4 Ways to Get a Smaller Waist Without Losing Weight

1. Work Your Core

Your core muscles are a natural corset

Corseting is actually very unhealthy because it compresses your intestines and weakens your abdominal muscles.

Core Exercises

2. Good Posture

posture smaller waist

Stand up straight. It will make you look slimmer. Want proof?

Standing up straight increases the distance between the lowest rib and hip bone.

3. Remove Bloat-Causing Foods

Some foods make you bloated and add unnecessary inches to your waistline, even if they aren't making you fat.

It's a good idea to do a one-month elimination diet to learn what foods you are sensitive to and cause bloating.

Does gluten cause your midsection to puff up? Is dairy problematic? The best course of action is simply to avoid bloat-causing foods altogether.

4. Increase Your Hips

The bigger your butt is = The smaller your waist will look in proportion.

How to Get a Bigger Butt at Home

To Lose Belly Fat for a Smaller Waist,

men women get rid of belly fat

Use 1 of these fat loss plans to lose fat ALL OVER.

Other Than a Smaller Waist

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