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how to get curvy figure like kim kardashian

Skinny Women: To keep getting a curvier figure every 2-to-4 weeks…

Workout A (Getting Curvier Butt, Hips & Thicker Thighs)


Click on photos to see how to do exercise


Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Workout B (Making your Breast Look Bigger & Curvier)

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Workout C (Getting Firmer Arms)

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

4 Workout tips you must follow to get curves

1. Use the right amount of weight

Don't use weights that are too light or too heavy and use weights that are heavy enough to help you stay within the recommended rep ranges so for example…

2. Beat your last workout

You'll get the curvy body you want faster if you continually try to beat your last workout by doing more reps, sets and/or using heavier weight so for example…

3. Keep a training log

Keeping a training log will help you track how much weight, reps & sets you did so you can know exactly how much weight, reps & sets you'll need to do to beat your last workout.

4. Try to beat your last set

You don't have to wait until your next workout to start doing more reps and/or using heavier weight because…

You can increase the weight and/or reps from set-to-set within your current workout so…

Your Workout A may go like this…

Group 1 Group 2

7 Ways to schedule Workout A, B & C

  1. Workouts A, B & C can all be done on the same day or each on a separate day.
  2. To save time… 1 workout can be done in the morning & another in the evening with the last one done on another day - See sample schedules below
  3. Since Workouts A & C have 2 parts you can save time by working out twice a day by doing 1 part (like group 1 in workout A) in the morning and another (like group 2 from workout A) in the evening.
  4. You can save time with Workout C by doing supersets by doing 1 exercise from Group 1 & Group 2 back-to-back for 1 SUPERset
  5. Take at least 1 week off from doing Workouts A, B & C after you've done it 2-to-8 weeks in a row.
  6. If all you want is JUST a bigger butt, bigger breast and/or firmer arms then ONLY DO Workout A, B and/or C
  7. You can add this ab workout 1-to-3 days per week (on or off the same days you do Workouts A, B & C) for firmer abs.
Show me Sample weekly workout schedules using Workouts A, B & C

5 step diet for gaining weight & getting curves…

diet plan for getting curves

1. Eat 1500-to-2000 calories per day

2. Eat 100-to-250 grams of protein per day

3. Eat whatever & whenever you want as long as…

4. Drink more water

5. Keep a food journal

If you're not seeing any results after 2-to-4 weeks then more than likely it's because…

So the 6 things you must do to get more curves…

  1. Do workouts A, B & C
  2. Eat 1500-to-2000 calories per day.
  3. Eat 100-to-250 grams of protein per day.
  4. Eat whenever and whatever you want.
  5. Drink 1-to-2 liters of water per day.
  6. Keep a food journal &…

Before you get started on this plan… Created by Adrian Bryant

Adrian Bryant is a Body Transformation Specialist. Many People (like these here) have used to Look Better Naked for free.

Even Models seek out Adrian's advice and Doctors use Adrian's unique techniques to help their patients lose weight fast and his new YouTube Channel already has over 35 Million views!

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1-35 of 1072 Comments

I've started following your tips a week ago, so there are no visible changes, but I believe it's working out pretty good
I'm 21 yo, 5' 9'' tall, and I have only 115 lbs , but I don't look too skinny
I'm looking foreward to the results, I'll check in in 3 weeks to say something about the progress I've made :)
Thank youu Adrian <3

December 01, 2015


Hi! I am planning to start doing the workouts but I am wondering if this could widen my hips which are smaller than my shoulders. If so, are there any other tips for widening my hips. I want an hourglass figure and currently have a straight body with wider shoulders. Please help me achieve this! Also how long will it take to see very noticeable results if you do everything religiously !?

November 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

the lowerbody/butt workouts on this page will help you do that

November 13, 2015

Destiny Howze

Hello, Im wondering if I could still get a bigger butt when Im playing basketball? Im in high school, so I play 5x times a week. Would I need to up my calories or could I keep everything the sams? Im playing on doing workout B.

November 06, 2015

Adrian Bryant

I would do workout A if you are playing b-ball at the same time

November 07, 2015

Destiny Howze

So would I need to up my calories as well or no?

November 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you should be able to keep them about the same for now

November 09, 2015

Suhani Tripathi

I applied Dermalmd Glute Booster serum twice daily to hips and buttocks and I was really surprised and pleased with my results!!!!!!!!! THIS CREAM REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

October 13, 2015


hi Adrian, i have a question, if i work out 2-4 times in a week, should i take protein shakes daily to build muscles and add weight? or should i take protein only after workout?
thank you

October 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you need to take protein daily wheter it comes from food or supplements

October 03, 2015


Okay so my name is Taylor I am 4'11 and 98 pounds I have an extremely high metabolism so I don't gain weight any suggestions?

September 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how many calories do you eat a day?

September 22, 2015


Hi Adrian!
I'm 24 and I'm 5'4, 105 lbs. I want to gain weight but I have a high metabolism. Can you tell me what foods I can eat that are high in protein? I was thinking about doing the paleo diet but I'm not sure if that will be beneficial for me. I just have no idea what sorts of food to eat to help me gain weight/ muscle. Thanks!

September 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

quite simply it is high calorie foods or eating more calories in genreal that help you gain weight. high protein foods

September 02, 2015


Thank you!!

September 02, 2015


Hi again,

I've been looking for your comments to my question that I posted August 29, 2015 but can't find them. Im so excited to have found your site and to incorporate your techniques into my workout. I've been studying your various workout schedules but can't decide which would be best. A recap about me: I've been working out for a long time, I'm in better then average shape as far as endurance and strength (5"5 137 lbs.) I'm slender or athletic build ( but still have stomach fat from two kids which attributes to my pretty high bmi) and don't gain my weight or have a lot of natural muscle mass in my lower body. I've been successful at toning and strengthening my legs and butt through tabata interval training. I love my workout but am looking for results I've never been able to achieve-- a built butt, thighs, hips, and legs. Could p,ease advise me on how to start? I want to do butt workout C as I aim to do hill sprints. So, if I'm to do the alternate plan between hill sprint week and butt weight training week, what do I do to maintain the tone in my upper body and cont. to work on abs without having to workout everyday.? I have two little ones who keep me very busy and it's not realistic for to follow the am/pm routines or to be at the gym more than 3 days.

Your advise and comments are so appreciated!


September 01, 2015


Thank you, I'll work it out!

September 01, 2015


Hi, follow up question as I'm planning a workout plan that works for my schedule... If im on the butt workout C running hills on Monday and Thursday, should i do a fat loss workout followed by abs right after running hills? Or is that too much? I'm planning on doing arms/chest on Tuesday followed by a fat loss workout right after.

Your advice is much appreciated!

September 04, 2015

Adrian Bryant

the hills should be able to kick your butt enough that you will not want to do another fat loss workout

September 04, 2015


Hey Adrian,
Is there any way to gain muscle in your gluteus medius (I think that's the side of your hip) without getting thicker thighs?

August 28, 2015

Adrian Bryant

yes, by doing workout A here

August 28, 2015


Hello Adrian
I got ON pro gainer and per serving has 600 calories and 60grs of protein.
I want to know how should I take the shake it. If I should drink 4 servings per day (early in the morning. Pre work work out and before to bed) or divide two servings in four shakes as I mentioned before. (On the tub doesn't mention daily dose) I have a very busy schedule in the morning and I know if I drink a shake as soon as I wake up I won't have breakfast and that's not what I want I don't want to replace meals since I'm too skinny.

August 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you need to figure how you are going to get ALL the total calories you need to gain weight and if that takes 1,2 or more shakes a day then so be it

August 21, 2015


And it is okay if I divide the one serving in four different shakes because to drink during the day?

August 25, 2015


can you tell me some sort of workout to gain height ?

August 16, 2015


Hi Adrian im an African/ American Female 28 yrs old that weighs 145 lbs and im 5'3 my measurements are 36-36-39 1/2 as you can see I am disproportionate lol I used to be really skinny and forced myself to gain weight without working out so now I have a gut! How do I tone,lose the belly fat without losing weight all over and build a bigger butt? I would actually like to gain weight in my thighs,butt and hips but lose the belly fat. I cant figure out if I should be doing Cardio.Please help! It would be highly appreciated and I cant wait to start your workout plan and brag to all my friends about it. Thanks in advance! God bless

August 12, 2015


Hey Adrian, since I have very high metabolism,is it okay if I go over 2,000 calories slightly?

August 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

not really, the goal is to get curvy, not to put on as much weight as possible

August 11, 2015

Parul B. Kapoor

Hi Adrian
I am 24 yrs ol & due to some illness i ve lost weight . I weigh only 35 kgs now, though i ve recovered & i'm completly normal
I m not able to regain . I cant go to the gym as m work timings are not fixed . I go to the park for a walk though. What else can i do to there ? Please help me . I m suffering from a low morale due to this.

July 28, 2015

Adrian Bryant

here is a butt workout without weights and in the future I will have more workouts for upper body as well

July 28, 2015


Hi, I am 22 yrs old I weight about 108lbs and am 5'0". I have a very fast metabolism and I tend to sweat a lot even if I'm not doing anything. What would be the best plan for me to do if I have trouble gaining weight. I want a bigger butt and thighs. I used to have a nice sized butt and thighs but I've lost a lot of weight and need to gain it back but am having trouble.

p.s. I do not have access to a gym. I would like to know what workouts i can do from home with out weights if any. and what kind of foods i should eat.

July 27, 2015

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