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How to lose weight with PCOS

The Facts:

The best way to lose weight fast with PCOS is to…

Get rid of or lower your insulin resistance so you can lose weight normally just like everyone else and there's 8 simple ways you can get rid of insulin resistance…

1. Eat right meaning…

2. Exercise meaning…

3. Lose Weight

4. Use supplements like…

5. Deal with Stress

6. Get more sleep (at least 7-to-9 hours)

7. Stop Smoking

8. Metformin

If you still can't lose weight with PCOS…

She lost 125 lbs. with PCOS…

I've lost 125 pounds in one year. It was hard to imagine I could ever do this! Your website rocks, and so do u! You really helped a LOT! It was exceptionally hard for me, being i have a metabolic disease called PCOS.
I am insulin resistant, meaning i produce to much insulin at a cellular level, and everything i ate, even salad turned to sugar, which then of course turned to FAT! BUT JUST FOLLOW WHAT ADRIAN SAYS EXACTLY, AND YOU TOO WILL LOOSE THE WEIGHT! IM LIVING PROOF!Lisa Liebergott-Council - Read her full story here

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Hi i have had my pcos for years and its depressing me.alot. i eat little and i try as much as possible not to consume sugar and i do zumba 3x a week and i only lost 7 lbs in like 6 mos. I need to lose atleast 60lbs i am getting married in 5 mos help me plsssss i did the cohen diet 2 yrs ago i lost 40 lbs in 2 mos but gained it all and even more after its hard to maintain a no carb diet although i know the best diet is low carb for pcos. I eat brown rice now. I am really depressssed i wanna lose weight before my wedding im so pressured in 30 and i also wanna have a baby soon

June 30, 2015


This is a long hard journey. I was diagnosed in 2008 and this has been fight. I would lose 10 lbs and gain 5 back. This kept going for months. I can tell you losing and then gaining back what was lost and then some is very depressing. I dropped 30 lbs in 5 months doing boxing and kick boxing 4 days a week as well as walking 2 miles day 4 days week. Then within 4 months later began to gain the weight back with the workouts. I was frustrated and angry. Long story short, I gained 60 pounds within 6 months. I have been to endocrinologist and the only thing they want to do is add metformin.

This a fight that I tired of fighting but I can't let it beat me. It is hard but hopefully with some of the suggestions here I can finally make a huge dent. I can tell you must keep fighting.

July 04, 2015


hi Adrian, I am 19 and was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 13. I have been overweight. I was 159lbs, with hard working i shed few pounds in two months and now i am 143lbs. My height is 5''3. But the problem comes this ramadan. I fast according to your instruction and its been really great but the issue is my sleep cycle. Sleeping after barely 45 mins of mid night meals to keep fast is making me gain pounds. I have gained 5 pounds in just 7 days. Its difficult to not sleep at 4am. Need your suggestion.

June 26, 2015

Adrian Bryant

fasting will not make you gain weight. please look at this

June 26, 2015

lissa R

I was diagnosed with Pcos in 2009 at the age of 19. I am now 25 at 295lbs. I have been struggling with the weight gain for to many years. I have the hair growth, mood swings, thinning hair,depression,low sex drive, and the list just goes on. I'm married and my husband and i have been trying to start a family with no success. All the doctors are telling me is to lose weight and i will get pregnant. It's just so hard, i'm losing hope. I'm trying not to take the gastric bypass route. Please if you have any dieting and exercise advice for me i would really appreciate it.

June 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

simply use this workout and this diet and in my opinion the gastric bypass is just calorie reduction on steroids (which is basically the same thing as a diet)

June 13, 2015


Please check out veganism (high carb/low fat lifestyle) and raw food diet. You can look up on YouTube about it. Many people have CURED their PCOS with this lifestyle. Cutting carbs and doing more exercise will never work longterm. I'm still curing my PCOS, but at least my acne is gone!

July 05, 2015


Help!!!!! I am a 5'8" forty two year old. I was diagnosed with PCOS some years ago and I am also on Metformin. At present I weigh 235 pounds and would like to lose weight. I am a single mom with a full time job and I also work other odds and ends.
Thank you for taking time to read my comment and thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

June 07, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout for people with busy schedules

June 09, 2015


Hi Adrian!
I was diagnosed with PCOS at the young at of 11. Recently I went off the pill to try to conceive with my husband. I gained 20lbs in 3 months. This was despite eating 1200 calories a day and avoiding high glycemic foods. I've lost 35lbs of newlywed weight before using your site. I still eat 1200 calories a day and measure all my food as well. The past few months I've added in 4 days of HIIT and 2 of weight lifting. On weekends I go hiking if the weather is nice. I also use intermittent fasting 16-20 hours a day most days of the week.
I am frustrated that I have gained a couple more pounds and only have lost two inches. I know I am doing the right things because I'm very health conscious and I've done this before. I now have went from a sz 0-2 to an overweight bmi. At this point should I seek out metformin from my doctor? I feel like nothing is making a difference and I'm concerned about my health. And I miss my sexy body ugh! Also diabetes and thyroid issues run heavily in my family.

I am 5'1"
Very small framed (5.5" wrist)
Currently 139 lbs
Was very happy between 110-115lbs
22 years old

Thank you for your time. I'm not sure where else to turn.

May 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking your calories and when doing HIIT... is it according to these rules

May 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

forget about the ankle weights (dhave you tried my workouts yet?ont help) and

May 23, 2015


Yes I have. The first time I lost weight (35 lbs) I used primarily your ski jumps and jumping jack workouts. I would also run.
Now I do all your "at home" HIIT workouts. So now I've also added in some of your workouts like the battle rope style one with the bedsheet/chair and that workout you made with the kids.
I no longer run because I live in a bad neighborhood now.

May 27, 2015


The fasting is killing you. Your body is getting all of the calories in one meal and holding onto it. Your body thinks it's starving. Spread your calories out over 5 meals.

June 23, 2015



I am 21 and I had surgery to help with my pcos. From the pcos I gained 40-50lbs in a few months. Now that I have had the surgery I am trying to lose weight but nothing is working! I am 5"2 and weigh 190. I work out every day to every other day (for an hour- 2 hours), I watch what I eat (count calories and try hard to only eat healthy) I switched to only drinking water and have not lost a single pound in 4 months. I'm at the point where I feel I should just give up. What more can I do?

May 19, 2015

Adrian Bryant

describe your workout more and exactly how many calroies do you eat daily

May 21, 2015

urvashi singh

Hi.. I am 22 and i was diagnosed of pcos last year..i have been costantly gaining weight since last 4 -5 years.. i weight 74 kgs nd i m 5'2" and i hav a lot of belly fat. even if i don't have much carbs or fatty food..i m still gaining weight. I want to reduce my weight by exercising and walking bt that ain't helping too. I am not on any kind of medication. Please help and suggest ways by which i can lose weight ...HELP!!!

May 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calories

May 18, 2015


Hi Adrian. I was diagnosed with Pcos when I was 26 however I may have had it before then and just wasn't aware of it. It's only when I was trying to conceive and it was taking too long. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after the birth of my first child in 2012.
I have struggled to lose weight since then. To treat my diabetes I do take metformin.
I have been going to the gym since the start of April 15 and I have really cut down on junk food and I'm trying my best to eat healthy. I use the my fitness pal app to record what I eat and it helps me stay within a calorie count of around 1200-1500 calories per day.
I go gym 5 days a week Mon-Fri and aim to burn 300-400 calories on each gym session.
Since the last month I've only lost nearly 2 kg. Is this good or should I be losing more?

May 14, 2015


I use my fitness pal. I bust my ass when I work out. Normally I use a heart rate monitor but a couple weeks ago the battery died and I have yet to replace it. I track my workouts with an android app called Simple Workout Log. I often add ankle weights into the HIIT workouts and I'm always covered in sweat at the end. I always try to make them harder each time. Often I have to stop or slow down because I push myself so hard.
I'm not sure if this is relevant but I had an early miscarriage in February. Also I'm on progesterone (from my dr) two weeks at a time at the end of each of my cycles. Not dure if that could affect anything.

May 22, 2015


Hi Adrian

I was diagnosed with PCOS after the (difficult) birth of my second child. I've since been sterilised - which I know messes with all sorts.
With 2 young children, calorie counting isn't top of my list. We are going away in 5 weeks time and I'd like to lose some inches to be able to go on the rides with them at the Pleasure Beach where we are staying.
Whats the best idea for me to lose weight and inches in a healthy and sustainable way?
Thanks so much xxx

April 20, 2015

Hi I'm Angela

I'm 5'8 and about 260 I found out I had pcos when I was 19 I'm now 21. I've been gaining weight and noticed the discoloration of my skin. I really want to be able to start a family soon. What can I do to lose the weight?

April 14, 2015


I was diagnosed with Pcos at the age of 19 I'm 5ft 10 in 300lbs (25yrs old now). I have the extremely embarrassing hair growth every where, crazy mood swings, thinning hair etc. I have been taking metformin on and off for some time now but it helps me lose 10-20 pounds and then it stops. I wouldn't say I make the best food choices. I always start an exercise and diet plan for about 1-2 weeks then I falloff track again. If you have any valuable advice to helpme to get this weight lost journey start I would really appreciate it. I really want to start my family and I want to feel happy with my body

April 02, 2015

Lauren Hicks

Hey, I know how hard it is! I have gone mostly paleo and I did it gradually! The first thing I did was replace soda with naturally flavored seltzer water! I drink it constantly now and soda is now too sweet for me. Give it a try, at first I could barely taste anything and it wasn't that great but not drinking changed my tastes and it took about a month but now it pretty much tastes like soda for both me and my boyfriend! Then I slowly cut out bread, if I get a burger I order it without the bun. Slowly you will be able to stick to it. If I want something I don't deny it to myself as long as it is just one thing...another thing I did was switch to 85 percent dark chocolate and mostly stopped caffeine intake, caffeine stimulates the growth of cysts and sends your adrenals into overdrive. Also try eating avocadoes they balance estrogen dominance. I ate a half of one a day and I didn't even feel my period! But when I ran out and didn't eat them for a month and now it is the worst cramping ever. So I looked it up and it does turn out that avocadoes help slow the release of estrogen in the body and help other hormone levels! It is quite amazing!! Because my testosterone was normal last time I had it checked! I've only lost a little over 12 pounds and several inches so I have went from 288 to 275.6 over the course of several months and I fell off the diet once and gained some back but I hopped right back on...this has been the easiest diet for me...it feels like I might be able to stick to it even if I do plateau for a bit, which is great! I do not eat rice, bread, legumes, but I still have grassfed butter and fermented dairy products...and occasional milk and cheese...but I'm slowly losing the taste for them or the cravings! Also do not over exercise and let your body heal. I have averaged a weightloss of a little over a pound a week maybe and eat around 1800 calories but I don't force that and may have 100-200 calories over or even under and eat a bunch of greens and organic eggs and meat now

April 14, 2015


HI everyone, I feel all of your frustration,my problems started after having my son who's now two. My weight gain was ridiculous I went from 7 stone size 8 to size 14 in a matter of months, I was then diagnosed with bad pcoS. I tried so hard to loose the weight, exercising, eating healthy but nothing worked. I then tried something similar to the atkins diet, very low carb and eating little within a few months I am now back to my size 8, it might not work for everyone but it's worth a try ☺ good luck xx

March 30, 2015


Hello Sarah. I'm suffering also from PCOS n is struggling with weight loss, can u plz help me with ur weight loss diet plans n excersise regimen? Thank you I very much appreciate ur ideas.

June 11, 2015


Hi, Am 17 years old and am 220lb. My doctor recommend me to use Metformin. And am struggling to lose weight.The last couple years I gain 90lb in 3 yrs.I really want to lose about 60lbs by the end of this year.

Please give any advics and tell me how i can lose 60lb.

March 28, 2015


hi, my name is aby and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 19. I gained a lot of weight I went from 135 to 170. Now im 24 yrs old im 5'4 and I weight 196. recently I went to the DR. and I was diagnosed with PCOS. What can I do to loose the weight I've tried everything... he prescribed me metformin...how can I loose the weight?

March 24, 2015

Adrian Bryant

did you have a chance to look at the tips on this page?

March 24, 2015


Hi i am a 23 yr old female an have been diagnosed with pcos and diabetes. I have been prescribed metformin. I have been working out an tracking my calories on my mfp. Nothing seems to be working. Please help i want to lose weight an have kids

March 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

look at this if you're using MFP

March 15, 2015


Hi I am 26 and a mother of 3, I was diagnosed with pcos during my 3rd pregnancy not only did I not loose the baby weight I gained weight and now I am stuck I don't loose or gain. I workout every day I've did all the insanity workouts and challenges and I just started t25 and I eat healthy and keep a food journal and I keep my calorie intake at 2000 no higher. What do you think? I know its possible to loose weight with pcos but what can I do to actually get results?

March 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

maybe the 2000 is too high, what about 1200-to-1800 cals?

March 12, 2015



My names Cindy I'm 24 and about a year or so I was told I have PCOS. I have the facial hair and the weight. They have me metformin but I feel like it makes me even hungrier. It's also hard because I can't really excersize. A year and a half ago befire I found out about PCOS I injured myself at work and have 2 herniated dics so it's painful and there's notich I can do. I don't eat to much n I try eating healthy bUT I feel like it doesn't help. I'm 5'10" and weight about 275lbs or so. I'm 24 years old. I want to try and loose weight to help with the pain of my herniated dics. Please if there's anything you can recommend please help. Thank you.

March 09, 2015

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