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How To Lose Weight At Home

Anja lost 98lbs. using this Home Weight Loss Plan
how to lose weight at home

Home Weight Loss Workout

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7 Workout Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

1. Lose at Least 10 Lbs. Every 3 Weeks

See 10 Rules to lose 10 pounds every 3 weeks or watch the video below to get the most out of the home weight loss workouts above…

2. Wear a Weight Vest

Wear a weight vest or book bag that weighs at least 10% of your bodyweight to burn more calories to lose weight faster while working out because your body has to burn more calories or use more energy to move a heavier body.

3. Fat Burners

Use fat burners like Green Tea, Lipo-6 or Hydroxycut 30 minutes before your workout to burn more fat.

4. Increase the Intensity

For example… Try to do more jumping jacks in 10-to-40 seconds, run or sprint instead of jog, use a heavier or longer sheet for bed sheet workouts

5. Workout More Often

6. Do a Different Workout

If you ever hit a weight loss plateau then do a different home weight loss workout, make sure you eat the right amount of calories &/or lower your calorie intake to start losing weight again.

7. Pedometer

Use a Pedometer, Fitbit or download this app so you can stay active (outside of doing the home workouts), get 5,000 steps and burn 250+ extra calories to easily lose at least 26 pounds this year even without doing this workout &diet

Home Weight Loss Diet

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Eat less than calories per day to start losing weight at home

  • Eat anything you want, whenever you want - Play the video below to see why…

Check your weight every 5-to-10 days & ONLY lower your calorie intake by 250+ calories if you're not losing weight. Please note: if you're eating less than 1500 calories and cant lose weight then chances are you're not tracking your calories correctly. (Why cant I lose weight?)

3 Diet Tips to Lose Weight Faster at Home

1. Intermittent Fasting

Eat the calories you need to lose weight at home on an intermittent fasting schedule to force your body to burn more fat.

2. More Protein

Studies like this & this ALL prove you'll lose weight faster when protein makes up at least 30% of your diet like these women who lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks doing nothing but eat more protein.

3. Bigger Forks & Blue Plates

They Used This Home Weight Loss Plan…

Super Mom Loses 56 lbs At Home

mom loses weight at home

This is me (on the left) after having my second child but eating sensibly and exercising regularly with advice from your plan to lose a total of 56 pounds

Thank you
Angie Bailey

Lost 120 Pounds

Robert Lost 120 Pounds at Home

Robert Leischker

Lost 150 Pounds

Raw Lost 150 Pounds at Home

Good day Adrian,

I used the Home Weight Loss Plan to lose 150 pounds. I'm still working with all the stuff on to further transform my body. Now it's time for me to start some toning and tightening workouts. We got this!

Raw Rivera

Lost 104 Pounds

Lee lost 104 Pounds at home

I 104 pounds (6½ stone) doing the ski steps home weight loss workout

My family can't believe I lost all this weight! My metabolism sped up so much that I only gained back 6 pounds in the 7 months I haven't been exercising even while eating some naughty foods.

Lee Thurston

Lost 98 Pounds

Anja Lost 98 Pounds at home

Hey Adrian,

You really changed my life. I was 250lbs & now I'm 152lbs looking healthy & better than ever from doing the ski steps home workout video

This Home Weight Loss Plan is SO easy to use, I mean ANYONE can use it and understand it. It's so straightforward, unlike other sites, you tell it like it is.

In order to have this, you must do this. This is what I like, DIRECTIONS, CLEAR DIRECTIONS. You are the master of clear directions. You will go far my friend. I love you, and thank you for all you've done.

Anja HB

Lost 137 Pounds

lost 137 pounds at home

Hi Adrian

Your jumping jack home weight loss workout helped me lose 137 pounds going from 314-to-177 pounds in 7 months along with your diet

No more shopping in a giant size people store just to get my clothes.

Thanks for being my weight loss hero!
Chichiro Yuuki Naga

Lost 69 Pounds

Lisa Lost 69 Pounds at home

I've worked very hard using your home weight loss workouts to lose 69 pounds fast to become a healthier mommy and wife!

Sincerest thanks
Lisa Lemery-Mohanlal

He Lost 70 Pounds Doing Jumping Jacks

Sambasivam Lost 77 Pounds at Home

Thanks, I lost 77 lbs. following your jumping jack home workout

Sambasivam Krishnamurthy

Got Rid of 70 Pounds

Ravi Lost 70 Pounds at Home

Hello Adrian! Look at the difference you've made in my life! I've changed, I feel the beauty of life more and more every day. Thank u soo much for always being there my Angel!! Stay blessed!

I lost 5 pounds in 1 week just from doing your 30 min Home Workout.Thank you! I want it posted wherever it could be… Such testimonials were a great inspiration to me and I would love to be someone's inspiration!!

Ravi Preethi

You Helped Me Lose 140lbs.

lost 140 pounds

You helped me lose 140lbs. I mainy used your home jumping jack on and ski steps workouts

Cameron John

*See more Success Stories of people who used this plan to lose weight fast at home

*How fast you lose weight is mainly based on how overweight you are before staring this home weight loss workout & diet along with these other weight loss factors

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Hey Adrian I'm 13 years old I'm 5'5 and weigh 215 pounds. I've tried intermittent fasting and your workouts and eating under 2000 calories and I don't seem to be losing any weight maybe I'm doing something wrong. I would like to lose 30 pounds in 30 days also will I lose 30 pounds if I do your workouts once a day because I have lots of school work to do. Also I have a wedding to attend the begging of August would I be able to lose 30 pounds by then ?

June 18, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you trcking those alories

June 19, 2017


I use an app called Lifesum or an app called YAZIO sometimes it doesn't have all the foods I eat

June 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

switch to the myfitnesspal app

June 21, 2017


Thank you and how long would it take me to lose 30 pounds if I do intermittent fasting and do your workouts 1 a day 3 times a week ? As I have school

June 22, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at least 3 months or less

June 22, 2017


Hello. Is it possible to lose 45 lbs in 45 days? I weigh 228 and I'm 5'5....

June 03, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at your weight it is very possible

June 04, 2017


Dear Adrian,

On week one, I started eating 1,000 fewer calories and I lost 3.5 pounds. But the second week, I seem to be stuck - the same diet and exercise but no weight loss. Any thoughts?

Thanks - Sam

May 16, 2017

Adrian Bryant

depends? what is your current weight and height

May 17, 2017


I'm 5'11" - I started the diet at 195.5 pounds with the goal of reaching 175, my ideal weight. I was eating about 3,200 calories/day and was stable at around 195. Now, I'm eating about 2,200 calories/day. As I said, I lost 3.5 pounds the first week so I was down to 192, but the second week, I haven't been able to lose any more.
Thanks for any advice -

May 17, 2017

Adrian Bryant

go to less than 2000cals per day and triple checking your calorie counts

also: do the workout plan laid out on this page

May 18, 2017


Thanks, Adrian - I'll do that and I'll let you know how it goes -


May 18, 2017


Hi Adrian my name is Julia , I am 16 years old , and I weight 75 kg ( 165.5 lb) for 162 cm ( 5'4") and i am over-weighted I would like to lose 20 kg ( 45 lb) . What Video can I use to lose weight at home? how long could it be? which diet do I'll have to follow?

May 11, 2017

Adrian Bryant

any of the included videos in this home workout will do that

May 12, 2017


okay thank you

May 12, 2017


Hi Adrian,
I am 27years old 5"4 and weigh 190lb.
I am hugely unhappy with my weight and have began Intermittent Fating - eating only between 12pm and 6pm.
I am also working out 1-2 times a day. Usually 40mins of HIIT on the treadmill and another hour of callanetics/pilates.
My wedding outfit does not even fit at the moment so I have taken a huge risk.
I have lost about 9lb in the last week or so but I really need to up the ante. My goal weight is 155lb by the 25th May - is this doable??
What more can I do to increase the weight loss?
Please help!
Love your videos btw but overwhelmed with which ones to do!

April 24, 2017


dear adriant
please tell me if i can take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to lose weight

April 24, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you cna take it for health reasons but it is not going to break or make your weight loss dreams

April 25, 2017

Patricia Fry

Might want to look into mini trampoline for people that are very over weight. it's the only exercise that also exercises the skin. Less loose skin after loosing weight. Urban rebounder, cellerciser, bellicon

April 17, 2017


My current weight is 168 lbs,6ft4inch tall male,17 yrs old. i read on the internet that adult calorie calculators won't be accurate for people below i used teen calorie calculator.The adult calorie calculator says i need 2200 calories for maintainance.I used teenage calorie calculators to check my maintainance weight and it says i need about 2800 calories.i compared it to different teen calorie calculators and they match.
I literally dont know which one to believe.....i'm confused.....HELP!!!

March 21, 2017


Those are the maintainance calories needed according to the adult and teen calculator if i'm sedentary.

March 22, 2017

Toby Fredrick

The link you gave me took me to the caliries i need to start losing weight.I don't wanna lose weight.I just need to maintain.I'm asking if I should use the adult or teenage calculator.The adult says I need 2200 calories to maintain while the teenage says I need 2800 calories to maintain weight when sedentary

March 22, 2017

Adrian Bryant

sorry about that. the only one who can truly answerthis is you by trail and error. I would start with 2800 and either increase r decrease after 3-to-7 days based on your weight changes

March 23, 2017

Toby Fredrick

I'd try it.....thanks

March 23, 2017


Wonder if I am training too much? I do your video workouts 2x a day, every day 20-30 min each time. Down 12lbs in 2 weeks but nothing down at 3wk weigh in today. My diet is on point, my sleep & water are good... could it be too much stress on my body with the 2-a-days? Admittedly, I had 3 beers on Saturday (4 days ago) but watched all the calories and food that day and still worked out that morning.

March 15, 2017

Adrian Bryant

first of all what is your current weight now and calorie intake now? remember weight loss rate slows down as you get closer to your goal

March 15, 2017


Current weight 199, 5'8". Stick to 1500 cal daily, sometimes 1300. I workout every day-even on "rest days". I have lost 40lbs over the last year to get to 199. My goal is 160. I've cut out dairy & refined/dessert sugars cuz they cause me to bloat like woah.

March 16, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at your weight the 1500 should be enough alone but i wouldnt panic just yet. some weeks you wont lose as much as you did previously plus its possible you may have gained some muscle and/or water weight especially if you look slimmer even though the scale says otherwise

March 16, 2017


Thank you!

March 16, 2017


Hi Adrian,
I have been searching Amazon for your dvds but does not seem to be any. Are your workouts only available on this site and youtube? I work out 1.5 to 2 hours per week at the gym doing mostly strength but have not lost a lb in over 9 months. In fact I have gained 2 lbs. I must say I do have more muscle tone. Im 5'3" and 152lbs. I have a lot of lower abs fat due to 3 abs surgeries. I don't diet and I watch portion. I started hiit on treadmill last week for 2 days a week. I am trying to lose 20lbs. Where do I start?

February 25, 2017

Adrian Bryant

this very page is a good place to start or 1 of these other plans and as for DVDs Im still trying to get them produced

February 25, 2017


Hi Adrian. I'm 25 years old, my height is 5'5 and I weigh 185 lbs. I need to lose about 20-30 lbs in ideally 4-6 weeks. I got high blood pressure during my pregnancy that's why it's essential for me to lose weight to prevent the blood pressure from increasing in the next one. Please guide me as to which weight loss plan and exercise I should follow? Thank you very much

February 15, 2017

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