How To Get A Bigger Back

how to get a bigger back

There's 3 areas you got to focus on to get a bigger back…

  1. You got to work your lats (or latissimus dorsi) so you can make your back look wider to give you that sexy V-taper that also makes your waist look smaller and To get wider lats…

    You need to do any type of pull-ups or chin-ups or use any type of lat pulldown machine but its much better to do pull-ups or chin-ups than lat pulldowns to quickly build up your lats.

    Click on photos to see how to do exercise

  2. You need to build bigger upper traps or trapezius muscles and if you don't know already your traps are the mountainous looking muscles coming out the side of your neck - See the picture below↓
    how to get bigger traps or trapezius muscles

    The best exercises you can do for bigger traps are…
    • Olympic lifts like Power cleans, Snatches & High Pulls &…
    • Overhead shrugs and Regular shrugs &…
    • The Farmers walk with heavy dumbbells & Even Walking on your hands are all good exercises for bigger traps.

    Click on photos to see how to do exercises for bigger traps

  3. You need to work on the middle area of your back by building up your rotator cuff muscles, your middle traps and the muscles between your shoulder blades and usually…

    Any exercise that works your lats and traps will generally take care of your middle back as well but for a better middle back workout you can do specific rotator cuff exercises and/or any exercise where you are pulling the weight towards your chest like any rowing exercise.
  4. Click on photos to see how to do exercise

    Your rear delts (or the shoulder muscles on your back) also need to be worked on to get a bigger back but whenever you do any back exercise (except for shrugs) your rear delts are already involved and you can go here to see how to work your rear delts or the back or your shoulders more directly but…

The best overall exercise you can do for a bigger back is power cleans or…

Any other Olympic lifts such as the clean & press or power snatches because these exercises will work on all 3 areas of your back at the same time (your lats, traps & middle back) so basically…

You'd build an impressive back if you a did a workout where all you did was 4-to-6 sets of 4-to-12 reps of just Power cleans or any other Olympic Lift but…

You can follow this 3-part workout below To Build A Bigger Back…

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Workout guidelines for building a bigger back…

The most important thing you need to do for a bigger back is…

You need to make your back get stronger each time you workout so make sure you are keeping a training log and make sure you are trying to use more weight, reps and/or sets each time you workout to progressively get stronger to make your back bigger - For example…

If you do 4 sets of 10 pull-ups using just your bodyweight then at first your back may get a little bigger and wider but in order to make it much bigger than it already is…

You're going to have to beat that workout by…

To eat right for a bigger back…

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Gord Hutchison

My current routine. Is it too little or too much
Week 1
Upper body: at staff gym
Db palms in bench press
Db incline bench two arm row
Db palms in incline bench press
Close grip reverse lat pulldown

Lower body: at staff gym
Db squat
Romanian deadlift with dumbbells
Db stationary lunges
Exercise ball: hip roll
Exercise ball: crunch

Upper body: home workout
Pullover with two dumbbells
Db seated palms in press
Db one arm row
Db seated palms in incline bench press
Db close grip press
Db seated bentover reverse fly

Week 2
Lower body: staff gym
Db squat
Db stationary lunges
Db pile squat
Exercise ball: leg lifts
Exercise ball: v up

Upper body: staff gym
Db incline bench two arm row
Db palms in bench press
Wide grip lat pulldown
Db palms in incline bench press
Db lateral raises
Cable triceps pushdowns

Lower body: home
Db goblet squat
Romanian deadlift with dumbbells
Db stationary lunges
Exercise ball: v up
Exercise ball: pull in

January 10, 2016

Adrian Bryant

if your goal is to gain mass you only need ONE compound movement for each area so for example with the chest you only need ONE bench press movement and for the legs just squat or leg press and for the back just chin-ups

January 11, 2016


Hi Adrian!

I'm getting back to you after quite some time. I have lost around 18 kgs(40 pounds approx) following and I am very grateful for the vast resources in this site. I'm working on my way to my first pull-up. Any suggestions?

May 21, 2015


Hii i am 19yr old and my chest and back is to small and i want to make big chest and body in shape plzz tell me some ideas to get bigger chest and body in shape

March 15, 2015

Dhey Soriano

Is my posture bad or not? I can send a photo.

March 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this

March 10, 2015


Can a woman do this work out too?

April 20, 2014

adrian bryant


April 21, 2014


adrian give me a good workout plan to increase test. and get rid of chest fat, i want "Power Cleans, Squats, Bench presses, Deadlifts, Chin-ups, Dips, and Military presses" and all compound exercises that can help me to get rid of chest fat.

August 08, 2014


also tell me sets and reps for each exercise like you said here

"3-to-5 reps per set and you want to do about 5-to-8 sets "

August 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here

August 09, 2014


i want v-shaped lats. what should i height is 173, and i'm 70kg. 20 years old. please suggest me

April 16, 2014

adrian bryant

shoulder width grip pullups are the best

April 17, 2014


Hy Brother i m 25 years old 183hight n 64 kg Weight n going to gym frm Last 1 Month 6 days in Week n Wanna gain Weight n muscle so wht should i eat n which workout plan i shld do Thnx :)

December 27, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here

December 28, 2013


bro ad,
I'm a 15 years old boy,what kind of workout and what kind of food should I eat and I do

December 07, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your goal?

December 08, 2013


a simply shredded body for arms chest and back

December 09, 2013


Thank you..You and Your website were so awesome thank you again.

December 11, 2013


Hello Adrian,

I want a leaner back not a wider back. What are the best exercises for that?


December 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height?

December 08, 2013


Hello, I wondered how many time should take a mass gaining period ?
Also how much weight to take during this period
Thank you.

October 10, 2013

Adrian Bryant

do you mean how long should you spend gaining mass?

October 11, 2013


i'm 21 yrs old, 167lb and 6.1...

what exercises are the best for widening the shoulders and back faster?i

September 23, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the exercises on this page and this page here

September 23, 2013


how to burn belly fat on the side of the stomach not the middle part.My waist is long because of my side what should i do?

July 15, 2012

Adrian Bryant

read this

July 15, 2012


it says page not found

July 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

try it now

July 21, 2012


I want to get ripped and put some muscle on my chicken legs. How can I do that?

June 13, 2012

Adrian Bryant

start here

June 14, 2012

He lost 120 pounds on Adrian bryant Plan

How He Do It?
He did the "Bed Sheet" Workouts in Adrian's Fat Loss Plan 4x a week

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