To Lose Weight, Get a flat stomach & a bigger butt at the same time…

workouts to get a bigger butt

As for getting a bigger butt & losing weight at the same time…

If you do butt exercises (or even do normal lower body fat loss workouts like intervals or cardio) then you'll get a bigger butt as you lose weight no matter what weight loss method you choose so…

Even if you go on a very low calorie diet while doing intense lower body workouts everyday (which IS NOT Recommended) - You'll at least get a better looking butt that is slightly bigger, more firmer, rounder and sexier like Ciara
, Fergie
, Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
or like this butt here
this butt here

If your body fat % is over 25…

Your butt will get smaller as you lose weight all over your body including the fat around your hips & butt BUT don't freak out about that! That's a good thing because as you lose fat around your butt…

To make things real easy for you…

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I'm 50 and have love handles and back rolls and stomach fat I weigh in at 187 but have much time to exercise anymore gained all this weight because of job hours..I have a nice backside and want to keep it but lose the rest...also don't would like to build up legs calves so don't look weird with big hips booty and little calves..hell just need total makeover...42D

June 08, 2016


hi I'm 15 5'1 and weigh 125 pounds. I have a pretty small waist but I'm bigger on the bottom. larger thighs and butt. I would like to tone my butt and thighs and lose a tad bit of more weight in my waist. I play volleyball and condition for it every other day but would still like to get a more toned body. what would be a good diet to do with my conditioning and what is a good toning workout I can do at home with no workout equipment?

May 01, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you need to do this plan to make waist smaller and firmer butt

May 02, 2016


I have a nice firm butt already but I do not hourglass figure for instance I have no hips and my waist does not, for the life of me, will not go in. What can I do to gain hips and make my waist smaller

April 20, 2016


Hi im a 19 yrs old female, 5'5" and weigh 119 lbs. Ive always maintained a thin sort of average weight whether i workout or not and am looking to slim down or more so tone all of my body while working out my butt to make it larger because i have never really had one. Additionally, while i am average thin, from the front i am very rectangular and was wondering if there was anything i could do to make my waist indent more on the sides also my abdomen only has about an inch of belly fat . Itd be awesome if you could recommend a plan workout and food if necessary to slim/tone every where and get rid of the inch of belly fat, grow my butt, and indent my waist. Thanks!

April 09, 2016


Hi I'm 5'8 and 165 pounds, I have somewhat of a flat butt and every time I gain weight it all goes to my stomach. I want to get a bigger rounder butt but also flatten my belly, what should I do?

April 06, 2016

Adrian Bryant

use the plan here to lose fat and get a butt

April 07, 2016


I am 29, 5'4, and weight 145 lbs. I loved my body prior to having children...
I have a hourglass/pear body type...if that makes any sense 😬. My weight loss journey post children has left me a long rear-end, post breastfeeding boobs, and a pouch that I cannot seem to get rid of. The hubby told I am going to disappear if I lose anymore My goal is to tone, tone, tone!!! I would like to flatten my tummy, lift and round my behind, lift my breast, and tone my arms and legs.

Please help!!!

Thank you 😄😄😄

April 02, 2016

Adrian Bryant

then go here

April 02, 2016


Hi, what would you recommend for me, I'm 5'3" & 125lbs.. I want to lose fat in my mid section & tone it. But I'd love to gain weight in my butt & thighs (gain muscle).. Should I do any cardio or just stick to weights?

April 01, 2016


Hi I'm 29 5'61/2 130lbs I need a work out and diet plan to help lose my flabby belly, tone my arms and get a bigger butt.

March 17, 2016


Hi, im 5'4 and i weigh about 11.7 stone. I have lost 7 pounds of weight and i am trying to get to 10.7 or 10 stone. My body shape is like a pear shape and hourglass. I have bulky looking legs which i hate! I do high intensity cardio on the treadmill for 30 minutes and i do weight training but i dont do heavy weights. I squat with dumbells with 5kg. And on my arms i lift 5kg. I do this every 5 days with hard work. I'm trying to build a good butt but its flabby and a little flat :( my diet is very clean too. My aim is to keep the pear/hourglass shape, have a small waist,skinny legs and get a big butt. I am trying to lose more fat but i dont know if its better to lose more weight for it? I would like some advice? :)

February 29, 2016


Hi, omg I am so glad I found your site! This is what I have been looking for! I am about 5'7 155 pounds, I naturally have a little booty. My goals are to lose weight in my tummy, arms, and back while gaining/maintaining my butt and thighs. What meal plan and workout should I follow to see max results?

February 21, 2016

Adrian Bryant

follow this plan

February 22, 2016


Hi im 22 and since I had a kid I been struggling to loose weight n cant afford al these fancy diets that costs money. Please help me I weigh 70kilos n just want to weigh 55-60 kilos.. please help.

February 18, 2016


My butt has gotten lifted but I have more of a bumper, how do I get the top part to be more lifted?

January 02, 2016


Hi Adrian
I have always been stick thin, no booty, all legs and now I have a gut that I hate. I am wanting to start a workout plan that will flatten my stomach, but build my butt. I want to gain weight in other areas of my body, but when I try it seems to all go to my stomach. Could you tell me which plan would be best for me to gain weight, but also flatten my stomach but build me a booty??

Thanks tina

December 04, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height

December 04, 2015


Hi Adrian,

Im 26, 5'5 and i weigh only 116. Ive been working out on my butt and thighs for the past 2 and half months and they are both bigger and firmer than when i started but now I'm not seeing any more results so im going to start the butt workout B that you suggested but how can I also gain weight and get abs at the same time?

November 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

if by weight you mean just gaining muscle weight in your butt area then you may need to simply increase your weights, reps and/or sets

what exercise, weights and reps are you currently doing

November 25, 2015


Hi , I'm 15 , 5'3 An way About 245 lbs , I want to lose stomach an back fat , Get a flat stomach . An Nice body , How please help .

November 19, 2015


How often can u do the plank exercise? Every other day? I'm 17 years old. 5'8 with a medium frame.

October 31, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what is your goal or reason for doing planks because it will not get rid of belly fat

October 31, 2015


I want to gain a 4 pack. So how many times a week can I do planks without straining myself?

November 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

planks will not give you a 4 pack. losing belly fat will. see this

November 03, 2015


Hi, thanks a lot for your very informative website! I tried to look through many of your workout plans to avoid asking question you've probably seen a million times but no luck.
I'm 5'9" around 140lbs. For the longest time i was 120lbs and under, i finally gained weight and a nice butt after having 2 more children. However, I'm starting to loose weight and my butt much quicker than id like to. I'd like to gain and maintain a weight of 150lbs but i have a terrible time eating the calories needed to gain weight. I've started drinking carnations breakfast essentials to substitute any calories that I'm not able to eat but I'm worried that in my efforts to gain 10lbs back i might over do it and gain that unattractive belly back. I understand there's simply no way to target only the areas i want to gain weight so my questions are: If I'm following your plan to gain weight and curves, will doing cardio hurt my attempts to gain 10lbs and muscle in my butt & hips? I was only doing about 15 minutes of cardio on an elliptical but, every time i logged it on myfitnesspal app, it would prompt me to make up for the lost calories if i wanted to reach my weight goal. Would it be better to just forgo the cardio until i reach my goal weight and then worry about problem areas later? Would switching to a stair climber for cardio be better (for my butt and belly?)
Also will using the hip abductor and adductor machine hurt my efforts while following your plan? I just feel so wasteful for paying a gym membership just to walk in and use two machines (leg press & chest fly) do a couple sets of hip thrust with a bar weight and then leave. (lol) If its necessary to see the results i want then that's fine because i cant buy the weights i need nor trust myself or my kids to do the workouts at home. Thanks so much for the work you are doing with these awesome workout tips!
Thanks in Advance

October 26, 2015

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