To Get Rid of Bacne With Apple Cider Vinegar,

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil or Witch Hazel gets rid of bacne by tightening up your pores, killing bacteria, reducing redness and swelling.

To Treat Bacne With Medication,

Follow the same steps here to get rid of facial acne at home without any topical drugs or if you need to get rid of bacne faster,

8 Ways to Prevent Bacne

1. Keep Your Back Clean

2. No Rough Scrubbing

3. Wear Loose Cotton Clothing

4. Wear Clean Clothes

You'll make your bacne worse wearing dirty clothes. That means wearing a new bra or shirt everyday. Clean your bed sheets, blankets & pillows at least twice a week to keep away any excess bacteria and oil.

After you exercise take off your dirty clothes and shower immediately to get rid of any bacteria and sweat.

5. Don't Pick at It

Picking at you bacne will only make it worse since you'll only be spreading more germs leading to more bacne.

6. Take Care of Your Hair

Wash your hair to stop the oil from your hair causing bacne.

Don't use too many hair products containing excess oil like hairsprays, gels, waxes, pastes, glues and shine sprays because all of this will eventually run down your back clogging up your pores.

7. Watch Your Diet

Drink more water so your body won't produce as much oil, eat more of these good foods and avoid these foods

8. Dermatologist?

If the tips on this page aren't working, then see a dermatologist who can prescribe much stronger medications for your bacne.

More Tips for Bacne

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