How do I know I'm working out hard enough to lose weight?

Quick Answer → You'll lose weight working out at any intensity as long as you eat the right amount of calories to lose weight but,

If your workout is easy or low intensity,

A Low Intensity Workout

If your workout is hard or high intensity

The more overweight you are,

As you get closer to your weight loss goal,

Real Life Examples

James was so overweight he lost 30 pounds in his first 30 days working out.

Adrian, I did your workouts with 1 hour of weight training every other day. 30 days, 30 lbs & 6 inches off waist. Thank you for your motivation!!!!James Burns‬

But it took Marlene over 30 days to lose her last 10 pounds of belly fat.

leaner after losing belly fat
Adrian, I'm so HAPPY!! With your advice, I finally made it to 115 poundsMarlene Paiva

4 Ways to tell if you're doing a HIGH or LOW Intensity workout

1. Find your fat burning zone (target heart rate)

Type your age in this box here → To find your fat burning zone and

  • Your heart needs to be beating -to- beats per minute for a moderate-to-high intensity workout and,
  • Anything below-to- is low intensity and anything above -to-  is high intensity or HIIT

To find your fat burning zone while exercising,

2. Rate the intensity on a Scale of 1-to-10

3. Talk Test

4. Sweat Test

Intensity is RELATIVE TO YOU! What is Low intensity to you may be high intensity for someone else.
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