By Adrian Bryant

The Best Way to Lose Weight With Fibromyalgia is to,

While Exercising With Fibromyalgia,

Its very important that you patiently & honestly access your own pain tolerance levels before you increase your exercise intensity to lose weight faster because…

Doing too much too soon will only leave you very sore and frustrated unable to exercise for a couple of days or weeks and if you're worried that exercise will make your fibromyalgia pain worse then actually…

Exercise is the best thing you can do to manage fibromyalgia pain

Doctors used to believe that exercise made fibromyalgia pain worse but now its proven that exercise can help you manage your fibromyalgia pain better because,

Gradually begin exercising with this 90 day plan along with this diet and its not necessarily harder to lose weight with fibromyalgia but it may take longer than usually because you cant workout as long or as hard as someone else and yes…

You're gong to have some days (or maybe weeks) where you cannot exercise at all but overall…

The most important thing to remember when losing weight with fibromyalgia is to…

9 Tips to beat fibromyalgia and manage pain

  1. YOU Beat fibromyalgia and don't let IT & the depression take over. BEAT IT by taking your mind off of IT by exercising (the best way), watching TV or doing whatever you like that does not have you focused on IT all the time.
  2. Think positive. Don't think to yourself  "Exercise is too hard" and say to yourself…

    "Each day I exercise I get closer & closer to beating fibromyalgia"

  3. Use various supplements that relieve pain like Fish Oil, 5-HTP, SAM-e, St. John's Wort, B-Complex Vitamins, Echinacea, Black Cohosh, Milk Thistle, Magnesium, Ribose, Vitamin D and/or Brown Seaweed Extract
  4. Make sure you get 7-to-9 hours of sleep each night16 Tips for Better Sleep
  5. Take yoga or tai-chi to help relive pain. Yoga nearly eliminated pain, fatigue & depression in fibromyalgia patients according to a study done at Oregon Health & Science University.
  6. Take water aerobics or exercise in a warm poolLose Weight Through Water Yoga → The heat + exercise will help you manage pain by increasing blood flow.
  7. Massage and/or acupuncture often helps to relieve painful areas so a Massage Chair or a Handheld Massager would be very helpful.
  8. 100 Ways to Reduce Stress
  9. 13 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness

Before taking medications for fibromyalgia,

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