By Adrian Bryant

7 Ways to Get a Smaller Waist Without Losing Weight

1. Love Handle Exercises

Love handle (or oblique) exercises tighten up your midsection to make your waist smaller → the 11 Best Love Handle Exercises

2. Work Your Core

Think about your core muscles as nature's corset. Corseting is actually very unhealthy because it compresses your intestines and weakens your abdominal muscles. However, strengthening your abdominal muscles will only make you healthier and provide your body with a natural corseting effect.

Targeted core exercises like Crunches, Stomach vacuums or an Ab Wheel can help ↓

More Core Exercises

A strong core can tighten your stomach by several inches. It will also aid in good posture. A strong core is essential to having a slim waistline.

3. Evaluate Your Ribcage & Accept It

rib cage smaller waist

The biggest limiting factor in how small your waist can be (while still being healthy) is your rib cage measurement. There are 2 measurements to pay attention to:

The first step in evaluating your rib cage is to measure the area where your bra band sits.

If you have a larger rib cage measurement,

You can take several actions to have a waist proportionally slim for your frame, and will have the same attractive, visual impact as a smaller-boned person. Remember, sexiness is far more about proportions than size.

The distance between your lowest rib and your hip bone is also important for understanding your limitations.

It's important to understand the limitations of your bone structure. That way you will have reasonable expectations when taking measurements. If you have a broader rib cage and a short waist, don't beat yourself up for not having a 24-inch waist. Know what you have, accept it, and make the best of it.

4. Good Posture

posture smaller waist

Stand up straight. It will make you look slimmer. Want proof? Measure your waist when you slouch. Now stand up straight and measure again. It's not unreasonable to see a sudden reduction of three-to-four inches just by fixing your posture

Standing up straight increases the distance between the lowest rib and hip bone. Therefore, good posture habits are especially important for short-waisted people. Standing up straight also spreads out the fat sitting on your abdomen. Any rolls of fat you may have will be less apparent with good posture.

5. Remove Bloat-Causing Foods

The single most ignored factor in your waistline when it comes to food is bloating. Some foods make you bloated and add unnecessary inches to your waistline, even if they aren't making you fat.

It's a good idea to do a one-month elimination diet to learn what foods you are sensitive to and cause bloating. Does gluten cause your midsection to puff up? Is dairy problematic? The best course of action is simply to avoid bloat-causing foods altogether.

6. Sleep More

Lack of sleep results in higher cortisol production, which signals your body to deposit stored fat onto your abdomen. By simply sleeping 8 hours each night you can reduce your cortisol levels, which means less stomach fat → 16 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night

7. Increase Your Hips

While a small waist measurement may be your goal, it's really only half the story. Your waist measurements must be considered in proportion to your hip measurement.

Waist-to-hip ratio is a useful metric, and its importance is good news for women concerned with their larger rib cage.

The bigger your butt is, the smaller your waist will look in proportion.

Losing Belly Fat for a Smaller Waist

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Other Than a Smaller Waist

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