19 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

dark circles under your eyes

1. Use a Cold Tea Compress

Use a cold tea compress with rosemary tea bags to increase circulation to your eyes. Soak the tea bags in cold water and squeeze excess water from the tea bags and then place the bags over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of dark circles.

Tip: Tea bags containing tannin will help decrease the amount of swelling and discoloration from under the eye area.

2. Use Moisturizers with Vitamin C

Moisturizers with Vitamin C and Antioxidants will help support the collagen under your eyes. Dab the moisturizer on the delicate skin under your eyes instead of rubbing and here's some Moisturizers with Vitamin C you can use…

3. Use a Sunscreen with at Least 15 SPF

Using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (but preferably 20 SPF) everyday will prevent dark circles because the rays from the sun are extremely dangerous to your skin.

4. Use Almond Oil

Massage under the eyes with Almond Oil before bed for 2 weeks. The massaging will allow the oil to penetrate beneath your skin to assist with circulation.

5. Use Cucumbers

Slice a few fresh cucumbers and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour and then place the cool cucumber slices over your closed eyelids help get rid of dark circles.

6. Use Rose Water

Dip a cotton ball in rose water and apply under your eyes for 10 minutes. The rose water will penetrate the skin to soothe your tired eyes and soak up all the toxins that caused your dark circles.

7. Use Crushed Mint Leaves

Crushed Mint Leaves can be applied beneath the eyes for 20 minutes. The mint from the leaves will provide a cool, tingling sensation, increase circulation, and get rid of those horrible under eye dark circles.

8. Mix Pineapple Juice & Turmeric Powder

Apply a mixture of pineapple juice and turmeric powder to your dark circles to help get rid of them naturally.

9. Vitamin K

Some cases of dark circles may be a sign of a vitamin deficiency of Vitamin K. Get a cream that contains Vitamin K and apply to the under eye area on a daily basis as it can help aid in the reduction of discoloration and swelling.

Moisturizers with Vitamin K

10. Get Rid of Dark Circles While You Sleep

There are many overnight treatments nowadays that can be used on your face while you sleep. There are masques that can actually help reduce the puffiness as well as discolored skin.

To make your own masque to use before bed…

Facial Masque to Get Rid of Facial Hair

11. Nostril Cleansing

Spas in India use an all-natural nasal cleaner to get rid of dark circles. Tilt your head slightly and pour water in one nostril and the water will come out of the other nostril. This remedy not only reduces your under eye dark circles but it will make your skin extremely radiant.

12. Potato Remedy

China, South America and Hong Kong use potatoes to get rid of dark circles. Potatoes contain enzymes that help to lighten the skin. These enzymes soak up the toxins that cause dark circles and leave you with clear, fresh eyes.

13. Acupressure

This is a natural Chinese remedy. Acupressure is in the forefront of anti-aging and is used to get rid of dark circles. Using your index finger, press very firmly against the bone just beneath your eyes and hold the pressure there for 3 seconds. You should repeat this process 10 times each morning to get rid of dark circles.

14. Drink More Water

Dark circles occur when you do not drink the recommended amount of water, which does not allow toxins to leave the body and those toxins can cause dark circles.

15. Get Some Sleep

Not getting enough sleep leads to stress that can make you not only have dark circles, but it can give you the appearance of a depressed, aged person and…

Not getting enough sleep causes the skin to appear paler due to a lack of circulation so make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep each night.

16. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

It’s important not to rub your eyes as this can irritate the eyes and the capillaries that are found under the skin can break.

17. Reduce Salt

Eating an excessive amount of salt can make your body retain water in the weirdest of places. This can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Reducing your salt can help eliminate dark circles.

18. Eliminate Allergens

Try to think of what allergens irritate you the most because they are known to be one of the most popular things that cause dark circles. If allergens are the root cause of your dark circles then simply eliminate the allergen or the thing that is irritating you the most.

19. Try to Prevent Any Nasal Congestion

When your nose in congested, the veins that drain the eyes cannot do their job so dark circles occur.

Video for Dark Circles Under Eyes

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There are 34 comments

I'm 52 yeard old with dark circles under my eyes so bad it looks as if I've been beaten. I've tried the tips listed but nothing has helped diminish them in the slightest. I've tried numerous concealers however on my very pale skin they appear cakey with an orange tint no matter what shade I use. I've been plagued with these ghastly marks since my late twenties when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Any suggestions you could offer would be so appreciated!

November 23, 2015


Heyyy... im 18 n I have deep dark circles... sinces 12 I had rub ice under my eyes more than 2 weeks... bt I didn't see any result n even tried potato slice under eyes.... can any1 help me plz... or shld I consult a doctor....!!!?

June 10, 2015

Charity Chan

DermalMD Serum is honestly my ultimate favorite beauty product I've ever owned. It gives that full coverage look, it highlights, primes, conceals. It's nice and cool, the color blends perfectly with my skin it lasts me throughout school, I definitely recommend this produ

April 28, 2015

David Parker

The DermalMD Under Eye Treatment serum helps conceal those dark circles. I am a business professional who sometimes loses sleep or deadlines and projects. Who likes waking up to those dark spot under your eyes? Trust me, this serum does the trick. Wasn't sticky and the bottle seems to last forever.

March 17, 2015

Lauri Remsen

eyerid serum is my first vitamin C serum and I am impressed at how it is improving my skin. Not only is it making it clearer, but it is also making it softer and smoother. Definitely recommend.

February 24, 2015


Actually my face is oily
wht should i do 2 get rid of tht :/

May 06, 2014


I'm using almond oil, coconut oil and tomato juice every night and I see no difference. I've tried different products from the Body Shop but nothing seems to work. I'm a 17 year old girl. Had them since I was 10. I take a balanced diet and keep myself hydrated throughout the day, but still no difference. Please help....

April 19, 2014


Hi I want to know how to get rude of dark circles under the eyes and I am just 12 OMG pleaaaaaaaaaaas help help!!!!! And the tea sack thing is that for dark circles or puffy eyes I need a answer pleeeaaaas.

August 26, 2013


Hiiiii every one!! I just have 1 question 2 ask.... for #10, how long do you have to put he washcloth on your face? Is there a time limmit or something?? Does the washcloth need to stay on your eyes until you wake up?? Please help me!! Thank you!!!

May 31, 2013


I am 21 yr old. Mere face pe bhut se chote chote spots h ur mere pure face ka colour ak jesa nhi h main Kya karu jo me apne age k jesi young dikhu. Plz help me....

May 16, 2013


I'm 14 years old and i have terrible dark circles. I'm always stressed and i hardly get enough sleep. I can't get rid of the stress and school work deprives me of sleep. What can I do please?

May 15, 2013


i'm ony 14 and i have such terrible dark circles. nothing is working out for me. pls someone tell me how to get rid of these dark circles as quickly as possible.

April 11, 2013



May 09, 2013


You have to sleep a lot more then you usily have to it worked for me in the fastes way so I hope it helps I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

August 26, 2013


I am about to try it. I am only 12.my mom said I need more sleep but I dont want to or I will miss my favorite show the bachelor.

March 22, 2013


Can any one suggest me? i am 19 years old .I have darkest circles under and on the eye .i didn't get any result even though i followed all some suggestions spelled above.and also tried garnier eye role.Please suggest me with a good tip for better result

March 12, 2013


Can any one suggest me? i am 19 years old .I have darkest circles under and on the eye .i didn't get any result even though i followed all suggestions spelled above.and also tried garnier eye role.Please suggest me with a good tip for better result

March 09, 2013


this is an good article because people are participating in comments ,.. join me here my id sumit.d.singh.26@gmail.com to share your experiance may it help me and you also :)

March 05, 2013


Ok ..I reduced my puffiness(for boys) by aloe vera .., In the morning first wash your face with a good facewash ..it will cleanse the skin ..and then apply aloe vera gel (cut a branch from the plant and apply that gel directly on your face ) .... put it on for 20 mins. and you will see the results in just 1 week ..it really works ..it will also remove any kind of pimples as aloe vera is an antiseptic .... hope this may help :

January 26, 2013


Hiya everyone. I'm 13 and have dark circles under my eyes i really hate them and need to find a solution some tips that i found where:
Put 2 spoons in the fridge overnight for an hour anything like that[it needs to be cold] and then put the spoons on your eyes for like around half a minute to ten seconds. because its cold ur eyes will look puffy for short while but then the dark circles puffyness and bags will disapear worked forme xx p.s can som1 pls reply because [thats just a quick fix]i want to replenish my eyes with things i can find in my house please thx. Peace &Love

December 12, 2012


I'm thirteen too and I have puffy dark circles under my eyes. Do the spoons have to have a special creme or does it have to have water or some mashed fruit on it? If not is it O.K. to have those things on it?

January 10, 2013


When i put the spoons in the freezer i don't apply anything to the spoons . I leave the spoons in for about half an hour.take the spoons out and hold one to each eye. I do this until the spoons are warm.
I am also thirteen and dark circles suck!

BYE! =]

August 07, 2015


Hi all, i've got the same problem with dark circles around my eyes and underneath, i've had that problem since i was 18 and i'm now 28 and its still there, its not just down to no sleep, stress can cause it to, if you have both problems stress/no sleep, its the worse thing ever, i've had both, if you don't sort the stress problems out it will affect your sleep and your dark circles won't go away and if you smoke cannibis it will not help as it effects the eyes so don't smoke sort your issues out and get plenty of sleep, try some natural creams and give it a month or 2 and you should see results, in some people it is in the jeans which cannot be helped only by makeup

October 02, 2012


I look very dull,ugly because of dark circles under my eyes.I used potato but it doesn't gives any resolution.My age is 24.I hava this problem since 16.please help me to recover this problem.

August 16, 2012


These are all great tips and this is the first article I have came across with all of these key ingredients that are great for puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. I did however found a product that has most of these ingredients in there, it has chamomile, aloe, rose water,hyaluronic acid and collagen. I have been using it for a few months and have seen good results so far especially the puffiness, went down completely. Oh ya it is an eye mask called eye rid, was cheap, eye rid .com

August 11, 2012


im 12 and dark circles like run in the family and when i take of my glasses i look so ugly because of my eyes i hate them plz help!!!!!!

July 23, 2012


how to reduce undereye dark circles naturally and kindly let me know and home made remedy to get glowing skin

July 19, 2012

priyanka dumane

i am a 16 age girl and i have so mane pimples,black head and dark mark of pimple nd also dark circles under eyes on my face,i have done many home treatment but nothing works,please tell me a good way to remove pimples blck head,dark spots nd dark circle....so that i could get clear face...

July 17, 2012


Ok what i do is i use salt water twice a day and rinse my face with it...and i also put toothpaste on the pimples/blackheads/blemishes/etc... And it has been working out for me i had acne everywhere b4 but now i only have two pimples and i dont have dark circles anymore and a thing for the dark circles is drink water cut down on salt and get enough sleep now as for the other thins just try wht i do and with the toothpaste leave it on at night while u sleep or for atleast 30-45 min but dont use gel toothpaste just use normal kind....hope this helped....

August 01, 2012


Dear Priyanka Dumane

I am a fourteen year old girl. And luckily I did not have the same problem. But my older brother was covered with zits and pimples, it was so bad that he started to get them in his ears. So I heard to get rid of them, was to mix vinegar and salt. And we tried it on him and it work we did it every night and every night his face was getting clearer. The first time we did it it burned him, because his pores were opening. And now 2months went by and his face was clear.good luck I really hope you try it.;)

January 01, 2013


try mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/4 cup of warm milk. Use a cotton ball and apply to your face. then rinse it off after. it will make your skin clearer.

January 09, 2013


i love these.they are really useful.thank you adrian.

March 03, 2012


how to lose dark circle home remains?

November 18, 2011

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