8 ways skinny women got slim & stayed thin…

picture of a skinny lady

1. Skinny women are always eating but never overeating

Skinny women eat 4-to-6 small meals everyday and all of their meals have about 300 calories in them so Skinny women eat about 1200-to-1800 calories a day and more importantly…

Skinny women always STOP eating once they are satisfied and unlike you… Skinny women don't keep eating until they are FULL and…

Since skinny women eat a small meal every 2-to-3 hours they never get hungry which means they'll never overeat and get fat.

2. Skinny women eat lots of fruits & veggies

The high fiber in the fruits & veggies fills them up quicker so it kills their hunger so they don't overeat and get fat. (see more reasons why eating fruits & veggies make you skinny)

3. Skinny women don't workout that much

Skinny women workout no longer than an hour a day only 3-to-5 times a week to maintain their slim bodies but this is how skinny women got slim working out…

4. Skinny women build sexy muscles

Skinny women are smart enough to know that lifting weights WILL NOT make them look like a man but instead…

Skinny women know that lifting weights or doing body sculpting exercises will only make them look sexier because…

The muscle they build helps them get skinny and stay skinny by increasing their metabolism.

5. Skinny women use common sense diets to stay slim

A skinny women's diet is very simple because they usually eat everything except for soda, sweets and these other bad foods here but…

Skinny women do cheat once in a while and they may eat at fast food places, go to bars to have a drink or may even have some cake at a birthday party but… Skinny women only eat these bad foods every once in a while and…

If any overweight woman is smart enough to STOP eating these other bad foods here then they can probably lose a lot of weight just by doing that.

6. Skinny women use weight loss diet supplements the right way

Skinny women take supplements only to lose weight faster meaning…

7. Skinny women don't fight stress with food

Instead of dealing with stress by overeating & getting fatter… Skinny women deal with stress by exercising, hanging out with friends or doing other activities that don't involve eating - See easy ways to deal with stress

8. Skinny women drink water all the time

Skinny women have cravings for water like you have cravings for sodas because they know the more water you drink the less fat you'll store and skinny women also know you'll never be able to burn off all your ugly fat if you don't drink enough water and…

All you need to do is drink about 3-to-4 twenty ounce bottles of water a day to lose weight and as a matter of fact… You may lose a quick 5 pounds in your first week after you switched over to just drinking water so…

To get skinny…

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Ok I'm 5 ft 2inches and I have low sodium...I don't have a current weight I fluctaute between 150-160 constanly and I want to get to my weight goal of around 130. I don't know what kind of work outs are good for me like I have naturally broad hips and can feel my hip bones funny enough it runs in the family but im kinda chubby in certain areas and I want to lose inches around my thighs, upper arms, stomach area, and back fat. Any good exercises and diet ideas please for a beginner please...also I'm currently a college student so anything I can work into my schedule is good enough for me

November 18, 2014

Jenna Blackwell

Hi Adrian

While this article does come off rude, it is brutal honesty. Many of us over eat because we do not recognize when we are satisfied and a huge reason is because we do not eat small meals every 2-3 hours. Great tips and advice, this was the exact advice and motivation I needed.

October 26, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I just stumbled across your site recently and it has greats tips for fat loss. I'm 22 and 5'7" 150 lbs. I run about 3-4 days a week for about 30-40 minutes and have already came down from my previous weight of 167 (189 at my highest). I've been stuck at 150 for almost a month now no matter how good I eat or how much I train. I'm not taking any vitamins or supplements and am beginning to feel stuck at my current weight. I don't eat fast food, or soda, or candy/sweets/desserts. I'm going to try taking your advice and breaking my workouts into 2 shorter high intensity interval workouts, but other than that is there anything else I could be doing to speed the fat loss along? my goal weight is 135-140 lbs and I'm almost there, but feel as though I'll never get there!! Thank you so much!

March 18, 2014


Wow, I read this and it came of really rude! Way to motivate! "They stop eating when they are full unlike you", "if any overweight woman is smart enough to STOP". Keep up the good work, you win!

August 12, 2013


Hi !

I'm 20, height 5'8 and weight 133 lbs.
I want to tone my upper arms.
Is it possible to do toning arms workout without losing breasts?

July 16, 2013


Hello. Reading this has really given me some ideas on what I'd like to do to change myself. I still would prefer some kind of guide to help me through this. I'm aiming to work all over my body. I'm 5'4" and 96 pounds. My main goal is to get perfect thighs, hips, and stomach. I've considered giving up on food and sticking to water only. Any tips and advice?

June 23, 2013


U r 5'4 and u weigh 96 lbs.? U r underweight.

July 14, 2013


Don't stop eating otherwise where will you get your energy from. You shoul eat a fruit slad for breakfast and for lunch and dinner eat a fish salad but not oily fish! You could eat brown pasta or rice as well.

March 16, 2014


you are perfect just the way you are. there is absolutly no reason why you need to lose more weight or change. if anything, and please dont be offended when i say this but, you are too skinny. being 96 pounds is underweight. it's not healthy. im not saying you should or should not gain weight, im saying you should be happy with who you are because you are beautiful and you are unique and you are amazing just the way you are!

February 21, 2015


hi im wondering you can give me advice to gain more wait cause im turning 21 and skinny, i mean i have the body of a minor or a teenager along with my face.. my vital is 32 26 34.. i wanna get my legs and arms into shapes cause theyre really thin but not so thin like bones. i just find myself skinny and i wanna gain more weight to make me look sexier and hot. i already know about the calorie intake and exercise.. im jusy wondering if you can give more advice to help me out :)

March 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

see this

March 22, 2013


hi adrian
i'm 13 and 8 stone 4lb i eat healthily and do a lot of different sport at school and out of school hours but i can't seem to lose weight. i feel a bit awkward around my friends sometimes because they're all thinner than me. what can i do???

February 24, 2013


hi adrian .. your website is really so cool
i was so so so happy and excited .. thank you very much

my Q ;

i want to focus on my hips cause my weight is 49 kg !
and my tall 155 cm ...

and i want to lose inches around my hips .. as fast as possible .. and i`m ready to do anything ... because full body workouts will make me lose more fat around upper part and i don`t want that ! i want my cheeks :( !

i want something focus on hips and thighs ...

September 19, 2012


hi serah im 51 kg and 155 cm too, i think your body is perfect no need to lose weight, i wish i can lose weight around my hips and thighs too. my realistic goal weight is 48 kg but i eat alott and enjot eating

July 28, 2013


i wat to slim

August 16, 2013


hi adryan
i am 5 feet height and 70 kg weight.please help me how i reduce my weight faster.

September 11, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to reduce weight faster

September 12, 2012


THIS really works
try it

June 05, 2012

Sharon Davis

Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to say thank you for this website. I've been interested in weight loss for a long time and am now down to my final 4 pounds to goal weight (more about how I feel really than the number on the scale!). Your website is so thorough and gives such great, real advice-- thank you so much! I've plateaued, but after reading all your suggestions have a new plan to refine my eating and workouts. I'm getting married in July, have early osteoporosis in my back and hips and want to start the new chapter in my life getting as strong and healthy as possible (and of course, want to rock a bikini on the honeymoon!).

Thank you again!
-Sharon Davis

May 02, 2012


Hi Adrian

Great site!! I am based in England. I am 41....5ft 3inches tall and about 21lb overweight....have been for the last 20 years! Hate the way I look and feel.....please advise me....I do a little exercise at home....I have taken stacks in the past, also hydroxycuts, T5....pretty much anything that will control my appetite....which on occasion veers out of control. I have a couple of things going on in my life at the moment: My brother recently died....funeral tomorrow...horrible....and my 15 year old dog is very ill....on his way out but I am staying home to look after him until such time....so, I need help....can you advise me at all....??

Thank you so much for your time

Kind regards


February 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

this home workout is the best thing you can do to get your body back!

February 20, 2012

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