9 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

  1. Don't shave for at least 2-to-3 days to give your razor bumps a chance to heal & go away. If you must shave… Use a Depilatory Cream or waxing for hair removal to prevent razor bumps.
  2. Apply heat on your razor bumps for 5-to-10 minutes using a hot compress or washrag soaked in hot water to shrink the razor bumps and kill any germs that'll make your razor bumps look worse.
  3. Put hydrocortisone cream on your razor bumps to get rid of the redness, inflammation and the itching. Once your razor bumps fade away in 1-to-3 days… Stop using the hydrocortisone cream because your skin may develop rashes if you use it too much.
  4. Wear cotton underwear or breathable clothing because wearing clothes made out of synthetic materials won't allow your skin to breathe. This traps in bacteria & sweat making your razor bumps get worse.
  5. Don't pick your razor bumps and don't rub the areas of your skin with razor bumps because you'll slow down the healing process that makes razor bumps fade away.
  6. You can use a cucumber and milk mask by mixing ½ a pureed cucumber and a ¼ cup of milk and then letting it cool in your refrigerator and then apply to your razor bumps for 10-to-20 minutes.
  7. Put cornstarch on your razor bumps for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.
  8. Use razor bump removal products like Razor Bump Relief with Witch hazel & Salicylic acid as the main ingredients.
  9. Use Aloe Vera or Tea Tree Oil creams & sprays like Tendskin to get rid of razor bumps faster.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

prevent razor bumps

For Getting Rid of Bikini Bumps,

bikini razor bumps

1. Use Proper Shaving Technique

2. Use New Blades

When dealing with your sensitive bikini area… Don't use dull blades that'll cut your skin and don't use old blades that contain germs.

3. Keep Your Bikini Area Germ Free

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A few ladies here recommended using aloe berry bikini gel by alpha mane, so i got me a bottle. This has been a great buy. I use it for razor bumps n issues ive had with vaginal infection. Just wanted to stop by n thank the ladies for the recommendation.

November 13, 2018


I will try aloe Vera for 2 to 3 days then see how the reaction will be

January 28, 2018


I shaved my crotch(I’m a guy so bad idea should have waxed)and got razor bumps everywhere then this video helped me cure it

March 31, 2017

young god

The best thing to use if you start to bump is to first, put a wet hot rag on affected area until rag cools, then, use noxzema classic clean. Apply generously, rub it in and let soak for approx 3 to 5 minutes, twice a day, once in the morning, then at night right before you go to bed.

In one day you will notice a dramatic difference. I am a black man with curly hair, and this method has worked wonders for me, so all other people with straight hair iThe best thing to use if you start to bump is to first, put a wet hot rag on affected area until rag cools, then, use noxzema classic clean. Apply generously, rub it in and let soak for approx 3 to 5 minutes, twice a day, once in the morning, then at night right before you go to bed.

In one day you will notice a dramatic difference. I am a black man curly hair, and this method has worked wonders for me, so all other people with straight hair, it will definitely work for you.

Peace and blessings

October 13, 2016

young god

*Good information and application, bad copy paste. Noxzema quickly and effectively kills bacteria growth underneath the inflamed skin like no other product (natural or man produced) I have ever used. Try it, see for yourself.

October 13, 2016


The Aloe Berry bikini gel really helped with my shave bumps. I got it right on time for my beach trip :) I think the company that makes it sells products on amazon, but I got mine from their website here : www.razorbumpcream.com

May 30, 2016


Thanks for the tip. I just got my Aloe Berry from their website

June 06, 2016


i just ordered mine. how long did it take before you received yours?

June 07, 2016

Tanya Smith

I found out about aloe berry through your comment. Im so glad I did. It helped clear my shave bumps. Thnx for sharing

October 05, 2016


just ordered mine from their website. thnx for the info sandra. if anyone else is getting this product, its on sale as of today.

May 31, 2017

Mark Goodson

Zipp Mist isn’t just for men anymore. The innovative shaving mist that all but eliminates uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn now has a close cousin – Zipp Mist for women.

Developed after five years of intensive research, Zipp Mist is a combination of special oils and skin conditioners that gives men a close, comfortable shave in less than half the time it takes to shave with traditional shaving cream.

The women’s version has the same oils and moisturizers and comes in an almost identical, easy-to-use spray bottle – with two notable exceptions. The label for the women’s version is slightly different, featuring a pink “Z” rather than a blue one, and Zipp Mist for women has a higher percentage of olive oil than the original.

Just as Zipp Mist serves a dual purpose for men – setting up whiskers for a smooth shave in the morning and moisturizing the skin all day – it has more than one application for women. They can use it to shave their legs or as a deep, hydrating moisturizer for dry skin – or both.

Mark Goodson spent five years of his life finding the combination of oils and skin moisturizers that would give him and millions of other men a smooth, comfortable shave. Now women can enjoy the fruits of his labor as well.

August 21, 2015


I've heard so many good things about the Alpha Mane bump kit. Has anyone else used it? I've used so many products with no results. Now willing to try something new.

July 07, 2015

Becky G

Everything thy said not to do I did 😩. I shaved my bikini area with the same razor that I've had for a while and I now have three bump down there. It actually looks quite gross I have bumps from like a year ago they never go away even when I stop shaving they don't go away. Is this normal? And I'm a virgin but I'll be embarrassed when I lose it because my bikini are will look gross and he'll probably think I have something :(. Does anyone know how I can treat this?

June 15, 2015


I had this problem it's likely that the bumps have become infected so if you see your doctor they can prescribe you medicine and cream which will clear it up in about a week. I know it can be embarrassing going to see a doctor about it but you'll feel so much better afterwards. Good luck.

June 23, 2015


What medicine do they prescribe for it. I got some to on my bikini area.

July 23, 2015

Corey Brocker

Thanks for the tips. I've heard from many folks who have run into Razor bump issues when shaving their face too. Especially guys with beards like on BeardDude.com

June 01, 2015


These tips were actually helpful. I also use The BumpBan, not a cream or lotion like most products. It is hands down the best I have tried! www.BumpBan.com

March 18, 2015


I got the Alpha Mane bump kit for my hubby, and his shaving bumps were gone in a couple of days.

March 15, 2015


thanks for the tips, shaving with a safety razor will eliminate skin irritation and give your face a clean look. Choose the top rated beard trimmer here:

February 16, 2015


just got a wizker brush hoping it helps

February 05, 2015


Nice stuff, very helpful. I was searching for this kind of tips, especially home remedies.

You know, before coming here I gotta read another stupid article.

I didn't like their style very much, don't know why.

Anyway, good work. Keep it up.

January 10, 2015


I like Bump Patrol. Also I exfoliate with an African sponge.

I wrote about it here:


January 08, 2015


Thanks for the tips

September 30, 2014

Willis Sr.

I recommend using the Alpha Mane Razor Bump Treatment Kit. I had really bad bumps from shaving, and they were gone within a week. I simply followed the regimen that came with my package. The kit comes with a razor bump cream and a facial cleanser. PS I'm African American, but I'm guessing it'll be as effective on all skin types.

Here's a link to their page: www.razorbumpcream.com

September 11, 2014


Pls am a girl,nd i noticed dat wen i reached d age of 16 i started growing beards nd nw i av disturbing bumbs dat never go away which makes me get weird looks from people..i have tried different products but none works..pls i need help*by d way,i stay in nigeria

August 10, 2014


Hi, babydoll!

Try using wax strips or wax cream. Sally Hansen makes a good product you can order online. If you have any bumps afterward, try PersaGel or anything with benzoyl peroxide.

Add ProActiv acne treatment to your skin care routine and that will help tremendously.

August 20, 2014


Thanks for the tip. I am also of Nigerian descent but I'm American and I started growing a bread and mustache early last year. I'm in my mid 20s! I'm praying this works!

December 09, 2014



December 09, 2014


I used the Alpha Mane razor bump cream and other shave products they sell. They also have a shaving regimen on their website that I follow. I would definitely recommend anyone with razor bumps to check them out

April 02, 2014


Awesome. I just bought their razor bump treatment kit. And I plan on following their razor bump regimen daily. Based on their review, I'm thinking this will definitely help get rid of my bumps. I'm pretty excited. Thanks for the info Nathan

May 05, 2014


What worked for me was the Razor Bump Cream by Alpha Mane Skin Treatments. It helped with my razor bumps and ingrown hair. I'm not entirely sure where their products are being sold, but I purchased mine directly from their website at www.razorbumpcream.com

March 20, 2014


I have sensitive ginger skin. What works for me is to exfoliate the area first, shave then apply anti bacteria face wash, then apply an anti bacterial cream after done like neosporin.

March 17, 2014


The best treatment I found is a product called "The Bumpban". I first tried it last year for bumps I get on my nape and chin/neck area. I did hesitate to order it at first, since I found it online and no one I knew had tried it. Boy, was I happy I did! On the second day I noticed a significant decrease in redness and swelling. After the first week you could hardly tell I ever had any razor bumps.
If you look at what causes razor bumps, you'll see that this product does what's needed - it dislodges the ingrown hair. If interested, the site I bought it on is www.bumpban.com . Yes, it does look a bit abrasive, but I can honestly say u don't feel it at all - kind of like rubbing your finger across your neck.

June 09, 2013


This is an AWESOME! Product & it works. You can also,buy it a Sallys beauty supply.



May 13, 2013


Thank you for the advice!
I ordered mine and find that while it looks different it delivers results! As long as I use it inbetween shaves my bumps have gone away.

April 20, 2013

Jose Lerna

I tried a new product called The BumpBan.
It is a device that dislodges ingrown hairs, preventing the issue before it begins. Check it out www.BumpBan.com

March 26, 2013

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