5 Ways to Keep Losing Weight While You're Injured

lose weight injured

1. Do workouts that don't involve your lower body

4 workouts that don't involve your lower body

1. Bed Sheet Workouts

2. Upper body bike

If you don't have access to a commercial upper body bike you can get the home version which fits easily on any tabletop.

3. Battle rope workouts

Currently dealing with bulging discs an a fractured vertebrae in my spine an was looking at videos to keep me optimistic about getting healthy an working out again. Awesome video can't wait to try it out. Great Job!Christopher B

4. Sledgehammer workouts

If your injury still allows you to stand up on your own 2 feet with very little movement then the sledgehammer workout is also good for you. Use a baseball bat or a broomstick if you don't have a sledgehammer.

2. Do low impact weight loss workouts

If you have knee problems, plantar fasciitis, shin splints or any other lower body problems then do low impact weight loss workouts like the Bike, Elliptical, Yoga or swimming while avoiding high impact exercises that put too much shock or pressure on your joints like walking, running, jumping or aerobics.

Consult with your doctor first before taking any action or stick with tip #1 if you have any doubts you may re-injure yourself doing low impact weight loss workouts.

DDP Yoga

Bike Workouts

Elliptical Workouts

4. Diet Tips

5. Cold Exposure

If you can't workout you can try cold exposure where you simply spend more time in tempratures under 66℉ (19℃) to speed up your metabolism to burn more calories without exercising.

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