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Amazing Boxing Drills for a Knock out Body

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There is one thing that you will never see and that is a fat boxer, unless it is a joke. This is simply due to the fact that the type of conditioning that it takes to become a boxer is an incredible workout on the body.

It takes a lot of conditioning and training in order to become a decent boxer, anyone who has ever seen a Rocky movie can vouch for that. While Rocky may not be a real boxer he did exemplify the intensity of a boxer workout. This is why boxing is a great workout no matter how dedicated you are to the sport.

Back to the Playground

Skipping rope may seem likes a child's game, but it is actually a really amazing conditioning tool. It is good cardio, great muscle building, and a phenomenal addition to your overall conditioning workout. I would not make skipping rope the only aspect of a workout, but it is an impressive additive.

You do not have to own a jump rope in order to add it to your workout regimen. An imaginary jump rope works just as well as a real one, and you would be surprised how many fitness workouts actually add this to their arrangement.

Shadow Boxing

While the Wii Fit is not something I would recommend to anyone that is interested in a hardcore workout they did get one thing right, the boxing feature. This is basically a shadow boxing exercise, but you are simply following a goofy looking punching bag on the screen.

It only lasts for a couple of minutes which makes it a rather weak workout, but the basic motions are actually a great way to add some extra conditioning into your working. You get your heart rate up, burn calories faster, and save your joints from the shock of actually punching a real object.

Core Enhancement

Boxers do a lot of drills that will help to increase the strength of the core muscles. This is because the power behind their punch does not come from their arm muscles but their core muscles. A boxer needs a strong core in order to be able to move the way that they need in order to avoid connecting with their opponent.

Sledgehammer Workouts

Sledgehammer Workouts mimic the motion of your core when you're boxing to add more power to your punches.


Inclined Sit-ups are a great way to help improve the strength of your core muscles. Think of it almost like a pull-up only with your legs. You are not just working your upper body, but your entire body. It helps you to concentrate on the focus core muscles.

Push-up press

The push-up press is another great way to help strengthen your core muscles. Have you ever gotten into the push-up position and just not moved? You will be able to feel the core muscles begin to shake after a surprisingly short period of time.

Get into the push-up position only instead of your hands have your forearms and elbows on the floor, push-up and hold. It is a great well to build muscle and in only takes a few minutes per workout.


Just because it is a core workout does not mean that you cannot have a little bit of fun with it. Dancing is a great way to strengthen your core, have fun, get your heart rate up, and it is also a creative way to get in shape and learn a new trade at the same time.

You have never seen any of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars with a pot belly have you?

Knee Highs

This is not just a fashion style but it is actually a great workout. It is when you are basically jogging, but in the process you are bringing your knees as high as possible to move them as close as possible to your chest.

This is another great conditioning tool for it helps with your flexibility, gets your heart rate up, and helps to tone and shape your muscles. You can do this as a slower paced exercise in order to concentrate on the muscles, but the cardio will not be as beneficial.

The idea behind boxing workouts is to work hard, but then take short breaks. Boxing workouts tend to be more aggressive, but it is well worth the time and the pain. A boxer workout can whip you into shape in no time.

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