7 Secret Weapons For Better Orgasms

1. Delay Gratification, Try Edging

We live in a world where instant gratification reigns supreme. The same holds true for or-gasms as well. Why wait when you can get one now? Well, waiting is good and is more likely to result in a better, stronger orgasm.

We've already touched upon this idea; use a vibrator to stimulate, but don't go all the way. Of course, the application isn't limited to vibrators, but to all methods that lead to orgasms. Edging, or stopping before you orgasm is an amazing method. It requires some discipline but is very re-warding in the end.

Edging using a vibrator doesn't need to be the only thing in your arsenal here. Prolonged foreplay works very well. Talking dirty to your partner through the day before getting down to business at night is useful. Even cuddling can improve the quality of orgasms! Point is, don't rush in. Enjoy the journey, and you'll likely find the destination a lot more pleasing.

2. Get A Sex Toy Or Vibrator

The general acceptance of sex toys is rising, and there's every reason for you to get a vibra-tor. These sex toys aren't expressly for random masturbation, but they can be used to bring the user to amazing orgasms. Like most other products, the tough part isn't buying a vibrator, but getting the right one.

Studies and surveys have repeatedly shown that women don't orgasm nearly as often as men. A big part of the problem is that women need more stimulation to orgasm, and often just sex isn't enough.

Vibrators, on the other hand, are built with the express goal of bringing women to orgasm. Use vibrators and experiment with them. You could buy a vibrator and use it discreetly as you go about your day. You can use it to orgasm, or use the stimulation through the day to build up to a hot date at night!

3. Relax For A Better, Bigger O

Take a hot bath, get a sensual massage from your partner, or spend a day at the spa. Any-thing that works for you and gets you in a relaxed mood is good. A hot bath prior to sex or a massage from your partner can potentially work better, as a warmer body gets more blood flow.

Blood flow can make a big difference, it will make your privates more sensitive and open the door to better, hotter sex. A relaxed, clear mind, and gratifying sex make for a great recipe to satisfying orgasms.

You can always amp up the mood with better lighting, aromatic candles, and a few sips of wine. If you choose the latter, remember the goal is relaxation, and not getting tipsy. Another great way to heat things up is by reading (or watching) some erotica. Maybe even play with yourself a bit while you're in the shower.

4. Deprive Your Senses

Sensory deprivation has come up as an interesting idea, and it's one that is often recom-mended. The underlying principle is that once you shut off a sense, you can focus more on the others. As a bonus, this practice can also remove some distractions common in modern life.

Keep your phone out of reach while you have sex and switch off the TV. Turning off the lights can work too. Some people even attest to wearing noise-canceling headphones for better results!

Overall, the goal is to focus on the sense of touch, while tuning out other senses. The ideas above can take out the visual and auditory senses, giving you more room to focus on touch and action.

Live in the moment and enjoy the sex, get more active and enthusiastic. To get more, do more. Being passive during sex is a big roadblock to pleasure. So even if you choose to deprive your senses, don't go so far as to remove yourself from the action.

5. Take A Break From Orgasms

A technique that often works for people is to take a break from orgasms. This doesn't have to be an extended sabbatical, keeping away for a couple of days should work fine. Take 2-3 days, or more, depending on what you're comfortable with.

Rather than searching for the big orgasm every day, give your body some time to refresh. Many people find that taking this break can lead to more satisfying orgasms. This simple reset might just be the one to give you the keys to the orgasmic kingdom.

6. Know Your Cycle (And Ride It)

Various stages of your cycle affect your libido and your orgasms. Women are most sensitive during the first 2-3 days of their cycle. This is the time when you find your breasts and clitoris becoming ultra-sensitive, while your libido soars and testosterone production in the body boosts up.

If you hadn't noticed yet, that's your body telling you to do it. Intense and satisfying orgasms become easier as your body is tuned to receive pleasure. With your body giving you all those signals, getting yourself a timely dose of amazing sex is pretty much what your body ordered.

7. Use Lubricant, Then Use Some More

Lubricant makes things easier, better, and more fun. Even if you're confident that your body produces enough to get yourself sufficiently wet down there, help yourself to some more lube! Lubricants are available in a variety of options and can help enhance the sensations you feel.

With everything placed to be more slippery and smooth, things feel a lot better. You'd be surprised how much this little change affects the quality of sensations during sex, and leads straight to a better orgasm.

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