To get rid of Bacne…

You just get rid of bacne the same way as you would any other acne on your body by treating it with any acne medication that has as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid the main ingredients and…

You can get rid of bacne with Apple Cider Vinegar…

Apple Cider Vinegar or even white vinegar gets rid of bacne by tightening up your pores, killing bacteria, reducing redness and swelling So to use apple cider vinegar to get rid of bacne…

Keep your back clean to prevent & get rid of Bacne…

NOTE: Be careful with benzol peroxide since it may bleach your clothes

7 More tips to help you get rid of Bacne…

1. Try these bacne home remedies

Other than apple cider vinegar you can also use Tea Tree Oil & Witch Hazel to help you get rid of bacne.

2. Wear loose cotton clothing

3. Wear Clean Clothes

There's no need to add more oil and dirt to make your bacne worse by wearing dirty clothes so make sure your bra is clean and that you wear a new bra each day and…

Never wear the same shirt twice until it's been washed and… Clear your bedding including your sheets, blankets and pillows at least twice a week to keep away any excess bacteria and oil.

4. Don't pick at it

Picking at you bacne will only make it worse since you'll only be spreading more germs that will lead to much more bacne.

5. Take care of your hair

Make sure you wash your hair some the oil from your hair won't end up on your back causing bacne and…

Don't use too much hair products that contain excess oil like hairsprays, gels, waxes, pastes, glues and shine sprays because all of this will eventually run down your back clogging up your pores.

6. Watch your diet

Drink more water so your body won't produce as much oil and avoid greasy foods & too much sugar and…

Eat more of these good foods here including more complex carbs (fruits & veggies) along with lean proteins and good fats

7. See a dermatologist

If none of the tips on this page are helping you get rid of your bacne then it's bet that you seek professional help thru a dermatologist who can prescribe much stronger medications for your bacne.

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Sir/madam my question is that i am suffering from seed wart since 2 to 3 years in starting day the warts are very small i thought that its just nothing but with the passage of time the wart start growing then i went to a dr he give me a lotion he said use this but there is no benifit of that lotion then someone recommend me surgery i did surgery but after a month the wart appear again now the wart is too big and painful i started the home ramedies i used viniger n soda but i dont think that it will help please recommend me some cream lotion or teblts i will be waiting for your reply
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