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5 Rules To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

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1. Eat Only Weight Loss Foods

*You eat a lot less &
Lose a lot more weight

2. Eat UP To 4 meals a day

Quick tip - Make eating meals boring: Eating the same meals over & over will cause you not to look forward to eating which will also eventually make you eat less & lose more weight

3. Before each meal…

4. Stop eating at each meal when you feel 100% satisfied

Also look at this example of Boiled Potatoes which are awesome for weight loss vs. Potato chips which are bad for weight loss…

potatoes vs potato chips

Remember: Since you're eating mostly weight loss foods… Feel free to eat as much as like at each meal without worrying about gaining weight but STOP EATING at each meal once you're 100% satisfied

Quick tip - Eat slower to lose weight faster: Eating slower gives your belly time enough to tell your brain "Hey, I'm Full, STOP Eating"

5. Only Drink Water or…

If you want to lose weight even faster…

Lost 75 Pounds Using Rule 3

loses 75 pounds

Hey man, just wanted you to know your tips and your motivation helped me achieve this. The biggest rule I followed was to drink as much ice cold water as possible before every meal (see rule #3). Still do that to this day.

I really watched your food tips, such as oatmeal burns calories. Once I got my metabolism up, it just fell off.

Paul Adams

The truth about NOT counting calories to lose weight…

By following these rules where you're making at least 80% of your diet weight loss foods you will certainly lose weight easily at a steady pace without counting calories but…

You may come to a point where you're not satisfied with how fast you're losing weight or maybe you'll hit a weight loss plateau and it's only at that point (which usually only happens when you have only 10-to-20 stubborn pounds of fat to lose…)

Where you'll have to seriously consider tracking your calories so you can see exactly how much you need to eat to keep losing weight at a pace you're satisfied with.

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Hello I'm 236 pounds and I want to lose weight during the summer for my senior pictures can you give me a diet and a workout that will help me get to 180 before September

May 31, 2015


Hello. I came across your website looking for a way to lose weight. I'm 36 y/o, 5'5", and 176lbs (the heaviest I've ever been icluding during my two pregnancies). I've tried several things to include paleo, "healthy" eating with exercise, even had different labs like glucose and thyroid checked (all "normal"). I also have recently been diagnosed with asthma which has made me more inactive/lazy. I'm a medical technician in the military but working in a clinic right now so I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Help me please! Am I cursed to be this heavy for the rest of my life?

May 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet or use the diet on this page if you hate counting calories

May 31, 2015


so about these hcg drops i keep hearing whats your input on them. Some say you have to keep a very low cal diet of 500 cal a day. Others are more easy with a 1200 cal diet. Any takes on these

April 27, 2015


hi i'm 5'1 and have pocs but i also have my regular periods, i don't eat meat, fish or eggs i feel tired all the time and weight loss is really hard i weigh 162lbs. need some help and advice thanks.

March 17, 2015


Hi! I'm a 17 year old female. 5'10 weight around 160.
I'm not fat, though I certainly have gained some. I use to be 145 over a year ago. I'd like to get back around to this weight. It's more of being as toned and strong as I was back then. I don't actively eat too much, I don't count calories either. Just maintain
portion control as I'm not an overeater. I am also doing flexibility stretchs to increase overall flexibility, which is pretty rigid atm. Should I be calorie counting since I don't have much to lose? Any exercises i should be doing? I would also like to be a bit stronger then I was before, and I'm afraid of lifting heavy weights. I work out at home. Any body resistance exercises that will help with this? Or should I start lifting weights? Any help in general would be great!

Thank you so much !

January 24, 2015

Adrian Bryant

if you're trying to get back to 145 then at your weight and height it is probably better to count calories since fat loss is actually tougher with only a few pounds left to lose. use this plan here

January 25, 2015


Hello adrian, i'm 15 years old and i weigh 195 lbs and i'm 5'1! And i really really need to lose weight by may 2015! Can you help me out? Thanks xx

January 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout with the diet on this page

January 18, 2015


I'm 39, 5'2", and I weigh 154 pounds. I would like to lose 20-25 pounds but I cannot figure out how to do that. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

January 17, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you can use the diet on this page with this workout

January 17, 2015


Hello Adrian,

I am 5'2 and 164lbs.I want to reduce 45lbs within 6 months.I am 31yrs old and got a knee injury while doing yoga 1 year back.One of my knees still hurt when i take anything heavy ,do jogging ,use jump rope, cycling etc. My diet now is 1200 calories.What exercises would you suggest for me that does not have much impact on the knee.Also i want to know exercises that strengthen an injured knee. Please help.


January 08, 2015


Thank You.

January 08, 2015


hi, im 5'1'' 108lbs my goal is to lose last 10 pounds, so goal weight is 98 lbs . Can i stay 1200 kcal a day? i workout 60 mins 6 times a week .(moderate to high intensity) will this plan help me lose that last 10 pounds as soon as possible ?Can i aim to lose those 10 pounds in 2months ? What are the things that i have to pay attention to ensure i can get my goal weight ? i hope to hear your opinion, is it okay with my plan ? thanks a lot .

December 18, 2014


Hello sir I m 24 nd my weight is 80..I want to loss my weight. What I do for weight loss...plz tell me smthnG about it. ..

December 09, 2014


Hello Adrian,
I have tried several times to overcome my eating habits. I've failed each time. What can I do for this? Can I find a supplement that would help me train this?

October 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

look at this

October 28, 2014


As you would know, the human body is highly
adaptable. If you cut your finger, the body would
heal itself in a matter of days - regenerating new
cells as soon as the change is noticed.

Well, if you make a big enough change to your
diet, the body can adapt right away too by burning
fat in your body at a rapid speed.

But what you need to do to kick start this change?
Is it exercise? Cutting certain foods out of your
diet? Drinking a special tea? Eating certain
berries? No, it's none of those things.

In fact, it is much more simple than you'd think.

September 28, 2014


Hi Adrian, thank you for this website I love it. I am 19, 5"5 and a college student. It is really hard for me to eat well while at school. I currently weigh 200 pounds, is it possible for me to get down to 170 pounds by thanksgiving?

September 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

it's very possible at your weight to lose 30 months in 2 months

September 24, 2014


Ok, what exercise and diet program do you think would be best to achieve that goal? Also, can I build a butt while losing weight and if so how?

September 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use #1,2 & 5 here to lose weight and get bigger butt

September 25, 2014


Thank you.

September 27, 2014


Hey adrian i am 19, weigh 214 pounds and am 6 ft 3 inches. I want to gain muscle mass but not gain fat. Also how many calories should i be eating per day to achieve this goal? I dont want to be bulky because i play soccer (goalkeeper) i want to be lean and shredded. Thanks btw i gym about 5 days a week but yeah im not too sure about my calorie intake. Thanks

September 11, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here

September 12, 2014


Hey Hi , Im Abhi From India I Was 130 Kg In Till 2011 Did A Steroidal Course Lost 56 Kg In An Year , But After That I Started To Drink Beer And Liquor A Lot Not Have Gained Back And Reached 130 Kg , It's Been 9 Month's That I Haven't Followed Even My Single Day Workout Plan , Now About To Start From 1st September So Would Like To Ask U That Tell Me The Basic Workout To Be Done For A Month To Loose Fat , I Get Sweaty Easily So Thats The Best Part About My Body .

August 24, 2014


I quit smoking a couple of months ago. Now I'm starting to wish I didn't. I put on nearly 15 lbs on top of weight I was already trying (and failing) to lose. I run almost every day, plus I work out (cardio kickboxing, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and walking on the treadmill) for 2 hrs on top of that. I eat healthy foods and drink mostly water or juice. (of course I have 1-2 cups of coffee every day) I didn't snack on anything other than carrots or banana's for the first several weeks after gaining the 15 lbs. and still don't really snack much, occasionally I'll have some almonds but my weight has NOT changed in almost 2 months in a positive way. I have actually GAINED weight. I don't want to hear any of that nonsense about gaining muscle because I have done my research and I know that is not the case. It takes a month to put on a single pound of muscle, even for body builders, I just seem to be exploding and all of my hard work has yielded NO results! If I can't get this weight off, I might just give up all together and go back to smoking, even though I know it won't help me lose the weight, maybe it will keep me from gaining more! It just wasn't even worth quitting at this point.

July 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you currently tracking your overall calroie intake because no mater how healthy you eat = if you eat too much you will gain weight

July 29, 2014


My height is 5'9 inches and my weight is 57 kg. I have a lean structure but not toned and I have a little fat in my tummy.. I have no access to the gym but want to tone my body and get rid of my tummy fat as I need a flat stomach....whatever I eat the whole fat accumulates on my stomach.. Help me out

June 27, 2014


Hi Adrian.

I'm 17 years old, and. I'm 5' 3" and 150 lbs.
I an planning on eating 1200-1250 cals daily. Drinking 10 glasses of water with a multivitamin.
Also I will be doing a 20 min interval workout 3x a week. And a 20-30 min toning exercises 3x a week.
all these workouts will be in the morning.

I will be fasting one day too.

How many weeks will it take me to lose 20 pounds?

June 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

In 3-to-6 weeks

June 25, 2014

Helena Rodriguez

There were a lot of tips on how to quickly lose weight in this article... but I think that the more detail there is the more trust-worthy the source. I'm going to start following these tips because I've been trying to lose weight for months with little progress... happy I stumbled on this article. Hopefully my progress can speed up and I can start slimming down faster.

June 05, 2014


hi adrian
my problem is i have been doing different diet plans on the past 10 years .
and now i find it hard to lose wight even if i didnt eat much
please tell me what i should do to get back on losing weight fast and easier
thanks alot

June 05, 2014

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