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Adrian Bryant

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how do i even out my boobs? one hangs to the side more than the other.

April 26, 2018


Hi I'm Adrian...I'm 17 yrs old and have big height is about 5"3 or 5"4...I'm weight 146 lbs and I have a little pudge on my stomach but im not fat....What can I do to decrease my weight and breast size...

March 09, 2018


Hi I'm arleatha I'm 12 years old and I weight 137 I lost 5 pounds by going running and jogging... for a kid like me how can I lose thigh weight???? Because I've been working out

November 19, 2016

Adrian Bryant

keep doign what you are doing to lose weight and the thigh weight will come off also

November 19, 2016


Hi Adrian,
I'm 66 years old. Female. I've always been athletic. Due to many years of running I have a bad back and spinal stenosis. I've gotten out of shape. I need to gain muscle and lose fat. I am 5ft 1 inches tall and weigh 127. My bmi is 24 and body fat is 36. How do I lose weight gain muscle and lose body fat without hurting my back. That has kept me from exercise.

August 20, 2015


Hi I'm jennifer, I'm 14years old, weigh 74kg, how do I loose inner thigh fat and get a small waist. Please help me, I have to go to a wedding in about 5 months, I would really appreciate your help.

July 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you will need to lose fat all over so use this workout and this diet

July 03, 2015


Hi there, I'm a 5 ft 5 in 17-yr-old female, and weigh in consistently at 104 lbs. I workout about four times per week for an hour or so, and was previously anorexic but still on a pretty strict eating schedule. I have defined upper abs/obliques but my mid-lower stomach could lose an inch or two of fat. I'm assuming this has to do with my diet, as I already do pretty hardcore ab workouts. Please advise. Thank you.

February 11, 2015


Hey guys, I'm 14 years old. I weigh 65 kg (last time I checked), 5'2 and have a waistline of 31 in. I'm going to a party after 2 weeks and need help to lessen my arms & belly fat .

January 28, 2015


Hi! I am 17 years old and 136pounds at 5'6" height. I work out up to 1-1:30 hours almost everyday and eat from 1200 to 1600 calories per day. I usually bike and do some work out at home. It has been almost a month since I committed to work out everyday and count my calories but I feel like I am not losing any weight. I want to be in shape and look like one of those Victoria Secret models! I want to lose 10-15 pounds and gain some muscles but not too much. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

January 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this plan

January 28, 2015


Thank you. But it says I shuld eat 1600-2100 calories per day. I am eating much smaller calories now. Is that mean I should start eating more or just keep eating what I eat?

January 28, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you can stick with your current cal. range but the workout plan will take your fat loss to the next level

January 29, 2015

Mr.Sad man

Hi ... my name is Ibrahim im 179cm height , 60kg weight .... it may look great but my body is in terrible shape ... I got love handles and belly fat
what should I do to get 10% body fat

October 26, 2014

Adrian Bryant

do this

October 28, 2014


Thanks .... I just notice it my weight is 70kg not 60
one more question
I juet want to lose fat ( especially love handles ) not random weight
are thses workouts are enough for it ?

October 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

if all you have is belly fat left then generally that is all you'll lose mostly

October 29, 2014


Hi, I'm Rebecca I am 12 my weight is 110 and my height is 5'2. I am curvy and I'm not fat except in my inner thigh and I want a space in between my thighs. I go jogging everyday and I've tried some workouts for my inner thighs but nothing seems to work... Do you have any ideas for what I can do?

August 14, 2014


Hi I am late 60s hight 5 .1 weight is54 Kg but my waist measurement is now 33"I also have arthritis HELP PLEASE

July 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your goal?

July 03, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I have hip displacement and I've been steadily (and undesirably) gaining weight. Now at the ripe old age of 35, I've never felt older, and I am 210 lbs at 5'. I recently bought a rowing machine at home and a stationary bike and I was referred to your website from a friend who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

What types of foods can I eat and what types of workouts should I do on a regular basis? My hips, during the cold/weird weather, hurt a lot, so I can't do a lot of walking/running.

I want to steadily lose 2lbs a week, and I've been drinking a lot more water than 3 years ago. I never broke the 185 weight barrier, and everytime I get close to the 185 mark, I would get upset with myself for not being able to get lower, and I would eat myself back to 200.

214 is the highest that I've ever been (weighed with clothes on), and I am in real need of help. Please help me! Thank you!

P.S. I have a trip in Vegas in 2 months and I want to lose a good 20 lbs before then. Thank you!

July 01, 2014

Adrian Bryant

does not matter what you eat when it comes to weight loss (see this diet)

see these workout options

you'll easily lose 20 pounds in time for vegas (maybe more) stay in touch if you need more help

July 03, 2014


Hi I m jenny I m 127. Height 5ft want to lose 17 pound help me plzz

April 21, 2014


i am kiran. i am 24 years old and my weight is 78 kg but my weight should be 58kg. i am so overweight from thigh, stomach, belly and hips..
so please help me ..

March 04, 2014

Siobhan McCumiskey

Hi Adrian!
I'm 13 years old, I'll be fourteen on the 17th of december. I'm 162 cm tall and I weigh 58 kg (it tends to fluctuate regularly and easily, so from one month to te next, I can go up or down about a kilo). I put on around 8 kilos when my Mul died last year, but I've had a growth spurt since, so I don't want to lose the 8 kilos, just 3-4. This is also so I can wear a bikini at the beach (we're going to a hot country at Easter) without feeling extremely self-conscious.
As a little girl, I had a BMI of 17,6, and seeing as it´s much higher now, I am a bit worried. Should I be?
Also, all my friends are much skinnier than me, which is quite worrying.
Obviously, I don't do the cooking so a diet isn't really an option for me, but I do eat mostly healthy organic food. Are there any particular exercises you could recommend?
Thanks a lot!

December 01, 2013


Hey Adrian. Thanks for your awesome site! I've been using it for a year now, and I've trimmed my size down a few inches but I haven't really lost more than 4-5lbs. I know I've gained muscle weight, but ideally I'd like to lose another 20lbs. I'm 5'2" and fluctuate b/w 138-140lbs these days. I'm 35 and do your exercises about 3-4 days a week and something light in between or a rest. I just don't know how to lose more weight! I switch up wheni seem to be!

October 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

how many calories are you eating daily?

October 07, 2013


Hi, I am 22 years old, I weigh 165. I would like to lose 35 pounds and keep it off. Would like some direction in the best activities and meals for me.

March 18, 2013


Would it be okay if I wanted to do the J Lo butt workout, the perfect body in 90 days, & interval workouts together? Or is there one workout incorporating all of these?

February 10, 2013

Adrian Bryant

NO. the perfect plan is all you need to do

February 10, 2013


I stumbled onto your site after searching and searching for something that will work for me. I am 42, 5'6" and almost 200lbs. I did the body fat percentage and just cried. How did this happen? I am scared but determined to do something so I can be around for my grandchildren someday. Your site has so much information; I'm a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Please help, and thank you for offering this to people.

November 15, 2012

She lost 140 pounds on Adrian Bryant Plan

How She Do It?
She did the 20 minute walking workout in Adrian's Fat Loss Plan 3x a week

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