All the stuff I got off here help me lose 91 pounds so far. I did mainly the bike workout videos and ate right. Damien

6 Bike Workouts

1. Bike Workout to Lose 10 Pounds THIS WEEK

2. 10 minute bike workout for beginners

3. Lose 10 lbs every 3 weeks (5 this week!) with this bike workout

4. Lose 30+ pounds fast with this Bike Workout

5. Super Intense Killer Bike workout

6. Injured? Use An Arm Bike

Using These Bike Workouts To Lose Weight ASAP…





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Hi , i am interested in your 10min beginner bike work out for beginners. The thing is though, I don't want to lose weight- too skinny as it is but I am time poor and would like to do this quick cardio work out ( if I can last that long) and combine with other strength stuff. Would it still be ok to do this work out?

April 02, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes but in your case then why not just do strenght work if not trying to lose weight

April 02, 2017


Found your YT channel while looking for a stationary bike workout. Praise the Lord!! I finished the 10min beginner one WITH! your help and encouragement. You got in my head and helped me to finish the workout when I thought I was too tired. Worked up a little "glow" even
At 5'9" Today's weigh in is 193

February 28, 2017

Adrian Bryan ''THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US, I have been using yourBIKE WORKOUT exercise instructions for 3 weaks and have been loosing regularily between .3 and .5 Pounds DAILY, I am 72 Years hold and weight 266 Lbs ( 273 When I started using your wonderful
''13min Beginner Bike Weight Loss Workout''
3x AM, 4x PM, 3x EAVE = 10 Per Day X 4/Weak
Thank you so very much for such a wonderful SERVICE
Gilles Desormeaux

January 14, 2017

Adrian Bryant

your welcome

January 15, 2017


Hi Adrian I did your 45 MIN HIT Workout is there a better one then that it's a great workout but looks like you got ones that burn fat faster which one is the best one

March 17, 2017

Therese Parks

Thank for your free videos can please send to Therese Parks 264 Munson St NH, CT 06511? I'm a beginner bike rider. I'm getting my heart rate up I'm impressed thanks!😄

January 01, 2017


I've , lost 1 pound a day and on some days even lost 2 pounds on other days

March 19, 2016


Hi Adrian,

I badly injured my knees and I don't think I can run but I look forward to losing 20 lbs over the next 90 days.

Is this easily achievable with the arm bike workout?
Which other cardio workouts can I incorporate that do not involve using my knees but will provide the same results?


January 04, 2016

Adrian Bryant

this workout does not involve lower body

January 04, 2016


I lost 20 pounds on this work out

August 07, 2014

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