The Top 8 ways to see how fast you can lose weight…

1. The fatter you are = The quicker you'll lose weight.

A fatter person will lose weight FASTER than a lighter person doing the same weight loss activity for the same amount of time simply because more calories are burned (takes more energy) to move a heavier person and also - believe it or not…

A fatter person has a higher metabolism than a lighter person (see #3 here for why that is) so when fatter people go on a diet…

Their metabolism's will burn off more of their stored fat faster than a lighter person so…

A fatter person may lose 5-to-10 pounds in their first week on a weight loss plan while a normal weight or not so over weight person may only lose 2-to-5 pounds in their first week.

2. The more active you are = the quicker you'll lose weight.

Your ability to recover & how much rest you need will all affect how intense, how long, how many times a week and how many times a day you can workout and…

3. How much you eat

The more you eat UNDER the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight will determine how fast you lose weight but…

You should never eat under 1000-to-1200 calories since…

A real fat person can lose lots of fat faster without losing much muscle than a leaner person on a VLCD of under 1000-to-12000 calories since they have lots of stored fat on their bodies.

4. How bad your eating habits were before starting a weight loss plan

If you had bad eating habits or if you ate foods that made you gain weight before you started a weight loss diet plan

You'll lose a lot of weight faster than someone who was eating healthier because your body will be flushing out pounds of excess waste, toxins and water weight you gained from your bad eating habits and usually…

After you lose up to 10 pounds in your first week after coming off your bad habits you can expect your weight loss rate to go back to normal.

5. The more Stressed you are = The slower you'll lose weight

Cortisol is a hormone released in your body when stress levels are high telling your brain "you're hungry and you need to eat more to combat all this stress" and…

The more stressed you are = the more hungry you are making it harder for you to stick to your weight loss plan causing you to eat too much and lose weight slower so See 100 ways to lower stress here

6. How many Carbs & Proteins you eat

You'll lose weight faster if you eat less carbs and that's a good thing for you if you can realistically maintain a low-carb diet for a long time but…

You may not be able to maintain a low-carb/high-protein diet for a long time before you gain back all the weight you lost so it's best that your diet is 40-to-60% carbs, 30-to-40% protein and the rest made up of healthy fats.

7. What you eat and how often you cheat on your diet

You'll lose weight faster eating more of these weight loss foods and less of these bad foods plus…

The more strict you are with your diet = the faster you'll lose weight than if you were cheating on your diet too much but see how to cheat on your diet and still lose weight.

8. How motivated you are

The more motivated you are = the quicker you'll lose weight so See how to get motivated to lose weight fast and…

Make sure you also see…

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I am an 41 year old woman who weighs 180 lbs trying to lose 40 lbs. I eat healthy and track everything in my app. I am currently eating 1500 calories, drink plenty of water, work out 4 to 5 times a week. Circuit training 30 minutes and cardio 30 to 45 minutes. I see a difference in mirror not scale and I have been working out 9 weeks. What am I doing wrong????

March 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

seems like nothing wrong if the mirror proves otherwise. see this first

March 20, 2015


I am 49 years old, am a nutritionist so I eat always well (never go out and cook everything myself too), I started nursing school last summer and I cannot lose weight for anything. I have been in a Zumba class since April and even bike 7 miles to get there and back three days a week. Not one pound was lost and I eat around 1000 calories a day. I am 5'3" and am 125 lbs. I want and need to be 115 lbs.

I also tend to hold in water weight. I've had high blood pressure since my teens and at times, I hold in water weight that accumulates over a period of years. The last time this happened, it was 10 years ago. The doctor put me on medication and I safely lost 4 lbs of water weight a month. I got down to 113 lbs eating well. This time, the stress of school is probably affecting this but I would prefer natural supplements to do the same thing. I've done the lemonade cleanse twice a year and still do not lose weight. Can you please recommend a plan for me and appropriate supplements? I found that caffeine makes me retain water. I wish it did not.

Thank you!

November 14, 2014

Annmarie Riggs

I've been working out and burning about 1000 calories (with lunges,squats,jumping jacks, crunches..) and I noticed that I e been gaining weight in the mirror and I seem to have more fat and I've been eating healthy and doing good with my calories and I still wont lose weight or fat!

October 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your calorie intake and how are you tracking it

October 24, 2014


Hello, I am 16 years old 210 lbs and I work out 3-4 times a week and I do strength training and 40 minutes of cardio everyday for cardio I start off with a 5 minute jog at 5 speed then put 7 incline 3.5 speed I am doing chest, arms, and legs. My question is it has been 2 and a half weeks and I havent lost a single lb I rather maintained my weight my question is can you give me a good diet that fits in a school schedule 6:00 am to 2:25 pm also tell me when to drink my whey protein and I am 5'5

September 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant

how many calories are you eating?

September 24, 2014


Around 2300

October 02, 2014


I'm a 48 year old male, 5'10" and weigh 245. I am fairly active with 3, 50 minute gym sessions a week with a trainer and at least 3 hours of aerobic sessions (running, biking, elliptical, x-country skiing) per week. I have been doing this intensity for about 2 years. I started this journey five years ago at 275 lbs. My weight has been as low as 215 but seems to gravitate back to the 245. I am frustrated! I need a new plan and ideas.

July 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

switch up and use this workout and this diet

July 09, 2014


I am 20 years old, 400 pounds and I have been walking 2 miles every morning for the past week and eating 2700 calories a day, but I have yet to lose any weight? Is this normal? Shouldn't I be losing a lot more weight than that since I'm so heavy? It's pretty discouraging. I use a pedometer on my phone and I have one that I bought and I'm definitely getting 2 miles in on the mornings that I work out. I need help. I don't mind exercise, it's hard but I'm determined. But, I just don't know what to think right now. Can you help?

May 26, 2014

Adrian Bryant

you've been doing this just for one week?

May 27, 2014

ehab hejazeen

Go on a water fast. I gaurantee that you will lose so more weight than u can even imagine. Do a one one week challenge at first and den do a 10 day challenge and last do a 21 day challenge. But after u finish ur fast remember to stick to your veg diet and hit the gym or you can do some cardio at home itself.

July 28, 2014


I'm a female at 5'6", 247lbs and 2 months from 48 years of age. I have started working out March 24th and I play tennis once to twice a week and exercise on stationary bike 3 to 4 times a week interval training for 20 minutes. I have only lost 7 lbs so far; what am I doing wrong. I track my cal intake with myfitnesspal and am under 1800 calories always and some days 200 less. Am I not doing enough or is my exercise routine getting too routine? I feel my muscles getting pumped and I have stamina I didn't have 3 months ago. Walking for 5 minutes would get me so winded that I couldn't speak; but now I cool down in about 2 mins...I'm still sweating but my breathing is back to normal. Can you tell me if I'm on the right track or do I need to do more?

April 28, 2014

Adrian Bryant

give my workouts a try to boost your weight loss plus see these tips

April 29, 2014


Hi, I'm 47, 5'5, and I weigh 191 pounds. I just gained the extra 41 pounds last year. I have tried everything, even the Garcininia Cambogia with 60% HCA which did nothing for me. I have a huge problem, I don't like the taste of water which I know is one of my downfalls, another one is I don't eat three meals a day. I sometimes only eat once a day. Why I gained the weight I do not know because I don't eat that much. I do have a treadmill and I find myself having to force myself on it because I get so bored with it. The workouts that are on the machine are too extreme for me. What do you recommend for me?

April 05, 2014


Hey. I am 13 years old and I am 230 pounds and I looked it up that I should be 126 lbs instead. I have tried dieting but it never works. I really want to get thinner before high school starts in august. Please help me

March 22, 2014


I'm 15 years old, I am 6'1-2 weigh in about 200-205, I am wanting to convert what fat I have into muscle, I'm not very athletic, I have a weight-bench w/ around 125lbs of weight. Can someone give me some kind of schedule/diet to follow? I want to lose some weight, get muscle & eventually a six-pack, lol. Help?
Thanks in advance.

March 12, 2014

Adrian Bryant

start here

March 12, 2014


I'm 32 soon to be 33 in May. I'm 230 lbs and 5'6. BMI is 37. I jog every other day and do HIIT 4 times a week for 45 minutes. I'm not losing weight. When I started I was 227 lbs and gained 3 lbs. I'm assuming it may be muscle I'm gaining. I've been doing these workouts for 6 wks now and I'm wondering if I'm doing anything wrong because I'm not losing weight. I also am on a 1,810 calories. Before I was on 1,200 calories but felt fatigued. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help please. :)

February 12, 2014

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking your calories?

February 13, 2014


Yes I am. I'm using

February 15, 2014

Adrian Bryant

Instead of going for just ONE calorie number. try a range of 1200-to-1800 and you may want to eat less on your non-HIIT days but can you describe your HIIT workouts a little more?

February 16, 2014


I'm doing Insanity and jogging.

March 02, 2014

Ian B

I'm an Elite Cyclist. 161 lbs, 5'11" I train 24 hours a week right now as training is about all I am doing right now.

I have been searching for some information. hoping you can help me.

My BMR is roughly 2500-2800 Cal. I train with a power meter so Calories burned during activities is accurate.

My question is, if I burn 3800 cal during a 4.5 hr ride. Should I stick to the max 1000 cal restriction per day or could I restrict less and lose weight faster as long as I am hitting my BMR and taking in enough food to effectively complete my workout?

February 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

as far as how much you can eat to lose weight mainly depends on how low can you go without severely starving yourself or constsntly thinking about food

February 03, 2014


I'm 21 and 140 pounds, I've tried many times to lose weight but never manage to keep it off, I work a full time desk job and I'm also a full time student. I work out once a week on the elliptical for 30 mins and every night I do lunges & planks for about 10mins.Anything will help, I lack time in my schedule.
Thanks in advance.

January 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to lose weight on a busy schedule

January 18, 2014


Hi, I'm 16 I weigh 230 and I'm 5'3
I want to loose at least 80 pounds fast...and I'm starting to do Zumba. But what's the fastest way I can loose weight? I want my fat to be gone ASAP

January 14, 2014



I am 31, 5 3 in height and 145 pounds. have been exercising 6 times a week and eating 1200 calories or less and not seeing weight loss. sometimes I lose a pound or 2 and then gain it right back. no thyroid issues. please advise.

thank you

December 31, 2013

Adrian Bryant

describe yoru exercise more and how are you tracking your calories

December 31, 2013


I am using my fitness pal to track calories- 1200 calories- and am doing zumba 4 times a week and weight training (body pump and free weights) 2 times a week, an hour each session.

thank you

December 31, 2013


You are not eating enough calories.. you need to eat more if you are training so often.. since you are exercising more and not getting enough food in you, the body will think you are starving yourself and will hold on to it and store it as fat.

January 13, 2014


Look I'm a 27 year old male, that weigh's 295 lbs. I'm 6'5" and I've tried just about everything, I just don't have the motivation to do anything anymore. The only problem I really have is my knee's. I can't jog or run much. I need help!!!!!!!!!!! But I can't find anybody to help motivate me to lose weight. I used to be 6'5" with a 42" chest and a 30" waist. I don't know what happened but I don't like it. Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.…!

December 09, 2013

Adrian Bryant

see this but is the eliptical or bike an option

December 09, 2013

chris kelly

Hey I'm 240 pounds and I'm 6 feet even I don't wanna lose any weight I just wanna get bulky you know what I mean how can I do this

December 01, 2013


Hey Chris,
To get bulky you need more weight, less repitition. Low weights and lots of repetion will TONE a body, the more weight the more bulky. BUT don't start with like 200 lbs right away, start with 10 and work your way up. I just hope you aren't going for the Schwarzennagar look. That is repulsive to most women, they want a nice toned and muscular but not BULGING muscles. When you get old those mulses will begin getting soft and well ewwwwwwww. Hope that helps. Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2013


Im 41 with 3 kids massive fat in lower part including stomach current wt 92 kgs .earlier lost wt thru exercise n diet..came down to 67.No major health issues except bad cartilage n knee pain. Wat diet n exercise do u recommend. Nd ur advice.

November 18, 2013

Adrian Bryant

does the knee pain prevent you from doing any certain exercises?

November 19, 2013



I'm really poor right now and I can only afford what's been given to me. Like white tea..ramen noodles...eggs...and oatmeal. Is this ok until I find a job and can afford to buy food??

August 31, 2013

Adrian Bryant

that's okay and this diet will be perfect for you

September 01, 2013


Hi, I'm 30 years. height 5' n weight 112. My weight is okay but problem is i have bally fat. For that i am getting depressed and i also have severe gastric problem. I want to have a flat stomach. But i don't have time to do workout. Please help me with diet plan and a little bit of workout. Thank you.

August 19, 2013

Dr Susan Miller,D.C.

Please try probiotics...when the balance of your normal flora is upset by antibiotics, alcohol consumption, diarrhea, and or constipation gastric problems can arise or worsen. It is important that you see your regular doctor, if you haven't already, concerning your gastric problems. You very well may have 5-10 lbs. of old fecal matter stuck in your colon which will make your abdominal area look fat or bloated. Probiotics are not FDA regulated so it is important to go to a real health food store (not one that only sells their own brand) and ask the staff for help choosing a probiotic from reputable company. Balancing your intestinal normal flora should also increase your immunity since a large part of your immune system is in you're digestive tract. I hope this helps:)

September 10, 2013


Hi, I'm 27 years. height 5'6'' n weight 232. i have a desk job and don't have any time to do any workout and i am kinda lazy. Though i am really fat but honestly i don't eat much and have severe gastric problem. My goal is to lose 55 lbs. Please help me. What can i do to get there?

August 19, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to lose weight even if you don't have time

August 19, 2013

Rubina Gurung

Hi, I am Rubina having
Age: 23
Weight: 65kg
Height: 5'2"
So i wants to loss my weight, day by day I am becoming fatty. All my relatives, office staff, friends etc. ask me that m i pregnant? So please help me. My husband also teases me when i was 21 my weight was only 53. Please help.

August 09, 2013


I am a 52 year old female and weigh 220, am 5'1 and have little cartilage in both knees. I need to lose 50 pounds by July 30th. I have regained 60 pounds in the past 18 months due to multiple lifestyle changes (new job requires working 10 hrs most days, caring for ill mother and husband, and 2 grand kids, sleep avg 4 hours most nights, then suffered pinched nerve during Zumba and knee arthritis). I eat pretty light breakfast and lunch, but lose control in the evenings. I have a wedding to attend and want to feel better and look better, please help!

April 19, 2014

adrian bryant


are you limted in what you can do exercise wise? have you seen this?

April 19, 2014


hie, i am 20 year old , 170 cm and 70 kg .
and i have some fat around my whole stomach which i want to lose in any manner i want a flat stomach ...
what exercise should i do and diet plan should i take????

July 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to lose weight and flatten your belly

July 07, 2013


hi adrian,
what can you tell me about water fasting? (eating nothing and drinking only water)
and also the diet supplement 'skinny sprinkles'

July 03, 2013

Adrian Bryant

don't know much about either of those but with water fasting you will of course lose weight very fast but think about how fast you'll gain it all back once you start eating again so i would only do a water fast if you absolutely had to lose weight for something

July 03, 2013


I am 6 ft 3in 210 lbs but I still have man boobs and a jiggly belly. I excersize everyday and have lost a lot of weight. What should I weigh to look ripped?

July 02, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it's not a certain weight but a certain bodyfat % so go here to get ripped

July 03, 2013


I am a 5'5" 150 pound female. I work out 7 days a week doin Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, 30 day squat challenge, 30 day crunch challenge and 30 day abdominal challenge. and walk every evening at least 30 min. I use my fitness pal to calculate and make a diary of my food intake and calories eaten. I find it hard for me to eat all 1200 calories a day. I have been doing this for about two weeks and I have found I have been gaining weight instead of losing it. What am I doing wrong.

June 27, 2013

Adrian Bryant

are you looking better? see this

June 28, 2013


I am 28. I weigh 250 and am 5"6. I had a child 19 months ago. I really want to get to 175lbs by 3 months. I am gonna start cardio for I hour beginning tomorrow with cutting out sweets and white bead and pasta. I am planning to do Zumba classes at least 2-3x a week. Do u have any other suggestions I am so miserable and depressed with my body that my husband has filed for divorce so for comfort I ate and ate and ate. Any advice please help me

March 29, 2013


Hi Adrian, my name is katie i had my second child in October 2012 with both pregnancies i Go from about 150 to 222 both times!!! No lie my first child it took almost three years to get back to normal without dieting this time i worked hard to get to 165 but im stuck at a weight loss platue mainly because its winter and its depressing not to be able to do things outside but i would like to improve and lose about 15 to 20 more pounds can you please give me tips on how to do this please!

January 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use these tips

January 09, 2014


I am 24 5ft 10 240 lbs. I work out lots would like to lose 50lbs in 8 wks. Dont care about if its safe or not. Can i swith to negative calorie diet and protien shakes. What is the best way to do this??

February 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

look at this but you'll probably gain it all back and more

February 20, 2013


Hi I'm 16, 145lbs and 5'4.. I've recently been trying to lose weight but I can't exercise everyday, so I've been cutting back on food - sometimes 1 meal a day. But I'm still gaining, what can I do?

January 12, 2013

Adrian Bryant

do you know exactly how many calories you are eating

January 13, 2013


About 600-900 ..

January 15, 2013

Adrian Bryant

and you are tracking this with a food journal?

January 15, 2013


Yes, I try to remember to write it down when i can

January 17, 2013

Adrian Bryant

well, you're going to have to start doing it everyday if you are serious about losing weight

January 18, 2013


Eating that few of calories when you're not obese is going to prohibit you from losing weight efficiently, you're starving your body and your body will hang on to every extra morsel and calorie cause it's afraid you're going to kill it, which you are...

Don't starve yourself. Eat healthy food, when you eat fruits and vegetables and good carbs like yogurt and chicken/tuna and protein your metabolism will kick in real high. You can always exercise. D it in your room in the morning or evening. DO sit ups, jumping jacks, Burmese (look it up), squats, lunges. If you eat well, drink like 60oz water a day, green tea with lemon in the morning and DON'T STARVE YOURSELF. Toned and healthy is better than creepy skinny anyday :). I am also 5'4" and went from 165 to 128 in a few month, and I am comfortable and Healy and happy. It happened pretty quickly and I did it right and now it's easy to keep up.

Good luck! Stay Positive!

January 24, 2013


I'm 5'5 & weigh 243. I want to lose 60 lbs total, but want to hit a short term goal of -10 lbs in 1 month. I've started an hour long Zumba class, 4 days a week. Is my goal realistic? I'm cutting out sweets, junk food, and starches.

January 03, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you'll probably lose more than 10 pounds your first month

January 03, 2013


hello Adrian im a very short female lol im 4'11. im 21 and a mother of 1 lil boy. i weigh 145 lbs im the kim k type of thick but im still over weight. plus a have a flabby stomach from having my son last year. how much you think i should weigh? and what exercise should i do to lose weight fast. im going out of the country to visit family in a month and i would like to lose at least 10-15 that possible? how? hope to hear from you soon thank you in advance! =) God bless you

November 17, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here to lose 15 pounds before seeing family

November 17, 2012


I just finish doing p90x and got great results it was hard at first but I never gave up I'm 5'9 use to weight 210 now I'm at 160 if u need help I can guide u and help u with ur eating habits

June 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

so are you trying to lose more weight or gain some muscle?

June 20, 2013


I'm a 21 year old male. I have put on a lot of weight the last few years(after graduating high school). I am currently 6 feet tall and weigh 205 pounds. I want to lose 40 pounds in 4 months if that's realistic. What can i do to reach my goal?

September 19, 2012


Hello all. :)

I'm 5'4/female and range from 176-174lbs and I was wondering if I'm overweight enough to lose an average of 10lbs a month? if not then what would you say is realistic?

The reason I'm asking is because I changed up my eating habits (cheated almost everyday) and still lost 6lbs in a month. If I only cheat once a week how much can I lose?

September 09, 2012

Adrian Bryant

6 pounds is still good but yes... you can realistically lose 10 pounds a month at your weight making some diet and workout changes

September 09, 2012


I am 5'6" and currently weigh 257.6 pounds. I have been doing weight watchers on line since 5/31/12 and I am averaging a weight loss of 2.5 lbs per week. This week I lost 4 lbs and weight watchers is telling me it is too fast. I have been very seditary for many years and have started kickboxing and aquacise along with trying to move while just watching tv.

I figure since I have started to be more active coupled with the lower calories of weight watchers I will lose pretty fast until my body figures out what I am doing. Should I be worried about weight watchers complaint for just be happy with the results.

August 02, 2012

Adrian bryant

not at all. at your weight you can expect to lose weight fast at the beginning and as you get closer to your goal your weight loss rate will slow down to 1-3 pounds per week with some weeks of no weight loss at all

August 02, 2012


I'm 27 @167lbs after having a baby 2yrs ago and I cannot find a sure fit way to lose my baby belly. It's loose and it just sags and I want to tone it up to possibly a 6pk. But for starters I want to get it down to atleast 1/2yrs size by June 8th as I am in a wedding. Please help me.

May 08, 2012


I am 5ft3 and 161lbs and would like to lose another 10. I have always been fit, but overweight. I train 4 times a week in the gym, usually high intensity workouts and bodypump and i eat 1400 calories a day. I have a personal trainer who sets my workouts. I have only lost 7lbs in nearly 9 months even though i work hard and calorie count everyday. My weight weight fluctuates up and down by half a lb to a lb every other week and i very rarely see a definative loss. Do you think i am eating enough calories? Any advice welcome as i am so frustrated from working hard and seeing very little result:-)

April 27, 2012

Adrian Bryant

the calories should not be an issue but how often do you change up your routine?

April 27, 2012


Your routine sounds good, but I think that it's possible there is another culprit at work here preventing you from losing weight. Are you taking any medications that could cause weight gain (e.g. certain antidepressants)? Have you been checked for medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or hashimoto's (an autoimmune condition where the thyroid is attacked)? I would suggest getting a thorough medical work up just to rule out these types of things, and if all else fails consider seeing a dietitian, who can help you figure out what ratios of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you should be incorporating into your allotted daily calorie intake.
Good luck with your weight loss! I wish you all the best.

April 30, 2012


Im 5'6 about 160, I've been working out 4-6 times a week various work outs 3-4 cardio classes, 1 yoga, and 2 weights toning class per week Some 2x's a day one in the morning one in the evening. Plus other things outside of working out. I have changed up my diet, limited carbs, cut out most all sodas, sweets, those are only like every couple of weeks or so and in small amounts. Im eating veggies, fruits proteins, drinking tons of water, between 40-60oz a day, green tea, my morning coffee. I've seen only some changes, but I'm trying to lose the fat in the belly, thighs and butt. I've lost 20lbs on just diet alone, but I want to get to 140. and I've been on this workout routine with some variations since november. I'm not getting the stomach I want.

April 11, 2012

Adrian bryant

use these tips to boost your weight loss so you can lose more belly fat for a flat stomach

April 11, 2012


It sounds like you're doing everything right...I think you just need to keep trying and not give up. Weight loss can definitely slow down towards the end as you get closer to your goal weight. Just try to concentrate on how far you've come and continue your healthy routine for the sake of being healthy.
The only other thing I can say is that depending on your body type, some areas can be much more problematic than others. People carry more weight in different places, and unfortunately those areas can be the last place that weight is lost from. Eventually, though, the weight will come off of your stomach, and then you can tone it (and the muscles will show through!) to improve the look.
Don't give up! You can do it!

April 30, 2012


I am abt 6'0 tall, I used to weigh 160 lbs with measurements 38-26-38, I've always been top heavy and struggled with weight in my midsection and love handles. I recently started going back to the gym, I weighed 180 with measurements 40-31-41 now I work out about 3-5 times a week 1.5 hrs a day, 30 mins mid intensity, 30 mins weight training with moderate weight and finish off with 30 mins of mid intensity cardio. I can definitely see a change in my body..mostly my glutes...they are a lot fuller than they used to be...and my waist looks a little toned...but there's still the layer of fat.. and according to the scale..I've gained 6 lbs.. it's been 3 weeks. This happened to me the last time I tried to loose weight, so I got frustrated and stopped working out...Should I change my workout?

April 10, 2012

Adrian bryant

are you looking better even though you gained weight? read this

April 11, 2012 en Espanol
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