How do I know if I'm working out hard enough to lose weight?

Here's 4 ways to tell how hard you're working out to lose weight…

1. Find your fat burning workout zone or your target heart rate

  • Type your age in this box here → To find your fat burning zone and then…
  • Your heart needs to be beating -to- beats per minute for a moderate-to-high intensity workout to burn fat and…
  • Anything below-to- is considered low intensity and anything above -to-  is high intensity and…

To find your fat burning zone while exercising…

2. Rate your level of intensity on a scale of 1-to-10

3. Use the Talk test during your workout to find intensity level

4. Do a Sweat Test

You can also lose weight even faster by…

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I am 42 years old I am 5'2" weight 215pounds. I am trying to lose weight. I eat less than 1000 calories a day. I started today walking for 1 hour I would say I was in the moderate intensity as I was sweaty it was actually running off of my face. I am going to walk for an hour at least 5 days a week and then in a week work up to an hour and 30 minutes. I am thinking about adding one day a week of Zumba but I am wanting to get in a habit of at least walking every day. I haven't exercised for many years due to health issues. I guess my question would be, can I lose weight doing what I am doing? When should I start adding more exercise or change it up? I do not want to overdo it and then say ugh it's too much and give up. I need to do this to be healthy for ME first but also for my children.

February 11, 2016

charles petty

I'm 45yrs old and weigh 245, my doctor told me,if I lose weight it'll help with my heart failure!
I just started running 3 miles per day 5 days a week. (My first week)
I want to get down to 190. My doctor has given me the green light to do anything! Please help!

January 16, 2016


Hello Adrian,
I found your web videos by accident but I am SO glad I found you. I am 55, 5'7" and around 195. I was in a size 18 firm but after one week (4x) of your "bed sheet" video (and your stationary bike video), I am in a size 16, but can fit some generous 14's. I can't believe how this is really working for me. I want to lose weight because I have heredity-prone high blood pressure, and I know if I lose weight, I can get back off the medication. I also want to get back into my other smaller clothes (I don't want to keep buying bigger clothes). I have grown children, and never had a weight issue until I slowed my metabolism at 50, but unfortunately, I kept eating like it did not matter. I have taken a year to eat right and change my nutrition 100%, so that is no problem (no sweets, no sugar, few carbs, eat raw veggies for at least 1 meal a day, etc.), and now I also do some fasting. Can you suggest what workouts I can do to get weight to keep sliding off? The scale is showing muscle gain, or it is not going down, but the clothes don't lie, so I know I am getting firm, which is amazing. You are amazing. Thanks, any advice is appreciated.

May 23, 2015


Adrian thank you, you are a true blessing for us all. I did your workouts for 2 weeks, and in that time I gained several pounds. I had swollen ankles and kept going. You kept me going. I worked out every day and the pounds came on. Today, exactly 2 weeks from starting the bed sheet, bike and ski steps (I alternate), I lost 2 full pounds. Only slight swelling and I know it will go down. Blood pressure is going down. For anyone reading this DO NOT GIVE UP if your weight goes up at first, just keep going. PLEASE just keep going and believe it can work for you. I wish you all much success and thanks again Adrian, God Bless.

May 26, 2015


I bookmarked all of these workouts, thanks again.

May 26, 2015

Greg Magsam

Hi! I'm 15 years old I'm 6ft and I weigh 170, and I really want to get rid of some of my belly fat and build up my upper body some more yet, not leave home since I can't drive and my parents are very busy, any suggestions?

March 18, 2015


Hi Adrian,

I'm 21, 5 ft 3" and have PCOS + exercise induced asthma. I weigh 197 lbs currently. I lost 10 lbs by walking on the treadmill for 30-40 mins. I try to eat between 1100-1300 cals every day. Ive recently started doing lunges, squats, etc.

However I feel like I'm not losing weight and my weight isn't budging.

I'm looking to lose 50 lbs. Will I be able to lose weight by just walking? How long will it take?

March 02, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here to lose 50

March 02, 2015


I am 23 5'6 and currently weigh 170lbs. I have been trying to lose about 20-30 pounds for several months now and have actually gained about 10 pounds since I started. I go to the gym daily and do cardio for 30-45 min and then do some weight training. I eat a small amount throughout the day (fruits, vegetables, a smoothie or protein bar, or sometimes a bagel) for dinner I almost always have salad, broccoli and some sort of vegetarian protein. I lost 30 pounds about a couple years ago by running daily and eating fruits, vegetables and protein but this time its not working and I'm gaining weight! Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

February 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you tracked your calorie intake?

February 20, 2015


Muscle weighs more than fat. So you could possibly have a combination of already remaining fat and muscle gain so you may actually gain weight before seeing results. Don't let those numbers discourage you; keep going! Also protein bars are LOADED with sugar. I'd stay away from them. Make sure when you eat nuts you do so in small quantities, they also can add up in calories if you are not careful. Try fruits and veggies like carrot sticks for a snack or maybe crackers and grapes. Boiled eggs make a great snack. How often do you drink water? Stay away from sugary drinks as well.

March 05, 2015


Hi! I'm a 25 years old female, 192lbs and 5'1 in height. I want to lose weight but I don't know where to start. I'm confused on what exercise to do and what foods to eat. Some advice please?

February 13, 2015


Hi, I'm a 20 year old female. I'm 5'10" and weigh 190 lbs. I've always been active and in great shape until I took a leave from college where I was a student athlete. I've put on a good 30 lbs in the year off. I've never had to diet or workout on my own to actually lose weight. I fear I am not doing enough and that I'm dieting wrong.

Daily I strive to consume around 1200 calories eating a healthy three meals. When I wake up I jog/run close to a mile and then continue my workout by doing some at home exercises such as: planks, bicycle kicks, seated leg raises, push ups, and seated body bridges. Is this enough?!

January 22, 2015

Adrian Bryant

for now and then as your weight loss rate slows down you can use this

January 23, 2015


I'm 45 year old female. I have been working out for a year and the last 3 months I have worked at a even higher intensity 160-175bpm for an hour 3-5 times a week. I do not eat much. It's under 1200 calories. I'm 155pounds and 5'3
I eat a lot of vegetables and limit fruit and meat. No starch or sugars and drink plenty of water. My muscles sometime are so sore for a few days it's hard to walk up stairs. My legs are muscular and solid. I'd like to lose 35 pounds. The only time I seem to lose weight is when I starve myself and eat 200 calories or less a day.

January 16, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking caloried

January 16, 2015


Hi, I am 35 years old and I started with a gym and personal trainer on 5th Nov 2014. I weighed 171lbs at the time. In 26 days i lost 7.9lbs. Now i am 163lbs and my hieght is 160cms. I have been working out 6 days a week and following a healthy diet. I do 45 mins of cardio twice a week+ cardio strength thrice a week for 45 -60 mins and power yoga once a weekfor one hour. I also have cut out white sugar,white rice and processed junk food out of my diet. I eat lots of fruit and veges and chicken . I maintain a calorie track and aim at keeping it 1200 calories or below. Its been roughly a month and a half since all this but i feel like there is very slight difference interms of inch loss. Am i doing the correct thing? is there anything else i need to focus on or just be patient? Any suggestions?

December 14, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use these 12 tips to speed things up

December 14, 2014


Thank you! I shall try it!

December 16, 2014


try a cleanse, i did urban remedy 3 day cleanse and since then have been able to loose 20 pds just from diet and little to none exercise. I only lost 4 pounds from the cleanse but the lasting results have been awesome.

January 29, 2015


Hi! I am 23, 5'3 and weigh 146lbs. Before my last pregnancy I was at 116, my daughter is now 8months and I've yet to lose the weight. So I began using the "Work Out with Jackie" dvd which includes three 20minute work outs focusing on the upper body, lower body, and core. I do this five times a week in the morning. Is this work out sufficient to meet my goal and if so, how long do you think it will take to reach my goal?

December 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

do her workouts follow the rules here

December 04, 2014


I'm a 27 year old female, about 5ft 4 weighing 170lbs. I'd like to lose 20 lbs at least over the next few months. I'm careful about what I eat when I can control it (i.e. when I get to cook for myself. I'm living with my in laws & they don't exactly eat balanced meals in the weekend. Especially sundays - think lasagne/ steak & fries). During the week though, I cook & normally have a protein shake for breakfast (Barn dad's fiber DX shake) or an eggwhite omelette. I get hungry often but can't stomach huge meals so eating small but often works for me. I then have sauted veggies & some kind of protein for lunch (tuna/ eggs/ chicken breast/ shrimp) & quinoa or a slice of wholemeal bread. Mid afternoon i have another shake or fruits or a slice of bread with peanut butter. I try to steer clear of carbs during the week because I end up having to eat them in the weekend. Dinner is usually veggies again & a portion of protein. I'm following the beachbody PIYO workout schedule & really end up drenched in sweat (20-45 min workouts, 6-7 days a week). If i'm not too tired/busy, I include another yoga workout in the evening (20-30/50 mins).

I've been doing PIYO for about a month now but haven't seen any changes. I do feel stronger & my back & legs seem more muscled but I don't notice much difference on the scale or in inches. Note: I've got multiple injuries - slipped discs in the neck, my knees rotate more than they should & i've twisted them badly once too many, torn ankle ligament that fills sore in certain yoga poses. So PIYO seemed like a good low impact alternative). Lately, I've been feeling drained and am thinking that I may have some hormonal imbalance (like adrenal fatigue - I've been under alot of stress for a long time & finally have a break from it to focus on myself). But can't be sure. I've started taking hydroxycut today and am hoping for some improvement.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I eating too little calories or over exercising? I'm supposed to eat about 1500 - 1680 calories apparently to lose weight & i'm using fitnesspal to track my calories & hardly reach 1200 calories everyday. What can I do to up my calorie intake?

I'd love to hear back from you! Thanks in advance!

December 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

your calorie intake is fine but go with a range of 1200-to-1500 to be safe and I dont know much about PIYO but give these 10 rules a try

December 03, 2014


Thanks! I'll give that a go.

December 03, 2014


hello, I'm 19 I'm a 6ft tall girl and I am at roughly 350. I have been at this same weight for a couple of years I occasionally lose a few pounds her or there but haven't been able to see good results. I've tried walking, weight training, biking and a mixture. I don't eat potatoes, pastas, rice or bread and I think I consume under 2000 calories a day. I just need to know what the best thing to shed fat would be combined with a better meal plan. I intend on starting to walk again but this time at least a mile a day. I was only before briskly walking for maybe 30-40 mins. I also see my clothes fitting different, more losely , but hardly see the scale change and that discourages me. I could use some advice....

October 29, 2014


I read the diet you recommended. I am 41, 5'4 and 189 pounds. I joined a gym with a personal trainer and they also help with nutrition. Before I joined I wasn't really eating breakfast, I would sometimes eat lunch and dinner was my biggest meal. they gave me RMR test and found that I should be eating at least 1700 calories. I have been eating most of my life below that, with no exercise. So now I have been eating breakfast, then a snack, lunch, then a snack, and then dinner. more small meals throughout the day. Im finding it hard to eat so many calories, especially on the days I work out when im supposed to eat even more calories to make up for what im burning. I am working out 4 days a week an hour each work out. mostly cardio, and maybe twice a week doing some strength training. I have been doing this for about 3 months now and have only lost 4 pounds. Im getting really discouraged. I really would have thought it should be more. Is there something I might be doing wrong, or something else I should try?

November 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

#1. dont eat back the calories you burn or dont make a concious effort to do so.

#2 . see this here but... you need to find a calorie intake that works best for you in terms of losing weight. I think 1700 should be good enough but I think your problem is that you're eating back your calories (stop tthat)

#3. see this, skip breakfast and lose weight much faster

November 23, 2014


Hello, i just saw this today and it seems like you really give people the tools to take charge of their bodies, congrats on that. I'm 16 weigh 150-5 lbs and 5'5. I run about a mile three times a week and eat less than 1500 calories a day. I have allot of fat around my back, tummy, and arms. How can i lose this fast? I want to be able to run in just a sports bra and shorts within a month or so without looking like I'm made out of jello

September 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet

September 22, 2014

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