5 Steps to Shave Your Balls Properly

shave your balls

1. Jump in the Shower

Before we do any shaving take a nice warm shower. The warm water will loosen hair follicles and lets you get a smoother shave. The warmth also loosens the skin around your balls and decreases the amount of wrinkles on the sack.

Less wrinkles helps us get a smoother surface to shave on and get an overall better shave. You can complete this entire process in the shower which is what most guys choose to do. However if you don't then you need to begin the ball shaving process immediately after exiting the shower.

2. Tackle Long Hairs

If you have longer hairs on your balls tackle them with a body groomer. Make sure you're using something water resistant and only use the groomer for long hairs. Don't attempt doing the entire ball shaving process with any type of electric shaver.

You're asking for trouble if you do! Electric shavers make ball shaving a nightmare and unpleasant experience. Also this step can be done before jumping in the shower, but doing it after is fine. The looser skin helps you get them quicker.

3. Lathering Up

Surprisingly a lot of us get this step wrong. You would think any lather will work just fine, but you actually want to use a hand soap or thin shaving lotion. Apply a very thin layer to your balls before shaving.

Excess creams will only get in the way and make it harder to shave. So keep it simple and keep it thin. You can always add a little more as needed.

4. The Technique

Your balls are now prepped for a good shaving.

Remember, this isn't a race and to take your time. Apply additional hand soap as needed and if you feel you need to loosen the skin again use a rag soaked in warm water. You'll be surprised how tough your sack skin actually is.

5. Apply After Shave Products

Now that your balls are velvety smooth and feel amazing you can apply some after shave products. I prefer a ball powder which helps keep things dry after shaving. Some guys like to use a small amount of lotion instead. So it's really up to you!

Guest Post by: iManscape.com

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