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To Make Your Breast Look 3x Bigger,

breast look bigger

Bigger Breast Workout

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Better Posture = Bigger Breast

posture before and after bigger breast

The woman's breast in the picture above look much bigger after
fixing her posture using the posturemedic device

Your breasts will look smaller if your posture is bad especially if your shoulders are hunched forward. Better posture will make your breasts stand out from your torso, helping them appear larger. As a bonus, fixing your posture will help to reduce back, head and neck aches.

To improve your posture,

  1. See how to perfect your posture
  2. Use these exercises along with the Group B exercises
  3. Optional: Use the posturemedic

5 Fashion Tricks to Enhance Your Breast

1. Have a professional measure your bust size

If you're wearing bras that are too large, your breasts may sag and the excess material will create a strange bust shape and if your bras are too tight… your breasts will be pressed up against your body they'll look much smaller and flatter.

To make sure that your bras are just right, go for a professional fitting in your favorite lingerie store.

2. Make your waist look slimmer

When your waist looks narrow & slender… Your bust will appear larger by contrast. To instantly slim your waist… Wear a flared dress with a tight, wide belt around your waist. A loose tunic with a nipped-in waist will work in a similar way → 10 ways to look 10 pounds slimmer

Exercises to make your waist look slimmer

3. Think about the neckline of your clothes

Buying shirts and tops that have detail on the neckline can help to enhance your bust as well. For example, look for lace, bright patterns, pleated material or sequins around the neckline.

These features draw attention to your chest and help to make your breasts look larger. Meanwhile, avoid form-fitting vest tops or dresses that will cling to your chest and make it look flatter.

4. Invest in a bra that is designed to make breasts look larger

When it comes to enhancing your bust, one of the most obvious fashion tricks is to buy a bra that is specifically made for that purpose. Padded bras contain foam inserts, gel packs or air pads that help to make your breasts look fuller, while push-up bras instantly add perkiness and cleavage.

If you are willing to spend enough money, you can buy a padded push-up bra that will help you in both of these departments.

5. Look for bright and light tops

Lighter colored material typically makes things look larger, so if you want to enhance the size of your bust then wearing pale tops can be a smart choice.

If you wear dark colored pants or skirts, this will ensure that you still look slim at the same time, and will help to make your chest look larger by contrast.

This'll also Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Getting firmer breast without weights

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