6 Things You Must Do to Lose Weight During Ramadan

lose weight Ramadan

1. Eat the Right Amount of Calories

2. Break Your Fast with Weight Loss Foods

3. Use these tips to fight hunger & cravings but generally…

4. Manage or Eliminate Thirst

5. Smarter Exercise Schedule

During Ramadan eating the right amount of calories is all you need to do to lose weight or at least maintain the weight you are at now (if you also don't binge on bad foods at Iftar) but if want to exercise…

6. Be Prepared

At least 2 weeks before starting Ramadan…

If you're already on a weight loss plan & been losing weight before Ramadan then don't worry…

If you follow the 6 rules on this page you'll easily continue to lose weight because…

After Ramadan

More Tips

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Hi so Ramadan will be in 13 days. And I would like to lose as much as I can. But during that Ramadan time I have school all day so it’ll be hard for me to be active. During iftar I’m going to be eating 1200 calories. But I don’t think that’s going to help me lose weight. So what do you recommend? I’m 18 kg overweight. And btw how much weight could I possibly lose during Ramadan?

April 22, 2019

Adrian Bryant

If you eat just 1200 then you'll lose weight AND FAST that is if you are truly tracking your 1200 correctly

April 22, 2019


How much weight loss in that month ?

April 22, 2019


So how can I know how much weight I lose by looking at the factors if I’m 79 kg and am around 16-18 kg overweight

April 23, 2019

Adrian Bryant

around 5kg a momnth

April 23, 2019


I just want to say thank you for your weight loss tips during Ramadan. I will try to put these helpful tips to use next Ramadan. Thanks again.

December 06, 2018



I am 34 yrs old, weighing 240lbs (6 ft , 0 in). I intend to lose 20lbs (minimum) . Please advise on best diet for Ramadan whereby I can manage by calorie intake as well. Thank you

May 20, 2018

Adrian Bryant

this diet

May 20, 2018


Hi! So my plan was to not eat any potatoes, rise, bread or pasta for iftar. I only eat sallad and meat. And I’ve even cut out all sweets. I am 175 cm and I weigh 76kg. is it possible for me to lose 7/8 kg during Ramadan so I weigh 69 after Ramadan for eid?

May 18, 2018

Abbas Vohra

Yes it is possible but you will need to keep a strict control... Since you don't intake food or water.. Your body will burn fat to get water because it needs to survive so you do end up burning a lot of time by iftaar... But the main thing lies in iftaar and the way you open it... Consider opening ur fast with three dates and drink water in short intervals and small sips... While choosing foods... Prefer to consume foods with less amount of sodium so the body does not again build up fat so your fast would be beneficial.. Glad I could help...
Mail me at abbasvohra3123@gmail.com if you want any other information..
Ramadan Mubarak

May 20, 2018

Adrian Bryant

it all depends on your calorie intake and it sounds like doing what you're doing will force you to eat a low amount of cals to get to 69

May 20, 2018

Sana Aslam

My weight is 82 kg I want to 60kg in Ramadan how can do deiting in Ramadan.please guide me.

May 17, 2018



I'm 6ft and 235Lbs male. What diet and workout do you recommend to lose 20-25lbs during Ramadan? Much appreciated.

May 16, 2018

Adrian Bryant

this one

May 17, 2018


Hi am 24 year old i have lost 14 kg in 3 months but now my weight is 93 kg
Should to follow lean diet in Holy Ramdan

May 09, 2018


Hello I have a question regarding Ramadan
I am required to eat 1300 to 1700 Calories to lose weight during Ramadan.
I break my fast arrant 10PM and start the next fast after 5AM
Meaning I have 2 meal.
Should I split the calories I have to eat in 2 meals?

May 04, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you can but fat loss is about eating less so if you dont hit 1300+ then its no big deal but going over 1700+ maybe

May 06, 2018


Hi adrian,

I’m 23 this year , weighing 95kg at a height of 172cm . I want to lose weight, to a atleast 10kg on fasting month. Can you help me ?

May 03, 2018


Hi thanks for doing this, its much appreciated by all. I eat a big bowl of cereal to break my fast after a full glass of water, drink water throughout the night and have a big as meal as possible with water and glass of milk to avoid heartburn. Could I incorporate light exercise just before iftar to promote weight loss? Im 35 overweight 90kg before ramadan and 5ft 3''.
Thanks again!

June 14, 2017

Adrian Bryant


June 14, 2017


Hi. I am 39 yr old, 5 feet 3 inches and weigh 153 pounds. I gain 20 lbs after having my baby. I eat 1200 calories for a while but couldn't loose more than 2 lbs. I workout 5 days a week at gym too doing some cardio and weight training. I get back pains during to overweight. Please help or guide me the right way so I can loose 20 lbs. thanks.

June 12, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

June 13, 2017


I am 5 9 and 30 years old and i weigh 76 kgs will it be healthy for me to be 65 kgs

June 05, 2017

Adrian Bryant

maybe to go down to 65

June 05, 2017


Hi! I'm an almost 18 year old girl....I'm 5'6 tall and weigh 52 kg...how can I lose weight during ramadan?
Also, is it safe to do cardio during fasting?

June 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you're not overweight?

June 01, 2017


I know that I'm not overweight but people keep telling me I have gained weight and my face looks fuller

June 01, 2017


Hi! I am 26 and have 136 pounds (62kg) weight and height is 162 cm.I want to lose 5kgs in ramadan and i am fasting too.plz help me with a diet and workout plan.thanks

May 31, 2017


Hi. I am 5'5, 26 year old and my weight is 92. Its 6th month of marriage. I gained too much weight in these 6 months after marriage. Plz guide me how i lose weight in this Ramadan. I am soo worried about my weight. Plz plz guide me what to do

May 29, 2017


Hi, I am 56kgs, and 5'3 ft. I have recently started out my workout plan before Ramadan, and really want to loose excess fat especially from the belly region. Is it possible for me to get my weight down to 50? Also I have started drinking Cummin seed+lemon+honey water drink at night, from days days. Will that aid the weight loss?

May 28, 2017

Adrian Bryant

the drink wont aid weight loss but yes you can get to 50

May 28, 2017


Hi Adrian,

Im getting married in a few months -- september to be exact. I'd like to lose a lot of weight before my wedding and honeymoon.

I currently weigh 220 pounds and I'd like to get down to about 160. I am 5'3 and 25 years old.

I work full time and start work at 7:00 am and get home around 6:30 pm.

Please tell me what I can do to lose weight during and after ramadan.

I will be able to workout at least 30 minutes a night. I walk around an average of 15-30 minutes at work.

Thank you very much for your help!

Noor K

May 22, 2017

- A

Hey I don't know if I get a answer on this but I want to lose weight too. The problem is I have already a good BMI but I want to lose some more and especially on my belly. I'm 1.75cm (5'9) and 64 - 65 kilos. I losed 5 kilos since new year but my body doesn't allows me to lose more I guess. I stick in between 63 - 65 kilos. Is there an opportunity to be 60 kilos while ramazan?

May 21, 2017

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