How to Lose Weight with PCOS

Lisa lost 125lbs. despite having PCOS
pcos weight loss success

The Facts:

The Best Way to Lose Weight with PCOS is to,

Get rid of or lower your insulin resistance so you can lose weight normally just like everyone else and there's 8 simple ways you can get rid of insulin resistance ↓

1. Eat Right

Eat more foods high in resistant starch like Navy beans, bananas & potatoes. Resistant starch lowered insulin resistance in overweight people by 50% with 15 grams of resistant starch per day!

2. Exercise

3. Lose Weight

4. PCOS Supplements

You really don't need supplements for PCOS if you're eating right, exercising & losing weight but… If you had to choose the best supplements for PCOS,

Use Chromium, Vitamin B3 & Vitamin B-6 because a deficiency in those can lead to insulin resistance.

5. Deal with Stress

100 Ways to lower stress because chronic stress makes insulin resistance worse.

6. Get more sleep (at least 7-to-9 hours)

Not getting enough sleep can also make your insulin resistance worse → 16 Ways To Sleep Better Every Night

7. Stop Smoking

8. Metformin

If you tried the other 7 things and you're still having a hard time losing weight with PCOS… Talk to your doctor about Metformin. Metformin is a medication that lowers insulin resistance in people with PCOS.

How She lost 125 lbs. with PCOS

lost weight with pcos
I've lost 125 pounds in one year. It was hard to imagine I could ever do this! Your website rocks, and so do u! You really helped a LOT! It was exceptionally hard for me, being i have a metabolic disease called PCOS.

I am insulin resistant, meaning i produce to much insulin at a cellular level, and everything i ate, even salad turned to sugar, which then of course turned to FAT! BUT JUST FOLLOW WHAT ADRIAN SAYS EXACTLY, AND YOU TOO WILL LOOSE THE WEIGHT! IM LIVING PROOF!Lisa Liebergott-Council - Read her full story here

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