How many carbs, proteins, and fats do I need to lose weight?

There is no magic number of carbs, proteins, and fats You have to eat to lose weight but a good place for you to start off with is…

You should lose weight very easily when…

If you went here and saw that you needed to eat 2,000 calories a day to lose weight then…

If you're eating the right amount of calories to lose weight, Exercising and eating your carbs, proteins and fats at a 50/30/20 ratio and you're not getting the weight loss results you want - then…

To lose weight faster by eating less carbs…

You can make carbs less than 40% of your diet while increasing your protein and fats and this MAY help you lose weight faster because…

You can lose weight faster by eating more carbs…

If you do a lot of high intensity fat loss workouts because more carbs will give you more energy to workout longer & harder at a higher intensity which will make you burn more fat when you exercise so if your weight loss plan includes a lot of high intensity fat loss workouts…

See what ratio of carbs, proteins and fats works best for you because…

Even though your friend lost a lot of weight on a carb, protein, and fat ratio of 50/30/20 - You may need a carb, protein, fat ratio of 35/45/20 to see weight loss results but…

Before you start changing up the amounts of carbs, proteins and fats you eat…

  1. Make sure you're eating the right amount of calories to lose weight and…
  2. That you're eating the right foods and…
  3. That you're exercising all before you mess with the amounts of carbs proteins and fats you eat so…

A good starting point for you or anyone else trying to lose weight would be to start off eating all of your carbs, proteins and fats at a 50%/30%/20% ratio and then just go from there to see what works best and if you're not good with math…

To help you plan your weight loss diet…
Make sure you also see…

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I am 23 years old and only 5ft tall I used to weigh 110 in high school but recently I have gone up to146lb. I have tried dieting many times and I only lose 2 or 3lbs and they come right back. I tried exercising as well and adding fat burners but they didn't help much. My job only really allows to me to eat lunch and then dinner when I get home cause I am not able to eat many small meals. I also can't stand water and I can't have any drinks high in vitamin c. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

December 04, 2014


Hi. I did read your article but I find it a bit confusing with all those numbers. Math was never my favorite subject in high school :)
Anyway, my question is simply this - do we need to pay that much attention to the ratios (carbohydrates, protein and fat)? If not followed properly, will this hinder the process? I've read this article that simply suggests "eat 20% less than you normally would" (20% less than the "maintenance" intake) and you should be fine.
I'm a 34 year old male, 182 cm tall and have 95 kg. Yes, It's too much, I know. I've calculated my BMR to be 2064 calories. So, 20% off this would mean I should eat about 1600 calories per day. (I have a desk job and I don't exercise so BMR is pretty much my daily consumption. I'm not proud of that).
Since 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories it would take about 337 days for me to lose extra weight (my goal weight is 80 kg. So, 95 kg - 80 kg equals 15 kg of extra fat that needs to go. That's 135000 calories. 135000 divided by 400 calories (the daily deficit) equals 337 days). Am I doing this right?
Thanks for your reply in advance.

January 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

correct. weight loss is all about HOW MANY calories and not carbs, pro and fats so read this also but...

the amount of carbs, pro and fat you does have an effect on how fast you build muscle, control hunger and your energy levels.

January 29, 2014


oops, my stats 50 years old, 5"4" 165 lbs.
medium built, my body type is mesomorph. I am fat in thighs, but see muscle definition under skin.

January 03, 2014

Adrian Bryant

ratios don't matter too much. the amount of calories you eat is most important. read this

January 03, 2014


hi. i have Hashimoto and am finding postive results from eating paleo/primal. No gluten- wheat, rice, oats, etc. Now, I am still trying to figure out my ratios. I dropped 11 lbs, been adopting this lifestyle for 70 days now. I just began exercising- walking, some elliptical. I am doing low carb, more protein and good fat- avocado, coconut oil, grass fed, organic. My goal is two fold- get down to 150 (145 if possible) and to remain auto immune symptom free. I am learning patience and that this will take time.

I just changed my calorie intake and made adjustments to my ratios. 1437 Daily Calorie Intake 55 g Carbohydrates (15%, 220 kcal) 70 g Protein (19%, 280 kcal) 104 g Fat (66%, 937 kcal). any thoughts on these ratios?

January 03, 2014


Your post really made me hopeful. I struggle with Hashimoto Disease as well. It has turned my life upside down. The weight gain has brought on major depression. I am eating healthy. I am exercising twice per day and I still do not see positive results. I stopped eating wheat and that seemed to really help. Unfortunately, I'm gaining more weight and was recently told that I am pre-diabetic. I don't know what to do. The disease has ruined my self-esteem!

January 29, 2015

Adrian Bryant

dont know much about Hash. but what is your overall calorie intake

January 29, 2015


Hi! I'm on my 2nd day of phase 2 and I have a question. Does it matter if you eat less than your reccommended calorie intake? The reason I ask is because now I find myself getting full before finishing my meals, and going longer without being hungry. I'm trying not to eat past 10pm, but it doesn't help when it takes 4-5hrs for me to get hungry again.

December 08, 2013


Yes sir! That's it! I'm doing the calorie counting diet plan

December 08, 2013

Adrian Bryant

if you can eat less than your recommended intake and not be hungry then go for it! more power to you. consider yourself lucky you can eat less, not be hungry and lose weight faster

December 09, 2013


sooooo, if a balance bar has 25%-40% (DV) is that the recommended 30% protein for the day? im so lost thanks

August 08, 2013

Adrian Bryant

maybe but is that enough for YOUR requirements to lose weight based on this calculator

August 08, 2013


Hi Adrian,

Thank you for all of your helpful information. I just had one question. What would you say is the best carb, protien, fat ratio when trying to maintain and even get a bigger butt, while flattening the stomach. Most of my fat is located in the lower part of my body. I don't have a flat stomach anymore, but would like to get to that point. I have gained weight and would like to keep some of the body mass I've gained in my hips and butt while reducing my waist. Even when I was slim with a flat stomach, I had a pretty large butt and hips. I have your information for exercising, but I was wondering what ratio I should be using to build muscle, tone and tighten my legs and butt, while also losing fat in my stomach. Should I be using the standard ratio you've provided above for weight loss? What ratio would you suggest with your get a smaller waist, bigger butt workout routine for maximum results?

April 02, 2013


I see. Thank you again Adrian.

Although what you say i find it very HARD to keep our weight while i reduce my body fat!

The FACT with me and my exemple is this:

Since i started eating healthy foods, complex carbs, good protein, cardio 5 days per week and weight trainning 3 days per week i LOST 5 lbs!

It's true that those 5 lbs i lost can be only FAT, but i didn't replace them with muscle... If i did i would be with the same 5 lbs now(...)

And i'm 5,7 feet tall, so my ''fatty'' 142 lbs were great for my Body Mass Index, but i got 20% of body fat percentage so i started doing some changes and i drop to 137 lbs and my body fat reduced to 16,3% BUT my Body Mass Index is now to lower :/

So i say that it's very HARD to keep our GOOD BMI (my old 142 lbs) and reduce our BAD Body Fat Percentage (i reduced 3,7%) at the same time because since i started to have a healthy life style i lost fat BUT AT THE SAME TIME i reduced my BMI (witch i never wanted to)

So i said in my last comment that i thought we couldn't have the best of the both worlds.

April 02, 2013


Thank you so much!

I was on Spring Break holydays with my friends and i didn't see any internet stuff on the past week!

So if i'm trying to lose weight you recomend the Natural shake with no artificial flavours and sweetners, BUT i eat more calories per serving in that Natural one, than if i take the standard with artificial stuff and sugars..

I guess that you're saying that is best to eat more calories per serving in the natural shake with no sugars and run away from the cravings, that eat the normal one with less calories but more sugars that may cause me cravings and make me eat even more. Am i right?

Another thing Adrian, WHENEVER you say LOSE WEIGHT it ALWAYS mean LOSE FAT. Right? Because i don't mind to keep my current weight! I just want to lose fat!

My Body Mass Index (BMI) is really GOOD! But my body percentage is 16,3%!

How can i keep my BMI (weight) and reduce my body fat percentage to 8%? Let me guess.. I can't.. right? :/

April 01, 2013

Adrian Bryant

for your first question, yes. but either shake is fine it's just that using the one with artifical sweetners may open you up to more cravings.

Yes, when I say weight I mean mostly fat although some water weight is also lost in the process.

yes you can get to 8% simply by losing more fat and/or gaining more muscle

April 01, 2013


Hey Adrian,
It's me again, thanks for your patience.. really!

Now i put you a different question that all i've been asking, protein powders!

I reach the conlusion that a shake of an healthy and complete protein powder can be very usefull in my day where i count, or try to count, ALL the calories i eat..

So the thing is that, after a lot of search, i'm divided between two Optimum Nutrition products!

1st - Gold Standard 100 Whey (most famous)
2nd - Gold Standard Natural 100 Whey (less famous)

Nutritional Labels PER SERVING:

1st - 24g Protein; 3g Carbs (1g sugar); 1g Fat (0,5 Satured); 30mg cholesterol; 130mg salt; Total 120 calories.
Got artificial flavours and sweetners

2nd - 24g Protein, 5g Carbs (2g sugar); 1g Fat (0,5 satured); 30mg cholesterol; 60mg salt; Total 130 calories.
Have no artificial flavours and sweetners

So... they are pretty similar but not the same!

For example, the 1st have 30,4g of powder per serving, and the 2nd have 32g of powder per serving!

The 1st got less calories and sugar PER SERVING comparing to the 2nd..

The 1st have 24g of protein in 30,4g, and the 2nd have 24g of protein in 32g.. so the 1st is 78,9% protein and the 2nd 75%..

But in the other hand, the 1st got more chemical stuff and crap while the 2nd don't! But dispite that, a serving of the 2nd which is NATURAL gives you more sugar?!?

Please can you give me some advise on this..

What the best? The healthiest.. what would you take?


March 24, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the best? depends on your goal so if trying to lose weight I would go with the one that has no artificial flavours and sweetners (which may cause you to have cravings making you eat too much and gain weight)

If trying to build muscle it really does not matter which one.

What would I take? I've currently been using Optimun Nutrition whey myself for at least the last 5 years. I'm currently using a 5 pound jug of rocky road. Just finished a 5 pound jug of cookies and cream (but I shared that with 2 other people)

March 24, 2013


Hi my name is jasmine I want to lose 30 pounds currently I wieght 175 and am 5'3 and I want to wieght 145 what is the quickes way I can lose wieght

March 14, 2013


Hello! I'm currently struggling trying to lose weight. I'm 5'7 and 170 lbs I've been trying to lose weight for several years. I diet and exercise and nothing works! I've been vegetarian and vegan but I still only get down to 150 and my weight bounces right back up to 180. I'm frustrated and feeling rather defeated

January 18, 2013


I'm 5'4" was 114 lbs and I've gained 30 pounds in 4 months overeating. I'm desperate to fit in my clothes again and not be embarrassed and hiding in my home. My family thought I was pregnant again and further told me I have never been so big.
I ate about 1100 calories a day with a carb, pro, fat ratio of 40, 30, 30. I never exercised because it would actually make me gain a couple pounds and add inches. I was more into measurements then weight.
How do I lose it? Go back to that eating lifestyle will the pounds come off or should I deficit more calories? I have begun to work out but every 3 or 4 days I find I overeat. So it's a cycle of losing just my last overindulgence. I don't eat junk food...I over do it on plain yogurt or low fat cottage cheese or fruit or peanut butter though I stopped eating that all together a month ago.
Please please help, I was a better mom, wife and person when I was happy.
Thanks for your time,

January 17, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this

January 18, 2013


I am 34 years old 5'3 tall and actually weight 150lbs. I have lost 10 lbs by exercising 5 days a week for an hour every day and eating 1200 to 1400 calories a day, but all of a sudden i have stop dropping weight is been a month and i still in 150lbs any advise??? I want to drop another 10lbs.

November 07, 2012

muscle gain*

Hey adrian, im 24, 5'4 and weigh 130lbs im at 20% fat in my body. I want to gain muscle but im having a hard time counting calories and figuring out what i need to do. I dont want to loose weight. I just want to gain muscle mayb get a little thicker around my butt and thighs but not skinny by any means. Any suggestions would b great. I do boxing and kickboxing for 1hr 6 days a week. Thanks for the help in advance :)

October 16, 2012


I am 64 years old and retired in 2009, do not exercise much and have never had to worry about weight, but in the last 8-10 months I have put on 23 lbs. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and currently weigh 143. I feel very uncomfortable. I would like to weigh about 120. How many calories should I be eating and what portion of each protein, carbs, and fat calories should I be consuming on a daily basis?

September 08, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to see how many calories you need to lose weight

September 09, 2012


hey i weight is 307 ive been up and down on my weight and im 24 years old im 5' 8", and i have a hard time drinking alot of water, but i do, do a lot of weight lifting and less cardio, every day i get up at 330am and go to bed at 1100pm because i have two children and both my wife and i work long hours. I also have a hard time know what to eat, becuse i hear you have to watch calories, and sugars, and sodium, and i get lost on what to watch out for, my goal is to weight 180 and be toned. please help... desprete

August 17, 2012

Adrian Bryant

USE THIS plan to lose weight on your hectic schedule

August 18, 2012


Hi Adrian, I'm 16 I weigh 163lbs and my height is 5'1". I really want to lose weight within 3-5 weeks. I'm a cheerleader but I would like to get down to 145. Help please! Thank you! !!

July 28, 2012


Hi there! I am very depressed because I'm getting fatter DAILY & feeling as AWFUL as I look! 40yo, mother of 3, 5" tall, 252!!! HELP!!! HUGE GUT & muffin top.... How can I get rid of those things FIRST??

July 26, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to get rid of all the fat around your body

July 27, 2012


Hi Adrian
I am a vegetarian but I do eat eggs. I follow an indian diet that includes homemade yogurt made with 2% milk,dals..I currently weigh 146lbs, doctor says I should loose atleast a min. Of 15lbs..I do somerunning and yoga as exercise.
I have started eating fruits during lunch and quick oats along with protein shakes that are available in the grocery stores..would that help me in any way...?I eat only 3times a day...
should I still have to change my eating regime and menu?

July 21, 2012


hi adrian,

i am 17 yr old boy from india. I am 6ft 2 inches tall and weigh 245 pounds. Can u tell me a quick way to lose 30 pounds. Also tell me some exercises to do if you can.

July 05, 2012

Adrian bryant

any of these plans here will help you quickly lose 30 pounds

July 05, 2012


Hi iam 310 pounds i gain 100 pounds in my first pregnacy in my second pregnacy wich was 3 months later i gain 40 pound i started going to the gym on monday so far i have losy 5 pounds in 4 days what can i do am 5"7 thanks iam currently weight 310

June 29, 2012


Adrian, I am struggling to lose weight and not sure why. Can you help? Firstly I am on an anti candida diet, so keep it low anyway.
usual day is brekkie = natural greek yoghurt with small (5 hazelnuts or 2 eggs scrambled with nothing.

Snack = Apple

Lunch = prawn salad or chicken salad with cider vinegar

Tea = grilled chicken (on George foreman, so not fat) with veg or salad.
natural greek yoghurt.

supper = if needed, apple or handful of nuts.
drinks, 1 black coffee in morning, green tea and sparkling water.

I go to pilates and body trim once a week.

So is there anything I can do to speed up weight loss? my bmr is 27.
Thanks any advice appreciated.

June 25, 2012

Adrian bryant

what is your current weight and height?

June 25, 2012


Hi Adrian, thanks I am 171 lbs and 5ft 8in.

June 25, 2012


Start your day with a delicious low glycemic food,a portion controlled shake that is a completely balanced meal with protein, carbs,vitamins and the right amount of fat! Full Strength provides hours of satiety while turning on the fat burning, turns off the appetite and will help you manage your blood sugar levels. Full Strength is a meal replacement shake that creates what we call insulin momentum.

June 23, 2012


I've recently completed a 21-Day Ultimate Reset that included a complete meal plan along with the detox. During that 21 days I lost 12.6 lbs, all of them in the first two weeks. In the last week I lost nothing even though (as you'll notice if you visit my blog at I was eating only vegetables, fruit and a limited amount of healthy whole grains like quinoa and brown rice.

I haven't totalled the calories for the meals that week, but I feel like they were pretty low. I never really got too hungry and liked the meals so much I kept making them for the two weeks now that have passed since I completed the reset.

I'm still trying to lose the last 5 to 7 lbs that are hanging around my abdominal area taunting me. I've received suggestions from friends to up my protein intake, which makes a lot of sense because I wasn't really getting much protein the way that last week's meal plan was laid-out.

Since I don't eat very much meat, if any, I started making protein shakes with high quality unsweetened whey protein, no sweetener (except for what naturally occurs in frozen blueberries) and unsweetened almond milk.

My goal is to increase the protein intake while still consuming a diet of mostly vegetables and some fruits, using the protein shake as the way to get the protein I need. The protein powder contributes 105 calories per 25g to my diet, and according to what I've read, I need 1g per 1lb of my body weight, so that would be 150g per day. To achieve that, I will be consuming 630 calories per day from just the protein powder alone.

I'm 5'8", weigh 153 lbs, about 16% body fat and would like to drop to about 145 lbs, or more importantly, get down to about 10% body fat.

Would you recommend the course of action I've described above? What modifications, if any would you make?


June 09, 2012

Carl Hays

I should've taken into account that I do get *some* protein through the foods I already consume, so maybe I only need to supplement with about 100 - 125g of protein? I really need to calculate the calories and ratios of my current meal plan to see where it stands.

June 09, 2012

Adrian Bryant

#1 - your weight is already low so it will take longer to lose those last 10 pounds so therefore

#2 - go here to reach your goal

June 12, 2012

Carl Hays

Thanks for the link. It confirms a few things for me.

For instance, three days ago I started tracking my diet using (along with the iPhone app). I determined that I wanted a diet of no more than 20% fat, carbs at 45% and protein at 35%.

By analyzing my current diet, I realized that even though I was eating a very healthy, plant-based diet, my fat intake was too high and my protein intake was way too low.

Tracking everything I eat is helping me tweak my meals to get the right balance, and by doing so I've noticed that it's curbed my appetite as well. For instance, the calorie budget I've set for weight loss is 1822 calories/day and yesterday I only consumed 1608 calories, but went to bed feeling quite satisfied. As a matter of fact, I felt like I had overeaten based on how full I felt.

Today I was down 2 lbs from where I was 3 days ago.

Thanks again!

June 12, 2012


I gained 60 lbs over five years due to the fall I took down a flight of stairs- I could only walk a little over a 5 year period- in the past 4 years I have been able to lose 40 lbs but the fat belly just will not come off. The other part of this is that I am 70 years young and hate beening fat.
can you HELP I do not know anything about diets

Thanks Bonnie

June 06, 2012

Adrian bryant

what is your current weight and height?

June 06, 2012


Hi Adrian. I'm absolutely desperate for some weight loss help and advice. I'm vegetarian, in my early forties, 5.1ft, 11.3st. I have fibromyalgia, amongst other things, which often affects my mobility and causes fatigue and subsequently I'm getting fatter by the day.

Is it better to eat protein or carbs for breakfast or evening?
Is a low carb diet optimal for weight loss?

Pls suggest any weight loss tips which won't leave me starving.

Many thanks

May 16, 2012


I want to know what is the most healthiest way to lose my belly fat, I want to lose at least 15 pounds by July 4,2012! I weigh right now 170!

April 06, 2012


Hi Adrian,

I'm need to lose weight fast but I'm concerned that weight loss this quickly will be mostly water weight and once I begin eating normally again, I'll gain all the weight back. So is this type of diet really healthy?

March 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Which diet are you talking about?

March 18, 2012

naima fofanah


January 15, 2012


Wow, I just calculated my daily needs based on a 1900 calorie plan, 60/35/25 because I believe myself to be carb sensitive as you described above.

Breakfast alone (for example):

2 eggs
2 slices of toast, no butter (thin stuff)
1 piece of fruit (apple or a handful of chopped pineapple)
1 whey protein shake in water or skim milk

That is a LOT of food, more than I eat now (unless I'm sneaking in things without realizing it, which is highly probable). Will I really lose weight while eating that much? Is this plan dependent on a certain level of activity (I calculated my calorie needs on your site based on my height, weight and activity level, which was "lightly active" 1-3 times a week).

November 01, 2011


I meant 40/35/25...sorry, typo.

November 01, 2011


Hi Adrian,

I am a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian from India. So, curd/yoghurt is an essential part of our diet. As are cooked lentils/legumes (dals). Both are sources of protein.

Will including these liquid forms of protein help or does it have to be something chewy like an egg? I prefer to include curd and lentils in my daily food intake.


September 29, 2011

Adrian Bryant

Protein in any form is good but if you can you really want to eat as large variety of protein foods sources as you can to get all the amino acids

September 29, 2011 en Espanol
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