Play the video below If you're not losing weight fast enough…

For Fast Weight Loss Workout #3 - You're going to…

  1. Run for 20 Seconds as fast as you can so…
    • You can run back & forth from any distance or…
    • You can run in place or…
    • You can even run up a hill or stairs and then you'll…
  2. Rest for 10 Seconds and then you'll…
  3. Do Jumping Jacks for 20 Seconds as fast as you can and then you'll…
  4. Rest for 10 Seconds and then you'll…
  5. Do Ski Steps for 20 Seconds as fast as you can and then you'll…
  6. Rest for 10 Seconds and then you'll…
  7. Do a Push-Up followed by a Jump as fast as you can for 20 Seconds and then you'll…
  8. Rest for 10 Seconds and then you'll start over &…
  9. Repeat steps 1-thru-7 and then you'll…
  10. Rest for 1 minute (to complete 1 full set that last almost 5 minutes) and then you'll…
  11. Repeat steps 1-thru-10 1-to-3 more times for a full 10-to-20 minute workout.

7 Guidelines for Fast Weight Loss Workout #3…

  1. Do this workout 1-to-2 times per day for 15-to-40 minutes (completing 3-to-8 sets each workout) 2-to-4 days per week or if you have a busy schedule…
  2. Do this workout 3-to-5 times per day for 10 minutes (only completing 2 sets each workout) 3-to-4 days per week and if you're not in shape…
  3. Do this workout 1-to-4 times per day for only 5 minutes (just doing ONE set) until you get fit enough to do at least 2 sets back-to-back for 10 minutes and…
  4. If the exercises in Fast Weight Loss Workout #3 are too hard then…
  5. Once Fast Weight Loss Workout #3 gets too easy…
    • Make sure you're doing all the exercises in this routine as fast as you can and/or…
    • Rest less than 1 minute between sets and/or…
    • Change up the order you do the exercises so for example… Do Jumping jacks & Ski Steps before you run saving the Pushups + Jumps for last or…
    • Do a different high intensity workout for fast weight loss.
  6. On the days that you are not doing Fast Weight Loss Workout #3…
  7. Fast Weight Loss Workout #3 can be used with any of the free weight loss plans here.

How much weight can you lose doing Fast Weight Loss Workout #3?

That depends on the several weight loss factors here and…

Here's More Fast Weight Loss Workouts You Can Do…

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There are 30 comments

I am 39 year old woman and weigh 126pounds, and am 5 feet.

I had my thyroid removed last year and I am slightly under active at the moment.

I want to lose around 15 to 20 pounds. My problem areas are my thighs. How is it possible to lose the weight from my legs. I follow a 1300 cal diet. But do have the occasional treat.

I workout 4-5 times a week, 30-40 mins a day.

In the past I have done jillian michaels ripped in 30. Killer buns and thighs. And a kickboxing workout which I enjoyed.

But the most benefit I have seen is with your weight loss 30 min hiit running and jumping jack workout.

Is there anymore I should be doing? And how can I boost my metabolism?

February 25, 2015


Thank you. If I stick to a 1300 cal diet and I do the full 30 min hiit running and jumping jack workout 4-5 times a week how long do you reckon it would take for me to lose the weight?

February 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

not long at all but generally expect to lose 10 pounds every 4-6 weeks

February 28, 2015


I Want to lose 1500 calories a day so , how many minutes i have to do this workout.

May 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

up to 2 hours total in a day

May 04, 2014



My name is Francesca I live in sydney, Australia and although it is hard for me to say it I am harming myself because of being bullied for being fat.

I want to turn my life around and show those other girls that they are wrong and cannot hurt me.

I've thought about it and have tried everything to lose weight including starving myself, and making myself vomit. But nothing is working and no one is telling me what I should do about it and I was wondering if you could help me to over come this by telling me what workouts I should do and what I should eat. I think this way I will be distracted from bad thoughts and hurting myself.

Thankyou so much and your help is seriously appreciated.

April 22, 2014


Hey Adrian,

I'm 15 years old, and I weigh 272 lbs. Yeah... I'm pretty overweight, and I don't like it! I just don't know what to do. Apparently you need to burn 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week . I just feel overwhelmed with all the weight I have to lose, my head's about to burst! Can u help me? What do i need to do to lose the weight?

March 24, 2014


Hi, I got 2 questions. First, how many calories do we burn doing one 5 minutes set ? Second, is there any risk of injury doing the same routine over and over ? Do I have to change routine in a month or so ?
Thank you

October 05, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it's best to change it up by doing something new or making the workout more intense by doing it faster but in 5 minutes you'll probably burn less than a 100 calories

October 06, 2013


I weigh 46 kg and I am 10 years old and i am trying to weigh 35 kg but can you tell me what should be the maxium of calories i should have everyday

August 22, 2013


Hi Adrian Bryant,
I am a 12 year old girl. I weight 60 kilo or 132.277357 pounds. i want to become 40 to 45 kilo, or 88.1849049 pounds to 99.208018 pounds. I go to school everyday, from 7:00 a.m untill 3:00 p.m. I want a perfect diet and fast exercise.
Thank you

May 04, 2013


Thank you very much Adrian Bryant. 😃😜😊😘😍❤💘💞💕💕

May 05, 2013


i will maintain diet not more than 900 calories for the 4 to 5 months.

March 05, 2013


hi, and thanx for giving me good advise.
and i also want to know that how many calories approx burn by 20 minut treadmill workout. i am doing 20 minut treadmill workout 3 tims a day, 900 calories diet for fast weightloss is it ok?

March 01, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it's okay but how long can you realistically maintain that 900 calorie diet?

March 02, 2013


i will maintain diet not more than 900 calories for the 4 to 5 months.

March 03, 2013


hi i am hetal, my weight 77 kg. and height 160cm. and age 26. i regular doing treadmill workout for 10 min. to 4 time a day. my hips potion is very big, so pls give me best exercise for hips.

February 28, 2013

Adrian Bryant

to lose hips you need to lose weight all over and there is no ONE exercise to just lose hip fat so use this workout along with diet to lose hips

February 28, 2013


i am a 5 feet woman weighing 125 pounds. i was wondering what my ideal weight would be?

Also, could i do this workout for 10 minutes, once, everyday? because right now its hard for me to do more than 10 minutes. also if i couple this with power walking an hour everyday, how much can i expect to lose per month?


February 23, 2013

Adrian Bryant

always expect to lose about 10 pounds every 4-to-6 weeks

February 23, 2013


hi adrian, i am an indian women, my weight is 77 kg & want to lose 20 kg in 4 months, so pls give me best diet and work out plane.

February 22, 2013

kan ki rin

hi Adrian,
Do people overweight lose weight quicker than those in the average weight area? Will it be hard for someone like me (normal to the thin side) to lose a few pounds?
kan ki rin (Korea)

November 02, 2012

Adrian Bryant

yes overweight people lose weight quicker. the thinner you are = the slower you will lose weight. see this

November 03, 2012


hi adrian. thank you for my dvd. i was wondering though if i can lose the same amount of weight in 21 days if i do the ski steps instead of the jumping jacks

October 02, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you could but what matters is that you pick the workout that is the most intense for you and that will make you lose weight the fastest

October 03, 2012

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