Tap Here to Look Good Naked or…

To Get Thinner Thighs…

FIRST, Look at this if you're not overweight…

So if you're not overweight with a slimmer figure then the reason why you may not have an inner thigh gap or why your inner thighs touch or why it may seem like you have inner thigh fat is because of your bone structure and NOT BECAUSE YOUR FAT! but…

If You Are overweight or if you have a high body fat percentage then…

To Truly Get Thinner Thighs…

3 Ways To Tone Up Your Inner Thighs…

Option 1:

You can do the 7 minute inner thigh workout below 2-to-4 times per day 2-to-4 days per week and wear ankle weights or do option 2 or 3 as this workout gets easier…

Option 2:

You can do the inner thigh exercise below dragging a heavy object 40-to-100 yards 1-to-3 times per day 2-to-3 days per week and do option 1 or 3 as this workout gets easier…

Option 3:

Do 4-to-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps 2-to-4 times per week and do option 1 or 2 as this workout gets easier…

Bonus: Here's an exercise for your outer thighs…

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hi adrian.. i want to lose my sides which are quite protruding.. i guess i have a broad bone structure but i am overweight. i seriously need to lose my side thighs. plz help.. thanku.

April 04, 2015

Adrian Bryant

then you need to lose weight so use this workout and this diet

April 04, 2015


I just started working out and I really want to lose my inner thigh fat. What foods do I need to eat?

March 31, 2015

Adrian Bryant

does not matter. see this

March 31, 2015


Hi! I am 5'3 and i used to be 125lb when i was 17 ..now i am 20 and in thouse 3 years i gained a lot of waight! Now i am 145lb and half of the waight its in my thighs..i do have muscular thighs but my inner thighs are all fat! I even have celulitis! Want to lose weight ASAP! Please help

March 04, 2015


I want to lose 20-30lb and the waight i lose i want it off! Please help

March 05, 2015


Hey martina! I am 12, but I am also goin thru the same problem, fat thighs.....plssss help

March 08, 2015


I'm Angela! I'm 17 years old. I'm 5'3" 1/2. I'm 130 pounds. Within the last 1 and a half year, I have gained 12 pounds because of stress.... The weight I gained went to my thighs. I really want to loose my thigh fat because I've been so insecure about them. I work out 5 days a week: 3 cardio days and 2 strength days. I always stay hydrated and have always are healthy. I always make my own food and don't like eating out or fast food. Recently I tried out FitTea and it somewhat helped me. I really want to go back to my original weight or look. I'm not about the pounds, I'm about how I look. What else can I do to loose my thigh fat?

February 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you need to use this workout and this diet to lose weight all over inclduing thighs

February 20, 2015


hi,i am 18 yrs old i want to lose my weight near theighs every time i try to lose but i can't how can i get a thinner legs

February 08, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you have to lose weight all over

February 08, 2015


My goal is 180lbs. I am 48yrs old, 5'10", and weigh 193 lbs. I have been stuck between 196 and 191 for the past 6 months. Since Sept 2013 I have lost 60 lbs. My diet consists of 1200 cal a day, I log everything. I go the gym 5 days a week. 5 min warm up, 5-10 min on stationary bike, 10 mins working with 15 lbs weights for my arms and chest, 10-15 working all the leg muscles (via the machines), then I am on the treadmill for 45 mins (at 4.0 at 10% incline). I know I am doing everything right but its not coming off. I know I am toning and building muscle. Yes I am pear shaped...but I still have some extra fat in the hips/thigh areas. Any suggestions? Thanks.

February 05, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this

February 05, 2015


Use Dr. Ian Smith's Super SHRED as your meal plan and you will lose it within 4 weeks.

February 07, 2015


I'm young 6'0 and 240 lbs. I'm an athlete and my coach says I need to loose weight. I need to lose 15 pounds as soon as possible. Most of my fat is in my thighs. Any tips?

February 02, 2015


Hi I'm 5'2' 1/2 and 167 pounds most of my weight is in my thighs, but and breast (that sounded pretty weird), but anyways I was wondering what workouts are best for me to burn fat and slim down without gaining any muscle.

January 11, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to lose weight all over to slim down thighs

January 11, 2015


Hi I'm 22, 5'3 i weigh 150. I have big thighs and a big butt. I also have a belly. Over the past 6 years I've put on about 20 to 30 pounds because of not playing sports and being lazy. I used to play soccer so I used to be somewhat slimmer than I am now but I've never had a completely flat stomach. What can I do?

January 07, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to lose weight all over to get a flat stomach

January 08, 2015

linda prosper

hi!am abit fat too,but am doing some exercise every day. it beeing 3 days now. i got some research on the internet.

you have to:
drink a lot of water
do exercise
reduce food and eat more vegetable as you can

January 26, 2015


Hi- I just found your website today. I am a female, 5'4 and 216 lbs. My goal is to lose 70 lbs within 8 months. Two weeks ago, I started intermittent fasting (19/5; eating from 12pm-5pm) and have lost 4 lbs. I just started exercising 4 days in the morning using my gazelle edge glider for 40 minutes and work start incorporating your jumping jacks video. Is my goal realistic and achievable?

December 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

yes, very reasonable and realstic

December 04, 2014


Hey Adrian
I'm 114 lb and 4'11.5, and I'm pretty toned in my stomach but my thighs and calves are huge. I don't know what to do, and I've looked a lot, but it seems like you know what to do!!! So can you help me? I can't stand this leg fat!!! :)

November 24, 2014


I just read it, but it's more my calves that are big, but would doing one of the cankle workouts help?

November 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

It's worth a try to help toneup that area

November 29, 2014


Hey, i am cathy please tell me a effective way to get slim thighs and arms my thighs are very broad and when i wear jeans everyone looks at me in a very bad way please i am turning thirteen please, please, plase......

October 22, 2014


But currently I'm having a week school holiday. And this year is my last year in this school before I move on to a higher level. So apparently my major exam is next month and I'm afraid I may not have enough time to do alot of workouts as I still have to revise.

September 10, 2014


Hi! Im an 18 year old female weighing 119lbs. My height is 5"4. Im a busy college student so I don't have time for gym. I have been going running for about a week now for 30minutes or so and I do a a few leg, butt and stomach exercises at home. What I wanted to ask you is that even though my legs are muscled and toned, my inner thighs still have fat and are flabby. What is the best way to loose fat there? And lower stomach fat too. Thanks! :)

September 09, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you sure it's flab or just your bone structure (see pic at top)

September 10, 2014


No it's definitely flab. I've got slightly above average hips

September 11, 2014


Hi Adrian!

What exercise would you recommend to get rid of hip and butt fat. (I have an hour glass figure)

Many thanks!

September 06, 2014

Adrian Bryant

any cardio or hiit workout will do that. see these

September 08, 2014


Hi iam ananya iam 21 years old 5'3 height my weight is 60 kg iam unhappy with my thighs they are huge please help me with this I want to get leaner thighs..

August 26, 2014

Adrian Bryant

you'll need to lose fat all over to do that

August 29, 2014

Kiki Dandy

Thank You so much Adrian, I love all your advice, I recently found this site and it's SO MUCH COMMON SENSE! You're so awesome to help us all in the journey to better health and fitness, and LOOKING GREAT NAKED!! :-D ...Now my personal goals, I'm 32yr old (stay at home) Mother of 4, ( all c-sections) I used to be fit years ago, but I've just been lazy and stressed, I'm not having anymore children, my husband is very fit and I'm tired of being his overweight wife( although he sees me as thick he too wants me to be more HEALTHY, but he has no compassion in the gym, I CAN'T WORK OUT WITH HIM AND REMAIN MARRIED...LOL) so I want my body back. I'm 5'6, 220lbs, I want to ultimately lose 70lbs, I'm going to put your advice into practice and give an update in a month or so...

August 16, 2014

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