4 Reasons Baking Soda Fights Dandruff

baking soda dandruff

1. It Foams Just Like Soap

When you make a paste from baking soda and water and rub it into your scalp, it foams up just like your regular shampoo would. This means you can skip your regular shampoo altogether. Be keen to rinse out the bubbles thoroughly to get the soothing effect.

2. It's Nonreactive

Baking soda will not irritate your scalp like most other dandruff hair products do. It's excellent if used on a sensitive scalp or for a child who suffers from dandruff. It also will not irritate the eyes or skin as you rinse it off.

3. It's Odorless

Another complaint many people with dandruff have is the hair products can be really pungent. Many come with added ingredients like mint or menthol to soothe the scalp, or scents meant to disguise the powerful chemicals in the hair products.

Baking soda leaves no smells behind, leaving your scalp and hair refreshed.

4. It's Dirt Cheap

Hair products for dandruff control are typically more expensive than average shampoos and conditioners, and since this is a chronic problem, you may end up spending a huge amount on your scalp.

Baking soda, however, is super cheap and available everywhere, and you probably even have it right now. All you need is a tablespoon or two and a few drops of water to make a paste, and your dandruff remedy is ready.

To Get Rid of Dandruff With Baking Soda,

Use it once or twice weekly depending on your type of hair and amount of dandruff, and then rinse, dry, apply your preferred hair products, and watch your dandruff decrease dramatically.

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