People who lost 100 lbs. all had these 5 things in common.

1. They all got active.

Some of them walked a couple miles a day, some of them lifted weights (the muscle they built helped keep the fat away by burning extra calories), and some of them didn't even take it to the extreme.

Some of the 100 lb losers parked their cars farther away from store entrances so they would have to walk farther to the store. Some took the stairs instead of the elevator.

I read one weight loss story where a lady always unpacked her groceries by walking them into her house one by one.

The best one I read was where a lady lost 100 lbs by getting up every morning to walk in her local mall.  She said it was easy to lose weight this way because she would always take a break every 10 minutes or so into her walk to shop.

Go here to get active

2. They got rid of all the bad foods

They included more fruits & veggies, baked fish and chicken, more nuts like almonds. They drank more water and less soda.

Some people ate a lot of these weight loss foods without gaining weight because it's these types of foods that promote fat burning and it's foods like alcohol, sugar, and pizza that promote fat gain In the body.

3. They got support.

Most of them got a friend, co-worker, or family member to keep them motivated to stay on track to their weight loss goals. One lady had lost 123 lbs because she had a friend call her every morning to join her for a morning walk.

4. They all tried some stupid weight loss gimmick.

After all the stupid weight loss gimmicks failed for them… They punched themselves in the face with common sense and began to eat less (not starve) and become more active.

See 7 common sense weight loss rules

5. They took breaks on their weight loss journeys.

To lose a 100 pounds takes time. If you stay on any weight loss program for too long without any breaks from being active or without cheating every once in while…

Every 100 pound loser had some system to give themselves breaks form their weight loss programs. One guy I read about would treat himself once a week to fast food.

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Hi I'm 29 years old and 340lbs😱🙈😩. I have a injured knee which makes working out a little hard but I still try to do 10mins at a time 3x a day. I am not seeing any weightloss yet even though I am doing this 5-6 days a week and I have changed my diet to include more fruits/veggies and little to none of flour/carbs and sugar. My first goal is to lose 50 lbs but I would ultimately like to lose 190 lbs. I have tried HCG, Advocare and countless other "diets" but I always ending up gaining the weight back plus some. Been trying to lose weight for the last five years now and have actually gained about 50-60 lbs in that time. Please help!

August 24, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see these workout options for dealing with your knee

August 25, 2015

John Stewart

I'm a 330 pound teenager and I need to lose weight fast for senior beach. week I play football and basketball but I just can't seem to lose weight.

August 02, 2015


Hi I'm 23 years old and I had two babies back to back and I'm 200 pounds and I'm 4'9 I have tried diet pills and exercise I'm have lost some weight but I need stop serious help so I can love the way I look ad feel comfortable in my clothes again.

August 01, 2015


Hi. I'm 23 and 5"3. , 330 lbs .. I need to lose weight so that I don't develop health issues and so that I can start loving who I am .. Help!

July 18, 2015


Same here girl same weight but im 5 feet ..we can do this girl!!!!

August 14, 2015

Michael Preedom

Im 572 lbs and I am an alcoholic and serious drug user-I get wasted every nite and eat junk food I have gained 75 lbs last year and I smoke junga and weed and drink 6 cases of beer a day-and I believe in UFOs invading the gyms where the owners are space aliens-my friend mike Kelly likes to volunteer at gyms and tell people that they are full of crap and encourages people to eat junk food and we would to start a gym ufo club where we think the gym machines are space aliens-what do you thinks?

August 29, 2015


I am nearly 54 yrs old 5'4" & weigh 310 shamefully. I developed a back problem and I'm in the middle of getting shots for my back. I can barely walk around my home (at a slow pace). I can't even pick up the laundry basket without pain. Where do I begin to lose weight. I need to very badly.

July 14, 2015

Richard V

Hi Adrian I am a 53 year old male, 5' 10", in heavy construction for 30 years. I am 315 lbs and need to drop 100 of them as I can not sustain the pressure put on my knees, ankles yata yata yata. Can you give me some sort of definitive outline to help. I know a decent amount about what should be done, I need some form of structure. Thank you for your help.

July 13, 2015


I'm 25 years old my height is 5'6 and I currently weight 240 lbs and I have a two years old. I started to be more active aND I just want to loose 160 lbs and be tone up. I'm currently doing my exercise and trying to eat healthy but I just give in when I see chocolate or sugar candies. Please help. Thank you!

July 08, 2015


Chocolate chip granola bars helped me when I wanted to cheat without cheating on a diet.

July 11, 2015


I'm 34 yrs, I need your help!I have been chubby since was born,I used to weigh 279lbs back in 2010, and Nov 2011 I was down to 220lbs,then I gained everything back now I weigh 265lbs.I have been off and on different diet and gym still nothing is coming off! I don't know it's my metabolism I have no idea ! I am very stressed I need to do something for my life, if I don't have any health issues now then I need to take actions before another bad happens to me in the near future!Please guide me through!

Your response is appreciated

Thank you

June 29, 2015


Hi im 23 yeats old and im 5'8" and weigh 245lbs i would like to drop down to 180lbs and tone up. what should i do?

June 25, 2015



I am 29 years old, 5'4 and weigh 235lbs. I have hypothyroid and take a pill every morning for it. I've taken sugar, soda, junk food out of my diet, drink lots of water, and walk for at least 20 mins everyday.

I have still not lost any weight..nothing I do seems to be working. What do I do?

I would like to lose 100lbs.

June 14, 2015


At 5'10" I weighed 298. As an over weight woman, I felt so alone and I could never find a relationship. I decided that I had enough of being ignored by men. I had a lot of other great things to offer about myself but not a single guy that I spoke with would give me a second look. So I decided to fix this issue myself and lose the weight. The first thing I did was join a gym. I didn't want to go to a huge "chain" gym so I joined a small private one a little farther from my house, I decided that I would go (5) days per week even if I just walked on the treadmill 10 mins each time. And I did it. I stuck to my weight loss program. I put my health first before anything else. I ate mostly fruits and veggies, whole grains, and yams. I added soy based protein shakes, unsalted nuts, soy yogurt, soy milk, steel cut oats, green beans, and lots of salads. The weight started coming off at about week 3. After that, I increased my time spent doing cardio at the gym and within (5) months, I reached my goal of 100 lbs gone! My doctor said my goal weight should be around 130-135 so I still have about 55 lbs to go but I'm going to reach my goal no matter what because I don't want to grow old alone and I want to be married. The weird thing is, I thought I would end up with stretch marks or loose skin? Nope. Nothing. I look completely normal. I had a very nice body before getting fat. And I had only been that over weight for (10) yrs, not a whole life time. So maybe that has helped me look normal after such a huge weight loss? Anyway, I keep adding new fruits and veggies to my diet and I eat rice, tomatoes, oranges, green peppers, cucumbers, and tons of ripe bananas. I only eat food that comes directly from the Earth and that seems to make my stomach happy. I do not eat any animal products anymore. I found with me, it was the dairy and the meat that caused me to become so big and unhealthy. I feel amazing now. I feel young again. But, I'm still fat at 198. I have noticed that for the first time in (1) yrs, men are starting to look my direction again. The compliments are beginning and they are being nice towards me. It's unbelievable how shallow men are. Even if they are fat themselves, they still judge women on our weights. When I reach of goal of 135, I'm going to become so picky and I can't wait to go back to those men who never wanted me when I was fat and then I will turn them all down. Let them all grow old alone. I'm going to find the man of my dreams and none of those loser are going to be him! :)

June 05, 2015



Your story is my story and you made me laugh this morning although I am down! I used to be very Shapley and much smaller and could pick chose and refuse. It's sad to knwk that weight is such a big deal breaker for men! I like you will be even pickier when I lose my weight making sure that I find someone with substance! I am amazed that 100 pounds came off in 5 months. Until now I didn't think it was possible! Thank. You for your story and keeping me in the right direction today!!

June 14, 2015


Hi I'm 32 5'7" 250 lbs how do I lose weight? I changed my diet I walk more at least 4 additional miles a week. I drink protein shakes. My weight keeps going between 240-250 I just want to get into the 100's 199 would be just fine. I'm beginning to look disproportioned. Prior to my first child 12 year ago I was 130lbs I have since added 3 more children and well you can add up the weight it's all around my butt and gut. I need help from somebody that's not gonna shove pills down my throat, that don't work. I need a real person who has been there and understands the struggle. I need to get rid of this extra wight.

May 20, 2015

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