Will Butter in Your Coffee Help You Lose Weight More Quickly?

butter in coffee

A major trend in the dieting world today is a little thing called bulletproof coffee. What is that, you ask? The answer is quite interesting!

Bulletproof coffee is the term for the practice of putting butter into your coffee to help you lose weight. It may sound odd, and honestly even counteractive to weight loss, but read on to find out what my research on the matter has shown! You will learn more about this trend and links to other sites as well.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Let's start off with what exactly makes coffee "bulletproof". Can you just throw any butter into coffee and shed pounds effortlessly? Apparently it isn't quite so simple. According to different sources, such as this post from Men's Journal, you must use grass-fed, unsalted butter for your recipe. A typical recipe looks like this:

It is important that you mix it in a blender really well, as many have stated that the coffee can feel slimy or oily if you don't. By mixing it, you create a much frothier and more palatable drink.

Why Drink Bulletproof Coffee?

The idea behind this coffee is that the amounts of saturated fats can actually help you to lose weight by way of ketosis (a metabolic state that is triggered by a lack of carbs, kicking fat burning into high gear). It was created by Dave Asprey after trying tea with butter in it in Nepal.

Now this is not to be combined with a high fat diet, but rather with a low carb one. Just think of the rule of thumb that some things are good - even healthy - for you in moderation. This is a perfect example of such a rule. Too many saturated fats will be counteractive and not help with any diet.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that this can be treated as a meal replacement option for breakfast, or as something that helps fill the gap between meals. Many people say it helps them stay full from breakfast to lunch, curbs pesky cravings, and even helps them to get through the notorious mid-afternoon snack timeframe we are all so familiar with.

Used not only as a way to manage or lose weight, many people also utilize this coffee/ butter concoction as a way to stay focused. Many people swear by it to keep their minds sharp in the mornings, and to help them focus throughout the day!

I have read through several testimonials and coffee blogs and discovered that people do say it gives them a huge boost of energy and keeps their minds very focused. They claim it brings productivity up, and eliminates that groggy morning feeling.

However, there is one catch - they are starving by mid-morning. Some have recommended putting a raw egg into the mix, while others say a glass of water and whey protein is the way to go.

These may be options you want to try, though I am unsure of how I feel about an egg in my coffee.

Does Bulletproof Coffee Really Work?

What do the experts say? From the various articles I have read, reviews are mixed. Some say it is an excellent way to add some healthy fat to your diet and that scientifically it makes sense why it would clear your mind and help you to focus.

Others are not so convinced. Take a look, for example, at this post from the NY Times. One thing that is certain, though, is that it needs to be combined with a healthy diet. You cannot try this coffee with a morning donut or other unhealthy food, as it will really be bad for your health.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, reviews are mixed. Some people who follow the bulletproof diet find great results and multiple cure-all benefits. I personally am unsure as to whether or not some of these miracle healings aren't partially due to a placebo effect.

Others only see the added energy and focus added to their day. Some swear they aren't hungry for 4 to 5 hours, while others are starving shortly after that.

I think a good portion of this has something to do with what your diet and lifestyle was like BEFORE you jump on the bulletproof coffee express.

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