Health Benefits of Eating Grass-Fed Beef

grass fed beef

The main motivation behind eating grass-fed animals is their composition of low fat content leading to ingestion of fewer calories. There is a great amount of difference between the grass-fed and animal-fed or grain-fed beef. The percentage of fat is reduced to its third if the beef is fed grass and fodder.

These animals are generally fed with 'forage' which refers to the hay or alfalfa and wild plant vegetation. There is a connection between the nutrition we eat and the beef, as the beef absorbs all the vital minerals and nutrients that are present in the soil. Body becomes healthy when it becomes rich in the minerals and nutrients consumed to produce healthier cells and produce better energy.

The traditional methods of choosing food are the best along with the traditional methods of food preparation. The modern methods of cooking and preserving food are very harmful for the health. The types of colors and preservatives along with the additives and artificial sweeteners are extremely dangerous for the health. Many abnormalities and diseases are a result of the food we consume.

Our bodies develop the degenerative diseases and autoimmune deficiencies. The grass-fed beef is far better from the chemically raised beef which will be eventually realized by the body. We cannot derive the essential omega acids just by consuming fish and flaxseed, but grass-fed beef is a rich source too. The health benefits of grass-fed beef can be pointed as:

Benefits of Omega fatty acids

The Omega fatty acids we derive from the grass-fed beef is triple the amount we receive from the grain-fed beef. These oils are very important for the healthy being of a human body. They are very useful for a good cardiovascular health as well as a healthy brain and prevent various kinds of diseases like depression, Alzheimer's disease and ADD's.

Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are also linked with reducing the chances of developing cancer. The grass-fed beef is a rich source because it eats plants and grass which has omega 2 in the chloroplasts of the grass, leaves and the algae deposits. Approximately 60-65% of the grass content is omega fatty acids.

Importance of CLA's

The conjugated linoleic acids are present in high amounts in the grass-fed beef. When animals are raised on the fresh grass and pasture, then they have almost five times higher CLA's then the grain-fed animals.

CLA has a potent capability of protecting the body against cancer. It is linked with reducing the tumour growth inside the body. Women can attain great amounts of benefit from the grass-fed beef as it helps in reduction of the breast cancer by almost 50 percent. CLA's are also linked with reducing the weight and trimming of the belly fat.

Benefits of Vitamin-E

Grass-fed animals are a rich source of vitamin-E. The meat derived from the grass-fed beef is almost two times higher than the vitamin-E derived from the grain-fed beef. Vitamin-E has its benefits in lowering the risk of developing heart diseases and various forms of cancer. It helps in improving the texture of hair, skin and nails and has great amounts of anti-ageing properties.

High amounts of antioxidants are very helpful for creating a stronger and healthier body supporting all the vital functions. Antioxidants help to prevent the free radical damage caused by the external factors in the environment. It helps in preventing the oxidative stress effects on the body which can lead to inflammation in the body along with ageing and degeneration of the body cells.

But, some considerations need to be kept in mind before ingesting heavy doses of omega 6 because excess of it can prove otherwise for the health.

Fish over grass-fed beef?

The amount of omega fatty acids can be sourced from fish which is a leaner option available in the market. But, the fish has its own side effects like the pollutants dumped in the watergrass fed beef and high level of mercury disposal in the water increases the toxic level in the fish. Even pregnant women are advised not to consume fish during their term to avoid any ill effects on the babies.

Therefore, grass-fed beef is a great lean option available to attain the nutrients and antioxidants. The diet should be balanced with the required amount of omega fatty acids as per the dietary allowance.

Author bio: The post is written by Jason Phillips. He is a nutritionist by profession. He has three children. In his leisure time he likes to visit his friends. He also writes various articles on healthy diet and works for lone mountain wagyu.

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