So if your way doesn't work try mine it's great

June 02, 2017


I'm 39, 5ft 6 and 200lbs (91kg here in Australia) and for the last 4.5 weeks I have been on my elliptical for 40 minutes a day. There's been little to no weight loss but my obliques have slimmed and so have my legs. As for my stomach there has been no change and I still weigh the same. Any advice? It feels as though I've wasted some time and effort.

April 19, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you have not wasted youir time. as a matter of fact you are on the right track. see this because belly fat is usually alwasy the last to go

April 19, 2017


I am 43 and 200 lbs. I just started working out on my treadmill yesterday. I can barley walk 15 minutes. My second day 15 minutes was even harder but I completed it. What am I doing wrong? I figured I would go 20 next week. I want to lose some weight but more importantly I just don't want to be so lazy anymore.

April 11, 2017


Hi Cathy,
I weighed 205lbs when I started walking and I could barely walk. I started with walking 20 minutes every day at a 2.0 mph and added 5 minutes every week until I was walking at a 3.5 mph for 60 minutes . Once I reached 60 minutes I began to jog for 30 seconds every 5-minutes until I was able to job for 5-minutes straight. I worked my way up to running 60 minutes 4-5 times per week at a pace of 6.0 - 7.5 mph. I dropped 46lbs in the process of doing this. It took me like four months to start running for 20-30 minutes straight without stopping.

I know it's hard, but just stay consistent and make small goals. If 15 minutes is all you can bare this week then 15 minutes it is. It's better than 0 minutes. Then add time and/or speed each week to push yourself. Trust me you will notice many changes i.e. weight loss, better sleep, less aches and pains, more energy, and better health choices.

April 11, 2017


Hi Cathy,

Please listen to your body!
When you say you can barely walk 15 minutes. Are you out of breath? Or feeling pain in your joints and muscles? Have you seen a doctor before starting an exercise program? Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
Also, are you cutting back on eating fats? It would be a good time to focus on low-fat healthy eating lifestyle to be safe while doing cardio. Blood flow to heart etc.

I started the McDougall high starch eating lifestyle. No need to buy his book. You can google McDougall or Forks over knives and get tons of free info on the internet and youtube. I feel so good but before I was out of breath and had pains in my heart, just sitting. I felt a huge difference just cutting fats and meats out of my diet in a matter of a couple of days. And I can eat as much as I want no measuring no guilt I eat all of these delicious foods potatoes, rice, greens, fruits, veggies, beans. I am never hungry.

I only stress caution because I too struggled and also felt sick my first time at the gym on the treadmill and the manager there stressed that eating high-fat foods were so bad and encouraged me to try a healthy low-fat plant-based diet for good heart health and to lose weight, the American diet isn't heart healthy. You can appear lean and fit but fat can still take you down remember that fitness trainer from the biggest loser had a heart attack clogged arteries.

Finally, there is no race, be safe and consistent first. We only have one life and you have plenty of time to get this weight off. You are ahead of the game already. Consider doing some upper body weight to boost your metabolism too.

By the way, I am doing more than five miles a day now along with weight training and really losing inches gaining muscle. You can do this! Best of luck to you!

June 08, 2017


Hi Adrian. So I am 33, weigh 238, and I have been walking 2 miles every night, then coming home and doing your 20min bed sheet workout. The problem is that I am not sweating. My heart rate is up, but I'm not much of a sweater. I drink at least 96oz water a day. Will I still lose weight?

March 22, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes you will but more importantly are you tracking your calories

March 23, 2017


Hello, I am 28 and gained 20lbs this past year. I went from 130 to 150. I attempt his intensity workout classes twice a week, I run and lift weights between those classes. I am very self aware of what I eat: protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, almond snacks then a protein meat usually some rice and veggies for dinner. I can't seem to shake the weight I have put on. I've cut all candy from my diet and have only been drinking water (some times tea) for almost 4 months now. I'll drop 4-5 lbs then it all comes back. I've been told that my work outs are too much of just high intensity and to let my heart rate come down more for my body to go into intervals and it will burn more fat. Is this true? I'm at a loss for what else to do right now. Any advice would be amazing.

March 21, 2017

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