Boxing Drills for a Knock out Body

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Skipping rope

Skipping rope is an amazing conditioning tool. It is good cardio, great muscle building, and a phenomenal addition to your overall conditioning workout.

You do not have to own a jump rope in order to add it to your workout regimen. An imaginary jump rope works just as well as a real one.

Shadow Boxing

You can also use the Wii Fit boxing feature to save your joints from the shock of actually punching a real object.

Core Enhancement

Boxers do a lot of drills to increase their core strength. This is because the power behind their punch does not come from their arm muscles but their core muscles.

4 ways to strengthen your core

1. Sledgehammer Workouts

Sledgehammer Workouts mimic the motion of your core when you're boxing to add more power to your punches.

You can also use a broom instead of sledgehammer as shown in the video below ↓

2. Sit-ups

3. Push-up press

Have you ever gotten into the push-up position and not moved? You will be able to feel the core muscles begin to shake after a short period of time.

Get into the push-up position only instead of your hands… Have your forearms and elbows on the floor, push-up and hold.

4. Dancing

Have you ever seen a professional dancer with a pot belly?

Knee Highs

Knee Highs are basically jogging but in the process you are bringing your knees as high as possible to move them as close as possible to your chest.

More Workouts

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