Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

10 Health Hacks, Mood Benefits and Beauty Perks

1. Reduce Stress

Ylang ylang oil is used in aromatherapy for stress & anxiety relief, but only recently have studies backed up this traditional use.

2. Fight Depression

Inhaling ylang ylang oil creates immediate effects on your mood by interacting with the brain's olfactory system. It acts as a mild antidepressant shown to reduce negative emotions like sadness and low self-esteem, while promoting feelings of joy and relaxation.

Research has shown these same effects can be achieved when ylang ylang oil is absorbed through the skin.

3. Boost Energy while Relieving Insomnia

The impact ylang ylang oil has on your emotions may be why people find it to be energizing and helpful against fatigue.

4. Improve Hair Health & Growth

Ylang ylang hair growth

Ylang ylang provides your hair with antioxidants that fight damage and create a healthy, shiny glow.

5. Treat Eczema

Eczema results from a problem with the sebaceous gland, which produces the skin's natural oils.

6. Disinfect Wounds & Speed Healing

You can use Ylang ylang diluted in a carrier oil to help with wound healing. It's shown to disinfect wounds and prevent infections, while speeding up the healing process.

7. Improve Blood Flow & Lower High Blood Pressure

Ylang ylang oil's proven ability to boost circulation, lower your heart rate and bring blood pressure down explains a lot about how it hacks your mood. However, these benefits also translate to better cardiovascular health.

8. Boost Libido

ylang ylang oil Libido

By increasing blood flow and "hacking" the limbic system to relax the body and mind, ylang ylang oil acts as a natural aphrodisiac when inhaled.

Adding a few drops to an essential oil diffuser or using it in massage oil can help fire up your libido. It can even help in cases of erectile dysfunction

9. Lower Inflammation

Ylang ylang oil has been used to treat various inflammatory conditions for decades, including arthritis, gout, rheumatism, asthma and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Ylang ylang modulates the body's inflammatory response, and studies on animals have shown it's more effective than aspirin in reducing swelling & inflammation. You can use it as a topical salve to promote healing or reduce pain wherever needed.

10. Improve Nervous System Health

Ylang ylang oil helps repair nerve damage and tone the nervous system. In addition to relieving short-term stress and anxiety by acting as a mild sedative, it also helps prevent and resolve long-term issues with the nervous system.

How to Use Ylang ylang essential oil

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