7 Ways to Increase Your Endurance


HIIT workouts like the one in the video above ↑ are proven to be way more effective at increasing your endurance than regular cardio workouts → HIIT workout tips to burn 48% more belly fat

2. Rest Less Between Sets

When you're lifting weights, circuit training, Crossfit or anything else… one proven strategy you can employ is to cut back on your resting time between working sets

Say for example, you complete one round and would ordinarily rest for 3-to-5 minutes before beginning round two, instead, aim to only rest 90-to-120 seconds max.

By doing this you are forcing your body to work harder on recovering, plus you are getting it used to more physically taxing and demanding workouts.

3. Do Strength & Cardio or HIIT in the same workout

Studies say combining resistance training with cardiovascular training is a fantastic method of boosting your endurance and stamina.

You see, the more muscles being worked + the harder they work = the harder your cardiovascular system will have to work.

Do strength training first because doing cardio first may leave you weaker for your strength training workout.

4. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

There are a number of so-called "energy drinks" marketed as being able to help provide you with extra energy to get you through your workouts but in reality,

Drinking them while training can have very detrimental effects on your body especially if you are trying to increase your endurance.

When we drink carbonated beverages… the bubbles created by the carbon dioxide in the beverages bloat our stomachs and make us feel very uncomfortable → How to Get a Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

If you are full of air, the last thing you want to do is run for several miles at a time. Not only that, but the Co2 also drains oxygen and reduces the amount you can breathe in and process. The less oxygen there is = the less efficient the muscles in the body will be able to work.

5. Do Compound Exercises

compound exercises increase endurance

Compound exercises like Dips, Bench Press, Chin-ups & Squats are basically specially designed exercises that work by targeting multiple muscle groups at once.

By performing compound exercises = more muscle groups are recruited = your body is forced to work way harder than usual. The harder the body works = the more your endurance will improve.

6. Foods That Increase Endurance

7. Do Better

endurance do better

Article by Reda El of Shreddedphysique.com

More Ways to Increase Your Endurance

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