To reduce your breast size naturally without surgery…

Your best option is to simply lose weight which will cause you to lose breast fat (and overall body fat) and Depending on how overweight you are…

You could possibly lose as much as a half cup or a full cup size after you go on one of these weight loss plans here or if you just use the best weight loss plan for women and to prevent your breast from sagging as you lose weight…

You should do these breast firming exercises here to prevent your breast from sagging but…

If you've already lost weight & your breast size hasn't reduced or…

If you're not overweight (go here to see if you're overweight or not) and you still want to reduce your breast size… You may have to actually have surgery to reduce your breast size because you probably have more DENSE breast tissue than FATTY breast tissue and Since dense breast tissue is not fatty tissue…

Dense breast tissue can't be burned off with diet & exercise so your only real option is breast reduction surgery and in many cases… Breast reduction surgery is covered by insurance if your breast size is causing back pain. Go here to learn more about dense breast tissue. Celebrities like Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore, and Soleil Moon Frye have all had breast reduction surgery.

Supplements for reducing breast size…

You may come across some supplements claiming to reduce breast size but they are nothing but Fat burners that WILL help you burn overall body fat but there's no way ANY pill, diet, or exercise program can guarantee you'll burn JUST breast fat because unfortunately… When you lose weight - you can't target one spot for losing fat and another thing…

You also want to consider the facts that women may see an increase in breast size when on a menstrual cycle, taking birth control pills (especially Yasmin) and when pregnant.

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hi im only 12 but my breast size is 34e nmy height 5'10 n i weigh 10 stone is that a bad thing? I really want to get rid of my huge breasts please helpis

March 09, 2015


I desperately need help, I am a young athlete and wear size 28ff -g or 30f-ff help ASAP because surgery is not an option.

January 23, 2015


Hi, I am 15 turning 16 this year my breast is so saggy and embarrassing to me I wear size 34c or d please I really need your help. The worst is that I don't have a big butt to support my breast. Please help me reduce it

January 06, 2015


Hi ladies. I went from a 38-DD to a 36-C using exercise and plastic wrap! (I would use Saran wrap or tear plastic bags carefully so that they were straight and flat) Put on a snug/tight bra and wrap the plastic around your breast, upper back, and arms and do whatever exercises you like to do- jog, dance, push-ups.... You will sweat alot! But you will notice the weight dropping from the areas that are wrapped faster than the areas that are not wrapped. Be careful not to lose weight too rapidly to avoid sagging!

January 02, 2015


Hey! Please just tell me if this is really true, because i have been suffering with big breasts for years now, and i REALLY need a solution. Thanks :)

February 01, 2015


hi im just 14 and my breast size is 36d and my wieght is about 64 so plz tell me some solution to reduce size its irritating so much

November 19, 2014


Hi there dont worry im 13 and my breast size is 10E but my weight is 55kg, I hate having large breast and have always been the largest in my class

December 21, 2014


Hello thanks for offering to help out, please your cell is not going through

January 06, 2015


I am 26 yrs old and my wt is 45 kg my breast size
is 34 B please help me to reduce my breast
size .

October 25, 2014


Hi my age is 25 and my weight is 75kg. .how to reduce breast size it's 18DD ply suggest

October 17, 2014


Hi,I am 21 yr.But my breast size is 36 and my weight is 67.How to reduce my breast size pls tell me I need your help

October 07, 2014


Hi.. I am 22 yr. And 38 is my breast size. I want reduce upto 34/32. What should i do in my home only. I need help plzz

October 07, 2014


I am 25 yrs and my weight 56.My breast size 35D.Pls help me.

September 26, 2014


My age is 21. My breast becoming big day by day. Its iritating me. My breast size is 34. My weight is 50. Is there any solution to it??

September 01, 2014


i m 25years married and have a kid , my breast is very big for me its feeling like very weight and i have not done breast feeding for baby properly for tht it became big , my breast size is 38 and cup size dd plz help me out to decrease my chest

August 26, 2014


i m 32 years old hight 5.2 weith 72 im marrid my10 yr old baby brest size 40 and lose i want decres this size kindly help me plzzzzz.solv my problam

August 24, 2014


my age s 18 my weight is 51kg n my breast size is 38 wt should i do to control it.

July 30, 2014

daljit saini

i want to order pills for breast reduction. can u plz tell me cost for the month supply.thanks

July 27, 2014


M 20 height is 5.4... N my cup size is 36dd is can it be reduced plzzz help me out with this..

July 18, 2014

puja age is 23 n my weight is44.want reduce my breast size now its 34.plzzzzzz help me out of dis.

June 28, 2014


hi im 24yrs, my ht is 5.4 & wt is 58kgs. my breast size is 36dd.i need breast reduction, pls helpme

June 19, 2014


hi i m 18 yrs old and my breast size is 34 and wt. is 60..plz advise me to reduce both wt. and breast sze

June 19, 2014


my age s 18 my weight is 50kg n my brest size is 32 wt should i do to control it

June 13, 2014


You should try to excercise more. you should run for atleast 1 km daily. that will definitely tighten your breast and dont touch or squeeze your breast seldom. squeezing the breast is the main cause of big breast.

June 17, 2014


i walk daily twice for mopre yhan a kilo meter if i run it gets sagged wat to do:(

June 28, 2014


I am 13 and my breast size is 36 and my weight is 69 what should I do !

May 31, 2014


I was 34 years of age .I have heavier sizes of breasts and stomach.But my legs,hands & hips are very lean compared to the size of breasts & stomach.Please give advice to overcome the problems

May 22, 2014

Durai Raj

By this message and your problem is regular in nature you are 34 years old so your breasts getting lay down and the size is getting big is nature keerthana!!! dont worry you dont have problem because of this and if you need to reduce your breasts mean it easy way i give some tips
Do push-ups 3 sets of 15 reps 3-5 times per week.
Take good nutrients foods
And take regular yoga and body maintenance.

May 27, 2014

Durai Raj

U can ask in ma mail also

May 27, 2014


m 21 breast size is 36c me pls to reduce

May 13, 2014

Durai Raj

What is your weight??? your weight more then 70 mean your breast size is a normal one. But less then 55-kg mean your Harmon's are really our reacting. If you able to doctor treatment mean consult ah good doctor or do a regular body maintenance, and pus-ups are the best way to reduce the breast size 30pus-ups by 3 sets do 3-4times in a week

May 27, 2014


I am 72 kg and my breast size is 38 and its sagging too . Please help me to reduce the size

May 05, 2014


Hey have a look at I have same problem but will soon buy this product! It seems so easy & with amazing results! Before & after pics of a few woman!
I'm just getting my money ready to buy.

May 15, 2014


Hi my name is Rubina,
my breast size is 48 my total weight is only 62 kg. please give my some tipes ti reduce my breast size.
i am very pisst off. my

May 02, 2014

Durai Raj

oh my god you really having a some hormones problem buddy. in 68kg have 48 in size mean really have to control and take a treatment are body maintenance mate, The best idea to control breast size is taking pus-up 30in 3 set, 3-4 times in a week. and yoga is the one of the best way and take a good nutrient food

May 27, 2014


hai my sister breast size 48 and sagging can u plz advice me ,wt 78 ht 5.2

April 21, 2014

Durai Raj

Whats your sisters age??? if it is less then 30 in age mean your sister really have problem because breast size 48 mean really so uncontrollable
1.Consult the good doctor
2.Take a good nutrient food
3.Do a pus-up regularly 30in 3set, 3-4times in a week
4.Yoga is the one of the best idea to control your body

May 27, 2014


i m 20 years old nd my brest size is growing day by day its 34c size,,plz give me anwer how to reduse it by simle exersice.....silpi

April 19, 2014


hii i am 24 my breast size is 36 but i want 31 size plzzz help ,me

April 04, 2014


my height is 5'2 and i have huge breast ... plzzzzzz help me to reduce the size as my parents wont allow for surgery.. i also have fatty thighs and i feel awkward to wear jeans... plezzzzzz help me ...

March 24, 2014

Durai Raj

I think your breast in 38-42 in size nisha??? No need for the surgery it really easy to reduce
1. Pus-up is the best think to reduce breast size 30in 3set to do 3-4times in a week
2. doing yoga is the best way to control the body
And lot of methods are there if you need more mean u can mail me are check out my page

May 27, 2014


Hi, my question is my breasts are heavy and saggy..I want them to be firm with exercise...what kind of exercise should I that i dont have to consider surgery??

March 17, 2014


Where do I go for the surgery and what is the cost

March 16, 2014


Hi my age is n I'm 5" feet my breast size is 40 pls tell my how to reduce size

March 13, 2014


I was 24 when I decided to have a surgery (now I'm 28) I had D-E cup. I'm glad I did it but my new size isn't perfect. I wanted to have b or A but it was told it was impossible. I have small C now, sometimes big b but it's not that what I wanted. So I'm still unhappy but much much less than before.

February 25, 2014


i'm really tensed about my breast size because it increasing day by day... plz help me out... i want to reduce my breast size
plz help me out

march 07, 2014

March 07, 2014

Yuuta ( sorry if this didn't help... It isn't my video )

April 14, 2014


i'm really tensed about my breast size because it increasing day by day... plz help me out... i want to reduce my breast size
plz help me out

January 07, 2014


hi,im 23 yrs old i want to reduce my breast size its 36.....plz help me to reduce

December 30, 2013


my breast size is 36dd and my weight is 55kg i want to reduce my breast size specially cup size please help me by any exercise or diet plan.

December 17, 2013


Hi I'm 22 and not over weight my usual bra size is 28jj which is so hard to find in the uk and uncomfortable to carry since I have such a small back. I recently had a baby boy and now I am 30kk and I get horrible aches is there anyway exercise can help ?

December 08, 2013


am 19 and my bust size is 38kk this is so annoying cos am seen as sex image even when am just walking down the road,guys eyes go wide and they scream every time or make funny noises this is no help my musical and academic career i get stupid passes everytime help pls!!

November 10, 2013


I started growing breasts when I was in 2nd grade and they wouldn't stop growing. They eventually reached way past a DDD size and my mom decided that I should get breast reduction surgery. I was only 14 when I had the surgery and it took a lot of battling against the insurance company to get it approved, but thank GOODNESS. I was miserable. I couldn't exercise. Couldn't wear normal clothes. It makes me ill to think of what life was like before that. I'm a B-sized cup now and it really changed my life forever.

November 06, 2013


HI, where did you get them done and how much? I am in the same situation but am not financially able to do this surgery. do you know where I could get help. I really need it. My back is always painfull and my shoulders. I cannot feel confidant in cloths, cannot dress the way I want. I am a 38/40 EEE.

November 14, 2013

shahista rizwi

I m 22 year. my height is 5'2''. my breast size is 32B. i reduce my breast size upto 28/30B. plssss some body suggest me.........

November 02, 2013


Hi im 13 years old and i wear 34 Double D. I am very conscious about my body because of my big boobs. Please tell me how to reduce my boobs. Im am not fat i weigh 100 pounds and have abs and im a girls. Please help

October 27, 2013


omw i feel u im the same size but i'm 14 and slighlty over my BMI
it is the struggle because I have to share bras with my mum and sister and they are B's.
Since you cant lose weight I'm not sure what you can do though but i hope you find a solution :)

January 09, 2014


I am 23f, 5.2 height n weight 60kgs.
My breast size is 38 C cup.
m very much embarassed.. plz plz plz help. wt cn i do to reduce dem. i don wanna under take any sugery.
plz help :(

October 25, 2013

Durai Raj

1. Pus-up is the best think to reduce breast size 30in 3set to do 3-4times in a week
2. doing yoga is the best way to control the body
And lot of methods are there if you need more mean u can mail me are check out my page

May 27, 2014


Hi, I am 16, 5'2 and have size 34 F breasts.. I have major back pain I have scars and rashes from my bras trying to support my breast. I am not overweight I just have huge breasts. Not only do they cause Me physical pain but I get very negative attention, basically im seen as a sex object and that is not who I am.
Iv discussed reduction surgery with my doctor and was told i qualify, the problem is no doctor will operate on me because of my age.
Is there anything I can do?

October 14, 2013


I height is 5'2" & weight is 57.Now i am suffering from polycystic ovary since 3months ..For this reason i intake contraceptive pill(YASMIN).I Face a problem that my breast size is going to be enlarged.(3months before32, now its 36).please kindly tell me how can i reduce my breast size..

September 28, 2013


my height is 5'2 and i have huge breast ... plzzzzzz help me to reduce the size as my parents wont allow for surgery.. i also have fatty thighs and i feel awkward to wear jeans... plezzzzzz help me ........

September 26, 2013


i'm 37 years old and delivered a baby boy 7 years back. my actual size was 34 but after delivering a child i got infected with TB and i could not sit for long nights and so i had to squeeze out milk from my breast resulting in increase in size(38) and definatly sagging. please help how can i get back or reduce the size

September 19, 2013


I am a 32 year old woman.I always had perfect breasts till i delivered my child.After that even when i lost weight to my natural lean body, my right breast started sagging.Now i have uneven breasts, i mean my left breast has reached its natural size but right one has increased a little bit which i feel is due to drooping nature.How can i lift my right breast naturally.Is surgery the only option.

September 18, 2013


hi i'm 17 years old. my breast size is 38 and i don't love it. plzzzz help me......

September 08, 2013


I m 22 years old and lean body but my boobs is so large..... Pls tell me some home remedies for reducing it ......without any side effects

September 06, 2013


hi ... I am phushtika, My body is normal but my boob size is 36 . help me to decrease the size.

August 29, 2013


how to reduce the breast size through exercise at home.. please help..

August 22, 2013


Hi my age is 27, height is 5'1, my breast size is 32 D.please help me to reduce my breast size.

August 09, 2013


i have 16 years old ,,I do not Lyk my boobs.its too big.. the dresses are not matiching.. thats why iam really unhappy.. and fell angryy..... so plzz help me how can i reduce my rest size..........

July 23, 2013


Heyy so lyk I am 16yrs old and I have big breast. Lyk I am a 36C. I do not Lyk my boobs. It's not kul at all. Or at least I dnt think so. I am 5'9" and I don't think I match with big boobs. Plzzzzzzzzzz help!!!! If you know how to reduce the size of your breast. All I really care about is how to reduce the cup size. I will be thankful just to be a "B". I think it's embarrassing tht I am the same cup size as my mother. And my parents won't allow me to do surgery. So plzz any excersises tht you kno of tht I can do at my house on my own time plz lmk.

July 15, 2013


Hey im kayla and im 13 i have huge boobs and there are some excersizes i know of that will help u do chest presses and take your to hands in front of yoyr body and push them together this will work the muscle behind your breasts and help make them look smaller there are a couple more but hard for me to explain. I hope i helped alittle but. ;) biii

September 12, 2013


Hi Adrian,

I'm a 50 year old woman and have lost over 30lbs with dieting and not much exercising other than walking. While I am happy with my results I have areas of the body that need attention, mainly my breasts. Unfortunately, I have experienced some sagging. I have rather large orbs ;.) now a 34F and would like to know how to either reverse. stop or slow down the sagging process. Any suggestions??? Thanks, Belinda

July 11, 2013


i m 16 years old i m fat n i breasts size is too large plz help me i mean giv ny tips to reduce it plzzz........

July 06, 2013

M.s... Jimmy

Hi , I am 15 years old my Brest size is 38 it's too much I feel like it will be bigger I don't know how control it plz plz help me out .. When ever I go to any place people's. Look at me. :( I wanna reduce my breast size plzz suggest me without having surgery

July 02, 2013


Hey, just to let you know, 38 is not your breast size, that is your waist measurement, that has nothing to with your breasts. :)

July 25, 2013


I'm 32yrs old and my weigh is 72 kg but
There is a problem of my boobs is too big
I wear 34k at the moment I need some help how did I loose my boobs without a surgery plzzzzzzzzz I need some advice

May 31, 2013

Ce ce Shankel

I am 11 almost 12 (in June) I ware a size 36 and I want my boobs to be reduced so i get support from my bathing suits for people to see

May 31, 2013


dear i am 22 years but my cuffs ar to so i fill very shy and i am nt overweight also but ineed to reduse my breast ,plz help me out as my parents wil nt allow me for surgery.plz if u can help me pz

June 08, 2013


so u should wear a BRA :P

July 08, 2013


well im just 11 but i think you need to gain some weight becaue i weigh 81lb and u less then me and that bad for your heart p.s. correct me if im wrong srry if so

January 06, 2015


Hi... I'm 22 years old. My breast size is 38. Any 1 Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Help me. Hw i cn do loss my breast size plzzzzzzzz suggest me.

May 13, 2013

Durai Raj

1. Pus-up is the best think to reduce breast size 30in 3set to do 3-4times in a week
2. doing yoga is the best way to control the body
And lot of methods are there if you need more mean u can mail me are check out my page

May 27, 2014


hello mam/sir
i m preeti .my height is 5'1'and age27 yr my weight is 80 kg and brest is 44 inch.i reduce it .so pls give me solution

May 13, 2013


i need help i dont know what size i am but i want it to be smaller im 11 and weigh 78lb p.s. if u read other commont i losy weight

January 06, 2015


Hey i have gynecomastia but my body fat is 13-14% and my doctor told me it was breast tissue, however she said the condition was benign and not worth removing. Is there a way to get rid of the actual tissue without surgery, I saw an episode on taboo where women beat their chest to make them flat wondering if it might work.

May 02, 2013


Hi I'm anila my h8 5'2 w8 60 bt my breast size is 38 n I want to reduce it. Plzzzzzzz tell me how can I do this?

April 21, 2013


i am 15 years old. i am 5'7. i was 65 kilos and my breast size is 32H. I NEED to reduce them.
Any Pointers?

April 14, 2013


I am very thin but i feel my breast is very heavy.How can i reduce my breast size

April 09, 2013


I m 18 yrs breast size is 34 d big..i wanna reduce it baadly..pls help me...:(..i feel very embarassed

March 31, 2013


Primary level:
first stage: Jog, spot jogging, raise your knees to your stomach level, initially you may be slow, but increase speed.
Be fast, throw out your breathe from mouth, with equal speed so that you do not tire and pant up.
You will perspire, but keep a napkin towel handy to wipe it out. Do spot jogging for five minutes.

Second stage: sit down. With crossed legs, put both hands on side of waist, keep your spine straight, lower your head, and allow your chin to touch the pit of collar bone, keep mouth wide open.
Now let your spine bend from waist towards right knee and forehead touch the knee. Keeping waist and upper body bent, move your head towards left. Allow as much bending, touching your nose to ground. Go to left knee. And straighten the spine coming back to normal pose. Again go to right and coming to left, straighten Thus continue for another five minutes.

Third stage: Lie down on ground spreading legs and hands as if in shabasan. Keep both hands by side of waist.
Keep eyes open. Facing ceiling. Imagine a stadium size clock on ceiling and hands are moving fast. Your eyes too should run along the hands of clock. On boundary. See that your head is not moving. With it.
Whole body is rested relaxedly. Let eyes make circular motion.
Do it for five minutes. Without slowing down.

Fourth stage: stop everything. Close eyes, relax feel the pleasant sensations of blood circulating, perspirations, and body resting. Be in rest for five minutes.

March 31, 2013


hey,i am priya 27 my w8 is 69 h8 5'1 breast size 38 iwant to reduced it plz help

March 28, 2013


hellow sir/mam,
i am vandu... my height is 5.2", and my weight is 62 kg....
and my breast size is 44"... i am really very tence about this.....
please plzzzzz help me out of this.....

March 24, 2013


Hi janvi my hi is 5.3 nd my wt is 74kg my brst is 38 i want to reduce is instanly plzzzzzzz sugesst me smething

March 22, 2013


Hi am janavi am 31yr my ht is 5,3, wt is 73kg my brst is 38 so plz suggest ma somthing instant to reduce wt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,i had shift duty so it dufficult to kindly tell me the other solution waiting for reply,thx

March 22, 2013


Am 20 years nd mi boobs size is 34 plz help i want to reduse below 32 or 30 plz suggest me ...

March 18, 2013


hiii m 18 years girl but i have havy boobs my breast plz if any body can suggest me how can i reduce my boobs.....

March 17, 2013


me 24 my height is 5'3 and 34 is the breast size and i want reduce upto 30 what should i do?

March 16, 2013


i m 32 years old hight 5.2 weith 72 im marrid my 7 yr old baby brest size 40 and lose i want decres this size kindly help me plzzzzz.solv my problam

March 08, 2013


Hi My weight is 75kgs, and my height is 5'3 and my bust size is 34 c I want to reduce my breast to 32 B please suggest how can I reduce my Bust and does breast firming cream can reduce my bust fat? If yes Please suggest me Which cream works with good results?

March 04, 2013 en Espanol
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