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How Brittney Spears lost her last 15 pounds…

how Britney Spears lost 15 pounds

To go from 140 pounds to what looks like her new weight of 125 pounds…

The main thing Britney Spears did to lose weight was change her eating habits by NOT

eating the bad foods that made her gain weight in the first place so…

She stopped eating junk foods, avoided Starbucks Frappuccinos (which contained 400 calories each), and Red Bull which, like other sugary drinks disrupts your blood sugar levels and increases your hunger and to get her sexy body back…

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Mark Scott

I just tweeted about the weight loss dvd but I havent been redirected to the instructions as to how to receive the dvd.

October 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

just go back to nowloss.com/free and it should work

October 18, 2012

Incorrect please try again

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