The Only 3 ways To Make Your Penis Look Bigger is…

1. Shave your pubic hair

Go here to see how to shave your pubic hair because shaving your pubic hair will make your penis look bigger by revealing the hidden length of your penis hidden behind all that bushy hair in your pubic area.

2. Lose Weight

Losing weight will only make your penis look dramatically bigger if you're at least 30 pounds overweight because as you lose weight…

how to make your penis look biggerThe pad of extra fat over your pubic bone hiding your penis (see the picture on your right) will get smaller or go away helping you reveal more of your penis so actually…

3. Increase blood flow to your penis (Get an erection)

The more blood you have flowing to the penis the bigger it will look so basically…

The only true way to get a bigger penis is surgery because…

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There are 94 comments

A am 30 my penis 6 in. How I look bigger and longer my penis

March 28, 2015

rocky rana

my penish very small size . i want to make big size penish pls help me

March 08, 2015


A am 30 my penis 4 in. How I look bigger and longer my penis

March 03, 2015


ir my name is ayub baig iam from ap my age is old 24 and my pennis size is only 5 inch plz i wont my pennise size is 7 inch plz wont u wont i can pay but i wont my pennis as 7 inch thankyou

January 29, 2015


Try penis exercise from lion bakala find him on facebook her exercise can increase 8 inches to 10 inches penis.

February 01, 2015


Find lion bakala on facebook her penis exercise work greats than surgery, pump, extender or any kind of penis enlargement method.

February 01, 2015


Use sikender-e-azam plus capsule for curing blood flow in your penis there of you can enlarge your penis up to 8 is herbal and have no side effect.

February 10, 2015


My age is 30 in my dick size is 4inch .I want make 8 inch..Please help me..what I do....

March 20, 2015


My age is 30 in my dick size is 4inch .I want make 8 inch..Please help me..what I do....

March 20, 2015

mark donald

helo shan please contact my email so that i can give you 10 tips to do evry morning and just within 2 weeks you will testify to tips are very cheap and has helped many guys thank you

March 25, 2015

Ayub baig

Sir my name is ayub baig iam from ap my age is old 21 and my pennis size is only 5 inch plz i wont my pennise size is 7 inch plz wont u wont i can pay but i wont my pennis as 7 inch thankyou

January 24, 2015


My penis is very small. I want to make big size of penis

January 21, 2015


sir ,my penise size is 4.5 inchesi have take many medicine homepathic but not relife plz tell me can it possible to increase size and eriction when i intercourse no eriction i feel plz do something for me

January 16, 2015


Plz halp, I has .024 inch penish and I needz halp plz. How do I get to be 9 inchez en 2 hours? I saw on entrrnetz that I kan get wand dat will make penish bigger. But i needz money. Can I borrow 1.47 million dollars so i kan has wand? Or you kan just use ur powers and give me big penish. Either will work but I has to have tomorrow or I die.

January 16, 2015


Is there a calculator to calculate how long your dick will be at maximum age when growth starts my penis is about 5.5 inches erect and I'm 13

January 14, 2015

Lucky one

WOW!!! I really tought that my penis was small,when it's 7 inches or 17.8 cm ,and im only 16...i guess i must stop comparing mine to the pornstars :D

January 11, 2015


my penish very small size . i want to make big size penish pls help me

January 06, 2015


Hi sir my penis is seize very small .so how can my penis bigger. Please can help

December 29, 2014


I am 20years old. My panic 5inch Long. I increase panic please i have not been having full erection and do not last long during sex what can i do need my penis more bigger how can i big my penis? Please advice me.

December 29, 2014


I am 35 years old with very small penis wife is unhappy need to make bigger please help what can I do

December 22, 2014

Ayo Abdul

I need big peins

March 13, 2015


Hello sir my penis is very small . I want to make long my penis so give me a suitable reasons for long the my penis

December 17, 2014


My penic is small size I want 8 inches size kise bhi plz

December 15, 2014


Everyone comments how to get a bigger size. I have also a problem with my size.I heard about stretching,penis surgery and more but they have many side effect.I came to know about some herbal medicine like Sikander-e-Azam Plus,PXXL Capsule,Mughal-e-Azam Plus Capsule and Hard Rock Capsule.
Sikander-e-Azam Plus is best for penis enlargement.

November 30, 2014


Dear Suresh, May I get your contact number? please.
Contact me on FB: madhav17 @live. com

December 16, 2014


sir my panis size is 3 inch
how to improve in big size like 6 inch
and I am 27 year old
can I improve size of panis

November 25, 2014


Whether the tool is big, small or in between, it needs to be healthy; regularly using a quality penis health crème with amino acids and vitamins can help with common issues like dry penis skin, odor, loss of sensation, etc.

November 05, 2014


How can i big my small penis with medicine or without medicine? Tell me soon before getting marriage.

October 25, 2014


my pennis is no big plz how can big my penis ,advice me

October 13, 2014


But I remember, last time while I was banging, I had the feeling my penis should be a bit bigger. If it remained 5.2in or more and not always getting smaller up and forth, I would have been happy. But I felt how it was reducing on its own. As it sank to 4.6inches and I lost my whole erection, it was sucking for me. But if it keeps above 5.2 inches, I was happy.

I've heard the optimum penis size is: 7.5inches length and 6.3inches wide.

August 26, 2014


My pince so small .I want half place

November 28, 2014


Everyone comments how to get a bigger size. I have also a problem with my size (at max. it is at 6.4in, but at erected, it is 6in averagely).
I've heard stretching like juelqing can help. On the other hand, I heard that penis-surgeries cause more disadvantages, pains and sometimes even no improvements.
All in all, 5.2in is the average penis size. I've read about women who wrote, they would take only big dicks from 6inches upwards. Cool, I'm in :D
Women have the advantages to increase breast and butts, we don't have this possibility. Penis surgery is just a way to damage yourself. In my opinion, if you have 5in, you can be happy and leave it at it. Optionally, do some juelqing and strech exercises for your penis and that's it. Not all women want the biggest cocks. It's more about FAT cocks. So my question is, how to get the penis fatter, wider?

In Germany, there was a man who could improve his penis by 4inches. With the help of stretching - it was even written in a newspaper.

But at the end, it is up to you how confident you are with yourself, the technique that you can use your tool/toy/penis effectively and also a proper penis size and width.

August 26, 2014


my penis size 3. inches i have to biger my penis
pleaze answer me.

August 07, 2014


hello sir i want to tell u that sometimes i having pain in my balls what should i do for that nd i have not been full erection in my penis i want to make my penis more big and thick plz sir i really need your help

August 01, 2014


hello sir i want to make my penis bigger thick and i have not enough erection plz i need ur help plz

August 01, 2014


My dick is not fat .. I want big more fat so what I need to do please please tell me

July 31, 2014

hasim rain

i have smal penis. soi want increase my penis, how to do increase and fat penis? please give that answer.

July 03, 2014


My name kishore my age 25 my cock 5.5 inches how to improve my cock have any medicine

May 17, 2014


You can try this website Krish. It worked for me. at the good thing is that you don't have to take pills. It works amazing.

May 24, 2014

steve may

What is the website you advised Krish to view for penis enlargement?

June 25, 2014

ali anweer

my penis is 4 inches i want to big

May 09, 2014

john from england

my dick is 3 inches when full what can i do ??
my wife has left me and im feeling low
i want big dick i will pay now...

April 30, 2014


Hey. There is a male enhancing product called "the bath mate. Give it a works.

October 07, 2014


my name is age is 30,my penis size is 5" inch please i have not been having full erection and dont last long during sex what can i do need my penis more bigger how can i big my penis? Please advice me.

April 21, 2014


dear madeen,
you can over come this problem with simple thing, now worries . find some one how can suck your cock , and when you are about to erect you cum remove form mouth and control or not to touch your cock. repeat it as many time as you can. but make sure not to erect in your partner's mouth.
there is no guarantee but it may work and improve your stamina .

November 02, 2014


my name is age is 30,my penis is hidden but when he become angry that time my penise size is 5" inch please i have not been having full erection and dont last long during sex what can i do need my penis more bigger how can i big my penis? Please advice me.

March 26, 2014


Hey adrian,

Its bit uncomfortable to address this issue, however am just wondering does the fat pad on the " pubic" area go away if i keep on losing fat all over?

March 07, 2014


my name is age is 23,my penis size is 5" inch please i have not been having full erection and dont last long during sex what can i do need my penis more bigger how can i big my penis? Please advice me.

February 20, 2014


how to make our penis longer naturally .......?.

March 25, 2014


I want my penise to become bigger ...

May 05, 2014


I have a 4 inch erected and im 11 so You Really Should Masterbate more

May 26, 2014


Seriously I do it atleast olnce a day(and ik tmi and all) but for real it works out I'm 14 with a dang near 7 inchs and I didn't do ay special thing or enlarger, just masturbate

July 14, 2014


My penis is 5inch.iam 36years now.advice me to get long and thick penise

February 03, 2014


Why make it look bigger when you actually can make it bigger? You can get bigger only if you think that's possible. Also, you must know there is no overnight enlargement. Penis enlargement requires a lot of patience and hard work. But on the positive side, you don't need expensive gadgets or pills. Your hands, that's all you need. Just don't give up and you'll surely see the results. I was using penis extender for 6 months (since mid November 2012) barely seeing any results I started with 5.7" in length and 4.8" girth. By the end of the February I could measure near 6" . But, obviously I've reached a plateau and after initial 0.3" I got nothing in the following two months. After one week break I kept extending for one more month, but I haven't seen further gains. After six months I was measuring 6.3" in length and the girth stayed the same, 4.8". I was pleased with the length, but my penis was still too thin. So I've googled looking for penis enlargement programs and workouts consisted of natural hand exercises that would help me improve my girth gains. I've subscribed to one program calld BuildPenis in June, with very simple instructions and video explanations, and I've started working 5 days a week, with 2 days off (as instructed). After seven months my girth was 5.5". Also, I've overcame a length plateau and I've got 0.8 more inches, so my current measures (from last night, lol) are 7.1" length and 5.5" girth, tho I think I'm still gaining. This program helped me a lot and I'm sure it will help you too:

January 22, 2014


hey guyss now.
Don't Leave with small Pepe when you can make large upto 7-11 inch it also helps you to play big inning in bed with your partner NO PILL OR SURGERY OR EXTRA EQUIPMENT NEEDED

January 14, 2014


Hi I want increase my penis size if anyone have a natural idia so let me know now I have strong 5
Inch penis I want more lengh my penis

January 09, 2014

p p sing

my penis is 6".i want increase 7".how can possible

December 18, 2013

michael khaitawng

i'd like to know about penis, 'cos my penis isn't enough to big and long, i'm waiting the answer that.

December 16, 2013


sir i want to increase and fat my dick.plese give some suggestion that how i do this.mail on email id.

December 11, 2013


Hi sir, my penic is very shot just about 4. So i want taller than that. Can you help me please.

December 15, 2013


Hi sir me Hassan my age is 28 nd my dick size is 6 inches I want more big plz plz tell me how it could be possible plz
Plz tell me sir.

December 08, 2013

adedeji soyemi

my dick is weak size to get bigger hard dick for stronger.pld i need your help me.i still concern about my waek dick,i want to know about it,pls contact me email

November 23, 2013


i am 50 year old and my penis in1inc. how can i big my penis? Please advice me

November 21, 2013

abir singh

sir my name is abir age is 18,my penis size is can i make my penis bigger.pls ansr me....

November 17, 2013


my penis only 3 inchi how can i big my penis? Please advice me

September 27, 2013


I am 22 years and my penis is small and bend pls tell me what to do

September 24, 2013



August 17, 2013


my age 36 years and my cock is 6 inch. I went more big my cock, can I do. tell me. thank

September 05, 2013

shapla prathick ashok

Sir actually i am 24 years having 3inch penis i marrying 4 months but not issue sex to my wife in this era.i wanting increase i following what you preach eat zinc do real man workouts and i make my 18 years wife watch porn with me but now she requesting i do surgery to request big penis like black man.please sir advising where such enhancements can attain.namaskar shapla

March 16, 2013

raghav ranjan

how can we produce our pennis fat long and strong?

March 04, 2013


I hav a minimum larger penis my maraige was ovr one month ago during my first night my wife done oral sex to me but when i put my penis into her ass she feel lot of pain & she is cring most of the time knw we only do oral sexs what to do for real sex?

February 21, 2013

Boy Toy

Hey man, I agree with your 3 points that shaving pubic hair, losing weight and improving blood flow (with kegels) improve penis size...
But many people actually find stretching and jelqing to work.
I have used an all-day stretcher for a couple of months, and have grown more than 1 cm in erect lenght...
My penis enlargement proof-pictures are updated every 2nd month and can be found at:

February 05, 2013


Thanks to this web. They're good exercise I learn from others questions and the answers but it works on me slowly.
Can I ask what are the fastest ways. Plz. Answer me.

January 07, 2013


please i have not been having full erection and dont last long during sex what can i do need advice.

September 11, 2012

Barney Vincelette

I will go along with everything here except surgery which is unnecessary for the vast majority of folks and shaving is out of the question because I dye my hair below the waist fluorescent lime green (that glows under black light; Stargazer UV green) as part of a political statement against Phillip Morris. Years ago I accidentally discovered that some top executives of Phillip Morris hate green. If you don't like lime green pubic hair, however, you have other choices, such as fuchsia. Before you dye this hair, I suggest Splat bleach that does not sting or itch.

September 02, 2012


Adrian How big is your penis sir?

July 10, 2012


Uhh Jelqing and penis stretching Exercises are not gimmicks and do provide results. It like many things relating to changing the body require dedication and time and motivation and there are safe penis stretchers and weights out there but one must do their research like any fitness product you plan on purchasing.
Saying there is no way (but surgery ) is wrong and surgery is not a guarantee of anything either lol. I dont know why this page is so doom and gloom.

July 10, 2012

si mi

I was reading this article and I came over PC exercises. I tried standing up infront of the mirror in my bathroom. I don't know if I'm doing it right cause my penis doesn't seem to be jumping. I'm wondering is my PC muscles weak? Or is it something else? I'm very curious and I'm sure you'll be able to answer it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

July 04, 2012


Well essentially yes your muscles are weak. A good way to start flexing the muscle more is by starting and stopping your urine stream when you use the rest room.

And its best practiced with an erection as well

July 10, 2012


when doing the pc exercise its not necessary your penis will jump, feel the muscles between your anus and penis being contracted and released. it will be a very bad option trying to stop and release your pee because it can adversely damage your muscles in a long run

October 09, 2012


sir thanks fr this site .actually i have also suffered from man boobs and the size of my chest is very large as compared to normal man of nearly18-20 years.please help me sir and tell me about the time and quantity of food including zinc per day and only this is enough or not if not then please suggest me some more other methods to get rid off from these man boobs.please sr reply soon its a request.looking forward to your reply.please sir tell me about the propermethods which i have to follow .i am totally dependent on you...

June 17, 2012


heellloo Adrian,
i would like to know if it is gud to have herbalife products along with excercise... i dont know if herbalife products are good.. kindly reply me if u know about this product.

June 05, 2012

Adrian bryant

I don't know the answer to that neither but I do know you do not need them to lose weight fast

June 05, 2012


Hi, der sir/mis my penis is very big so when I have sex with my wife she is always cry out and sometime she used to shout ahahahah put your penis out of my vagina, and nowaday She hate sex with Me so what can do to have a normal sex with her with a sweet sound ??

May 15, 2012

s n

try penis cookies available at medical stores

June 04, 2012


My best advice would be to 1) Use some Ky jelly products to make intercourse more comfortable 2) use other methods of pleasuring her such as fingering or oral 3) get creative with sex without your penis fully inside of her try just putting the head in and focus on not filling her up while still having intercourse 4) Communicate tell her the changes you plan on making and see how she responds to it.

July 10, 2012


What are the best products or ways to increase sex drive

March 26, 2012

plz tell me nataral way to gain penis size upto 3-4 inch

December 18, 2011

Adrian Bryant

the only ways I have are the 3 ways on this page so don't e fooled by any gimmicks

December 18, 2011


Adrian...firstly thanx for this site....its is realy very helpful..i wana make my penis to look bigger...but i couldnt see the pc exercises as stated here...could you please help me?

October 08, 2011


wowww i love dis article and tips.i real love wat u r doin.actualy ma penis size is 7.5 inches but i want to increase it to 8 inches.hw possible it is?besides i can have sex more than 1hr in a i normal?also i need ur dvd on workouts program.remain blessed. .from nigeria

September 29, 2011

Adrian Bryant

Outside of surgery there is nothing you can do to increase penis size but go here to get free dvd

September 29, 2011 en Espanol
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