This is how Jennifer Lopez really lost 40 lbs. after having twins…

jennifer lopez before after weight loss pictures after having twins
According to most reports - Jennifer Lopez…

Jennifer Lopez lost most of her weight during pregnancy since…

Here's 5 reasons why you WILL NOT lose weight like J-lo did…

See 4 reasons why YOU WILL lose weight like Jennifer Lopez

  1. First of all, Although J-lo spends time taking care of her kids - She has top-notch celebrity trainers (like Gunnar Peterson), personal chefs, and nutritionist helping her reach her goals plus… She probably has people helping her take care of her twins giving her more time than you might have to focus on losing weight and…
  2. Jennifer Lopez is probably going to be twice as motivated as you are to lose weight as fast as possible because…
  3. Its Jennifer Lopez's job as an entertainer to look good so with that extra added pressure (or motivation) she'll push herself harder than you will to lose weight and…
  4. Jennifer Lopez probably has a higher fat-burning metabolism than you did before, during, and after your pregnancy because She worked out before she got pregnant & she performed on stage until she was almost 7 months pregnant so…
  5. People like Jennifer Lopez who exercise regularly have a much easier time burning fat than someone (maybe like you) who doesn't exercise but…

Here's 4 reasons why YOU WILL lose weight like J-Lo…

  1. First of all - ALWAYS put your newborn babies or kids FIRST but after that - Prioritize and set aside some time to lose weight by getting help from your husband, family members or friends to help with childcare - You don't have to be rich to hire caregivers to assist with childcare and…
  2. You don't need expensive celebrity trainers - You can click here to ask me questions to get FREE help from me anytime and…
  3. Just because it isn't your job to look your best at all times - doesn't mean you can't get motivated - go here to see how to get motivated to lose weight and…
  4. Just because your metabolism may or may not be slow - you can use these 11 tips to raise your fat-burning metabolism even higher.

More stuff to help you lose weight after giving birth…

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I just want to lose weight to start a healthy turnover. Can you tell me how? I had my baby a year ago and I only lost 5 pounds but I gained 40lbs when I got pregnant.

February 23, 2015


Hi Adrian. My height is 5.1. I was 145 lbs when I get pregnant, and during my pregnancy I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester. Then at the end of my pregnancy I was 159 pounds. After have my baby. I get 20 pounds more. My baby is now 16 months and I am try to loose weight doing exercise and count calories but it doesn't work I need help please. Thank you.

February 17, 2015


my age is 32 year. my hight is 4'11 & weight is 54 waist is 32 inche& i have post delivery tummy. i want to reduce my tummy.

February 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this

February 10, 2015


Hi! i want to loose at least 20 pounds, i have walking problem due to an accident and there is problem in my right leg, so i can't workout easily, i have more fats on my belly and on my arms, please help me ,because Doctors Advised me that never overweight because you are spending all your life like on one leg. let me know how i can loose at least 15 to 20 pounds as soon as possible

January 31, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this for ways you can workout in your situation

January 31, 2015

Jane Shir

Hi there, I am Jane..& I have a massive problem. I was a skinny girl who HAD loads of good metabolism..but many asked me to gain I did..but now i don't feel energetic like how i use 2 b when i was slim.. from 40 kg..i have gained to 57 kg within 11 months..pls give me some tips to lose weight as i am feelings heavier.

January 15, 2015

Diane Scott

I want to lose 20 lbs. I am on my feet from 9:00am until about 12:30pm and then again on my feet at1:30 until about 4:00. I walk for exercise. If I eat 1000 calories a day until I lose the weight, is that a sufficient amount of calories. OR should I try a low carb diet like South Beach.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

*Thank you.

PS. Want to lose belly fat.

January 11, 2015


I have been doing cross training workouts on youtube I love love love body rock. I am 5'4" and about a couple of years ago I was 162. I would've lost the weight quicker if I stuck faithfully to my workouts and diet throughout but I am now 137lbs. I am continually eating (Not too much, Not too Little) 300-500 calories 5-6 times a day. I figured out that too little for me to eat while incorporating my workouts was 1300 calories, just by noticing I didn't lose any weight in a week and a half. Then I began eating 1600 calories and I still didn't lose weight. Now I eat 1500 calories and losing weight and getting toned. Everyone is different you have to be a detective. Also you ust drink 8oz of water after every time you eat. Eat a large breakfast (500 calories) A medium sized lunch (400 calories) and a small dinner (300). Stick with Carbs and protein for the morning (1 slice of 110 calorie multigrain bread, eggs, turkey bacon, greek yogurt, and an apple). Protein, veggies, and less carbs (1/4 cup COOKED brown rice), and Dinner you want to stick with just protein and veggies. Snack in between meals should be something like greek yogurt and a fruit, or 1 tablespoon and a fruit, granola bar, or 4 multigrain crackers with tuna. Stay away fro white sugar, white breads, butter, cream, and fried foods! I hope this helps=)

October 25, 2014


I am 5'2" and am 194lbs. I eat healthy, walk to work everyday, and still exercise at home 3x a week. I'm tired of being overweight, and I want to look amazing for my wedding next year! I've been to the doctor, and he says to try a different exercise routine and diet. I have no idea what to try! I was an athlete in High School, and have since had 2 children and packed on the weight. I also wanted to know if you had an exercise to also rid myself of my baby pouch?

October 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to get rid of pooch and everything else

October 24, 2014


Hi iv had a little girl and identical twins all in 24 months. I was a slim size 8 before. Now im a 12/14and 12 stone. i have no idea about which exercises i should be doing and what food. My twins are 18 months now and didnt have a c-section so i am able to exercise, just not sure what to do. Would really appreciate any tips. Thank you.

July 31, 2014

Wendy C.

Hi I'm 44 and have been wanting to desperately lose weight, so I can be happy again. The doctor is giving me until October to lose 25 pounds because I'm border line diabetic.I'm really against being put on any medication for that because i know in my heart I can do this.Any suggestions for me on how to do this?

July 19, 2014

🙋 sai

I'm 42, desperately trying to eat clean and spin 3x week and do T25 4 days a week. I need to trim down. I don't care how much I weigh as long as I look like I'm around 125lbs, but for some reason my body is bulking out like a body builder, my husband says I need to stop as I looking like Fatima whitbread the athletic, where an I going wrong?????? I'm so sad and really desperately need to trim down with a little tone. Please help! 🙋

June 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height and what is your calorie intake

June 24, 2014


How can i continue losing the weight?
After losing 80 pounds its so hard for me to lose the last 30 what should i do,eat,excersice? Please help
also i am 180 lbs and 5`10

March 12, 2014


I am 43 and was always active, until the last 7-8 months. I run, play sand volleyball and bike but my energy levels have plumeted and i find it hard to get motivated as a result and have gained a solid 10 pounds. I still do these activites but not as much as i need to at this phase of my life. The weight gain is mostly in my stomach and on my thighs and all this started when i started going through perimenopause. I feel physically drained after work so my 5 day a week evening run after work has dwindled to 2 or 3. My energy levels have been greatly affected and metabolism is shot. Need much advice...

February 08, 2014


Hi Adrian, How can I get rid of my back fat and arm fat? Also I have knocked knees, is there anything I can do about them?

January 20, 2014

Adrian Bryant

dont know about knees but to lose any fat on your body use this workout and this diet

January 21, 2014

colleen mills

I'm 200lbs and 8weeks pregnant with my third child not to mention my second is just 8months old. I gain and can lose 10lbs fast but it gets harder each time. Im 34 and I've had it with being 5'7 and overweight. I ran track in school so I build muscle quick and for that reason I look like I weigh less. Tell, me how to loose weight while pregnant. Because I'm overwight my obgyn wants no gain and supports a loss. My goal is 175lbs at delivery. After pregnancy 150lbs. Signed ready to change!!!! Can you help me... please?

January 02, 2014


Hi Adrian

I have been tryin to loose weight but just dont know what to eat and the right exercise to do.Im 5 4' and weigh 178.....please help me

December 18, 2013



I suffer from IBS and OCD since years.
Digestion is very problematic and easily i gain weight.

What dos and donts shall I follow??

December 17, 2013


My height is 160cm and my weight is 54 kg,and I really tried everything to lose 5 kg and I'm desperate.I've been on so many diets and all I got was jojo effect and I don't know what to do anymore,so I beg you to help me

October 05, 2013


I have lost 65 lbs over 7-8 months, three years ago. I eat well and exercise hard often,weight training and cardio.. my stomch is still sloppy. why cant I get a flat stomach any sugestions?

September 18, 2013

Adrian Bryant

see this

September 18, 2013



I am 25kg overweight and am very keen to shed the extra pounds and also maintain it later. I am not really a red meat eater but have eggs and mostly Indian veg food. I avoid eating after 7.30pm as i tend to develop acid reflux. I exercise about half an hour to 45 mins nearly 4-5 times a week. My metabolism is weak - could you provide tips on how to improve my metabolism and also lose weight in a sustained manner. Thanks

September 01, 2013


I am exclusively breastfeeding. I lost 20 pounds since baby was born he is almost 9 months and the last 20 pounds are at a standstill. My husband is a marine and is barely home. We aren't stationed anywhere near family. My little one has reflux and isn't on a great napping schedule due to that. I also have a very active 3 year old. I find little or no time to excersice and then shower so I am not all gross and sweaty while nursing. I really eat mostly healthy, (fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains) but i have developed an uncontrollable sweet cravings. Literally i don't feel full until I eat something sweet. something is wrong with me. Help!

August 28, 2013

Adrian Bryant

you need to use this workout and this diet

August 31, 2013


I am a mother of 4. A 13 , 11, and twins who are 3. Now after I had my two eldest children I went completely back to normal. I even had my six pack. After the twins I list all my weight but just can't seem to get my stomach flat. I can live without the 6 pack but I NEED a flat stomach . Do you have any advice.
Thx in advance Aisha

August 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what i your current weight and height

August 21, 2013


how do i know how many calories to eat im 5'2 and weigh 129

August 20, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this tool

August 20, 2013


Hello. I am in serious need of help. I am a 30 year old woman who is 4'11 and 120 pounds. I just had a baby via c-section(2nd one) and I am trying so hard to tone up my thighs that got destroyed during pregnancy and drop these 20 pounds. I've never had cellulite until now and I am so miserable over it. Also, I just started cutting calories, doing lunges,squats, and other inner thigh strength training along with using the treadmill and elliptical 5 days a week. Is this enough? I feel like I will never be happy with my body again. I feel like it's ruined :(

June 15, 2013


I think she used surrogate as well as Beyonce, Nicole Kidman and Rachel Zoe.

April 12, 2013


Why do I keep YOYOing after having twins? I feel like I'm more physical more than I was Pre pregnancy. I eat the same foods Pre pregnancy but keep growing larger. The first three years post pregnancy was faced with very little sleep and always being woken up 3 to 4 times a night so exhaustion did play a role and the pound added on. I have a giant whole in my abdominal core and I have been weak since my 7 month and 5 years later I still look 9 months pregnant and over weight. When I work out for 3mins a day I am useless the rest of the day. I can't stop gaining weight and I'm doing everything right.

April 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height and are you tracking how many calories yo ueat per day

April 06, 2013


Try higher protein, less fat. Make sure you're sleeping enough. If you are secreting too much cortisol through stress and lack of rest, you will gain belly fat. Your body and mind are going through huge changes. Make sure you are taking enough vitamins and minerals overall. Take enough omega 3, take enough calcium and Vit D. You will feel better from this, have more energy, this will make exercising easier.

I've said it before on this site, but Zuzka light or bodyrockers on Youtube give great workouts, short, about 12 mins which will get you shifting weight and excellent muscle tone.

Skipping for a few minutes with a rope is a great way to lose weight and you can do it at home.

May 29, 2013


I read your blog and I found it very helpful
I have a question if you do not mind. I want to lose fat from specific parts of my body like for example the thighs. I have heard different views on this some people said do not work them out because they will grow muscle and be bigger other said to work them! so what do you think I should do ?

February 12, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now? you really can't lose weight from certain areas anytime you want

February 13, 2013


Hi my name is Lisa and I weigh 218 pounds and my aim is to lose 56 pounds in 6 months, to get to 158 pounds. Is this possible? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

February 11, 2013

Tabitha Miller

Good Morning,

I gave birth to my 3rd son 9months ago. I have lost a good amount of weight. However, my tummy looks horrible like i'm 5-6 months pregnant at times .. I don't care for the hard 6 pack look .. just as long as its flat. My measurements are 39-35-39. My belly is the only problem I have. I want a move toned curvy figure rather than ruler with a belly :(.

Please help me with this goal of mine.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Tabitha Miller

January 25, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now?

January 25, 2013


Hi, I'm 50 years old, 5'3", 165 pounds. I have 6 children and have kept my weight usually around 125-130. But life/divorce happened recently and in the past year depression food practices and too much alcohol put my weight where it is today. I felt terrible so I went to my doctor and got the clear for exercise. I'm in therapy to control the depression and have quit the drinking. My daughter is graduating in June and I thought that might be a goal to use to lose the 40 pounds and buy a new smaller size dress. I have started a 5am 1 & 1/2 hour weight/resistance/cardio workout 4 days a week. I feel like I don't want to count calories.Is it possible to eat only when I'm hungry small meals of fresh food and fish, drink water, and fresh smoothies plus take a multi-vitamin and lose the weight?Do you think it's reasonable to lose 40 pounds in 20 weeks with this self made program as long as I stick to it?

January 21, 2013

Adrian Bryant

calories are important because not matter how bad or good you eat... if you eat too much you will gain weight

January 22, 2013

Ashley B

I'm beginning a work out plan today but my main focus is how to get my stomach back in shape again. i have 2 kids and with my last pregnancy i gained 60lbs and i've been struggling ever since to lose it. What exercises work best to give my stomach the best workout possible with the best results?

January 03, 2013

Adrian Bryant

any weight loss exercise will help you lose belly fat

January 05, 2013


im 24 yrs old .my wieght 198Ib ,hight 1.68 cm i have big thighs and big ass!! i trying lossing wieght since i was 17 yrs old dosent work ! im only lossing 2Ib then i get back to my old habits of eating practice 3 times /week areobeic/machines... i feel i bulid muscle but not lossing fat plzzzzzzzzz i need help i wish somone help and tell me what to do ...i wish somone tell "hadeel doing this this and u will lose 50ib " sorry for my bad english ..thx.

December 21, 2012


Hi Handeel,

I give birth December 22, 2012 and during my last trimester i was 64 kg and after giving birth It only loose 2 lbs but because I'm very motivated and conscious about my body. 2 months i balanced diet like i eat 6 times a day but a small portion of food I eat often fruits, vege, oatmeal and avoid heavy meals like pastas, white bread, rice and I also went to the gym once a week and now my weight become 47 kg and my last plan is to make my tummy tone because i wasn't able go to the gym often. So anyway, do my suggestion I'm 100 % sure that it will work for you cuz it did to me.

March 28, 2013


i have 3 kids and i have done very thang to get me to lose wight and everyt time i start something i alway get off track and then i stop and then i get stressed out and i just really need help

December 14, 2012

Adrian Bryant

use this to lose weight at home while taking care of your kids

December 15, 2012


Hey , im 5'9 , 162 pounds , waist is 29 in , hips 38 in and i want to get my waist down to 24/25 in and my hips to anywhere between 40 -43 inches .what would i have to do to get these results ? im looking for that coke bottle shape . I want to be a poster girl of what your exercises can do to ones body ! i WILL make a youtube vid of my before & after pics if you can help me to get my desired body ..THANKS in advance !

November 25, 2012


Hi Adrian

thank you very much for all your sincere advice, I enjoyed reading them...

I have started to work on my weight loss for almost 2 months. I am drinking 2-3 litters of water and exercise for 20 minutes every day. I am 38 and have kids. I eat vegetable soup (broccoli, beans, fresh vegetable, barley...) 2 times a day and only protein like fish or chicken for weekend. I cut out rice, white bread and sweats completely (once in a blue moon it happens that I eat one cookie). I have lost only 7 pounds in the past 2 months and I have a feeling that something is wrong. my thyroid is functioning well and I have no other health issue.
I need to loose 15 more pound to go back to the point I was before my pregnancy 6 years ago.


October 21, 2012


Help I have try everything to lose weight and nothing works for long

October 08, 2012


Hi Adrian, I'm Caitlyn.
I'm 17, 5'4, 200 lbs. I had my son and gained 40 lbs.
I lost 20 lbs of the weight I gained and had to quit breast feeding which slowed down my weight loss.
I want to lose this double chin, flabby arms, fat thighs, fat tummy, love handles, and I was a bigger and firmer butt.
What is the best thing for me to do?
I want to lose 80lbs.
My sister is getting married in december and I would like to lose 40lbs before then.
Help me Adrian. :)

September 12, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here

September 12, 2012


Hello I weighed 220 pounds I went on a diet ate my three regular meals a day a fat snack like twice a week for exercise I walked about two hours about five times a week and I danced my ass off Friday and Saturday and I lost over a hundred pounds I'm now 111 pounds..

January 18, 2013


Hi Adrian,
I am Isha, I started following your site from may 2012 and in the first 7or 8 weeks I lost 6 kgs meaning 14 pounds, I was very motivated by reading programme detailed to lose 50pounds in 5 months, I am 31 years, and now i weight 144pounds, I want to come down to 126pounds thats my target. After excersicing for 2 months I developed allery from sweating and as and when I will try to excersice my whole body had rashes, so I had to stop my running routine..i acheived 3 sets of 5 min running with 90 sec of fast walking,before and after I did warm up and streches, than followed by a long walk of 45 mins.,I did it every aletrnate day, and some days i just did belley dancing. But after I had to quit, I continued my walking, for 30 mins everyday. Now I am back to running, started off 2min running and 2min walking, 1hr walking, every alternate day, and other day i do two sets of jumping jacks and ski two sets.. But its been 1 week and I dont think its working, I am pear shaped, and I am keen on reducing my thighs, as I am nearly JLo Body type. But she has more firm hips, leaner thighs, and I really wish to lose 14pounds by october mid, Kindly suggest, also I was following 1300 cal diet, (Indian ayurvedic deit, meat once in three weeks, but had protiens most of the days in form of pulses.) Most axiously waiting for ur valuable advice..
best regards.

September 08, 2012


hey and my height is 5.4....i dont have very active metabolism

September 08, 2012


Hi Adrian,
Thankyou for giving me this link, I have few questions.
1. when you say 1-6 sets of10 min (lose weight home workout)I f I tried I cannot do more than one set at a given time. So you have suggested to do 3 sets minimum further down on that page, So suggest best distributions. Which time of the day is best to do these to lose weight.
I have picked up ski-step workout and jumping jacks.
2. I have last 18 pounds left to lose you have mentioned to be more strict with deit,, if i eat 1300cal and eat red meat or chicken once a week is it harmful, because I use 2table spoons of oil in 250gm of meat, that I eat in 2 meals. Can I carry on or should I qiut it till I achieve target weight.
3. Does it work best to eat dinner befor 7pm, cause in India we eat like really late 9 pm. My diet habbits consist of Breakfast -One boiled or omellet, with one chapati or paratha and one cup of chai with 2 tsp sugar,
Lunch- 2 chapati / one bowl rice(white) + mixed veg subji or dal.very little salad
snacks- chai with a fruit or mari gold busicut
Dinner- 2 Chapati/one Bowl rice+ little salad.
Once in a week i replace with meat+roti/rice.

If you think this need some changes please let me know.

Thanks a tonn for all your advices and I will follow all of them

September 09, 2012

Adrian Bryant

1. do what is best for you so either 1-6 sets of 10min or 3 sets of 20min
2. the meat and chicken won't hurt you
3. it does not matter when you eat: read this

September 09, 2012


Hi Adrian, I have been able to lose 4 pounds, so some success there, all thanks to you. I really wish to know that When I work out in morning, till how long should I avoid taking breakfast, Does it reduces the fat burning capability if i take cold water shower, cos I hear one should not take shower or eat for atleast 45 min after workout, please suggest.
I think I have been following a moderate intensity on 2 days and high on other two days, so if in morning i did high intensity, in evening i do low or moderate intensity, ans similarly the next day evening i do high intensity and morning just it good or Should i change plan cos i still need to lose 13pounds.

October 12, 2012

Adrian Bryant

it does not matter when you eat or take shower after the morning workout

October 13, 2012


Dear Adrian,
I had followed your weight loss plan for nearly a year, and managed to lose from 164 to 141 but then after a 3 months routine I developed skin allergy to sweating so I quitted heavy exercise. Than I continued my low carb and fat diet for about 9 more months and developed iron and calcium deficiency,poor concentration, in about two months of eating everything without watching out Eventually I had gained back all of that weight, and I feel hopeless and I will have to start some more solid plan to lose weight. I am interested in following no carbs after 3 pm as somebody says that body cannot utilise any energy after 3pm and hence stores it....I wanted to consult you before taking it up what do you think? I want a complete plan to lose about 45 pounds, I am 32 years 5.4 in height with almost no physical activity. waiting to hear from you soon

August 12, 2013

Adrian Bryant

have you seen this? it's not what you eat but HOW MUCH that determines how fast you lose weight

August 13, 2013


I my height is 5.2ft and my weight is 65kg's. I want to loss 15Kg's in 3months please help me.

I workout at least 1hr but i am unable to see any result.

August 12, 2012


what exercise can i do to lose 4inches in my waist

August 05, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you can do any of the weight loss workouts here to lose weight all over including fat in your belly area making your waist smaller

August 05, 2012


Basically i would like to lose weight mainly in my mid-section area (around stomach, waist and love handles). What are the best exercises for these targeted areas ? and i would love to gain weight on my butt, how would i do that too ?
I would be grateful for advice. Thanks

August 04, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go to this section of nowloss

August 04, 2012

cinthia fernandez

hi, i just wanted to know how I can lose stomach and arm fat. I also want to lose weight on my upper back. I feel that i have a broad shoulder like a man. it will be nice to also know what kinds of foods make you burn the fat quickly. thanks in advance.

July 14, 2012


My weight is 57 kg now I taking diet drink to reduce my weight. Should I slim down the weight that I want than follow by exercise to tighten up the muscle? Any suggestion for me?

July 12, 2012

lea kassab

i lost 20kg and i still have a little bit of fat on my belly how can i get rid of them ? im exercising as well

June 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you need to keep doing what you are doing to lose weight because belly fat is usually the last to go

June 19, 2012


I love my post pregnancy body I just want to tighten up my butt n thighs and flatten my belly.. How can I do this without losing weight?

June 08, 2012


Hi Adrian. I had my son almost 9 months ago. I'm 4'9" and weigh 147lbs. I've always been a thin person ranging at about 106-118lbs. And I'd like to go back to that weight. Recently, I've been way too tired to get up and workout. Or maybe I'm just not motivated enough? Well, Doc prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg to assist in my weight loss. I was told to workout and eat healthy. The pills are a appetite suppressant as well as fat burner. What is the best diet and exercise regimen to follow while taking these pills?

June 06, 2012


HI! is scientific 3 months lose 25 pounds? is have side-effect for my health? thanks...

May 24, 2012

Adrian bryant

losing that much in that amount of time will have no side effects

May 25, 2012


hi i am 25 i am 5ft 11 inch i just had a baby 3mths ago and i am 250 lbs after havin my first daughter i struggled with weight loss then after getting pregnant the second time i lost 27 after having her but i am stuck i have been doing weight watchers and cut back on sodas and carbs but nothing seems to help i want to lose 100 lbs please help

May 23, 2012 en Espanol
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