Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Weight Loss

We all have a quest for living full lives, emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically improved and better. Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy provides a solution to a complete satisfied life, a physiological state of your 30's.

As you reach a particular age, it takes more than diet and exercise to keep that weight off and maintaining an ideal weight. Age management together with nutrition and medically based fitness helps in getting the weight loss you desire. Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy is one such medically based fitness therapy that favours weight loss.

What is Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy?

Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy has become the current topic of research because of its beneficial effects on the wellness and well being. It is also known as BHRT and uses the same chemical structure as the hormones which are present in the human body. It does not have any unpleasant side effects and also do not harm the body.

BHRT increases lipid oxidation (fat burning), lowers plasma lipids and improves the insulin response, thus helping in weight loss.

The hormone production in our body slows down as we age. Decrease in serum levels are seen in symptoms like visceral fats, fatigue, depression, mental confusion and low libido. BHRT supplements the body in a natural and a healthy way.

Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy is especially helpful in post menopausal women and men suffering from andropause. Andropause is caused by gradual drop in testosterone. Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the key to issues key to anti aging and weight issues.

Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy treats menopause, perimenopause, andropause and post menopause.

BHRT has seen to reduce symptoms of menopause, promote anti aging and improves quality of life. bhrt

All these problems occur with the symptoms of weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, cholesterol and bloating. The hormone imbalances are treated by BHRT (Bio identical Hormone replacement). The BHRT dose is person specific and is prescribed to patients and assembled by pharmacists.

BHRT is molecularly similar to endogenous hormones in the human body. The exact combination of hormones for every individual is tested in the lab. Normally women get a compound mix of estradiol, estrone, and progesterone, as well as testosterone. Yes it is surprising, women also need testosterone.

BHRT and synthetic hormones should not be confused with one another. BHRT and synthetic hormone treatments are completely two different therapies. BHRT has no side effects. Whereas synthetic hormones have been known to cause heart risk, risk of breast cancer and doctors think before advising on synthetic hormones.

Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy has proved beneficial especially for people in the age group of 40 to 80 years of age who were trying to lose weight for a very long time.

Also should be noted that BHRT is for people who want to seek help with their hormonal imbalances and are ready to go on an effective healthy food diet after the therapy. BHRT has proved successful in patients across Europe and United states. Let us see how bio- identical Hormone replacement therapy can help men and women.

For women:

For men:

Weight gain is seen in people from their 40's and they are unable to lose weight in spite of the efforts. This is caused by the hormonal imbalance that occursbhrt men women post 40's in both men and women. BHRT helps in regaining the hormonal balance and thus helps reducing this weight. Loss of unwanted weight also helps in bringing respite from many other obesity linked illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. BHRT thus promotes a healthy life and wellness.

BHRT chemicals are derived from plants and not from synthetic sources. Many studies have been done and also been currently done to confirm on any negative effects of the BHRT therapy. Several clinical trials are being conducted to see the link between BHRT and weight loss. Bio identical Hormone replacement therapy is in the forms of creams, pellets and other delivery methods too.

They have been helpful to many people across the world. They are safe and beneficial. The most important is that BHRT helps when the therapy occurs in a controlled environment, i.e. the external factors are controlled, like diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes.

Article by Jason Phillips

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I'm surgical menopause and interested in BHRT. I'm struggling to lose weight. I'm looking for help. Can please recommend the brand of bhrt?

January 04, 2019


I have been on bio identical hormones for several months and I have never felt better. Resolved my hot flashes, my moods are better, energy level is up and weight is coming off slowly. No side effects at all. It's so worth you trying.

October 10, 2018


Bio identical hormones are b.s. Depends on who makes/manufacturers them, the fillers, etc. I have had a bad experience with them AND the holistic therapist who sold them to me. It's my experience only. Anybody else had a bad experience with bi hormones?

September 18, 2018

Dee Mott

I’m 56 and post menopause. After reading about BHRT I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did! I haven’t slept well in 10 years... the very first night I used The progesterone cream I slept ALL night and felt truly rested the next day ! I also use the estradiol cream. I can tell a huge difference in my mood. I feel SO much better!! I only wish I had known about this earlier...
I buy my BHRT from Amazon.

April 28, 2018


What is the name of he BHRT that you use!

April 07, 2019


effects of almost no testosterone starting age 20s
1 menopause hot flashes so bad it can hurt wearing shirt & pants. long hair could hurt. hat could hurt. outside of religion a eunuch n my hot city doesnt usually wear pants n summer. menopause is over so its better sometimes but still bad heat sensitivity & some flashes
2 almost no anger but sometimes a little brief but usually rare
3 usually 0 frustration
4 not being offended by what u say, almost never except being called useless cause i cant reproduce can make me sad sometimes
5 not going bald
6 almost/usually 0 or near 0 attraction to boobs. i think women might look better without them but i know babies need to eat
7 no attraction to vagina
8 some wilderness pics look better than most women pics & gives me a blood rush n my brain but women pics do not (women generally aren't very attractive without T except more like a few faces). The same woman that looks attractive to a man with T often looks unattractive without T or else very little. eunuchs can still think of women a lot at times but seems like a lot fewer of them & its just not the same. still attracted to almost any part of female but often seriously low or none.
9 nothing looks sexual even if i know its intended to be. why would u want to do that? looks boring
10 easier to cry
11 i enjoy chick flicks (i dont usually watch movies anyway)
12 transformers "guy" type of movies seem less interesting
13 less thrill with explosions & guns or am i just getting older?
14 teddy bear type of stuff seems more appealing or is it just a placebo effect?
15 some interior decorating designs seem pleasing to my brain (despite female effects im not effeminate)
16 loss of muscle so much i couldn't run until i started eating really healthy. my hip area even feels different
17 too much food can result in bad hot flashes if i move a lot
18 night heat emission when i get in bed means it's often hard to wear pajamas
19 smooth arms shaped more like woman
20 hair on my palms & fingers turned transparent, arm hair turned clearer (or was it always that way?)
21 soft skin which is harder to write on
22 old man facial shaping seemed to stop
23 less bad dreams, less intense bad dreams
24 no dreams of liking girls that i know of
25 too hot for underwear much of the year
26 what is male aggression anyway?
27 ok maybe not all eunuchs have this effect but i do like a few young working age men & can get crushes on them & want to be with them. i felt really terrible & scared at first about it because i know what church ppl think about that one & what the teaching about that is
28 dont get itches that much
29 dont get chills that often
30 face hair stopped spreading
31 body hair stopped spreading
32 less fear of speaking out in class when teacher asks a question
33 more cautious around people knowing i dont have muscle to defend myself
34 less caring about following male clothing norms
35 less caring hoping people think i like girls & think im not gay but i still pretend to like them around most of my family
36 fatter stomach
37 bigger breasts despite eating healthy & walking many miles a day at work & being super skinny b4 castration
38 bigger hips seems like
39 osteoporosis risk so i gotta eat healthy & get sunlight + exercise
40 dont like secondary libido characteristics like piercings. why would someone put a hole through their body?
41 cant seem to feel as lonely?
42 less desire to have people talk to me at work
43 dont want woman in my bed unless its like a haunted house or scary
44 head hair seemed to thicken
45 very minor degrade to ability to find car in crowded parking lot [spatial relations]
46 no morning grump
47 dont leave fingerprints?
48 heart doesnt seem to ever beat fast around hot chicks as most attraction is gone
49 can still think clearly around hot chicks
50 body processes heat from food differently so that it warms me up sometimes so much that clothes are uncomfortable
51 heart can speed up thinking about a male crush (very rare)
52 currently 98% straight (i'm not sure if i ever liked adult males b4)
53 more chance of fainting when hot
54 chance of diaper rash when hot & wearing hot clothes
55 scary things seem less scary
56 dried gogi berries tasted awesome with T but now they're gross
57 loss of breath in bed (very rare)
58 skin doesn't feel horny
59 touching "erogenous zones" is like touching my arm
60 seems like i have to pee more
61 roller coasters seem to hurt my head but i haven't really tried much so i'll see
62 arm hairs seemed to lighten up but i didn't really keep track of this one so i don't know
63 some hairs above upper lip & on chin turned from black to light tan
64 cant seem to hold grudges/less hard feelings toward people but i still dont like being around some people
65 cant seem to get crushes on women
66 more docile/less stubborn
67 less competitive
68 less risk taking
69 seem more likely to baby talk like when a woman says words ending in e to a baby. when in same situation
70 like readers digest type stories more
71 cant fall in love
72 clothes can increase hot flashes, wearing a watch can increase chance of triggering a hot flash
73 dont want to kiss
74 dont want to touch woman
75 intense menopause which eventually ends but hot flashes never leave completely; can still be bad sometimes
76 occasional sweats but on rare occasions bad night sweats
77 less interest talking negative about relatives/others
78 me vs them mindset sometimes (normal people seem odd all bundeled up with layers & aggressive/irritable & they always into sex, relationships & i seem normal). more attachment to chinese history than US history because of people like me
78 chapped lips
79 usually no motivation to impress girls
80 i dont care if they're attracted to me but i still dont want to get/look old.
81 can still barely kind of masterbate but dont want to
82 cant seem to get turned on (penis) very much or if i did then barely & typically for some seconds but seeing something doesnt work even barely like over 99% of time & libido thoughts dont work to raise penis
83 difficulty thinking about sex. like a subject i dont prefer like math. nothing significant about it in comparison to other subjects
84 i treat the cats much nicer
85 much less irritated / annoyed
86 fatter stomach
87 get drunk on just a little alcohol
88 muscles turn to fat
89 no oily fingers (protection layer). often put sunscreen on hands before shower to protect hands
90 no fetishes
91 osteoporosis risk so i have to watch diet closely
92 skeleton shaping like female (partly learned this one)
93 less interest in being naked unless its hot then more likely because bad heat sensitivity or for vitamin D, etc. less interest in nudism. less adversion to wearing clothes but non-religious eunuchs still love nudist places
94 better immune system (learned effect)
95 longer average lifespan (learned effect)
96 less resentment
97 never get full boner because usually no conception of libido. often subconscious due to blood flow
98 if i do get boner its not as hard/much
99 not visually stimulated (sexual images are equivalent of house photos) but yet some wilderness pics seem to produce blood rush in my brain because i love wilderness
100 usually no attraction to children unless girl is starting like teen years then maybe some but often not
101 seems like less interest in avoiding looking dumb
102 high voice (if fixed b4 puberty)
103 dont go through puberty
104 no body / pubic hair (if fixed b4 puberty). possibly leg hair
105 doesn't seem to be as much sense of well-being
106 i almost never look up to famous people anymore as someone special. no fear of bosses especially like regarding them as someone special
107 possibly less adversion/fear of wearing non masculine clothes or this could be a placebo effect
108 face hair maybe got less thick
109 look more like female, perhaps a ton more (if fixed early in life)
110 could still want a girlfriend instead of live alone but its basically like a roommate & id feel like im wasting a woman because i cant reproduce. id often be just as happy living with some males (i have wanted to)
111 sometimes harder to tell if other men think a woman is attractive
112 less interest in tattoos (wasnt much to begin with)
113 not super skinny (like guy body shaping type of skinny) & possible slight facial fattening away from skinny male look but its hard to tell
114 i think my head hair turned blacker
115 shedding eyebrows
116 no hairy ears when old except what fuzz is already there (predicted)
117 overall maybe 4% less masculine talking patterns (besides aggression spectrum) which is easy to hide
118 expanded stomach takes more food to feel full before bed
119 foot masculinization seemed to stop & feet seem more feminine or did they always look like that?
120 random farly spaced abnormal hairs faded or thinned out
121 acne after pubery caused by T?
122 seem to feel more tired/lower energy
123 tire easily when running. i actually lost the ability to run but got it back with improved diet
124 low blood pressure
125 less red blood cells
126 smaller prostate (at least if fixed at a young age)
127 small penis (if fixed early in life)
128 cuts seem to take longer to heal
129 sides of chest around level of belly button are more straight instead of curved like a female
higher t = more leg hair (what number does this go on?)
130 FTM trans don't get a period + ovulation or not as often/much
i seem more sympathetic (put in list)
131 arms feel weak when raised
132 walking fast seems to look different

April 08, 2018


I’m interested in BHRT. I’m struggling in weight gain after surgical menopause. I’m on hrt since 2016 but can’t help lose weight then I changed to livial also can’t help my weight problem too. Where can I find bhrt? What are the brands? Pls help.

March 19, 2018

Dee Mott

I get mine from Amazon

April 28, 2018

Alicia Hille

I had a hysterectomy three years ago and now suffer from weight issues and all other problems listed above. Can this therapy help me lose weight and look the way I did before surgery?

November 25, 2017


Is this available in Australia?

November 19, 2017

Jane N

I'm surgical menopause and interested in BHRT. I'm struggling to lose weight. I'm looking for help. Can please recommend the brand of bhrt?

May 30, 2017

sandy cambria

need to lose 15 pounds, lose hot flashes, energy. etc

October 16, 2016

Adrian Bryant

go here to lose 15 pounds

October 16, 2016

Anne Nans

I'm interested in bio identical hormones. I believe I suffer from estrogen dominance and am having trouble losing 7 pounds. I'm looking for help.

June 12, 2016

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