To Make Your Muscles Look Bigger without lifting weights,

muscles look bigger no weights

You need to force more water & other stuff into your muscles to 'Pump Them Up' like you'd blow up a deflated balloon so you obviously need to,

Drink More Water

70-to-80% of your muscles are made up of water. When you don't drink enough water or get dehydrated by only 2.9% your muscles will look smaller or flatter like a deflated balloon.

By not drinking enough water, many people incur excess body fat, poor muscle tone and size, decreased digestive efficiency and organ function, increased toxicity in the body, joint and muscle soreness and water retention.Dr. Howard Flaks, a Bariatric (obesity) specialist in Beverly Hills, California

Be Safe! DO NOT literally kill yourself drinking 4-to-6 gallons of water per day and don't drink no more than 1 liter of water per hour especially if you're not exercising.

6 More Ways to Make Your Muscles Look Bigger without lifting weights

1. Carbs

Some of the carbs you eat get stored in your muscles and after water & protein… Carbs are the 3rd largest contributor to the size of your muscles plus,

It takes at least 3 grams of water to store each gram of carbs in your muscles so… The more carbs stored in your muscles = more water in your muscles making them look bigger than they normally are.

Think about this,

If you've been on a fat loss diet or a low carb diet especially while working out… You'll definitely see a big increase in muscle mass once you start filling your muscles back up with carbs.

2. Creatine

When you fill your muscles up with creatine over a 5-to-7 day loading period… You'll easily pack on 5+ pounds of muscle mass. Creatine just like carbs forces your muscles to absorb more water to swell up like a balloon.

3. Workout Without Weights (Before a Hot Date)

Instantly increase the blood flow to your muscles with or without weights or intervals to pump them up. For example,

Your chest will quickly pump up after doing Push-upsHow to build muscle without weights

4. Posture

Perfect your posture to instantly make your shoulders look wider and chest look bigger

Along with losing fat, an improved posture will create a V-Shape look with the illusion of a smaller waist & broader shoulders.

5. Tight Shirt

tight shirt to make muscles look bigger

The tighter the shirt = the bigger & more defined your muscles will look but only if your bodyfat percentage is less than 15% because,

Tight shirts on a body with more than 15% bodyfat will also make the fat look fatter → How to Lose Body Fat

6. Fat Loss

When you Get rid of the fat hiding your muscles… You'll look more ripped making your muscles look bigger like this guy who went from 25 to 9 % Body Fat ↓

bigger looking muscles after fat loss

How to Actually Build Muscle

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