2 Ways To Gain Muscle During Ramadan

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1. Keep getting stronger

The #1 thing you have to do to build muscle is to keep getting progressively stronger so during Ramadan you can still stick with your current muscle building workout but…

Because you cant drink water during the daily fasting period of Ramadan…

It's best that you schedule your 1st nightly workout right before Iftar because fasting during the day actually increases your fat burning metabolism by releasing more adrenaline so actually…

If you workout while still in a fasted state (right before Iftar) you'll have more energy to lit heavier weights, do more reps and sets because of the extra adrenaline but if working out fasted doesn't seem like something you think you wouldn't be able to do then…

Have a small Iftar meal with equal amount s of carbs and protein or a simple meal replacement shake before your workout but regardless of what you do…

Have a big meal after your workout and if you don't already have a muscle building workout of your own… Here is a workout you can do during Ramadan to gain muscle mass

2. Eat right to gain muscle mass

You can use this diet plan here to gain muscle mass eating 2000-to-2500 calories per day (which is more doable than most muscle mass plans during Ramadan because other plans may have you eating well over 3000 calories also gaining fat in the process) and…

It may be difficult for you (without supplements) to eat all those calories in that shortly nightly 5+ hour period but whatever muscle gaining diet you go on…

If you think you'll lose muscle mass during Ramadan due to fasting the don't worry because…

Studies show that muscle loss only occurs after 72 hours of fasting so…

During Ramadan the worse case scenario is that you only maintain the muscle mass you have even if you don't constantly eat 2000+ calories per day but depending on how long your actually daily fast are…

You may see your muscles start to look smaller and flat due mostly to you not drinking anything and partly due to a loss of muscle glycogen (which is basically the carbs stored in your muscles) but don't worry about this neither because…

You're not losing actual muscle tissue or muscle mass and once you eat and drink at Iftar you will literally fill your muscles back up like blowing air into a balloon to make them look bigger (see how carbs make your muscles look bigger)

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There are 18 comments

I read from other resources that the best time to do a strength workout is not while fasting.Should i do or not?I'm confused

June 10, 2016

Adrian Bryant

it does not matter when. get stronger and eat enough protein and your muscles will grow- that simple!

June 11, 2016


Hi Adrian,

I do have a question regarding to maintaining muscle mass.

Due to heavy schedule in this year, am currently working out 2 days in a row (full bodyvweight )and having to take 5 days off.

Would I be able maintain muscle mass.


June 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes, its actually hard to lose muscle mass UNLESS you starve yourself for more than 3-to-4 days

June 08, 2016


Hey Adrian

GREAT website. quick question about Ramadan..

I got belly fat and used to do intermittent fasting so i am used to the method. however i want to loose the belly weight but also tone/add a bit of muscle like definition on my body.

i have to eat 1500 calories to loose weight but if i want to tone up do the calorie intake change or what work outs do i do and specifically what time ?


June 17, 2015


Whats the best method to lose body fat during Ramadan?
Currently i drink whey isolate with low fat milk and some carbs for iftar and after workout (after my post workout shake) for sahur about 60% carbs, 30% protein and about 10 % good fats (like olive oil).
I don't have any time to eat some things between iftar and sahur.
What should i change?

Greetings from Germany

July 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this

July 08, 2014


Thanks a lot Adrian!
Great website!

July 08, 2014

mohammed akhil

I normally use whey protein isolate thrice a day..is it okay if i continue to do so during ramadan?
also is it good to have caesin protein instead of whey early morning at suhur?

June 20, 2014

Adrian Bryant

you can continue to do so and it does not matter what kind of protein you use

June 22, 2014


hey adryant, should i take creatine before ramadan fast, ive taken creatine for months now and it makes me really thirsty and have to drink like a gallon of water a day but during ramadan since we cant drink or eat. when is the best time to take it?

July 16, 2013

Adrian Bryant

there really is no magically best time but in your case it will be more benefical to take it during your feasting periods

July 17, 2013

Abdul Moheez

thanks a lot!! just what i needed :) Ramadhan Mubarak everyone

July 10, 2013


I am on the gain curves plan if it's not too much to ask could you please guide me as to what I should eat before fast and when I break fast thank you

July 10, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you should make sure that you are eating foods from this list and to make sure 30% of your diet is protein

July 11, 2013


Thank you for the article. just what I needed :) Happy ramadan

July 09, 2013


Thank you soo much ! :)

June 01, 2013

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