10 Kim Kardashian 'No Makeup' Look Secrets

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1. Begin with a clean and clear face

Cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser and a toner to tighten your skin. If you have time to spare, do at least a manual brush exfoliation to clear your skin of dead skin cells left on the surface of your skin → 27 Foods for Clear Beautiful Skin

2. Treat and plump your skin

A no makeup look appears more natural with the help of products with special formulations, such as Strivectin with its NIA-114 technology. These products treat damage in your skin while preventing new ones from forming.

A skin brightening cream, Vitamin C with Vitamin E serum, or an essence and a moisturizer will promote skin health while also making your skin appear dewy and pulled up → 8 Ways to Make Dull Skin Glow

For an extra moisture or a skin brightening boost, apply facial mask after cleansing.

Rinse with lukewarm water then continue treating your skin starting with your toner. Layer your treatment products from sheer and lightweight, to heavy and emollient.

3. Even out your skin tone

Some skin may need a full coverup like a creamy foundation while some may need a sheerer product, such as a BB cream, to hide imperfections. Do not overdo application or it will make your makeup slip from your face.

4. Set your eye area with highlighter cream

Make the eyes and the colors you are about to apply pop out. By highlighting the area, it becomes brighter and more prominent - of course, for more longer-term results, you'll need to treat your skin with a skin brightening cream.

5. Create a gradient for your eyebrows

Use two shades for your eyebrows

6. Use nude powder eyeshadow to add depth to your eyelids

Don't just use black eyeliners, add shadow to your eyes by creating a gradient out of your nude colors. Sometimes Kim uses light brown, sometimes she uses ash shades. Top with a triple-lined black eyeliners for the top and bottom eyelids.

7. Line your waterlines with highlighter

Brighten your eyes by lining your waterlines, top and bottom. Top your tear duct with it too, if desired.

8. Conceal sparingly

9. Volumize your eyelashes

Use falsies if you have to but, for a more natural look, get yourself an eyelash extension → 7 Tricks to Volumize Your Hair

10. Use a matte lip color

The closer the shade is to your skin, the better. A very light mauve and blush pink are always great shades to start with.

Article by Jazz Pollard

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