Your free 95 day weight loss workout plan…

How to use this free weight loss workout program…

This is a 95 day weight loss workout program where you go thru 7 phases burning more calories & losing more weight as you move from phase-to-phase & Here's how the 7 weight loss phases are broken up…

You can see above that both the workout time & the intensity level of your workout activities will vary as you move from one phase to another so you can easily lose more weight and…

All of the phases on this weight loss program last for 15 days except for phase 1 which last only 5 days and…

This is how you use the workout log…

To help you keep track of the number of minutes you workout and the type of activities you do in each phase, a workout log is included with each phase of the workout program and…

For the logs included with phases 1-thru-3 & 6 all you have to do is write down the activity you did and how many minutes you spent doing the activity -- See the example below…

In phases 4, 5, & 7 you have to write down 2 workout activities along with the 2 times you spent doing the 2 workout activities -- See the example below…

To do weight loss workouts with weights…

You'll notice a muscle icon on the workout log pages where you keep track of your workout activities & time. Beside these icons is a number telling you how many times you need to do *JUST 1 of the 6 workouts with weights below in that 5 day period…

Fill in the circles in the rows on the workout log pages to help you keep track of the number of times you did ANY ONE of the 6 workouts with weights above. See the example below…

Phase 1

The goal of PHASE 1 is to basically get you started doing some simple physical activities to lose weight.

Phase 2

Now it's time for you to start walking a little faster, playing a little harder or maybe even getting out of the house more by going to parties where dancing is involved!

Phase 3

 Get ready to burn more calories & lose more weight in PHASE 3! This may be your first real challenge on this program but remember the easiest way to lose weight on this program is to pick only the workout activities you like doing.

Phase 4

In PHASE 4 you do two back-to-back workouts so…

Phase 5

In PHASE 5 you will also do 2 workouts but instead of doing your workouts back-to-back like you did in phase 4… In PHASE 5 the workouts are done at different times during the day so…

Phase 6

This may be a tough phase for you but hang in there. Once you see the results you'll know that all the hard work was worth it. Let the thought of losing weight help motivate you while doing your workout activities!

Phase 7

In PHASE 7 you do 2 workouts that are done at different times during the day just like in PHASE 5 but in PHASE 7 both activities have to be done at a moderate or high intensity only just like in PHASE 6.

Use ONE of the 2 diets below while doing this weight loss workout…

  1. The NowLoss Diet: Lose Weight Eating Whatever You Like
    The perfect diet for beginners who can't resist salty, sugary & fatty foods but still want to lose weight.
  2. 5 Rules To Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories
    Use this plan if you hate counting calories or simply don't have the time to do so.

If you're having trouble losing weight…

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Hi Adrian,

I'm looking to lose weight this summer. I will be a sophomore in college next semester living away from home. I'm 19, 5'5", and weigh 203 pounds. I'm looking for an easy workout I can do at home, because I don't have a car, and maybe an easy diet that will assist me.

May 11, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you need to use this home workout and this diet

May 11, 2016


Hi Adrian,

I'm 5'5 1/2 inches tall my current weight is 188.9 I really want to look good naked. I want everything to be perfect nice tummy, toned thighs, perky butt basically I want to look perfect swimwear ready. Any advice on fullbody workouts and execises for at home purposes

April 22, 2016


I am a 68 yr. old female, just diagnosed with diabetes and need to lose weight. I will be going to the gym 4-5 days a week and need a diet to sustain working out and diabetes friendly.

April 13, 2016


Hi janice, I am diabetic as well. I'm taking meds to help me keep my blood sugar down, but it can be hard when you start changing your diet to incorporate weight loss. What I did was eat less. How I did that was scoop the normal amount on my plate, then halved it. I eat too much! Even healthy food can be bad if you eat 5 servings in a sitting! I stopped all soda. It's bad for you! Even diet. Drink water. Lots of it. If you have to set a timer, to drink 8 oz an hour, do it. Then start using a smaller plate. Also, snack on carrots or cucumbers or some sort of vegetable. Chew your food! And don't forget to allow for mistakes. So you had pizza, and a cookie, and ice cream and breadsticks. .. whatever. You will eat better tomorrow. The other rule is to minimize the pasta, bread, and rice in your life. try to do it slowly, if you eat two sandwiches, try eating an open faced one instead. Try using lettuce as your "bread". Good luck!

April 30, 2016


Hi adrain,
I am 28 years old and mother of a 20 month old boy!! Currently I weigh 210 pounds and want to reduce 50 pounds in 5months..
Where should I start? My mom says jumping jacks will make my uterus get down if overdone?
Please help me achieve my goal ! I have just 5 months :-(

February 22, 2016


Hello Adrian,

I heard a lot about you how you help people to lose weight. I am 31, 263 lbs. My target weight is 130-135. I have a wedding coming up in December. Can you please help ?

February 08, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you need to start here to find the best plan for you

February 08, 2016


i want to lose weight faster than what I'm losing now. But im too busy in engineering school. Im obese around 197.2 lbs and already lose 2.8lbs after 4 days. I was thinking about the Intermittent Fasting but I usually need calories during mornings for school.

February 07, 2016


Hi, I'm 13 years old, 5'1 feet tall and I weigh 95 pounds. I know I'm thin, but my arms are proportionally thick. I dance, and my teacher needs me to loose it, please help.

February 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

are your arms muscular?

February 03, 2016


Hi, I'm 16 years old, 5'2 and weigh 198lbs, my heaviest. I want to lose 70lbs in 3-5 months. Please help me with what i have to do in order to achieve this?

January 22, 2016


Hello Adrian I'm 26 years old 4 kids, I'm new to this bit also want to fix several issues with my body to start off if I have high waist bones would it even be possible for me to gain a tiny waist?? Also I have dents on the sides of my butt that I would like to fill in I have a butt jus flat on sides and middle most of my meat on butt is on bottom HELP

January 18, 2016


Hi there Adrian,

I weight 475 pounds. I've lost 30 pounds in a month before, when I was hitting the gym for 2 hours every day but due to my work schedule, that's not possible. I'd like to lose 100 lbs by my class reunion in October. Think it's possible?

December 26, 2015

Adrian Bryant

of course it is. you could lose that in less than 5 months

December 27, 2015


What's up Adrian,
Can you help me out? I need to lose 40 lbs in 19 days I'm going home for the holidays on vacation and it's been over 7 year's since I've been home for the holidays and I gained 45 lbs since then. I'm 5'6 weight is 200 lbs. I heard about the sauna and steam rooms quick fix. However I'm trying to maintain the weight I lose. 40 lbs down in 19 days please help. I emailed you as well.
Thanks Adrian.

December 04, 2015


Hey Adrian, I was reading about you and how you've helped so many people and that really inspired me.
I'm 19, I weigh 205 lbs and I'm 5'6".
Also, I have PCOS.
I need to lose around 60 lbs to reach my ideal weight. Is it possible to lose it in around one year?
I'll work hard. Just please help me with diet and exercise.

December 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

very possible. use this workout or the workout on this page if that one is too hard and this diet

December 02, 2015


Hi. I am a 5'3 female who is 130 lbs but I came in at 30% body fat ?? Used to be very active. Became unmotivated lately and I need to get back on track. What's the best method for 10-15 lbs? Thanks!

November 21, 2015


Adrian ,
I like to know alternative way to do stomach
exercises "lose the fat " , if you aren't able to work off the floor ?
Your input is appreciated , thanks Deb

October 13, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what do you mean? like crunches or situps because they do nothing to burn belly fat.

these will burn fat

October 14, 2015


Hello I'm at 28 year old male who is 5'9 and 235 pounds I want to lose body fat but gain muscle what do u suggestion? I also prefer to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet what can I do?

September 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this

September 25, 2015


Hi Adrian,
I'm new to your website and I love the reviews so far!
I'm a 6ft tall mother of 2 daughters ages 19 months and 6 months. I weigh about 211 pounds.
I have wobbly thighs, back fat and I performed a self check and I noticed I have a seperation of my abdominal muscles called Diastasis recti and I read that most ab exercises can worsen the condition making it difficult to lose the mommy pooch.

Could you recommend exercises that would slim and tone my body especially my large thighs including my lower tummy?

Thank you and keep up the great work.

September 22, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout or the workout on this page if that workout is too hard and this diet

September 23, 2015


Hi Adrian!
I am a 33 year old mother of three. I'm 5'3 and 320 lbs. Where do I start?

September 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout or the one on thsi page if that workout is too hard and this diet

September 19, 2015


I'm 19 and 245 lbs. I would like to lose at least 50 but I have no clue in regards to where to start. Advice?

September 08, 2015

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