7 Tips for Giving Your Partner the Hottest Massage Ever

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1. Start From the Face

2. Check the Neck's Front

You will be amazed to find out what a simple caress can do when you glide your hands to the front end of the neck. Yes, that is a great tip for a sexy massage. The thyroid gland in there is a factor in the stimulation of the sex drive.

So, doing that might enhance the pleasurable sensation for your partner. Try and draw circles with your fingers around Adam's apple of your partner to maximize the effect. You can also use the tongue for that.

3. Trace the Ear

Give a gentle squeeze in the ear and make sure you use your forefinger and your thumb to pull the earlobe. Yes, that trick is known to get the blood flowing south in men.

Also, you could trace along the ear's C-section with the tongue to make him go crazy. That's a sure-shot move that always works.

4. Don't Miss the Lower Back

There is something in the kidneys; acupuncturists believe is best for strengthening the sexual energy of a person. So, while you massage all the other areas, make sure you pay attention to the lower back as well.

5. Pay Attention to the Palms

Have you ever tried massaging the palms for a while? Sure it feels amazing, right? Well, now imagine how it would make your partner feel if you did that to him. That makes it all the more obvious why you should do it more.

Take your fingers and trace circles on the outer section of the palm to make your partner thrive with pleasure.

6. Check the Stomach as Well

The sensation it produces is beyond explanation so doing that to the body of your partner will excite them more.

7. Massage the Soles of The Feet as Well

The feet of your man are considered to be one of the basic erogenous zones of the body. With your knuckles, grace his heel and reach his toes. You will have no idea how wonderful it feels.

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