To Make Your Breast Look 3x Bigger,

breast look bigger

Bigger Breast Workout

Group A
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Group B
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Better Posture = Bigger Breast

posture before and after bigger breast

The woman's breast in the picture above look much bigger after
fixing her posture using the posturemedic device

Your breasts will look smaller if your posture is bad especially if your shoulders are hunched forward. Better posture will make your breasts stand out from your torso, helping them appear larger. As a bonus, fixing your posture will help to reduce back, head and neck aches.

To improve your posture,

  1. See how to perfect your posture
  2. Use these exercises along with the Group B exercises
  3. Optional: Use the posturemedic

5 Fashion Tricks to Enhance Your Breast

1. Have a professional measure your bust size

If you're wearing bras that are too large, your breasts may sag and the excess material will create a strange bust shape and if your bras are too tight… your breasts will be pressed up against your body they'll look much smaller and flatter.

To make sure that your bras are just right, go for a professional fitting in your favorite lingerie store.

2. Make your waist look slimmer

When your waist looks narrow & slender… Your bust will appear larger by contrast. To instantly slim your waist… Wear a flared dress with a tight, wide belt around your waist. A loose tunic with a nipped-in waist will work in a similar way → 10 ways to look 10 pounds slimmer

Exercises to make your waist look slimmer

3. Think about the neckline of your clothes

Buying shirts and tops that have detail on the neckline can help to enhance your bust as well. For example, look for lace, bright patterns, pleated material or sequins around the neckline.

These features draw attention to your chest and help to make your breasts look larger. Meanwhile, avoid form-fitting vest tops or dresses that will cling to your chest and make it look flatter.

4. Invest in a bra that is designed to make breasts look larger

When it comes to enhancing your bust, one of the most obvious fashion tricks is to buy a bra that is specifically made for that purpose. Padded bras contain foam inserts, gel packs or air pads that help to make your breasts look fuller, while push-up bras instantly add perkiness and cleavage.

If you are willing to spend enough money, you can buy a padded push-up bra that will help you in both of these departments.

5. Look for bright and light tops

Lighter colored material typically makes things look larger, so if you want to enhance the size of your bust then wearing pale tops can be a smart choice.

If you wear dark colored pants or skirts, this will ensure that you still look slim at the same time, and will help to make your chest look larger by contrast.

This'll also Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Getting firmer breast without weights

More Womanly Tips Created by Adrian Bryant

Adrian Bryant

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At my heaviest I was 220.Then i plateaued at 190 for about 6 months then I watched one of your Youtube videos the one when you say to get up off my ass.I said,"Oh yea? let's do it!". This July it will be one year since I started following your website and I can say that using IF and heavy weights, I am now 161 pounds, training for a 5k run/walk (really hoping to finish still running!).Do you have any advice on preparing or a certain muscle to focus on??
Also my breast are flat and heavy i dont kno what i should do. Do you think it's because I am doing the IF 5 days a week.?
Thank you so much for you are a sweet sweet soul<3

May 12, 2018

Adrian Bryant

LOL - IDK anything about 5K training

the plan on this page will help with your breast but being flat now is due probably to fat loss in that area

May 15, 2018


Hi Adrian I have pretty big boobs so I really don't want them any bigger I'm interested in lifting n toning without them appearing bigger what excercise can I do? and will I get the same results without the use of a weight bench

January 06, 2018

Adrian Bryant

the exercises in this plan WILL make them LOOK bigger but as a side benefit they will be lifted.

what is your weight and height?

January 07, 2018


Hey Adrian, I need to know of some workouts that will give me a much bigger breast a perfect 36 to be exact or more I'm 17 but the girls of my age I see already have a double D n I am stuck with an A :( I want bigger breast but can I do anything without any weights ?? because applying weights will give me a muscular look and to my hands and my upper body. I am a big fan of Kylie Jenner I would like to get breasts like her. And do mention how long it will take me to do those :) Thanks in Advance

April 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

the plan on this page is designed to make your breast look bigger thru firming up and lifting your breast with chest and posture exercises.

your cup size actually may not increase

April 20, 2016


I learned through my own online research, that some forms of breast massage can actually improve blood flow to the point of making breasts grow. So what are your thoughts on this matter?

April 15, 2016


I have had personal success with breast massage mixed with a progesterone cream. My breasts increased approximately one cup size and I stopped my routine. It lasted for a few months and slowly went back to their original size. So, the short of it is that this will work but you must continue your routine to see continuous results. :) Best of luck!

June 13, 2016

Sabrina Marie

one of the best way to make boob bigger, just try to use boobpop tool is great is what I have heard from my friends, so I decided to buy it and try it for myself. So far, my breasts have increased in size a little bit but thats only because I have been using the product for a week. I am sure it will increase in more size within the month

January 28, 2016


LOVE YOU! Been a fatty for life and I would always get overwhelmed with all the info out there, thanks for simplifying it all, you are mint! So I have a lot of weight to lose but I have this weird thing where right under my breasts (I'm a C cup despite being big) I have kind of like these rolls underneath but they really look like a pair of second titties minus nipples lol but this roll also sort of extends right around to my back. I find when I lose weight I will lose weight in my boobs but these other suckers never seem to budge and it ends up looking weird cause they end up looking bigger than my actual boobs. Is there anything I can do to make this weird roll disappear besides just losing fat?

September 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

losing fat is all you can do. you gotta realize that as you lose weight the stubborn fat like belly and hip fat is the last to go

September 21, 2015


Sad face haha, I hate them more than all the other fat I have haha. Thank you so much for getting back to me I really appreciate it!! I'll keep sticking with losing my fat then. Sorry just thought of another question... Because these under boob rolls do tend to stay bigger than my breasts (it's pretty noticeable) and I read that sometimes doing strength training can make you look bigger if you have a lot of fat, should I be avoiding doing certain exercises until I lose the fat from there? or should I just stick with HIIT and continue with muscle building exercises?

September 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you can do both but realize that HIIT, cardio and/or diet are the main weapons against any type of fat on your body

September 22, 2015


Hi, Im 155cm and 36 kilos, im trying so hard to put on some weight so I can start these exercises ( no point starting them now as theres nothing to tone or firm) but is there any foods you can recomend
to speed up the process? Ive tried a lot of different things but nothing seems to work.

May 30, 2015

Reza Fauzy

How can i bigger boobs?

April 07, 2015

Adrian Bryant

start at the top of this page

April 08, 2015


Hi Adrian, I know it's not related to increasing bust size but can you recommend me any exercise to make my collarbones stick out more? I'm 5'3' and 102 lbs but though my BMI is apparently 18.1, I still can't see much of my collarbones and what I do see is basically thanks to makeup tricks I use everyday. I know it all comes down to genetics and bone structure but I was wondering if there was a way to get them to protrude naturally.

August 18, 2014

Adrian Bryant

I dont know of any way to do that and my only guess would be to lose more bodyfat but it sounds like you've already done that

August 19, 2014


Hii Adrian! Can i get cleavage by working out my chest? And also: do i need to buy a bigger bra (since its only going to make them "look" bigger)? Thanks!

March 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

yes you will develop cleavage but I'm not 100% certain you will need a new bra since your breast really don't get bigger

March 21, 2014


How should I reduce the fat lines from my breasts and make them firm and lift. as they are sagging!!

Can you suggest a diet or the right exercise for firmer but not bigger breasts???

March 14, 2014

Adrian Bryant

these exercises will make them firmer and only make them LOOK bigger

March 14, 2014


Hi Adrian thx for the great website,
What should i do if i don't have any equipment to do part b exercise at home?
Can i repeat part a two times, or do part a+ the 5 minute workout?
i am 22, 5'3 tall and weigh 96 lbs.
Please help, many thanks!

November 04, 2013

Adrian Bryant

would you be able to buy a pullup bar for home

November 04, 2013

fit mom

I have really muscular arms (naturally), but my boobs are sagging after having breastfed 3 babies over the years. Which exercises would you recommend to firm/lift my breasts without adding more bulk to my arms?

October 07, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you can do just flye movements that only target the chest like the pec flye or dumbbell flye

October 09, 2013


Hi Adrian, firstly thanks for all this information! :) Secondly, I was wondering if I get really fit and ripped, will my boobs get really small? I really don't want to lose my boobs.

October 07, 2013

Adrian Bryant

can't make any promises. as you lose weight/fat you will lose all over at different places at different times

October 07, 2013



I've been following this site for awhile now
I love everything on my body except my chest
I've been using 10lb dumbell doing 3 sets of
Chest flies and bench pressing with 5 lbs on each
The bar weighs 20lb itself I've been doing this
The last 2 months what am I doing wrong? I don't
Want to lift heavier bcuz it'll make me look
Bigger like a man, I just want to tone them. Can you
Email me or something?

September 29, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the plan on this page will only make your breast look bigger by firming them up and improving your posture but your breast won't get that much firmer if you don't challenge yourself with heavier weights

September 30, 2013


im 19 and i am a 32 F. so my breats are really saggy. is there anythng i can do to drastcally improve it, other than whats on this page

September 05, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you really do not need anything outside of this page

September 06, 2013


if you increase the weights to 15lbs each dumbell and do the exercise 3 times a week, won't it make your breasts look smaller because you'll be getting rid of the breast fat replacing with firmer muscle...and muscle takes up less space.

September 02, 2013

Adrian Bryant

no, only a weight loss plan will cause you to lose a significant amount of fat in any area on your body

September 03, 2013


I am 20years old nd my breast size is 32.i wana increase it about 36-40 without workout of dumbbell , push up chairs because its not possible for me to go for a gym and bring them at home.I will be very thankyou to you if you give me some simple exercises pictures without these weights etc. no matter if it will take 1 to 2 months.. but i am much worried about my breast size.

August 06, 2013


I am size D yes I want my breast little bigger I hope this will work for me Thank you Adrian Bryant :)

July 27, 2013


i do the 5 minutes workout with 2 bottles of half litters and i wonder if i can see results or i have to use heavier weight because i'm afraid if i use heavier weight i will have shoulders and arms like men.
what do you suggest if i tell you that i am 5'2 and 170 lbs . thank you so much Adrian for your website

July 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

at first maybe not but once it gets too easy then you'll need to use heavier weights

July 07, 2013


I dont see how you can make these kind of claims. We

Nothing can make your breast bigger except implants and weight gain

June 29, 2013

Adrian Bryant

it's called "LOOK" bigger not actually bigger

June 29, 2013


Many things other that implants and pregnancy can make you breasts bigger. I went from a C to a DD between my four pregnancies and am still the same weight as before. So how can you make that kind of claim??

July 11, 2013


implants and weight gain*

July 11, 2013


If I bench press will it make my breast look bigger? What are some some ways that I can tone my chest without bulking?

June 13, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the plan on this page will do that but yes the bench press will make your breast look bigger

June 13, 2013


hi Adrian, if i do 5 minutes workout 4times a day and 4times a week how many days or weeks that will take to lift saggy breast by about 2 cm please iwant them perkier before summer. thank you

May 15, 2013

Adrian Bryant

Always expect to see a difference every 2-to-4 weeks

May 16, 2013

Small boobs rule

Not all women want big boobs. Not all women want to look like a friggin' dairy cow (like the bitch in that photo). In fact, most women don't have large breasts unless they are overweight. Unfortunately, implants create the illusion that most women do have large boobs, and men are crazy enough to demand that we all should look like that.

Sorry, but I wont be sacrificing my health to appease some prick who lives in a porno fantasy world.

April 14, 2013


ignorance is bliss he didnt say nothing about making your breast that huge. He is just using the pic just like he do on his entire website. All he is just saying is that if you want bigger lifted boobs then do the workout..they wont get much bigger less you want them to..all that wasnt necessary.

April 23, 2013


He never said YOU MUST have bigger breasts... As a woman who is naturally born with bigger breasts and no im not overweight im quite happy to look like a "Friggin dairy cow" as you so politely put it! How about you stop being rude and ignorant and not read this article and move on so that some of the other ladies on here can get the helpful advice. If you dont want bigger breasts thats fine. But some women may want to.

Not once did i read anything in here that would 'sacrifice a womans health' and if your referring to the augmentation, thats up to choice just like this whole website.
Everyone is different and i happen to really love my breasts the way that they are, no surgery needed. Other girls are not so fortunate and are not happy with their body so give them a break.

May 16, 2013


What of people with saggy boobs,what can I do to that to make it firm

June 07, 2013


I can't see the pictures on the do I see it pls

June 07, 2013


1. Exercising isn't "sacrificing your health".
2. Nobody ever said that all women want big chests. These exercises are a choice for the women that do.
3. Nice hypocrisy. You bitch about others supposedly wanting you to change your body, but in the next breath you call big-breasted women bitches and dairy cows.

June 08, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the workout on this page will firm it up

June 08, 2013


LOL if you didn't want bigger boobs you would not have even been looking at this page!! But the denial throughout your post was quite entertaining, and having small boobs does not "rule" it is very unattractive.

July 11, 2013


i want to ask about this

July 28, 2013


i dont know but i really looking for a good solutoin to get it ,becaus i look like a boys

July 28, 2013

Saggy Boobs = Unattractive

I have to disagree with small boobs being unattractive. I have always admired perky, small breasted women. Saggy boobs are unattractive (big or small)...

(by the way, I breastfed 3 babies and my perky C's are now sagging B's)

October 07, 2013


I don't have time to do the 5min for 4 times can i do one session 20min ??

Thnxxx :))

March 22, 2013

Adrian Bryant

Do 2-to-3 times but take about 2-to-3 minutes between each set

March 22, 2013

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