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To burn fat faster while working out…

You need to workout when your body is low on glycogen (or when your body is glycogen depleted) and if you don't know…

Glycogen is another name for the carbs stored in your muscles and liver for energy and usually when you workout your body burns both carbs & fat for energy so when your body is low on glycogen…

Your body will have no choice but to burn more fat for energy and this is the main reason why you burn more fat when you workout first thing in the morning before eating breakfast because your body is low on glycogen, blood sugar & insulin at that time (See 2 ways to burn fat quickly in the morning) so…

To lower the amount of glycogen stored in your body to make you burn fat faster…

Only use this fat burning tip for a short period of time or…

You could just do Intermittent Fasting

If you got over 20 pounds to lose and you want to burn fat fast…

You really don't need this fat burning trick and you can lose weight fast simply by sticking to the basics of eating enough calories to lose weight fast and exercising at the same time because Overweight people lose weight faster anyway and…

Even If you're less than 20 pounds overweight…

Working out while glycogen depleted is only something you want to try after you've tried these other tips to burn fat faster and as a side note…

Going on a low carb diet will initially always result in quick weight loss (not fat loss) due to you losing lots of water weight because about 3 grams of water is stored with every gram of carbs (glycogen) stored in your body.

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What do you recommend for fat knees? I am not overweight, however I have these unsightly bags or pockets of fat over my knee caps.

July 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height? it may be excess water

July 31, 2015


Hi I'm 14 and 200 pounds. I need help with body weight workouts and EXACTLY what I can eat breakfast lunch and dinner without cooking and it has highly detailed. Ps I'm a professional wrestler

July 14, 2015


hi I am. 18 years old . my weight is 98 kg. and height is 5.8. I have been. trying to lose my weight. I want to lose my 10-15 kilos. I have. reduced my food take and started. exercising early morning till I sweat badly nd doing cardio. I wish you could help me with a proper diet plan please.

March 03, 2015


Im 5ft 11 and weigh 335 I have lost 12 pounds in 7 days i have been intaking less than 1000 Cals and work out about 15 min a day for now i eat only meat and salad I would like to lose a little faster any ideas? and is it possible for working out to add weight since working out builds muscles?

December 03, 2014


What you're doing is very dangerous, and impossible to maintain. Your BMR is around 3800 calories a day, so you could EASILY lose your first 50 lbs on 3000 calories a day, pretty quickly. Just eat quality foods. A good balance of Proteins, healthy fats, and carbs. Try to make at least 20% of your carb intake fiber. Also, don't be afraid of the Gym. Muscle burns calories! GOOD LUCK,MAN!!

February 10, 2015


Hi I'm April, i weight 207 pounds and would like to lose at 60 pounds within a 3-4 months span. What are some good tips for me to do to help myself lose weight easier since I have PCOS.

October 24, 2014


very informative site, does the IF work better than 5-6 small meals a day concept? I am 47 male and already lost about 30 pounds in a few months, but I have a vacation coming up in about 7 weeks and wouldlike to take another 20 pounds off, what would you recommend? I am currently 6'0" and about 265lbs.

October 08, 2014

Adrian bryant

either way... at your weight the next 20 will come off easily but yess.. IF is much better

October 09, 2014


hey. I am 20 years old, weighing 220 pounds and standing tall at 5ft 9''. how many pounds do you think I should lose in order to start working out for muscles and abs, and how long will it take to lose these pounds?

September 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant

it's not about pounds but the bodyfat % for abs

September 23, 2014

carlos cano

Hi my name is carlos im currently 179 lbs. And i have always stayed level on this weight. I want to drop down to 160lbs. I tend to work out everyday i first do some running for 10-15 min then i move to free weights and spend majority of time there. I was hoping to see if you would give me some advice to cut down some weight.

April 23, 2014


I only have 5-7 lbs left to lose granted if I stop having cheat days once a week. I'm 5' 2" and I fluctuate between 122-125. It seems like I can't get any lower. I usually do low carb diet but only have been doing cardio 3-4 times a week for an hour each. Have I been wasting my time?

April 22, 2014


hi my name is Steve. I am 5'9 184lbs 36 inch waist , my goal is to reach 168lbs. I've been lifting heavy and I have also cut down my food intake, for morning I drink whey protein with water, for lunch one omelet, evening I workout for 2hrs including squats, deadlifts and bench press. I workout 4 days in a week, regarding dinner I drink whey protein with water around 8 and nothing after that. can anyone tell me if I am doing this right or wrong. If wrong, then what should I change. Thanks in advance

April 04, 2014

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