Don't Waste Your Money on These 11 'Muscle Building' Supplements

All of the supplements listed below do nothing or offer you no big muscle building advantage over these 7 foods & supplements that actually help you build muscle. If you find proof any of these 11 supplements are worth taking then Email me ASAP

1. BCAAs

Muscle is made up of protein, protein is made up of amino acids and BCAAs stands for Branch Chained Amino Acids so if you're getting enough protein in your diet you'll already be getting enough BCAAs in your diet to build muscle.

2. Creatine?

Creatine Monohydrate has been proved in many studies to help you build muscle faster but other forms of creatine like ethyl ester, citrate, malate & especially liquid creatine have little or no scientific proof saying it actually works.

3. Testosterone Boosters

Some testosterone boosters do work because they contain proven t-boosters like Zinc & Vitamin D but t-boosters are not going to raise your testosterone to abnormally high levels like steroids where you'll actually build muscle without lifting weights

Unless you have low testosterone then there's really no need to buy a testosterone booster. Testosterone boosters that actually work

4. Tribulus terrestris

Doesn't build muscle, burn fat or increase testosterone

5. HGH Supplements

Any supplement claiming to increase your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is usually a scam. 4 types of supplements that won't increase your HGH

6. HMB

HMB is more likely to prevent you from losing muscle rather than helping you build muscle but you can prevent muscle loss with enough protein in your diet

7. Glutamine

Glutamine offers no extra muscle building benefits and glutamine is actually another amino acid you can get simply by having enough protein in your diet

8. Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is only helpful if you're doing a set lasting between 1-to-4 minutes where you're probably doing at least 8 reps but its only going to help you do 2.85% more reps meaning instead of 8 reps you'll be able to do 8.2 reps, instead of 20 reps you'll be able to do 20½ reps and you'll have to reach 35 reps before you get the benefit of doing ONE extra rep.

Beta-Alanine is useful if you're looking for an extra 2.85% competitive advantage but if your goal is to build muscle to look better naked then don't waste any money on Beta-Alanine.

9. Myostatin Inhibitors

Myostatin Inhibitors work but the only problem is they don't exist yet because its very difficult to actually get one to work in your body where you'd have to inject it so any supplement or so called "Myostatin Inhibitors" that you'd have to take orally simply will not work.

Myostatin occurs naturally in your body but it prevents you from building too much muscle. The Belgian Blue Bull pictured below has a natural mutation in their myostatin gene which explains their abnormal muscle growth.

belgian blue bull

10. Nitric Oxide Boosters

See why Nitric Oxide supplements don't build muscle but Nitric Oxide may increase blood flow giving you a pump making your muscles look bigger.

11.Pre Workout Supplements?

Unless the pre-workout supplement you use contains enough caffeine to give you an energy boost then don't waste your money on it and definitely don't buy any pre-workouts not containing caffeine

Pre-Workout creatine?: Creatine is found in a lot of popular pre-workout supplements but creatine isn't something you can simply take before your workout for an instant energy boost. Creatine needs to be loaded or taken for a certain period of time before you get any muscle building benefits from it.

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