By Adrian Bryant

Parents, 7 Ways to Help Your Kids Lose Weight

1. Set an example

If you're not overweight or if you're overweight and You're seriously doing something about it then go on to #2 but…

Please don't be one of those parents who continually eats the wrong things, never exercises and then you act surprised when your own children are overweight and yes…

You do deserve a pat on your back for really wanting your kid to lose weight but…

Here's the Bottom line,

If you want your kids to lose weight (and if you truly want your kid to enjoy a longer lasting life without them getting picked on daily, having suicidal thoughts, etc.) then you're going to have to make a commitment as well and set an example.

This means preparing, buying & eating the right foods, exercising with your kids (if you can) or… Proving to them that you are staying active to at least show them you're making an effort as well.

2. Remember: You're the parent

If you live in America then you know this is a democratic society built on freedom but no matter what country you live in, Your house is a dictatorship and YOU ARE THE DICTATOR.

STOP trying to be your kids best friend by letting them eat as much as they want until their weight gets uncontrollable.

3. Get your kids a Wii, Xbox Kinect or a PlayStation Move

Your kid may be too lazy or unmotivated to workout but if you can afford it, Get them a Wii, Xbox Kinect or a PlayStation Move or any other game system that's not only fun but gets them up off their asses at the same time.

Play the video below to see how a guy lost 11 pounds his 1st week playing a Nintendo Wii…

4. Set new rules for watching TV & playing video games

Remember you're the parent/dictator (see #2) so these rules are perfectly okay and make sure that you set an example (see #1) and follow these 3 simple rules↓

  1. Your kids cannot watch TV or play Video Games until they're finished exercising for the day.
  2. They can exercise while watching TV on a treadmill or elliptical if they don't want to miss their favorite show.
  3. They can play Video Games as much as they like if its a Wii, Xbox Kinect or a PlayStation Move

5. Make your kids watch Super Size Me at least 2 times!

Super Size Me is about a guy who gained 30 pounds in 30 days eating nothing but McDonalds (he almost had a heart attack in the process) and it took him an extremely long time to lose all the weight he gained and hopefully after your kids watch supersize me…

They'll avoid bad foods as much as possible or at least they'll never want to go to McDonalds again.

You can buy supersize me here and you can play the video trailer below to get an idea of what it's about…

6. Other common sense tricks to help your kids lose weight

7. TAKE Action & put your kids on a weight loss plan

The 6 tips above should be enough to get your kids on the right track to losing weight but you can speed up the process by putting them on 1 of the 3 weight loss plans here…

  1. 5 easy diet rules
    This plan is perfect if you are having a tough time getting your kid to exercise. All your kid has to do here is just follow 5 simple diet rules to lose weight without any exercise.
  2. Workout & diet plan for beginners
    This plan is good if your kid wants to exercise but wants to start off easy and gradually build up their workout intensity.
  3. How to lose weight at home
    This plan is perfect for any kid who is serious about losing weight but can't because of a busy schedule & lack of equipment.

12 yr. old gets back to 115

12 year kid before after weight loss pic
Hey, I just want you to know in January, 2011, I was 153 pounds. I walked around took walks, rode bikes,cut back on eating, cutting out sweets and no cola. And last august I was 134. I found the 10 min treadmill work out, with time, In January around 115. I know its not much but I'm working on it. Especially since I'm 12 years old… I love your motivation and your videosMorgan Starns

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