Advanced Walk-jog-run Interval weight loss workout

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lady jogging
lady running

This interval workout is best done on a track.

You don't need a track to do this workout on…

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Advanced Walk-jog-run Interval weight loss workout

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Hey Adrain im a 31 year old female im 5 feet and weight 171. My question is how many miles should I walk to lose weight.. I never been this heavy after having my 4th baby not the same as when I had my 3rd baby 6 years ago!

September 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant

It depends on the intensity of the walk?

September 23, 2014


If you try and get out for about an hour or more walking at a quickish pace... exercise is good in whatever form so do what you can and if you feel like going further or for longer do that :)

March 26, 2015


Hi Adrian,

Could you advise if the following workout is ok or I should reduce my harder interval time.

Total 30 mins on the treadmill
5 sprints of 1-1.5 mins at a speed of 12kmph
4-5 mins walk in between at 6.5 kmph


September 12, 2014

Adrian Bryant

that's a good start

September 14, 2014

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Hi I have created an app that would be ideal for this type of workouts it is available for android phones.

Agile Run/Jog/Walk Timer is a highly customisable app for timing workouts. It can be used for alternating running / jogging / walking sessions or indeed for simply alternating between running / walking workouts.

June 28, 2014

Shameless Plug

By the way it was only published today!

June 28, 2014

green eyes

Hi,I been exercising for 7 months already, I lost some stomach n legs..... but still not satisfied the way I look....well also because I haven't eating right, so now im planing for sure to lose weight n eating right.what do you recommend me, ways to lose 20 pounds in a month.....

May 18, 2014


Hi Adrian thank you for this website..I am 5"5...19 years old and I weigh 210 and I would like to lose 50 pounds by August (3 months). I plan to start jogging 3.5 miles every morning..would that be enough to lose that type of weight? Also do you have any plans for a fast weight loss like that?

May 10, 2014


i want to know that how many calories burn by treadmill workout for 30 minute. please give me answer....

May 15, 2013

Discouraged :(

HELP... I am 5 ft even and I weigh 170 pounds I want to lose 50 pounds. I need something that I can stick to, and not burn out.

April 28, 2013

Adrian Bryant

try this

April 29, 2013


how much cals does the Intermediate Walk-jog-walk-run Interval burn if i do for 30-40 mins

January 19, 2013


hey adrain i did this 2 month program name Insanity and i saw gud results but i still need to loose more fat so should i reapeat the program again or try a different workout. Thanks.

January 18, 2013

Adrian Bryant

are you at a weight loss plateau?

January 19, 2013


yes i stopped geting the results

January 19, 2013

Adrian Bryant

then see this

January 20, 2013

paola arteaga

I loose 40 pounds on ten months but still need to loose 20 more but it seems like I'm stuck and desperate.I have 2 months trying to move from 160 pounds but I can't!please help me.I am 34 years old 5'4 in, with 4 children very motivated to achieve my goal (135 or 140 pounds)Also now I'm runner when a I was 200 pounds I can't even run for 3 minutes now I'am running for 60 minutes!I think I'm doing wrong exercises.

December 08, 2012


I am 30, I am 125pounds at 5f5inch. I've been on dieting and jojo since I was 17. I go jogging every morning for 50 -60 minutes, I try to eat food rich in proteins and fiber. But I am cheating a lot ... with sweets.
So, I decided to cut back on them and now It's my 3rd week , since I stopped eating sweets. I don't know how you guys do it. I am always craving for my sweets and I am so hungry all the times.
What should I do to stop this cravings ?

November 14, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here

November 15, 2012


Hi Adrian,

I'm 25 years old and I'm getting married in three months. I I'm currently 130 lbs. My goal is to be 110 on my wedding day. My current diet is whole wheat cereal and non fat milk w/ bananas in the morning, tuna sandwich w/ some greens for lunch, and either of the two for dinner. I do a 20 minute dance work out every morning and I plan to jog in the evening. I want to trim my arms, my waist, and my belly. What kind of work out should I do? Will I reach my goal if I start running? Thanks!

September 12, 2012


Hi Adrian,

I'm a female, 5'2 and I weigh around 118. I want to tone up and lose fat, with 25.7% body fat. I want to lower that to 20%.
Here's what I've been doing:

When I wake up, I drink a cup of warm water, then go on low-moderate speed on my stationary bike from 20-45 minutes, depending on how early I wake up.

Before dinner I warm up on the bike for around 15-20 minutes then I do some body weight workouts and pilates for an hour.

I've been doing this for a month. I lost 2.2 pounds and then I gained 4 pounds. My measurements are still the same though except that I feel that my tummy got bigger. it was flat before and now I have a semi-pouch.

but I think I have hit a plateau, or more of a gaining period. I wasn't planning on gaining weight, I was planning to drop down to 110.

I have a very small frame, and any small weight gain shows immediately.

I have a big event on the 18th of September, and I need to drop at least 5 pounds before that.

What should I do? Am I doing everything right? should I ignore what the scales tell me and just keep doing what I'm doing?
I'm planning to add some walk-jog-run exercise to my routine by the end of this week.

p.s. my caloric in take is between 1200-1400 calories per day. I have one cheat meal per week, but I kind of stopped doing that since I've gained 2 pounds :/.

Thank you Adrian, always been a huge fan of yours.

August 27, 2012

Adrian bryant

should you ignore the scale? if you're looking better then yes - forget about the scale but to lose 5 more pounds while toning up all over = you go here

August 28, 2012


I started eating better and joined a gym back in April of this year. To date it has been 18 weeks and I have lost 41 pounds. These 41 pounds have come off due to nothing more than eating better, cutting out soda and working out neither every single day. I average right at 10- 15 pounds per month. But I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to get the scale to move. Weight seemed to fall off at 1st. I am nowhere near my goal weight. Yes I have lost 41 pounds but I still weigh 212 (starting weight 253), surely my weight loss would not already start slowing down??? I mean the more over weight you are the faster the weight comes off; right?

August 20, 2012


Hi I'm 123 pounds and im 5'2. How can I be 100 pounds fast?

August 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

it won't be fast since you are almost at a low weight but this will put you on track to 100

August 19, 2012


Hi Adrian I have started your work out and weight loss plan .there are few questions I am concerned about first as I have started doing exercise after a long long time and I weigh too much I am having difficulty jumping and running and secondly can I do 10min ex once a day to get me started on exercise and then increase it .thanks

July 24, 2012

Adrian bryant

of course you can

July 24, 2012


I'm 5'6 and 162 lbs! Wow I feel fat.. once I start losing weight I always end up binge eating because I honestly can't seem to stay on a diet. I have somewhere to be in less than 5 days and I am trying to lose the most weight possible. Do you think this is the best workout for me?

July 19, 2012

Adrian Bryant

yes it is

July 21, 2012


Hi Adrian, I am 124 pounds & 5ft 5inches. I had a baby 6 months ago and would like to know what training I should do to get rid of my lower stomach pouch? I strated Interval training last week total killer lol walk jog run & do weight training usually in the PM as I would like to build strong lean muscles. HELP please I am after quick results. I am on a clean eating programe so lots of fresh unprocessed foods. Tons of water and herbal teas.

July 15, 2012


Awesome thank u will keep training hard :)

July 31, 2012


I'm 14, I've lost 16 pounds before and now I'm at 145. I want to get to 125 in a month. I lost the 16 in a few weeks before. Just by eating healthy and now I want to get to my goal weight. I jog 3-5 times. Week(whenever I can get a ride) and I don't walk I run. Im an athlete. I play soccer and I would be really happy of I lost this weight (: thanks do much! I want to get rid of my stomach and love handles. Thanks (:

June 21, 2012


I am 5'6 , 142 pounds . I walk for 10kms everyday . Cant seem to lose weight . My calorie intake varies from 900-1200.

June 19, 2012


I have been walking 1.2 Miles 5 days a week, I am also going home and doing ab workouts, I was wondering if I needed to do something else to lose at least 60 pounds? I have started to eat fruit and drink water, and have cut out sodas and sweets. I now weigh 200 pounds and I am 25 years old standing 5'1. I had boxed my whole life however I went through a life changing event and my life hasnt been the same for 5 years. I can not seem to find a Gym in the new area I moved to. I NEED HELP! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! BTW LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!

June 15, 2012

Adrian Bryant

use this at home to lose weight quicker without a gym

June 17, 2012

brittney works

hi , my name is brittney i am 14 years old and i was wondering if i walk everyday (except weekends) from 23rd avenue to 17 th avenue would i loose weight ?

June 13, 2012

Adrian Bryant

how far of a walk is that?

June 14, 2012


Hi im 20 an just had my first baby 11months ago ive manage to only lose 5pounds an gained alot during pregnancy i weighed 160 before i got pregnant now my weight is up to 250 thats like 100 an something pounds! Is thier any good weight lose foods,excerise i can do other then what im doing now that will help lose the weight faster? please help!!

June 12, 2012


Hi, I'm 25 years old and I just gave birth to my third baby 5 months ago. I am currently 200 lbs and would love to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (150-160). I'm 5'3" and I know that is still overweight for my height but I think that would be a great start. Also, my stomach was super flat before I had kids and now it's huge, fat, and extremely flabby. It sort of just hangs down and it really grosses me out. My body is starting to mess with my self esteem. Please help me get into shape. One more thing, I've gotten to be pretty lazy and I know I can't start out with high intensity workouts. I'm willing to do whatever it takes at this point. Thanks a million!

June 05, 2012


Hi adrian Im doing the walk job interval but i can see im lossing my butt and im a little scare. Could i do something for that???

May 28, 2012

Adrian bryant

read this before you get too scared

May 31, 2012


Hello I am 14 years old and I am 160 pounds my hight is 158. I have a lot of belly fat and that's my problem. could you please help me loss the belly fats .

May 27, 2012

Jayson Lareza

hi im 25 and i weight 155# and im 5'7" with a belly fat! i wanna know whats the best way to lose this belly fat what foods and what kind of exercise should i do as ive been trying all those kind of pills but nothing works. and i am so self concious now i feel pity on my self sometimes. so if you could help me it would be a pleasure to follow these step you can give me or instruction to lose this belly fat! thank you and more power!

May 16, 2012


i am 17 years of age i think i am 156cm tall that mean am very short and i weight 141 pound i want to lose at least 8 pound but i dont know where to start could u help really need to lose these pounds in a short period of time

May 15, 2012


Hello, I'm a 5'9' (175cm) female and currently weigh 176lbs ( 79-80kg) I curently been working out 6 days a week since january I did 60 days of insanity, I eat about 2150 cals per day, I'm currently doing p90x-plus, and working out 2 times per day, I want to beieve I'm doing everything correct, but instead of loosing It seems like I'm gaining lbs, I also started taking this past friday( less than a week) the GNC Be-Hot EXERCISE ENHANCING TURBOPAK ( dietary supplement for woman) I know I wont see an ovenight difference, but I just thought it would be good to mention I take'em, I aso take GNC WOMANS ULTRA MEGA ACTIVE multi vitamins, I eat a los of green leafy veggies, lots of fruits with out over doing it on my fruit intake, I'm not a big meat or seafood in general lover, but I do drink protein shakes, smoothies made with lowfat yogurt, I protein bars 1% milk.. ect ect... Well my point is I eat pretty darn healthy, (excuse my french, lol) and I just seem to be going backwards instead of forward, I'de like to lose 30lbs, and gain muscle strength, shoud I be consuming less calories, or should I be eating alot more than what I've been eating lately, please help I'm not looking to be skin and bones, I want to look healthy, and strong, my main interest is to burn body fat, which is at 30% after having a baby my body made a dramatic change. Thanks in advance.

Pamela ^_^

April 30, 2012



April 30, 2012

Adrian bryant

well i would definitely try going on a 1200-to-1800 calorie diet but since you said you gained weight - have a look at this here

April 30, 2012


I am 22 yo. About 6'2''. 200 lbs. Cannot see to lose my gut, its not big but i wanna show the abs underneath. whats the best plan?

April 27, 2012


For the workouts right.....can i do one type of workout in the morning and do a different workout in the evening?????? this......i do the jog for 1 lap then run for the next in the morning. In the evening, i do the jumping jacks interval workout....

March 27, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Yes, you can do that

March 27, 2012

I have problem of bloating and gas due to which i have got excessive fat deposition in my belly area that looks as a baby bump, please advice me some exercises to help it get flat.

January 17, 2012


Hello. I am 235lbs, 5'4 and not so long ago June 2011, I was tipping over 270lbs. So I am happy with my weight loss so far...But I am looking at my shape and want to develop into an hourglass figure. I am noticing that I am losing more weight on my lower body than the upper. I know I cant target where I will lose the weight but I need advice for shaping. Also I am trying my way to jogging and running, and I go to the gym often, any advice for speeding up my weight loss? My stomach is not budging....

August 29, 2011

Adrian Bryant

go here to speed up weight loss and go here for toning but...

You need to focus more on losing your fat first to get the hourglass you want and you can still do toning/firming exercises - just dont let them dominate your workout

August 30, 2011 en Espanol
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