How to lose weight with PCOS

The Facts:

The best way to lose weight fast with PCOS is to…

Get rid of or lower your insulin resistance so you can lose weight normally just like everyone else and there's 8 simple ways you can get rid of insulin resistance…

1. Eat right meaning…

2. Exercise meaning…

3. Lose Weight

4. Use supplements like…

5. Deal with Stress

6. Get more sleep (at least 7-to-9 hours)

7. Stop Smoking

8. Metformin

If you still can't lose weight with PCOS…

She lost 125 lbs. with PCOS…

I've lost 125 pounds in one year. It was hard to imagine I could ever do this! Your website rocks, and so do u! You really helped a LOT! It was exceptionally hard for me, being i have a metabolic disease called PCOS.
I am insulin resistant, meaning i produce to much insulin at a cellular level, and everything i ate, even salad turned to sugar, which then of course turned to FAT! BUT JUST FOLLOW WHAT ADRIAN SAYS EXACTLY, AND YOU TOO WILL LOOSE THE WEIGHT! IM LIVING PROOF!Lisa Liebergott-Council - Read her full story here

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Rachael marie

Would doing a sugar cleanse diet help?

January 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

never heard of that diet

January 23, 2015


I have type 1 diabetes and pcos I need help losing weight because I used to be curvy now I'm a little on the large size and I don't feel attractive please help me

January 06, 2015

Adrian Bryant

then use this workout and this diet

January 06, 2015

Amber B

I am 27, just got diagnosed with PCOS. I was at a very good weight just 20 pounds overweight at 18. I was working out every day. I trained with the National Guard, you can guess how intense that was. But I had no idea about PCOS so of course I wasn't on the special diet. I have had severe PCOS symptoms my entire life. I went through changes in my life that caused a lot of upsets in my body. I am now 303 pounds, only 5'4 i have lost 50 pounds but as I am finding with most PCOS patients I stress and put it back on. I know diets do not work. I will not look at this as such I am looking to make a permanent lifestyle change to resolve this conflict. A little about myself. I am not insulin resistant I eat very healthy, I have a severe intolerance to spinach and cabbage families. I am severely allergic to mold so tofu is out. I am not opposed to drinking only water for life. I work from home late hours. I recently picked up a new habit walking my 4 dogs until they are exhausted not me and I mean I walk them each separately. I found out I am very sensitive to chromium it makes my blood sugar drop dangerously low when I take it and eat healthy. I am not sure how to proceed from here. Can you advise or should I seek a Specialist (AKA Nutritionists advice) Also stress really effects my symptoms.

December 28, 2014

Adrian Bryant

I would further ask a specialist for your unique concerns but overall... weight loss is all about energy so in reality you are not fat or overweight you just have a lot of backup energy you need to use (get rid of) and you simply do that by eating less with a a href="" >diet like this where you can eat whatever you like (but talk to a specialist about what foods are okay for you and also use this workout

December 29, 2014

Michele B

Do you think it is ok to take the vitamin Bs and the chromium if you are taking metformin?

December 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

it probably is but im not a doctor so check with one to be sure it is okay

December 22, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I'd really love your advice on how to get the scales moving. I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago (when I was 16, I am 26 now) I have been taking 1.5gms of Metformin for almost the entire ten year period, along with an androgen halting med(aldectone) I'm short - 5 ft 1inches, and weigh 68kgs (149pounds currently) and eat under 1200 calories daily. I lead an extremely healthy lifestyle- vegetarian, don't drink/smoke,cut out dairy two years ago,and pretty much workout 5/6 days a week for 1.5 hours daily (alternate everday between yoga,spinning,weight lifting and running at the gym) I struggle to make the scale move at all, have major belly bulge and want to get off the metformin as well. Would love your advice,. Below is a sample from my food dairy
breakfast- One apple, Spinach & blueberry smoothie and an omlette
Lunch- Kidney beans/lentils with brown rice
evening snack- a piece of date/dark chocolate + latte (with almond milk and no added sugar)
Dinner-noodle Veggie stir fry with Tofu (soba noodles are made with either buckwheat or multigrain)

I would be extremely grateful for any tips that you may have on such a case of PCOS and weight loss.
THanks in advance :)

December 11, 2014

Adrian Bryant

apply these rules to your workout or at least start using this workout here

December 12, 2014


I have just recently been diagnosed with PCOS but in the past have been following strict diets and exercising 4-5 times a week for 30 mins on the treadmill im 24 and a mother of a very active 2 1/2 yr old I have about 20kg atleast that I need to loose just to get back to a comfortable size but 30kg to get back to the weight I was before I had my daughter. I aslo have gall bladder problems and could possibly need them removed can someone please point me in the right direction

December 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to fit your busy schedule

December 05, 2014



I am 29 and diagnosed with pcos i am taking myotol f 2 grm daily and also doing heavy workout in 6 days of a week ,But i am unable to loose weight ,kindly guide me with a good diet plan ,as i am also taking less food intake

November 25, 2014


Hello there,

I really love your article but I am in desperate need of help. I was diagnoised with PCOS this summer and I have been working very hard to try and lose weight. As aresult, I placed myself on a very strict diet.

I eat the same thing every day:

1cup oatmeal uncooked
1 cup green tea

15 Almonds

1 cup of salad
1cup of chopped vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes)
1 tbs dressing
4oz cooked chicken
15 almonds

15 Almonds

1 cup of salad
1cup of chopped vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes)
1 tbs dressing
4oz cooked chicken
15 almonds

15 almonds
1 cup of green tea

I make sure to measure everything exactly everyday.

As for exercise, I go boxing 5 days a week for 40 minutes at a gym.

So far, in the course of 5 months I have only lost 5 pounds and I have been taking 1,500 mg of Metforming. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

November 20, 2014

Adrian Bryant

first of all how many calories is al of that and it does not matter WHAT but how much you eat so see this

November 20, 2014


I would bet you're close to your daily fat limit and 400+ calories with all those almonds. Salad dressing is usually full of not-so-good fat or sugar or both. Check your calories and find a snack other than just high cal almonds.

January 10, 2015


I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 11. I'm now nearly 28. I've had great success with this diet in the past. Over the last year I put on 20 lbs. I recently got married and want to have a baby, so besides wanting to lose the weight I put on, I have been strictly following this diet for two weeks now. I also exercise at least three times per week (I did that before starting the diet). However, I have lost NOTHING so far and I am getting very discouraged. I weigh 145 lbs. and my ultimate goal is to get back to 125. I'm not in a hurry to do this, but I would have hoped that after two weeks of strict dieting and exercise that I would have lost something. I write down everything I eat and keep up with carbs, protein, calories, fat, sodium, etc. Any clue as to why the scale isn't moving?

October 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your calorie intake and describe your workout plan

October 29, 2014


My calorie intake is no more than 1200 a day. I log everything I eat. I do 20 to 25 minutes on the treadmill about 3 days a week. And I adjust the speed and incline every 2 minutes. In addition, I also use small weights for my arms three times a week. Two and a half weeks and nothing lost! Very discouraging.

October 31, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use these workout rules and are you sure your cal intake is less than 1200 or are you just writing down WHAT you eat and not HOW MUCH?

October 31, 2014


Again, I will say I am writing down EVERYTHING. Please don't say that I am doing or not doing something when I have already clarified. I asked advice, not to be treated like I'm an idiot. I write down WHAT, and HOW MUCH. That's what I mean when I say EVERYTHING. I NEVER go over 1200 and most of the time I am under that. I know how to count calories and carbs and protein. I've done it for years and stated that I had. I measure out and write down everything that goes into my body, including water intake. I've done all the normal stuff which is why I asked advice.

November 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

How tall are you?

I'm not treating you like an idiot but usually in my experience with helping people lose weight when they claim 1200 and are not losing weight then something is off in the way they are getting that number. I just want you to be extra certain you are at 1200.

Have started using the workout rules I gave you? also looklook at these 12 tips here and DONT WORRY...

Me and you WILL figure this out and get you back to 125!! stay in touch

November 04, 2014



iam 31 facing PCOD since i was 14
I am super heavy, facial hair, dark skin, hypertension, diabetes, depression, thyroid and what not, and on top of that cant tolerate metformin!!!....but i still feel life is very beautiful and i will be free from all this one day....:-)

November 07, 2014


Hi adrian i was diagnosed with pcos when I was 20 years old and I am now 23. My weight keeps going up and down and I was at my heaviest when I weighed 215 pounds. I went on a strict no carb diet and lost 10 pounds in two weeks since than I was able to maintain that weight which is 205 pounds. I recently tried the no carb diet again and I have been doing it for a week so far and haven't lost anything. I'm so depressed and frustrated because I mainly want to lose my belly because I have a lot of belly fat and I also want a bigger butt. It just seems like Im never going to get to that point because I have been trying to lose weight for a very long time but my weight just goes up and down. I never had a flat stomach since I was 13 and to everyone around me it looks like Im not trying but they don't know my struggle I need help badly.

October 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

forget about the gimmicks and go back to the basics of counting calories or use this if you hate to count cals plus what about exercise? if not then heres a workout

October 28, 2014


First I want to ask the guy who wrote this article if you can help me...
I'm 31 yrs old 247lbs. I was diagnosed September of 2014 at a weight of 266lbs. I've lost some weight since being diagnosed last month, however, I have noticed that I am feeling more tired and have very low energy. What can I do to increase my energy level to help burn fat off? I have some physical medical problems that don't allow me to exercise the way that I should. (Back is messed up and my knee has screws in it). Therefore, I'm unable to do running, jumping, and anything that has to do with laying on the floor on my back. Can you help me???

For those who are bashing about this article.. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with how he has stated things. The truth is ugly...being fat or over weight is not pretty at all. The truth hurts and yes some individuals don't excersie the way they need or should. That is on them. He's simply giving good information to help us. If you can't handle it then move on and do what you've been doing already...if it was working for you you would not be here reading this article finding out ways to get rid of the extra weight now would you. Sorry not trying to be mean but it's the truth if you were happy with your weight you would not be reading this article looking for ways to shed lbs. So stop bashing a man who is trying to help individuals and be thankful he is trying to help...not many men would care to help women with PCOS because most have no clue or understanding of the condition. So again, thank you Sir for putting this information out there. I for one will be here to benefit from your positive efforts.

October 26, 2014


I think it's hilarious that a man, who will never experience PCOS, that I also have not seen any documentation on his medical training, thinks he can possibly empathize with women, and tell them how to get rid of the extra weight it cause.

October 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

did you see the lady who I helped at the end of this article?

October 22, 2014


Empathy is not segregated by gender. A person can emphasize with a another human struggling with their health even if they do not share the same malady. I don't see the author claiming to be a doctor, but instead gathering and distributing information that may be able to help people. Lots of the tips he has listed are supported by medical research and commonly suggested by physicians in treating pcos.

This comment is so ignorant, sincerely.

It's not about what is between your legs nor being able to identify with another humans struggle because of what is between your legs.
Human health is human health ffs.

The fact you made it into some gender bs is pretty sad.

October 23, 2014


I was diagnosed with pcos in February... I checked for pcos because I missed my periods.and there was sudden increase in my weight in a month and half.. from 58 to 65...and the doctor put me on 250mg/twice a day...and I immediately got my periods after 15 days of starting metformin...and after six months I have lost only 1 and half kgs..and went to gynecologist ...she incresed my dosage to 1000 mg a day...but my brother(he is a doctor),he is not allowing me to take 1000mg a day...he wants me to take only 500 mg a day... And I jus hate how I look now..I was so good looking before this pcos...its like am depressed ....I am avoiding meet my friends because they ll make fun about me ..they way I look ...they ll make fun about my weight... One of my friends mom said she couldn't identify I am Indian ,I couldn't avoid carbs completely..someone tell me ways to reduce my weight
P.S:sorry for my poor English

October 07, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calories now and what about exericse?

October 07, 2014


What do you think of intermittent fasting for insulain and pcos

September 03, 2014

Adrian Bryant

My unqualified opinion is that it should help people with PCOS

September 03, 2014


Hello! So I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago. My doctor put me on 2500 mg of metformin a day and I'm also on a new birth control as well. Since I was diagnosed, I have gained almost 20 pounds so now I am 5'3" and 180 pounds. I ride my bike about three miles every day uphill with no gears and I drink tons of water. I want to know what else I can do to lose weight and be healthy because I am absolutely lost and I feel like giving up on the goal to lose weight. I feel helpless!

July 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

is the birth control contributing to your weight gain?

July 21, 2014


I feel the same way! I eat veggies like they're going out of style! ..I cut out the sweets except extremely active..i keep losing the same 3 lbs just to gain back 6! all the damn time..i cant help but feel tired of being heavy..i can barely look at myself not sure of what else to do..and don't even get my started with the facial hair

August 12, 2014


omg. i litreally go through the same thing everyday. i eat healthly. im a vegan too. i excerise and i have put on 25 pounds this year alone. im 19. i dont fit into any of my cloths. i litrelaly want to ccurl up in a ball and die because i hate my body so much. i used to be a perfect size and now im overweight. nohing i do helps i only put in weight

August 28, 2014


The birth control definitely contributed to my weight gain but it's just so hard to lose. What do you suggest?

January 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

I no very little about birth control but is there an alternative your doctor can issue that will not cause water weight gain?

January 03, 2015


Your tone and language comes off so hateful and degrading.There is no reason to relay the information in this manor. You can promote health and fitness without putting people who are overweight down.

I have PCOS. I do exercise and eat healthy and I am still 15 pounds heavier than I would like to be. I am not unhealthy. My blood pressure is consistently 110/60. My LDL and TG levels are very low and my HDL is well-above the ideal. My HA1C is normal. I still have difficulty losing weight and maintaining it.

I think you consider your tone and your phrasing when creating these posts. While the information is good, it shames people who aren't skinny which doesn't really help anyone.

Remember that skinny doesn't equal healthy.

Let's all be kind to one another and foster a community of acceptance and love. Weight loss is a long and difficult journey. Encouraging words will got a lot further than the phrases I've seen on your site.

"Skinny girls crave water like you crave soda"

I don't crave soda. I don't drink soda. I drink water, tea, and a little coffee. Don't assume all heavy set people make the same choices.

"...your ugly fat"
That is called fat shaming and doesn't benefit anyone. It only fosters self-hate and loathing.

Stop focusing on fat versus skinny and focus on healthy and feeling good no matter what size you are.

If women are visiting your site, it's because they are seeking change, so stop punishing them for their past and help them look toward their future.

June 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you referring to this post?

The post is not meant to shame, demean or be hateful to anyone. It was written with the spirt of guiding people on giving them a blueprint of how to get thinner.

It was writtten in the same vein as "habits of succesful people", "how rich people make money" and etc.

there was no ill will here on my part but back to you and your last 15 pounds...

what exercises have you tried in the past and are you currently tracking your calories? lets both work together to figure this put and get those last 15 pounds off

June 30, 2014


Are you aware that Adrian is also a product of his own website? Meaning that he was once a much bigger guy at one point. The context of the post was not to demean but to let the reader not be comfortable with that one thing that has created stress in their life; fat. It is ugly. There isn't anything pretty about it. If you took an opportunity to really look at his website, you will see that he addresses other reasons and issues that people have for their lack of being healthy. But it simply boils down to self will. I was fat once. I hated my fat but I was lazy. Simply put, I didn't want to put in the work to be healthy. When he promotes being skinny, he is simply meaning that if you are unhappy with how you look and you need to lose the weight, the skinnier version of you is what you should aim for. Whether you are 250 and only want to lose 20 lbs, if that is your new skinny, then so be it. I was just like you. I had PCOS, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, my good cholesterol was above average, I ate salads, starved myself and nothing seemed to work. I know how you feel. But coming to his website motivated me to use his tips. Now I am 44lbs lighter and full of muscle. I encourage you to not take what was written as an attack but a reason to be mad at the fat on you and plunge into something different that what has not already worked for you. I did and I am happy with the skinny me (not skinny by a long shot but smaller than the old me).

July 07, 2014



Are you sure you and I read the same article? I'm asking because I don't see the "fat shaming" or this so-called tone at all when I read it. I even re-read it after reading your post and I still don't detect what you are seeing.

In fact, I found the content thorough, informative, easy to understand, and encouraging.

I'm sorry, but I think he did a great job writing this , and it will help others I'm sure. I think maybe you are seeing things differently because of your own insecurities.

You talk about acceptance. His article isn't about appearances. People struggling with PCOS who are insulin resistant and overweight can see MANY of their symptoms improve if they lose weight, even just 5% of their total body weight. (Note how I said if they are overweight. Not everyone with PCOS is.)

He recognizes that it's harder for us with insulin resistance and gives a wonderful guide on how to actually accomplish weight loss.

His focus is on being healthy, NOT skinny.

Hope this helps you see it in the helpful and informative way the author intended it to be.


August 06, 2014

Emily G

Thanks for a great reply... I felt I was being yelled at & sick of being told about how fat I am!!! I'm trying hard too lose the weight, it's just not happening!!!!

September 04, 2014


I have PCOS and 28 years old ,and have missed or irregular periods and my doctor prescribed me gonadil capsules for 3 months.

Whether it is beneficial for pcos.

June 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what did your doctor say?

June 25, 2014


"You're simply not losing weight because you're not exercising enough and/or you're eating too much so…"

You're simply a moron of you believe that. I eat under 1500 calories a day. Low carb high GI foods. I work out 6 days a week and I've lost like no weight. Please educate yourself on pcos.

June 18, 2014

Adrian Bryant

How are you tracking those calories and describe your workout to me a little more. Let's work together find a way to change "lost like no weight" to "Ive lost a lot of weight"

btw- what is your current weight and height?

June 18, 2014



As someone with PCOS and insulin resistance who has worked hard to lose weight, the writer is 100% correct. Check his facts. He is VERY educated on the subject matter.

You are either eating the wrong foods, too much, or not working out enough. When you say Low GI, what exactly are you eating?

Definitely cut out ALL breads, pastas, refined sugars, etc, including the paleo and gluten free versions of this food. Track your food and servings sizes in a food diary or on myfitnesspal. It's a FREE app.

What kind of carbs are you eating? How many times per day? You may be eating too many natural sugars. Cut back on your fruit, potatoes, and grain intake. You may need to cut out your dairy too.

You may want to see about getting on metformin. If you are eating right it will help you with your weight loss.

Stop being so defensive towards the writer and re-evaluate what you are doing. You need to tweak something you are doing, because if you were eating 100% Clean, enough calories, and working out, then yes, even with PCOS and insulin resistance, you WILL lose weight.

Track it in a diary to see where you need to adjust what you are doing.

August 06, 2014


same here, ive even upped my workout..i walk home which is about a mile from the train..i take the stairs..i eat 5 to 6 small meals a rice..heck. I don't even eat toast so confused..i scared if and when I get pregnant im gonna be a balloon

August 12, 2014


Hi Adrian, I checked your website last year and I was diagnosed with PCOS after that. I lost 40 pounds in first 6 months, maintained (now I am 130lbs; 5'2") for last 6 months and I am trying to lose belly fat now. Thank you for dedicating one section on insulin resistance and PCOS. However, I do have one request about diet plan, esp. bananas and potato tips. It is not advisable to eat high instant starch food since its spike up the glucose level. This can be very dangerous for people with insulin resistance condition. Thank you!

June 11, 2014


I agree. There's lots of God info here. However, I do avoid bananas and white potatoes like the plague. Both of them are high glycemic and produce high insulin levels, especially in those of us who are insulin resistant.

June 12, 2014


A lot of good information here. I have PCOS. It took me 2 years of tweaking my exercise and diet to lose 40 lbs. (I refuse to take Metformin as I'm not trying to get pregnant) I did several different Beach Body workouts. I followed the exercise programs and recommended calorie content to the letter.

What I found was that I could not lose any weight unless I dropped my carb intake to 30-35% of my daily caloric intake. That was even while doing P90X.

So for some people who may "still not be losing weight" it could simply be because their carb intake is still too high (even if it is lower than 50%).

May 16, 2014


Forgot to mention that I was already diagnosed with dysmenorrhea at the age of 9 and I have had swelling problems with my ovaries since the age of 7 but the pcos didn't develop till I was around 16 and I was diagnosed at 18 after finally finding a doctor who knew what was going on.

April 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

how many calories did you consume on those diets and describe your cardio

April 29, 2014


I was diagnosed with pcos two years ago and they put me on metformin as well as the birth control I was already on for my heavy periods and to have a period when they stopped from the pcos..the metformin made me gain over 30lbs in less than a month and made my pcos worse now I also have irritable bowel syndrome and the Starches irritate and bloat my bowels and every day for two years I've been doing the same diet and exercise as my mom (eating healthy and doing a lot of cardio and resistance exercises) but still couldn't lose weight when my mom lost weight I would gain doing the same I'm eating less of the foods that irritate my intestines and still exercising but my weight (currently 220) remains the same it won't go down and I am currently on vitamin D for a deficiency and primrose oil for my hormones but what else is there to help me lose weight with the pcos???

April 27, 2014


Hi. The only way you are going to lose weight and feel better is to give up wheat, dairy and sugar. I am completely gluten free and have lost a lot of weight. I also try to combine the Paleo Diet with the Gluten Free Diet. There are a lot of really good cookbooks out there for recipes and you don't have to make this difficult to deal with (work out a good plan for yourself that is budget friendly for your needs). I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 25 yrs. old and started to gain weight for every year that passed. The only thing that helped me (other than diet) was a complete hysterectomy a few years ago. It got rid of most of my symptoms but I still have to watch every thing I eat. Exercise is the other thing you MUST commit yourself doesn't have to be workouts at a gym...just walking for 30 mins. a day will help a lot. Hope that this info helps!!!

May 02, 2014

T. Smith

Please do not spread your gluten-free pseudoscience drivel on a website meant to help people with actual facts.

June 21, 2014



July 06, 2014


She's actually right. The gluten makes insulin resistance worse, along with milk which is high in oestrogen, and makes you produce more insulin. More insulin, more fat gain. I went gluten and dairy free and dropped 35lbs in 6 weeks- I kid you not. I ate healthy carbs like New potatoes (low gi) sweet potatoes with protein (to lower glycemic load). I was super surprised. Ive since put on weight because they found a massive cyst they had to remove (I was bed bound for a very long time), but now it's been 6 weeks of exercising and i've pretty much emulated my last results by doing it all over again. Do some reading. Science said the world was flat once, remember.

July 23, 2014


When they say "gluten free", they don't mean Gluten Free pasta and Gluten Free bread. The easiest way to cut the gluten is to cut the processed foods.

Eat more natural. Proteins, fruits, veggies, some nuts, healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil.

It's not pseudoscience. During the 18th century when people needed to lose weight, the doctors told them to cut back on the processed carbs like breads, cakes, pastas, etc.

Don't let the term "gluten-free" become the same as "fat free/low fat" or "sugar free". Celery is naturally gluten free. So is chicken, steak, nitrate free bacon, salmon, shrimp, potatoes, apples, berries, almonds, etc.

If it comes from a box, don't eat it! Whether it says paleo, gluten free, sugar free, whatever. The boxed/pre-packaged food is the problem.

August 06, 2014

shikha verma

i m an married indian girl 26 years old.i have been diagonsed wid pcos 9 years that tym my weight was 45 kg but after starting my treatment it goes to 70 kg nw.i m taking glychiphage,dub5, trazer f .i m trying to conceive from last 2 years but..,doc advised me to losse weight but it seems to be impossible for me. wat shud i do.jus fed uppp!!!!!!

March 24, 2014


Hi, I am 30 years old and I have PCOS and arthritis so I have troubles working out because of pain in my joints I have 60 kg but it is too much for my high (160 cm) but everything goes to my belly fat. I am trying to loose weight but I have so much troubles because of PCOS, I lost 4 kg but it stopped on 60 kg, also I am vegetarian and on 80% on raw food diet, so I don't know what I should do anymore to loose weight.

February 18, 2014

Adrian Bryant

does a bike or eliptical hurt your joints

February 19, 2014

Durga Devi

I have been diagnosed PCOS 4 years back. I use to get my periods 2 or 4 months once. I was taking English medicine for more than a year as the doctor was saying that it will be cured only if I take for more than 6 months or 1 year. But I didn't see any improvement.I stopped taking 1medicine.then my periods stopped completely and my weight increased nearly 6 kgs. Then I started taking ayurvedic medicine for nearly 2 years. I found little improvement. But it is almost 4 years with my treatment, didn't find any good sign of curing it. Still not getting periods at all. Now I lost hope in both medicines. Want to mention, now I am taking somewhat proper diet and exercise which both are very difficult to follow. Can you please help me to get rid off this? This giving mental pressure and I feel very frustrated with this.

Thank you

February 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to get on the right track

February 17, 2014


i have been diagonised with pcos..whenever i miss my periods ,i gain weight..once i gained 6-8 kgs in a month and half..i was in pretty good shape i missed my period agin and gained a i went for a checkup and found i have pcos..nw i have totally gained 9kg in 7 height is 5'6 and i weigh 65..nw i have been prescribed with only 500 mg metformin once a day for 6 monthss..i have no side effects as everyone says..i have been takin it for d past 4 days..will metformin work for me?m so i m a indian we can never avoid rice...i have reduced the intake..and doing zumba half an hour...and will metformin work for me with such low dosage?

March 04, 2014

adrian bryant

you'll have to consult your doctor on metaformin

March 05, 2014

Brittanie T

Ok. So I have PCOS and IR and am on 2000 mg Metformin. I gained about 70 pounds in under 6 months. I workout 5 days a week, count calories ( I Try to stay at about 1200) I try and eat good most of the time. I can't lose any weight. I don't know what to do anymore. I maintain my weight but my belly just keeps getting bigger. I am so done with this! Does any one know of anything else I can do? I will try just about anything.

February 15, 2014

Adrian Bryant

describe your workout more and how are you counting/tracking calories?

February 15, 2014

Brittanie T

My exercise is mostly cardio. I do some strength but not as much. I do dailyburn so i change my workouts up a lot. I do mma and yoga and zumba and tabata and just cardio. I use MFP to track calories.

February 16, 2014


This is old but I wanted to chime in. I think you're doing waaay too much high impact excercises which can raise cortisol production which increases weight gain especially in the belly. I notice this a lot with many of the other posters. I would only do high impact cardio twice a week the most and do weight training the other two or three days. On other days engage in low impact restful excercise like a leasurely walk or yoga ( not power yoga).

Engaging in sleep and no starches or sugars is also advisable. There is growing evidence that PCOS is a symptom of a defective thyroid and possible pituitary problem. Most who have pcos have hypothyroidism. Its very rare you find those who have pcos who get it purely based on diet.

Try following these suggestions and look into getting a reliable thyroid test done. Most times they come back normal from doctors who do not test properly.

July 11, 2014


hai just now i have read your tips.i am severely suffering from pcos at the age of my i am 20.before one year i was i am weight is geting decreased but i am very scared that i want to reduce my weight still upto there is chance for me to go on?i am taking treatment for my regular periods like taking tablets such as diane.after completing my treatment will my periods will be regular?please mam i need your help.i am studying in a engineering college all my friends are too i am really gettint please reply answer for my question please help me.

February 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

have you been diagnosed by a doctor as having PCOS? if so then following the plan laid out on this page will help you

February 02, 2014


Hi Adrian,

8 months back i am diagnosed with PCOS.I am currently 85kg.Since teenage,I have always been very active and took up physical exercise, workouts but my weight used to either be constant or increase. Now i realize it was for because of PCOS. I have started doing insanity by T Shaun and have Metformin 850 mg as prescribed by my doctor, along with this i have largely reduced my carbohydrates and sugar intake.
As of now i have not seen any change in my weight and if i stopped my workout even for 3 days due to some reason i feel as if i am putting the fats back. It is very discouraging when i do workouts religiously and check on my diet to loose weight but nothing works at all. please let me know what should i do to reduce my weight and have control on my PCOS.

"No one wants to look fat and everyone crave for a slim body, but few people like us are not lucky enough to have it despite of the weight loss struggle.'
Please reach me at my email ID. Your response would highly be accepted and appreciated.

January 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your overall calorie intake?

January 05, 2014


in your step 4, what ones did you take in combination, im wondering if these are all safe to take together? did you take higher doses of a certain one? im currently onB12 injections weekly because my body isn't absorbing the b12 vitamins, please im very interested

December 15, 2013


Here is my situation: I have PCOS and Diabetes, Since April 2013 to today, I have lost 53 pounds, was taking 5 shots of insulin a day now down to 1 and that one shot has gone from 100 units per day to 13 units per day. I take 2000 mg of metformin, I eat 1700 calories per day, burn 2300-3000 calories per day....I have a trainer and I do classes like boot camp, body combat and so forth. For the past 2 months at the most, my weight has been stuck at 229-230. I am getting very frustrated....any suggestions?

November 14, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here to get unstuck

November 14, 2013


I was diagnosed as having PCOS 3 years before!
I was in the medium size then and even in 2012 but now my weight is increasing drastically and im so upset with it! And i dnt get ma periods also properly it was only once a year 2 yrs ago but this year i got it 4 tyms bt properly i got on april!
after that i didnt get! And when I consults the doctors they are like it will be alryt and if Ill be 20 everything will be alryt! bt i dnt think so its correct! coz nw since weeks ago for me i have a pain can bear but painful! This is also a problem of mine! But the main thing is my weight nw im 62kg when i checked 3 days ago! what do u think i can do to reduce fastly can i use metformin coz wen i first went 3 yrs ago doctor prescribed metformin for me after that he didnt ask me to continue neither i used it once evn! And yup nw im 19yrs Ill be 20 in june! Plz tell a remedy for both ma problems! Trusting you! Thanx in advance!

October 11, 2013


I've been taking 500mg of Metformin since I was 15 years old (I'm 25 now) and I've doing ok, I lost weight (I also started taking Eutirox and have been going to the endocrinologist regularly). I also started running two years ago, and then I started to really run more frequently and harder, last May (I'm training to run 21K).
At the same time, someone told me the dose of Metformin I've been taking was very low, and that it shouldn't even be making a difference. And stupid me, I stopped taking it.

Now, I've gained like 4 kg in the last few months, even when I haven't been eating more and I have been excercising a lot. I've lost body fat %, but still, I feel fatter, I've mainly gained belly fat...I went back to the Metformin a week long do you think it will take for my body to go back to how it was, functioning normally and losing weight when I excercise and diet?


October 10, 2013

a friend of mine told me about some insulin pills that makes you lose 500g in a day,i am not sure of the true is this?do you have the name of the tablets?

October 09, 2013

Adrian Bryant

NEVER HEARD OF any magic pills like this.

October 09, 2013


I am 15 years old I am 227 pounds I am insulin resistant and I just can't lose my weight! Help I am embarrassed :(

October 01, 2013


Hello ...I have pcos also you have to fight it by eating clea and working out
Email me if you wanna talk ..I am also on instagram my user is pcosgirl I have alot of info on there I used to be 227lb I know how hard it is are not alone

November 04, 2013


Hi Chelsie,

I have PCOS and insuline resistance. I fimly believe that once you start metformin it is easier to control the arvings and start a serious diet to lose weight. Don't give up on yourself. You are young and your body will respond quickly. I follow a low glicemic diet and despite having to adapt to a new life style, is is not impossible to follow. Talk to a doctor and start metformin and Low glicemic diet and you will se some results.
good luck !

January 23, 2014


Hello Everyone,
I am finally losing weight by taking vitamins for pcos and walking 30 mins 5-6 days a week.Also i have a fitbit that keeps track how many steps i take and how much calorie burn.
The key is to leave 500 calories on your plate per day so if you burn 2000 calories a day do not eat more than 1500 calories a day but never eat less than 1200.Get a fitbit or something to help you keep track of your calorie has kept me on track lost 13 pounds in 3 months and though slow i am not killing myself,oh and i eat more protein eggs,veggies and carb chopper totillas and gluten free breads but eat carbs in the morning.

May 22, 2014


Hi Adrian,

Hope you're well. Thanks for keeping this website up, you are helping more people everyday.

Anyways, I am just preparing you. This is going to be long, but I just want to give you as many details as I can. I am female, 24 years old and I weigh now 94kgs(I was 97kgs about 2 week ago).

I found out last year 2012 that I am Insulin Resistant, I went to a doctor and they told me to go to a nutritionist, she told me what foods I can and cannot eat, to sum it up, I cannot have any carbs(even potatoes etc) and NO sugar(not even honey, not even bananas or grapes). I know you have listed you can have potatoes and cassava, but for some reason, I did try what you said for a while and it didn't work for me.

At the start of the year 2013 I did go on a very strict diet of what my nutritionist told me, no carbs, no sugar. I exercised in the morning with tae bo for at least 40 min and lifted weights here and there and I lost about 9kgs in about a month. Soon after, I got lazy and stopped. I put half the weight back on by June 2013, and I started getting sad. I was then invited to a wedding and I had 3 weeks to try and loose as much weight as possible, so I followed the 20 pounds in 3-4 weeks. I was again, very strict. Only sleeping 7-8 hours a night, exercising twice a day with taebo and I was also taking RoxyLean from BPI Sports. With that I lost about 4-5 kgs in a week, but then my motivation decreased and I caught a cold so I stopped and started eating a lot of junk again.

About 2 weeks ago, I realised I put on weight and became 97kgs. This time, something just clicked inside my heart and I realised, I keep going around in this bloody circle so I decided to stop doing this and change my life.

I went back on the roxy lean and I am bit more flexible. I still slept 8 hours, I have exercised everyday with 45mins of taebo and every 2-3 days I exercise twice a day with 50 min of taebo. But when I check the scales, in the last 2 weeks I have only lost 3 kgs (I know that is a big deal) but compared to before when it took me only a week to loose approx 5 kgs and now 3 kgs in 2 weeks, I am not sure what's happening. The only thing I can thing of is these differences from the last time I lost the 5 kgs in a week.

1. I eat quinoa atleast once everyday.

2. I have more avocado

3. I eat half a banana with the RoxyLean(so I don't feel dizzy and get nauseous- (side effects)

4. Sometimes I exercise twice(maybe the workouts aren't hard for me anymore even though I do it, I do get tired and sweat like crazy)

5. My eating pattern is not strict to a time, I calculate it every 3-4 hours just depending on how late I wake up(latest I wake up in 9:30, but I usually wake up at 8am and then do my workout, so by the time I finish is around 9-9:30am)

6. For my dessert, I have water melon.

And that's all I can think of, could it be I am putting on more muscle? What do you think?

Thanks so much, and sorry for blabbing on.

September 22, 2013


Sorry I forgot to add I have protein shake with water 2-3 times a day also.

September 22, 2013

Adrian Bryant

thanks for all the info. the more the better but one crucial thing you forgot to add was...

how many total calories you ate daily. your workout program seems okay

September 23, 2013


Well I feel stupid now,

To be honest, I don't count calories. How much should I be eating?

You said the exercise is okay? Should I improve? do more? and is so, what should I be doing more?

September 23, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here to get an idea

September 24, 2013


Ok, first off I want to say I love the info you have to share. So, okay here's my issue I'm a African American female who's 24 and I'm like 5'7 and I weight like 245 and I found out I had pcos sat year and I really want to be at least 180 by the end of this year but I want to e at least 130-145 by march because I turn 25 so I want to look great. Also, I want my boobs to be smaller i am currently a double d I want my breast to still be full but just more sexier. Also, I want tips on how to have a booty lol.... I want to loose weight, with pcos, and gain a fit black girls body lol. Help... Seriously I just want to be healthy overall.

September 16, 2013

Adrian Bryant

start here

September 18, 2013 en Espanol
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