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how to get curvy figure like kim kardashian

Skinny Women: To keep getting a curvier figure every 2-to-4 weeks…

Workout A (Getting Curvier Butt, Hips & Thicker Thighs)


Click on photos to see how to do exercise


Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Workout B (Making your Breast Look Bigger & Curvier)

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Workout C (Getting Firmer Arms)

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

4 Workout tips you must follow to get curves

1. Use the right amount of weight

Don't use weights that are too light or too heavy and use weights that are heavy enough to help you stay within the recommended rep ranges so for example…

2. Beat your last workout

You'll get the curvy body you want faster if you continually try to beat your last workout by doing more reps, sets and/or using heavier weight so for example…

3. Keep a training log

Keeping a training log will help you track how much weight, reps & sets you did so you can know exactly how much weight, reps & sets you'll need to do to beat your last workout.

4. Try to beat your last set

You don't have to wait until your next workout to start doing more reps and/or using heavier weight because…

You can increase the weight and/or reps from set-to-set within your current workout so…

Your Workout A may go like this…

Group 1 Group 2

7 Ways to schedule Workout A, B & C

  1. Workouts A, B & C can all be done on the same day or each on a separate day.
  2. To save time… 1 workout can be done in the morning & another in the evening with the last one done on another day - See sample schedules below
  3. Since Workouts A & C have 2 parts you can save time by working out twice a day by doing 1 part (like group 1 in workout A) in the morning and another (like group 2 from workout A) in the evening.
  4. You can save time with Workout C by doing supersets by doing 1 exercise from Group 1 & Group 2 back-to-back for 1 SUPERset
  5. Take at least 1 week off from doing Workouts A, B & C after you've done it 2-to-8 weeks in a row.
  6. If all you want is JUST a bigger butt, bigger breast and/or firmer arms then ONLY DO Workout A, B and/or C
  7. You can add this ab workout 1-to-3 days per week (on or off the same days you do Workouts A, B & C) for firmer abs.
Show me Sample weekly workout schedules using Workouts A, B & C

5 step diet for gaining weight & getting curves…

diet plan for getting curves

1. Eat 1500-to-2000 calories per day

2. Eat 100-to-250 grams of protein per day

3. Eat whatever & whenever you want as long as…

4. Drink more water

5. Keep a food journal

If you're not seeing any results after 2-to-4 weeks then more than likely it's because…

So the 6 things you must do to get more curves…

  1. Do workouts A, B & C
  2. Eat 1500-to-2000 calories per day.
  3. Eat 100-to-250 grams of protein per day.
  4. Eat whenever and whatever you want.
  5. Drink 1-to-2 liters of water per day.
  6. Keep a food journal &…

Before you get started on this plan…

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1-35 of 1158 Comments

I'm 5'9 148 (18yrsold) my inches are 38,28,38. I want to get a smaller waist but mostly looking to get a bigger but and thighs. Which workout would you suggest?

November 24, 2016


Hi Adrian!
For how long should I rest between each rep?

Thank you!

November 22, 2016

Adrian Bryant

no longer than 5 min between each set

November 23, 2016


I want to do only workout A since i'm severely underweight and don't want to lose many calories on the upper body parts (and of course I want to build my butt, hips, legs, etc.)
My question is.. are 2 excercises enough (one from group 1 and one from group 2), It's seems to me like a very short workout...
sorry for my english :)

November 21, 2016

Adrian Bryant

plenty. if you're able to do multiple exercises then you're more than likely not putting in enough effort

November 21, 2016


I'm 33 3 kids, I weigh 116 and I'm 5'7 . I have a very very high metabolism. Once I gain weight it falls right off. I've gotten up to 122 at one point. However my butt has always been jiggly and not firm ever even as a child. My stomach is fine and toned. Which one should I do? Also I have a very small appetite, but yet I do snack a lot throughout the day to help with small appetite.

August 29, 2016


What workouts/diet would you recommend to obtain a body like Rihanna? I'm not looking into gaining a big but just more of so toned and lifted. Looking to creating a lean sexy toned body over all like her. So what would you recommend?

August 27, 2016


So do I just skipped the heavy weight lifting for my glutes what are other ways to tone the glutes instead of lifting heavy not into building a butt

September 01, 2016

Aleksa 26 years

Hey. I am trying to get some curves. I always been skinny. 5 months ago I had a baby and now I am 134lb 5'9. My belly is different now more loose and it feels softer than before. I really want to have a nice core and work on my glutes.
Should I get any supplements and is this workout suitable?
Thank you

August 24, 2016

Adrian Bryant

only get supplements that help you get enough protein in yourdiet

August 25, 2016



After getting the growth or progress that I want, how do I maintain it? How often do I do the same workout with the same weights, reps, etc.-- once a week, twice a week, once every two weeks, etc.


August 18, 2016

Adrian Bryant

probably once every 2-to-4 weeks

August 19, 2016


Im underweight and want to get curves.
Im 10 kilos under the normal weight :") and i want to gain most of it as muscles.
Unfortunately im not fit at all
I did 20 squats and 20 lunges today and my legs are burning..
I could do more but after an hour maybe. And thst all without extra weight.
Shoud i start at a gym or continue at home and do the a b and c workouts u recommended for a month until i get fit and then get into a gym and use weights?

August 16, 2016

Adrian Bryant

do you currently belong to a gym? is so then startr at the gym

August 16, 2016

20 year old

Hi, I want to gain weight and came across this plan. I currently weigh 46kg, I'm 5ft 4 and 20 years old. I have a small chest and bum yet a flat stomach. I want to gain fat in just my chest and bum but want to keep my flat stomach. Is this the right plan for me?

August 12, 2016

Adrian Bryant


August 13, 2016

20 years old

I'm trying to eat up to 2000 calories but I'm finding it very difficult. Closest I've got to it is 1800 and that was with a lot of effort and forced eating. How do I increase my calorie intake?

August 13, 2016

20 years old

Also, if I follow your plan how long will it take to achieve a moderately curvy body?

August 13, 2016

Adrian Bryant

1800 is plenty at your current weight to actually gain weight or at the very least some muscle mass while on this plan

August 14, 2016


Hi, i m very skinny with just a weight of 86lbs and my age is 25. My breast and butts are also very small like a kid. Plz help me.

August 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

are you able to follow the plan on this apge

August 07, 2016



I'm 23 y/o, 5'4", and weigh 136lbs. 3 years ago I went on this "3 day military diet" for a few months on and off (I got bored of the same food it had). And lost about 20 lbs (I was 155 in 2013). I would jog all the time and that's what also helped me lose weight

Ever since then, I've been stuck at this weight. I still have weight I want to lose but I also want to gain curves. I kind of have this straight/spoon body figure. A lot of my weight gain goes to my stomach and love handles.

People say I look pretty thin but that's because the clothing I wear makes me look slim but when I see myself under my clothes, I think I need to tone and lose about 10 lbs or a little less.

I want to lose weight and then gain muscle mass, while getting bigger hips/thighs.

Do you think this plan is right for me? I usually eat 1200 calories or less a day (I don't starve myself. I love food) to lose weight but sometimes I mess up and eat a snack and gain weight fast. My stomach, thighs, back, are kind of thick, just fat in those areas.

Do you need me to send you an email with pictures of my body in my workout gear so you can get a better idea? I think gaining weight is not for me but I'm not sure.

July 27, 2016


I am age 23 and am skinny but I have quit fatty belly , I want to have an hour glass kind of toned body , I don't no from where to start .

July 27, 2016


So do you have to use weights? or can you just add more reps as you go for the same results?

July 04, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you could do more reps but once you start to go over 15 total reps with the same weight then at that point you will need to increase the weight to a point where you are limited to 6-15 reps

July 04, 2016


I'm very confused please help!
So I'm a 15 year old (please don't tell me i'm too young to be worrying about this stuff etc.) I'm overall skinny and about 130 lbs. I have most muscle on my legs and butt. However my butt is not as big as I would prefer it to be. My main goal bigger butt, also to be more toned and muscular all over.

Should I do this plan
"To Make Your Butt Bigger Every 2-to-4 Weeks…"

Or this plan
"Skinny Women: To keep getting a curvier figure every 2-to-4 weeks…"

Or this plan
"Do These 5 Things To Get A Perfect Body"

Like I said my overall goal is a bigger butt, my secondary goal is to be toned all over (such as some ab definition, my arms a little bigger and just more strength).

Please help and thank you

June 30, 2016

Adrian Bryant

the perfect body plan

July 01, 2016

karen turi

Need help in filling out my boney chest. Have always had optimal lower body size(108lbs) with muscle but cannot gain weight in upper body. Eat well,rarely junk food. weights dont fill me out just get muscular arms .chest remains bony. Eat 3 meals a day fruit/veg,peanut butter sandwhiches,pasta sauces etc. More than 2000 cal. easily .Some days dont feel hungry though. 5 ft 6 . Please help 😃.

June 27, 2016

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